Fisher Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane

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How it works

Watch your child use his/her imagination with the Fisher-Price Lil Movers Airplane. This toy is for a very young child, and it features a built-in system with one song which is easy for children to learn. This colorful airplane is built with light durable materials so that children can easily carry it and play pretend flying. With one pilot and only one passenger, her name is Mia and she has one luggage case. A set of seats inside the plane can be accessed by little fingers through the open top. The seats act as a keyboard and when pressed they will make a variety of plane noises.

The plane cabin door will open so that the passenger and pilot can walk up the boarding steps. Once they are both seated, the plane has a child size handle designed into the top so a child can safely hold the plane and start play flying. The built-in sound system can put out a choice of phrases and one tune, the tune is designed to appeal to a child and there is an on and off switch if an eager child is repeatedly playing this one tune.

The materials used to build the plane have been designed to take a lot of wear and tear because the age range for this Lil Movers Airplane is suggested at starting from 1 year old. Though the age range is a suggestion by the makers, user reviews do suggest that children over 4 years old will like the toy but it would need more interactive features to keep a child over 4 years old interested.

Fisher-Price does make another airplane version which in many ways seems to be a version for older children. So perhaps a little research by parents, if they have an older child, for a 1-year-old this plane, is great, it has enough features to keep the child interested and it really is built to be easy to handle and play with. The power source for the built-in sound system requires three AA batteries and these last for a good amount of time, even with regular playing.

Adult Supervision

Adult Supervision

First, looking at any potential choking dangers, the two figures and the luggage are built at a size which generally will not be a choking hazard, though, for children who are known to habitually put toys in the mouth, supervision is an appropriate thing to do. Supervision can be interactive, a parent will be introducing a child to the features, showing how to press the seats to produce airplane sounds, how to use the doors and/or the open area on top of the airplane to get the pilot and passenger inside. If you have a child who likes to take apart toys, and yes there are many, be aware that the batteries are a risk but only if a child is known to bite smaller objects.

Perhaps the best way to look at supervision for this Lil airplane is that Mom or Dad introduce a child into setting up the plane for play, showing all moving parts and features and then either doing some playful interaction or just observing.
Age Range

Age Range

Fisher-Price state that the Lil Movers Airplane work well for 1-year-olds. 2-year-old's and so on up to 4 years. Most reviews from parents are about the fun factor which children get from the airplane, and many comments suggest 1-3 years old in particular do get a lot of fun time playing with it.

The plane offers one tune and this seems to be enough for children under 3 years, though if they constantly play the tune, Moms and dads may well get a bit tired of the repetition. In fact, feedback from parents has suggested there should be more than one tune. The Lil airplane has an off and on switch for the power, so parents can turn-off the tune, but, be aware, even young children will figure out how to operate the switch.


Calming with this airplane is perhaps more contextual for parents. Extensive customer feedback via reviews shows that parents feel tunes and not just one tune are a better feature. A child playing may well accept just one tune repeatedly but for parents, it is an irritation, not calming. A one-year-old child will, without doubt, go for the option of pushing the plane, the tune is activated each time the wheels turn. Children 2 and 3 years old can carry the airplane but they will also play and push the toy on its wheels.

The question is how can parents get a break from the repetitive tune? There may be times when Dad or Mom simply have to remove the batteries. The seats in the rear area of the aircraft are also buttons when a child presses these, they will hear aircraft related sounds when the batteries are removed the child will lose this feature along with the one tune.


This has good social potential in terms of playing with a sibling and both children applying a fertile imagination for play together. This would be really hands-on constructive socialization and allows children to create an play out stories together.

Another aspect of socialization is singular in which a child will play, interact with the toy figures and the features offered by the airplane and through doing this a child will map out a planned story. This is very positive because a child is able to have fun while developing a good range of personal social development skills.

Developing personal ability via the creation storylines in which he/she interacts with the figures, gets the figures to interact with each other and together they share a mission which involves the Lil airplane, its features, and characters. This all amounts towards constructive whole child development.

Putting expected social skills under a microscope, think about a child learning that a pilot sits in the control seat and a passenger sits in a passenger seat and both stay in their seat. This is an introduction at a very early age into the “order of things” which must apply within structured society (social) for functionality. As with all toys, the use of a toy by a child does contribute towards a child's social skills.


Taking age into an appropriate context, the educational value does exist, from very basic but natural perceptions of physics right up through to high-tech. Lil airplane is mounted on wheels, and the wheel is one of our creations which altered the evolutionary path of humans. Children without being aware do learn that an object is easier to move when round wheels are added, though not an obvious factor, subtle education is in process for a very young child. Put a toy car in a toddler's hands, and she/he will push it around on the wheels if a wheel falls off they are very aware that the toy cannot be manipulated.

This toy airplane is a very nice way to introduce children into the basics of technology, through the interactive buttons designed into the seats, with a single finger-press a child can activate sounds, pushing the toys on its wheels will activate music. The jet engine design tells a child that this can fly through the air. Doors on the aircraft can be opened to allow access, when the doors are closed, the occupants are safe. The aircraft as a toy may well not look aerodynamic but the concept is there within a toy and a young child will subconsciously take this on board.

Learning to understand through the action of playing is the foundation stone for learning for young children. This toy does meet these types of criteria, it may not be obvious but subtle and meaningful education is taking place.


The design for Fisher-Price Lil Movers Airplane is based upon the outline design of a real aircraft but the shape of the toy is played down so that it has more child appeal and is easier for a child to grasp, handle and manipulate.

The airplane has a chunky design, the top is open so that a child can easily get access into the interior, access to technology for creating sounds through pressing seats is designed to be easy. The interior of the design of the craft is semi-realistic to the point that when a child enters a real aircraft, the internal layout will feel familiar.

This play plane has smooth edges throughout so that there are not any sharp angled corners which might cut or harm little fingers. The battery compartment is designed to be as secure as possible to ensure that young inquisitive minds cannot easily access this and take out and play with or chew batteries.

Overall, the design is true to an airplane while incorporating a lot of child appeal.


The makers have designed and built in durable while ensuring the use of materials which are durable. Children can play rough, toddlers especially will take the play to the limits so do not be surprised if they get to a point where they start crashing the airplane.

This may well involve literally dropping or even throwing it, this may be fine a few times but continues crashing or throwing will eventually have an impact on the durability of the structure. Generally, durability is a factor within the design and build in combination with the materials used to build it are all very good.

Fittings used within the toy are securely fitted and built to stay in place, hi-tech features are built into areas where they can be accessed easy enough but also stay secure and durable.


There is very little needed maintenance apart from ensuring that batteries are loaded with power and replaced when the need arises. If the surface of the airplane gets a little messy or grubby just use a damp cloth with some gentle soap to wipe it clean. The materials used for making the toy are non-porous so they do not absorb dirt.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

For a one-year-old child, a weight of two-pounds is a bit heavy and most one-year-old children will tend to play on the floor with Lil airplane and push it around on the wheels, this method for playing will continually active the tune function designed into it. Therefore, the more a child plays this way, the more often you will hear the same tune.

The top of the aircraft has a handle area and older children will be quick to notice this feature and make good use of it so that they can play at flying the aircraft. The button seat feature is very easy for children to get at, press and activate to create plane sounds. The designers have kept close to the shape of a real aircraft, at around 12 inches long it is broad and chunky so that children can easily grip and manipulate.

The two figures very easily fit into a child's hands but big enough to generally not fit into the mouth, to prevent as much as possible any choking danger.

This is easy for use and playing on the floor for one-year-old children the weight is not a challenge, children at toddling age can carry the plane but it will depend on how well they walk and how good they are at keeping upright and balanced.

All designed in functional features are very easy to access and operate.
Price range

Price range

The price sits above average, a lot of work has been put into the design and the quality of materials and features and this is reflected in the price.

Bottom Line

The Fisher-Price Lil Movers Airplane offers a good amount of fun for young children, it has a degree of versatility because it can be a floor toy for non-walking very young children and this can also be easily handled and carried for playing pretend flying. The educational value from the airplane is subtle and good, this does lend to learning and an understanding of aircraft, the design and the functions expected from an airplane.

Children can play and come up with many imaginative story-lines, this can be a singular toy and children play or alone or siblings can play together and fire up their imaginations.

The tune capability is limited to only one tune, repeatedly and this is something that the makers might want to reconsider for future updates for this toy. Though it only plays one tune, the enjoyment and fun which children can get from this toy do mean that only one tune is just a minor thing and not too worrying.

Children at a young are fascinated by airplanes and this is a very good way to use the concept of playing to introduce them to an aircraft via a toy which will offer a nice range of features, has a nice design and is made from child-friendly durable materials.
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