20 Best Building Toys for Kids In 2018

Building toys are some of the favorite toys that girls and boys have. They provide kids with an open-ended creativity outlet that allows them to express themselves in so many different ways. Children are able to create and build things from their imagination, from pictures, and from detailed instruction books. Before they know it, they have constructed a work of art right before their own eyes. The plus on the parent side is that these projects take time and allow children to be engaged during this period of time.

When boys and girls engage with building blocks they are also developing strong mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial thinking skills. These skills not only are important during their childhood but developing these skills as a child promotes healthily physical and mental development throughout their life.

We have created a complete buying guide for the Best Building Toys for Kids. This guide includes a variety of great building block sets that provide quality toys and are ready for your kids to play with right out of the box.

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These toys provide development skills that are not only valuable to young children but will last a lifetime. With our newest update, we replaced all products that were out of stock and filled our list with the best building toys for kids in 2018. We hope that our guide will help you make the best choice while shopping for your little ones.

Our Top 3 Picks

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VIAHART Brain Flakes
  • VIAHART Brain Flakes
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  • Endless Building Possibilities
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Fat Brain Toys Squigz
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Criteria Used to Evaluate The Best Building Toys for Kids

As the holidays roll around everyone is on the hunt for the perfect gift. Here is a list compiled of the best building toys.. With so many companies and their countless toy options it can be a little intimidating to make the right decision about which toys will cater to the skill building opportunities suited to your child’s needs. There are several items on this list will help children with a wide range of needs. These great ideas will also provide benefits for children who need extra help developing skills such as fine motor and social skills. These set will also promote creativity and problem solving skills. With endless possibilities the fun will seem never ending.

Side by side you and your children can create fun and intricate structures perfect for promoting imaginative play and skill development. These sets provide a number of development benefits. They help with sensory development and spatial intelligence. There is an introduction to colors, counting and sorting, and some basic number skills.

As most sets snap into place your little one will be able to work out those tiny fingers and improve finger dexterity. With all these kits containing several pieces with different shapes and colors, there are endless possibilities. Tap into a world of engineering and architecture as your little one creates a city of skyscrapers or a garage full of cars. With these blocks available in vibrant and fun colors your little princess can create mystical worlds and princess castles.

These kits add a fun and creative spin on learning. With so many pieces in each kit, your children will be able to include each other without fighting over who gets which piece, with all the possibilities they will be inspired to include the whole family. There are several kits that come with suggestion books and e-books for more possibilities so there are countless possibilities. For those kits that don’t come with suggestion content to help get the process moving, there is an extra push toward creative and imaginative play!

While there are some kits on here with visuals that are more appealing to the male audience a great number of items on this list are gender neutral so you’re sure to find something to meet your needs. The ages for these items range from 3 all the way to 15. They are thought-provoking and challenge the mind to expand and explore STEM Studies as well as creativity, Watch your child’s world light up as creations expand and come life.

Motivating Factors in Choosing the Toys in Our List

Coming up with a list is quite easy. Identifying which building toys should be included on the list is an entirely different matter. There are a lot of things our team of dedicated researchers have to scrutinize. For example, we have to make sure that the toy company has a sterling record, a reputation for making high quality, safe, and developmentally appropriate toys. We placed emphasis on what these toys can do for your child. We want to include only toys that are guaranteed to help your child develop to his or her optimum potential. Additionally, we have to listen to what countless parents have to say about these toys. We had to look at some of their concerns and whether these were adequately addressed by the toy maker. Feedback about how their children used the gift suggestions or played with the toys was duly noted.

With these, we were able to shortlist 20 building toys that we believe every parent should consider giving to his or her children.

Kids and the Many Benefits of Building Toys

It is without a doubt that building toys are one of the most fundamentally-beneficial toys any kid can have. These kinds of toys can help promote a variety of developmental skills which children can use later on in their respective lives.

First and foremost, building toys help develop, refine, and enhance control of motor skills. Even younger children can benefit from holding the different building blocks. The mere act of holding the blocks requires mastery of muscle contraction of the fingers and hands. Moving the blocks and slotting them into their place requires spatial intelligence or the relationship between objects and space. They will also have to master hand-eye coordination especially in the correct positioning of the building block.

Building toys also encourage experimentation and testing which can also be interpreted as creativity, imagination, and divergent problem-solving skills. Sure, building and construction toys come complete with very detailed instructions on how to build the proposed toy or model but this does not necessarily prevent kids from experimenting with the different shapes and forms of the building blocks. In many cases, it’s like solving a puzzle except that, instead of having a single solution, you have a multitude of possibilities. This provides the basis for testing which can become a very significant stepping stone for divergent problem-solving skills and counterfactual reasoning.

For example, if a building toy is supposed to produce a large robot model, is it not possible that it can be converted into another form like a building, a tower, a box, or even a spaceship? The possibilities are endless and building toys are teaching kids how to think out of the box. This is the essence of counterfactual reasoning. It encourages kids to think outside the box, to think in the “what-if” way of looking at things. It is like, “What if I use the different building blocks to create a totally different model?”

This fosters creativity among children. The more building blocks they are able to play with, the greater the number of variations in their creations. And with each creation comes imagination. Children tend to build character in their creations. They are now able to create fantastic stories about their creations. This can ultimately lead to better emotional health as they are able to express their ideas in a very constructive way. Additionally, this can also help foster better social relationships especially when the building toy is shared with playmates and friends. Cooperative play is the foundation of enhanced social skills among children.

Building toys also help children understand some basic principles of the design process as well as engineering and architectural sciences. These kinds of toys are also helpful in introducing kids to the different materials used in the real world. It also teaches them about the impermanence of objects as well as the importance of social interaction and cooperation in the building process.

Truly, building toys are one of the best kinds of toys you can ever give to any child. With our list of the 20 best building toys, we hope you are more empowered now to choose the correct one for your kid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these items come with instruction books?

A: There are a few items on this list that do not come with an instruction book as this gives children the opportunity to expand on imaginative play. There are however a few items on this list that DO come with instructions and even some that contain e-books for more downloadable content.

Q: Is one set enough?

A: Some of these products contain hundreds of pieces while some only have a few. Depending on how wide of an age range you’re looking to satisfy, it is quite likely that one set will be enough to start with however some of these sets have expansion packs sold separately for added fun.

Q: What is the age range?

A: The most common age group found on this list is between the ages of 4-12, there are a couple options that may be suited for children younger than 4 with adult supervision high recommended. There is at least one item that may be suitable for children older than 12, especially beneficial for children with special needs.

Q: How many children can play with these at one time?

A: There are several items on this list that can be used by more than one child at a time. While some f the items on this list will encourage individual learning and independent play, there are some items on this list that contain hundreds of pieces which allow in developing social skills and will encourage your child to actively pursue and be willing to share with a playmate.

Q: Why are building blocks and set important for kids to play with?

A: Building block sets are important for kids to play with because they offer some of the most valuable learning experiences that available for young kids. The experience is also not limited to young kids and provides a family bonding experience.

Q: What are the developmental skills that are learned from building blocks?

A: Building blocks provide development skills like; fine motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, social skills, spatial skills, and a creative capacity for designing. These skills are not only valuable to young children but will last a lifetime.

Q: How do building blocks promote spatial developmental skills?

A: Studies show that there are links between spatial development and construction play toys like building blocks. When children are placed with building blocks and construction activities it makes it easier for them to recognize patterns and how to rotate an object mentally and physically. The visualization of the objects creates a direct correlation.

Q: Where can I buy the building block sets featured on this page?

A: You can buy the building block sets featured on this page by clicking the link below the picture. The link will then direct you to a site that you can directly buy the sets building.

Q: Are building block sets a good family bonding time activity?

A: Building block sets offer a great time for a family bonding experience. The experience is great because often building block sets have a wide age group that they are appealing to which it makes it easier for younger and older siblings to sit down and create together.

Q: Why are building block sets great for helping with math skills?

A: Building block sets are great for building strong mathematical skills because they offer a wide range of concepts. The concepts include sizes, measurements, estimations, and symmetry plus shapes.


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