10 Best iPad Cases for Kids in 2019

When your kid is the proud owner of a new iPad or you are trying to protect their current one before it suffers a cracked screen or even worse, it will no longer turn on, it is time to buy a great case for it. The current technology for cases for iPads and other electronic devices has come a long way in the last five years. With kids using iPads for learning and leisure, it is very important to protect your investment while still having full access to the ports and charging it still easy to complete.

Since the iPad was released nearly a decade ago, there have been many different types of cases marketed to fit them. So when shopping for a case, it is no longer a grab-and-go event. They have cases for all types of uses, compatible with the different iPad generations. Particularly when it is the iPad your kid uses, you want to make sure the case fits and that it is the strongest and most-reliable.

With so many different types of cases, the design and feature choices make for a truly endless list. We have created a list of the best iPad cases for kids. The cases are fun, practical, and protective.

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We recently updated this page to make sure that all products are still available and that all information on the page is up-to-date and accurate. We hope that our list of the best IPad cases for kids in 2018 will be helpful in making the best choice for your loved ones.

Our Top 3 Picks

HDE Kids iPad Case
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Pure Sense iPad Case
  • Pure Sense iPad Case
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Speck iGuy Freestanding Case
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  • Free-Standing
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Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best iPad Cases for Kids

High-tech devices are everywhere these day and kids can’t help but be fascinated by them. One of the devices that grabs a child’s  attention even at an early age is the Apple iPad. However before a parent actually gives a child an iPad, be it a used or brand new, it is highly recommended that they purchase an iPad case designed to withstand the often rough-and-tumble use of a child.  When coming up with this list, there were many iPad cases designed specifically for kids to review, making it hard to whittle down the field of contenders. In doing so, we took some of the following into consideration knowing that these are concerns that most parents will have as well.

Durability & Safety

Durability and safety are essential components to an iPad case for kids. The case needs to be able to provide the needed protection to take care of the iPad. This includes being able to absorb shocks from being dropped, and also be able to protect certain vital elements of the Apple iPad from liquid that may be accidentally be spilled on the device. Also, the freestanding feature included in most kids’ iPad cases gives the iPad a bit more security since it can be placed in one spot to stand on its own. Another component taken into consideration was protecting the child; these cases are all free of any toxic material.


Yes, we all want an iPad case to protect our tablets but we also want them not to interfere with our iPads functioning properly. For kids it is of vital importance that they understand that the iPad must remain within the protective covering of the case but to facilitate that, the iPad still needs to work as it would without a case. This is something that manufacturers take into consideration when creating an iPad case.


When buying your child an iPad or even when letting them borrow yours, it is important for them to know that this is a powerful yet fragile electronic device that must properly be cared for. By providing a child with an iPad case is one of the first and best indicators of the fragile nature of the device. Your child will learn that the iPad needs to be properly turned off and placed in an area of their room where it can be displayed in the case.

Sensory Perceptions

There is a valid reason why the iPad cases for kids come in bright vibrant colors and unique designs. It makes them visibly appealing to kids. Also, if they love things such as robots or butterflies, cases shaped like these are sure to be a hit with a kid.

What Determined the Best iPad Cases on Our List

As there is literally an ocean full of cases for iPads, coming up with a top 10 list was quite a challenge. Nevertheless, we had to focus more on a unique combination of fun design and superb protection. We know very well that the best tablet guards don’t have designs that kids will love. Similarly, a lot of kiddie Apple tablet cases do not provide the kind of protection that the device requires. As such, getting an excellent mix of the two was indeed perplexing, to say the least.

First, the protective capabilities of the cases were evaluated. From scratch-proofing to shock-absorption and other features, these cases were carefully assessed as to how they would really keep children’s iPads safe and secure.

Second, the fun design was considered. Colors, textures, and other cool features were assessed and determined whether these would be loved by kids. Children don’t need the stainless steel or platinum-plated covers of adult iPad cases. What they need are designs that speak of fun, of being a child.

Third, we examined other features and evaluated how these would prove beneficial to children’s use of the Apple device. Features such as integrated tablet stands, antimicrobial protection, unique handles, and other notable design structures were carefully evaluated.

Lastly, we took only products with a product rating of not less than 4 stars. At any rate, this should give you confidence in the quality, safety, and usefulness of these products.

Teaching Kids to Take Care of their Gadgets

Whether you care to admit it or not, Apple’s devices are simply the world’s best. Unfortunately, they are also not cheap. And if they do get damaged, it would be like flushing hundreds of dollars down the drain. For some, it’s not a problem. For most of us though, it’s an issue. That’s why, if we do decide to give our children expensive gadgets, they must know how to take care of their gadgets. We can help kids to use gadgets wisely and at the same time initiate ways to protect electronic gadgets by making them more child-proof.

But how do we teach kids to take care of their gadgets? First, we must be able to set the rules that will help our kids understand what can and cannot be done when using a gadget. For instance, we can enforce a no-eating-while-playing rule to minimize spills, smudges, and other potential damage to the screen and other sensitive parts of the device. These ground rules must be understood very well by children so they know the possible consequences if these rules are broken. For example, drinking while playing may spill liquid onto the device which can damage it permanently.

We can also try to teach our kids how to use the correct accessories such as the iPad cases we have featured here. They must be taught how to hold the device correctly and how to operate the different functionalities of the device with the accessory on.

Having a specific place for storing the gadget when not in use can also help. This teaches kids to be more responsible for the upkeep of their tech gadgets.

The Bottom Line

Everyone wants an iPad. As it is a very expensive item for kids, these gadgets must have the appropriate protection at all times. The 10 best iPad cases we present here should get you started.


Frequently Asked Question
Q: Is it necessary to buy an iPad case for a child’s iPad?

A: In a word, yes it is. In fact, it’s even a good idea for an adult to buy an iPad case when they purchase an iPad for themselves. The Apple iPad is an electronic device and is similar to that of the desktop computer and laptop, only it’s mobile. This could lead to more accidents or mishaps with the iPad if it’s not properly cared for. A nice case that can help give the iPad some extra protection is an essential accessory. If we are willing to invest in this piece of technology, then we should certainly invest in properly caring for it so that it will last longer. This is certainly important with kids, as some may still be a bit too young to understand just how essential caring for the iPad is, and the proper case will help ease a parent’s mind about whether or not the iPad will be safe.

Q: How young is too young for an iPad?

A: It seems that these days kids want newer technological devices quite young. Even toddlers seem to be fascinated by their parent’s computers and mobile devices. After all, these light up and are visually appealing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that at a very young age a child could view an iPad as a toy, which of course it isn’t. So, some experts have determined that it’s usually not a good idea for a child under the age of 3 to be allowed any iPad activity. From the age of 3 to 5 years of age, a child can start interaction under parental supervision for around an hour. By the age of 6 when they enter school, it might be time to consider giving them a cheaper iPad model or perhaps your previous iPad as you upgrade to a new one, along with a good sturdy iPad case designed for kids. From age 6 to 18, it is also important to make sure a child spends no more than two hours on a tablet computer. An iPad is great and can even benefit a child educationally but there is also real-world interaction with other kids, that is just as important.

Q: What if a parent does plan to give a kid their previous iPad, which already has a case, would this case be ideal for a child?

A: Although, not a bad idea for a parent to hand down their previous iPad model to a child who is ready to have their own iPad, but the case could be another story entirely. An iPad case for kids has certain parameters that have been taken into consideration to take the wear and tear that can happen. The iPad cases for kids come with certain features that will protect an iPad from things such as accidentally being dropped, having liquid spilled on them and other mishaps associated with a child. So, while it might be fine to pass on the Apple iPad, the case isn’t recommended. The best course of action, if your new iPad fits inside the old case, then keep the old iPad case for yours, and purchase a separate iPad case designed for kids to give your child your along with the old iPad.

Q: How do I know which iPad case will fit my child’s particular device?

A: One thing to remember when buying an iPad case is that we want the tablet to fit securely within the case. This is the main reason that the case is being purchased. One way to ensure the right case is being bought is to know the model of the iPad your child has. Once the model is known, it’s also a good idea to know the measurements of the device in general, usually this will be mentioned by the manufacturer on the box and if this is an iPad that is being handed down, a search can always be done online to get the proper specifications. From there, look at the various iPad cases for sale and look at the measurements of parameters that fit around the tablet itself. A parent can decide which iPad case they feel is going to appeal to their child or even have the child help select it. There are several different kinds on the market including those that were stated above which include several features such as a free-standing feature, durability, fun designs and also pleasing colors that will no doubt delight a child.

Q: Do these cases properly support slots such as USB ports and on/off switch?

A: This can be a tricky feature when it comes to iPad cases. Why? Because some of these cases are designed to be used with different series of iPads such as the iPad1 and iPad2 series. In some cases, due to the model, the slots that are provided on the cases may not line up as desired. The best course of action is to read other customer reviews online to see what others have said regarding this feature pertaining to the case you have in mind for your child. If there is an issue, odds are it will be discussed.

Q: Do all of the iPad cases for kids cover the screen as well?

A: As stated above there are a few iPad cases for kids that do include a screen protector feature that we included on this list and there are some on the market as well. However, for the most part, iPad cases, even those design for kids, usually don’t cover the screen. So, in order to protect the iPad screen from things such as sticky hands or from being scratched, one method is to use a separate screen protector, which is like a transparent protective skin, that goes directly over the screen. However, these may not be necessary if a kid is taught the importance of caring for the iPad and if a kid is taught how to use a touch pen which can replace using a finger to navigate the screens on the iPad.

Q: Is the EVA foam used to make kids iPad cases really safe and nontoxic?

A: At first, EVA foam was considered a safe alternative to the standard PVC plastic materials. However, recently, it was made known to the public that some forms of EVA foam did contain the chemical formamide which does have toxic properties and had been proven harmful. In order to put consumers’ minds at ease, manufacturers started to come up with ways to remove formamide from the EVA foam that was being used, especially in items designed for use by kids. This is indeed the case with the iPad cases listed above, which have been determined to be safe and nontoxic. If this is still a concern, usually a manufacturer will clearly state that if a product is made from EVA foam it will be noted as safe and nontoxic on the packaging, and in some cases actually state outright that the product is free of formamide.


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