Best Watches for Kids Reviewed in 2018

A wristwatch can be an excellent gift for a child. Many new watches offer a wide variety of functions including stopwatches, timers, alarms, and even GPS tracking! The first watch they receive can teach them to tell time. Some watches can help give kids a sense of personal identity or allow them to make a fashion statement. A superhero or cartoon character watch can be a great investment as it may become part of a collection.

Let’s go through the variables you might consider when selecting a watch for a child. If they aren’t yet able to tell time, then you may wish to consider a timepiece designed to teach this skill. An analog watch face represents the rotation of the earth as it appears to make a journey across the sky each day. A watch like this helps them make a connection to the very concept of time.

For kids that already tell time, a digital watch can be a terrific gift. Many of these watches have stopwatches, timers, alarms, and even GPS tracking! These functions can inspire adventures and sporting competitions. Watches with backlighting can make telling time easy even in the dark. Aside from being a practical item some watches can also make a fashion statement. Watches for kids are often designed to celebrate superheroes and popular cartoon characters. There are colors, characters, and plenty of features to please just about anyone’s taste.

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This page has been updated to reflect the most recent products out on the market. Alongside a brand new series of the most frequently asked questions and an updated criteria that we use in evaluation while picking our products.

Our Top 3 Picks

SpyX Wrist Talkies
  • SpyX Wrist Talkies
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Timsty Electronic Sports Watch
  • Timsty Electronic Sports Watch
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  • Water Resistant
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Azland Waterproof Sports Watch
  • Azland Waterproof Sports Watch
  • 4.3 out of 5
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  • Swimming Waterproof Watch
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Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Best Watches for Kids

We look for products that are well made, durable, easy to read, comfortable, fashionable and useful. Watches with extra features often require a setup which should be simple enough for anyone to do. The watch functions should be easy to use even for children with small hands. We looked for attractive watches that might reflect a variety of personalities and tastes. Some of these products would also be a good start or nice addition to an impressive watch collection. A well-made, attractive watch with useful functions is a good investment if the price is right.


Quality materials and a good design come together to make a durable product. Active kids can be rough on watches through play and sports and a good watch can take the abuse. High-quality rubber and steel casings are often used for sports watches for girls and boys.

It’s important to know that the watchband won’t break or wear out too quickly. Strong watch bands and buckles or good hook and loop velcro are extremely durable closures for a good watch. The crystal needs to be scratch resistant and nearly impossible to break. A good product can withstand shocks and water.

Not all of our picks are waterproof, but all are water resistant which means they can take a shower and keep on ticking. Some are designed to withstand short-term immersion and surface swimming and are, therefore, water resistant.

While price is no guarantee that things will last, we did consider the cost of a watch before making a recommendation.

Easy to read

It’s important that the crystal is scratch resistant so that the watch face remains clear and easy to read. The backlight features help make the numbers stand out more clearly against a lighted background. The backlight feature is more common in the digital than analog watches. It’s important for analog watch dials to have large, easy to read numbers.


The watchband needs to be durable but also kind to a child’s skin. The soft rubber and PU leather in most of these watchbands are non-allergenic and comfortable to wear. If the watch is properly cinched, it shouldn’t pinch, irritate or rub.

The watch itself shouldn’t be so big or heavy that it gets in the way or feels burdensome. Some of our watches would be a better choice for slightly older kids, some more suitable for the very young.


A watch can reflect a child’s personality and fit in nicely with their interests. Color and shape can make a strong fashion statement for boys and girls, so it’s necessary to make a choice that is right for your child.

These watches are attractive in a variety of ways. None of them look cheap or too trendy, but some are more fashion-forward than others. If your child is into the fashion of the moment, there are colorful, sleek designs.

If they’re more into sports they might like something that looks like it’s made for rough activity. There are watches for superhero fans and very small children will like the cartoon characters and colorful. The time teachers are great looking and fun to wear.


A good watch should keep time without constant upkeep. It will help get your child used to the idea of being on time. The alarm feature can help kids get up in the morning for school. A good watch can be the beginning of independence and personal responsibility. Backlighting is a cool feature, but it also helps kids keep track of the time in the dark. It also helps mom and dad keep an eye on them as the glow moves around in the backyard.

The calendar can help kids learn the months and the days of the week. It might help them remember what they need to do today or they might just enjoy changing the colors to suit their mood.

Some of these watches are “time teaching” watches for kids that are still learning to tell time. Some of these of watches feature hour and minute hands that are different colors or that have labels making them easier to identify when they are far apart.

Stopwatches are also a useful feature. Kids can use this device during sports and play. They can help an athlete improve their performance or make it easy to compete with others by comparing times.

Most of the watches are waterproof, so they work well for swimmers, and they don’t need to be removed before taking a shower or washing the car. None are technically “diving watches” but most will withstand a shallow snorkeling depth without damage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose a watch for my child?

A: Start by considering what your child needs in a watch. Very young children who need to learn to tell time will appreciate a “time teaching” watch so select something that will help them learn. Older kids need something that can handle rougher play and strenuous activity. The older they get, the more they enjoy their functions. Pre-teens and teens will appreciate a choice that is in keeping with their interests and style.

Q: What’s the difference between an analog and digital watch?

A: While manufacturing and appearance are the basic differences the reasons for choosing between analog and digital watches for kids has more to do with function and style than anything else. If kids like the appearance of an analog watch then they’ll likely be drawn to the smaller, less bulky and more fashionable type of watches. While digital watches may have sleek designs, they are often bulkier and come with many more functions. If your child is likely to want a stopwatch and timers then a digital watch is likely to please them more.

Q: Why is quartz the most common choice in watches?

A: Quartz is a common mineral found throughout the world and it’s superb as a tuning device regardless if synthetic or natural quartz is used in the watch. Analog quartz watches and digital quartz watches cover ninety percent of the watch market, can range from inexpensive to very expensive and are the most reliable and accurate watches.

Q: What are the benefits of an analog watch?

A: This is the closest device we have to the original sundial and the idea of the sun’s movement across the sky. Technology and science are easier to learn when children understand how they came about and how they evolved from primitive observations to modern timekeeping devices.

Q: What are the benefits of a digital watch?

A: This is an extremely accurate device. If you need to know exactly what time it is, this is the best option. We can also read this watch at a glance because the exact time is presented numerically right on the watch face. With a digital timepiece, there are no moving parts to wear and slow down.

Q: Why is it important for a child to own a watch?

A: Though most kids use their cell phone to tell time it’s still important to have a wristwatch or wearable timepiece. In most schools, they’re not allowed to have their cell phones on so if they want to be on time or they need to be reminded of the date, they can still have access to this information.

Having a watch can help them develop a sense of independence and responsibility as well. It could be useful for your child to have a watch that can remind them that they have a dentist appointment after lunch and you are waiting to pick them up!


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