Best Kids Music & MP3 Players for Kids in 2018

Music has so many benefits for kids and adults, so it is no wonder that we enjoy it in its numerous forms so much. Whether it is by radio, MP3 players, CDs, or live, we all love music. We feature here the best-rated and most frequently bought kids music and MP3 players for kids online. Most of them come with a couple of modes of performance, such as a CD player with MP3 attachment and AM/FM radio. These are all easily operated and enjoyable by kids. A few of them have themes that will appeal to a vast number of children because of their well-known images, such as Hello Kitty and Frozen.

The Vtech and LeapFrog items are for the very young set of children, who are just getting into music and technology. Everyone can benefit from the many benefits of music. It has been proven to make us happier, sleep better, strengthen our memories and learning capabilities, raise IQ and academic performance, and increase our verbal skills. As you can see, music is a very important component in our daily, everyday lives. It can also build confidence, promote language and fine motor skills, and stimulate a creative spirit. With so many advantages of listening to music, our kids should have it at their fingertips all the time. Join us now for our list of the best-rated, mostly-purchased, kids music and MP3 players for kids in 2018.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids Music and MP3 Players on Our List

All are for kids and are operable by kids

Each item we highlight has easy to press and use buttons, microphones and handles. The instructions are simple to understand and can be read by kids of reading age. Most of the music players have large buttons that are either well-marked or color-coded for easy referencing with the directions. Parents may have to load player lists for children in the MP3 layers, but they should be able to manipulate the list by themselves. This will instill a level of confidence and self-esteem in them.

Each Item plays music or CDs or can be connected to a source of music

Each product listed is either a boombox or an MP3 player that can play music in one of several ways. Use with CDs or a downloaded playlist and enjoy the included AM/FM radios with most of the items.

Designs, colors, and features are specially designed with kids in mind

The designs such as the Frozen boombox and the Hello Kitty item are geared towards children with their well-known themes and images. The Vtech items are definitely for kids with the big, simple buttons and easy-to-use, colorful designs. Several of the music players have lights that either stay on or flash to the music so kids can enjoy them more. The Frozen boombox has its own microphone, so children can sing along with the tunes. The combination of light and music is the enchantment of the Baby Night Light, while others have features of mobility like the MP3 players with the armband. Each product is unique in its features and design and is a top product among parents.

All items are the best-rated and most-purchased music and MP3 players by buyers

These are the best-rated and most-purchased music devices for kids that are available today. We choose only the best that parents and buyers bought, liked, and reviewed with positive feedback. With such a well-researched list, you can then make the best, educated choice for a music player for your child.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which items display the song names as they play? Do any of the toddler products do this for the included songs they feature?

A: The only products that will display the names of the songs playing are the MP3 players. The other items just play the included songs that the player comes with. The Disney Frozen boombox tells you the names of the three included songs on the package, and we list them here too.

Q: How is the volume on these music players? Are they too loud or do they have volume controls to adjust?

A: the volume control for all of these items is good. There have not been any complaints about volume control or being too loud or too quiet. Each item has an adjustable volume for various individual tastes. The Vtech Rock and Bop player does come with special earphones that limits the volume for kids.

Q: Can you create playlists on any of these devices?

A: For the MP3 players we highlight, yes you can create your own playlists. They include a large amount of storage to hold plenty of tunes and songs for your kids listening pleasure.

Q: Which items have AM/FM radio included in the music player?

A: Most of the products here have the specification of the included radio feature in the title. The only one that has the radio included but does not say so in the name of the item is the Disney Frozen boombox. It has an included radio also.

Q: Which items remember where you left off in the playlist? Is this only for the MP3 players?

A: Yes, only the MP3 players will pick up where you left off in your listening activities. The others are more CD or radio oriented or have an included list of tunes that randomly play when buttons are pressed, or the item is turned on.

Q: Do the MP3 players listed shuffle the songs on the playlist? Do any of the other items shuffle the songs or tunes?

A: Yes, the MP3 players do shuffle the songs of the playlist you load. The other products have a random assortment of songs that play when activated.

Q: Which music players light up or have lights that flash when in use?

A: Several of the products here have light features. The Disney Frozen boombox, the Hello Kitty boombox, and the Baby Night Light have rotating or flashing lights as one of the main features. The Vtech Spinning Tunes and the LeapFrog Learn and Groove have buttons that light up when pressed by the user.

Q: Do any of these players accommodate headphones? Or do they come with headphones?

A: All of the MP3 players accommodate headphones or earbuds. The portable MP3 Player with FM radio, the Vtech Rock and Bop, and the MP3 Player with Armband all come with earphones.


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