10 Best STEM Toys for Kids & Toddlers Reviewed in 2019

STEM Toys are rapidly growing in popularity and with good reason! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and STEM toys are games, activities, and toys that help foster the skills necessary for studying and careers in those fields. These sorts of activities can range from fun, creative lab kits to sets equipped for remote control robot construction. Perfume and soap making sets also qualify as STEM products! Below, we’ve collected a varied assortment of our ten favorite STEM toys. Jump in on the fun; these can be a blast for adults, too!

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By Angeline Mirenda:

STEM toys are a wonderful way to equip your children with heightened skills while also giving them an avenue for tons of fun! We’ve recently revised this guide to ensure it reflects fully stocked, high-standard products. We’ve also added further clarification about what STEM means and what sorts of careers there are in STEM fields!

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best STEM Toys for Kids and Toddlers

It is very important for us at Borncute to make sure we have something for everyone, which is why we made sure that the toys selected above would not only teach, but appeal to all children. We made sure to incorporate a variety of products to cover almost any age, interest, or type of activity (individual or group). STEM toys can bring kids together around concepts that are extremely valuable to the world today; the world will need your little expert! A major component of our selection process for the STEM toys above was to make sure that they were multifaceted in what they offered children. We made sure to look for toys that would not only teach STEM concepts, but also grow fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, give the ability to sort through colors and pieces, and of course offer various kinds of experimentation. We didn’t want any toy to only offer one thing, and if a toy did, it didn’t make this list. That’s because we know that anything that deserves to be in your home or classroom needs to offer more than just what is advertised. The above toys all offer multiple ways to grow kids deliberately and cognitively, that their new knowledge may become tangible tools for their futures.

Another major component of criteria for us is to ensure that these toys offer almost nearly what they do creatively as they do intellectually. Maybe your daughter identifies more as an artist than a scientist or your son a musician more than a mathematician. That’s ok. We wanted toys that unlock the same creativity in them that fuels their art, and funnels it into science because we don’t want your kids to put themselves in a box, and we know you don’t either. Many of the above toys were selected because of their all-ages nature. All-ages toys are our most creative and broad purposed offerings. That’s great for little ones with big ideas who can grow motor skills, but its also great for your much older child needing something durable to practice building a bridge, tower, anything that speaks to them to get them exploring how and why things work as they do.

That’s where STEM interests started for the world’s most brilliant minds…curiosity. And that’s how we found these toys to inspire such curiosity. We know because even we as adults had our interests piqued, just further testifying to the all-ages nature of curiosity and creativity that these toys tapped into. We hope your family will enjoy exploring them just as much as we did.

What kinds of careers are available in STEM fields?

STEM is an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s used as shorthand to refer to any product or program associated with science and math fields. Specifically, there are lots of STEM initiatives out there geared toward getting children interested in these fields. Sometimes children don’t realize just how fun these fields can be until they’re already preoccupied with other hobbies. STEM toys and programs put an emphasis on getting children interested early, so even if their curriculums don’t quite rise to the challenge of making sciences and maths fun, kids can still see the ways in which these fields are both practical and enjoyable!

With an ever-evolving economy and job market, it’s all too easy to panic that your child won’t find something successful and sustainable. For starters: breathe. They have time to figure out what they’re passionate about and willing to pursue, especially if they’re young. If your children have shown significant interest in STEM fields and are curious about what careers might be accessible to them, the answer is: there are lots of jobs out there! Many of them are going to be too complicated or nuanced to appeal to young children, but there are plenty of careers that they will understand and take interest in, even at a young age. We suggest talking to them about the following STEM jobs: Aircraft Mechanics and Technicians (getting to make and fix airplanes!), Animal Breeders and Scientists, Astronomers, Biologists, Civil Engineers (getting to work on buildings), Computer Engineers (getting to write computer programs, fix computers, and more), Chemists, Psychologists (getting to study people’s behaviors), Dietitians and Nutritionists (studying food sciences), Video Game Designers, Zoologists, and more!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is STEM?

A: STEM is science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM toys are toys that inspire play that explores those concepts at age-appropriate levels. They are meant to be educational but also meant to be fun.

Q: Will STEM toys be good for my 3-year-old?

A: Yes! Though we’d never expect a 3-year-old to parrot back to us words like inertia or thermodynamics, 3-year-olds absolutely can learn concepts that are central to STEM-related fields like design, balance, sorting, and more! Plus, many of these toys are great for 3-year-olds not only in the concepts they teach but in the practice it gives kids using their hands and eyes.

Q: If my kid doesn’t like STEM fields, is it worth buying STEM toys?

A: We would say absolutely! Kids can seem put off by things that don’t seem inviting or familiar (Brussels sprouts, anyone?). That’s why it’s important to familiarize them with STEM using toys. Let learning be fun and the two of you can be amazed at where your interests lead you!

Q: Aren’t STEM toys really expensive?

A: This is a common misconception. STEM toys can get very expensive, but they really cost in the same range (often cheaper) than any other toys. Plus there are so many educational benefits that just aren’t present with other kinds of toys. If everything costs the same anyway, why not do something that will have long-lasting benefits for the kid in your life?

Q: I don’t know much about science myself, how can I help my kid?

A: STEM toys are great for this! This is something the two of you can learn together. Any toys that require instructions we selected because they are user-friendly. Also, they are for kids, which is another way of saying that you don’t have to be a scientist to have fun and love using them!

Q: Will STEM toys be a good addition to my classroom?

A: Absolutely! I know when people think of STEM toys they often think of some very techy or fragile, but so many toys above are durable and would have a lot to offer many children at once! We encourage these in classroom settings because as they are toys they can take the edge off learning something totally new. Good luck!


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