23 Best Nightlights for Kids in 2018

Nightlights are very important sleeping aids for young children as it gives them a more subtle, more relaxed mood in their bedrooms at night. When used in combination with soft music and a really comfy environment, kids can fall asleep a lot faster and sleep sounder, too. This can help facilitate their optimum growth as science has revealed, better sleep times among children can help facilitate the more efficient functioning of growth hormones. In a way, these nighttime lighting fixtures indirectly aid in a child’s overall development. And that’s why we’re bringing to you the 8 best nightlights for kids in 2018 to help your kid sleep easier and better.

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Criteria Used to Evaluate The Best Nightlights for Kids


Whether it’s a toy, gadget or a light, no matter what your kid has, as a parent you want your kid to be able to learn. We chose several of the the night lights on our above solely for that purpose. With these night lights kids can learn about energy efficiency and they can stimulate their auditory, tactile and visual sensories. Neurological sensory development is very vital for young kids as it plays a key role in how kids with perform in life whenever they grow older.

Kids are also able to learn about the elements behind light projectors and what makes them work. The light projector night lights that we chose for our list will help kids learn about constellations, shapes, Aurora Borealis and the night sky above in general. These particular night lights can aid them in future or current science projects for school.

Furthermore with the majority of night lights on our list, young kids can learn about color recognition, sea life and the rhythm and beat of music. Kids can subtly gain knowledge about many things from the simple product of a night light.

A Restful Night of Sleep

Every night light will help your child to have a restful night of sleep. The main point of a night light, especially for kids is to help them sleep comfortably. As a parent, you don’t want your child to be afraid of the dark or to have a fear of falling asleep. Additionally, you don’t want your child to be scared to get up to walk to the bathroom at night, the traditional standard night lights such as the Safety 1st LED Nightlight are great for illuminating hallways and bathrooms for the fact that these specific lights come with multiple lights that do an amazing job at lighting a path for your kid at night time.

The portable night lights such as the Light My Way Nightlight by Munchkin, Cloud B Twilight Turtle Night Light, Gummygoods Squeezable Gummy Bear Night Light and Porsin Nightlight for Kids are excellent for helping your little one to navigate their way around the house.

With the soothing lights and sounds that many of our night lights have, kids can fall asleep with their bodies and minds relaxed as they fall asleep to the subtle, soft glow of these lights. Each of the night lights on our list above provide an adequate amount of light for young kids to see their way around their room during the night, yet the lights are dim enough not to disturb your precious little one as they are sleeping.

Even better, although all of these lights emit an excellent amount of light, if your kid happens to wake up during the night the glow from these lights will not harm their eyes as a bright overhead light would if they happened to flip the switch on.


Safety is a huge factor that we took into consideration when selecting night lights for our list of best night lights for kids. Each of the night lights for kids on our list are safe for kids to be around and handle. All of the night lights on our list are well made from durable materials to stand up against frequent use and will not easily break due to factors such as being bumped or dropped a few times.

You can rest in knowing that these night lights are cool to the touch after being on after a long period of time. Your kid will not become injured if they accidentally or intentionally touch these night lights. What is better is that several of the night lights on our list are made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, also known as ABS. ABS is a durable plastic with the chemical formula of (C8H8)x·​(C4H6)y·​(C3H3N)z) that has no true melting point, making it fireproof. None of the night lights listed above contain harmful, toxic materials such as BPA or lead. Your kid can safely enjoy these night lights as they sleep peacefully each night,

What Determined The Best Nightlights for Kids in Our List

As always, safety was a major concern for us in our search for the eight best night lights for young children. Many products available in the market have to be plugged into an electrical outlet while others run on batteries. In either case, UL certification and other forms of safety certifications were essential for the product to be considered in our shortlist. Moreover, features that have been built into the design of these kiddie lighting fixtures were also evaluated whether these can contribute to its overall safety. If there were questions in the design, we automatically scrapped the idea of including it in our shortlist.

We then looked at other features that have made the product such a huge hit among consumers, past and present. That’s why we due consideration was also given to customer feedback particularly those who have made quite extensive reviews about the product. These served as great sources of insight for us, enabling us to gain a better understanding of how the product fared in the real world. At any rate, it gave us an idea whether we are heading in the right direction or not.

Tips to Helping Kids Fall Asleep Faster

There are many reasons why kids need a good sleep. For the most part, it aids in their optimum growth and development through the action of hormones that are vital to the building and continuing development of cells and tissues in the young body. While we can always teach the importance of sleep to kids, it is equally important that we help them get to sleep earlier and faster. Here are some things you can do.

  • Setup a routine for kids to follow and be consistent about it. It’s okay to be flexible but make sure it’s reasonable. Taking a bath or reading them a story before bedtime can help set their minds into entering the sleep mode. The idea is to train the body into reducing its mental and physical activities at a given time. For instance, if you make it a habit to read a story before your child goes to bed, then his or her mind and body will “remember” and “associate” bedtime storytelling as a sign of going to bed. Over time, their bodies will automatically go into a slowdown mode every time you read them a bedtime story, regardless of the time. It’s like conditioned response.
  • Provide comforting toys and sleep aids. Some children prefer sleeping with their favorite toy or even favorite blanket. Make sure these are available an hour before bedtime to get your tot ready for bed. If they have a favorite lullaby, you can play these, too. What you want to have is for kids to feel more relaxed, calmer every time they go to bed. So, anything that can make them feel more secure or relaxed will work.
  • Create an environment suitable for sleeping. Turning down the lights and playing soft music generally helps. This is where nightlights for kids can come in very handy. Keep the bedroom temperature cool enough to help facilitate faster transition into sleep mode. It has been proven that certain hormones respond better to a drop in body temperature which favor the induction of sleep.
  • Focus on relaxation, not the idea of having to go to sleep. It usually is stressful for kids to know that they “have to” sleep because they need to. Instead, focus on calming and relaxing your child until such time that they fall asleep. That said, it is often not a good idea to go to bed with a very anxious child. Remember, stress means an increase in cortisol which, unfortunately, can have an adverse effect on the body’s ability to fall asleep.
  • Know the sleep requirements of your child. It is important to understand that different age groups have different requirements for the number of hours of sleep. Furthermore, understand your child’s unique characteristics. Early risers will always wake up early even if they stay late at night. So, be mindful of this.
The Bottom Line

Sleep is a fundamental requirement of all healthy living organisms, particularly man. Children benefit the most from a good night’s sleep since it favors the secretion of growth hormone and other natural substances that promote optimum development. With these 8 best nightlights for kids in 2018 you can help ensure the best growth and development pattern for your own child.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best color of light for kids to sleep under?

A: The best color of light for kids to fall asleep to will vary for the fact that all kids are different. However, numerous studies and reports show that the red spectrum may help kids to sleep better at night. It may seem a bit counter intuitive for the fact that night lights with blue hues are popular but they actually keep kids awake longer.
Young eyes are much less sensitive to the color red because the wavelengths are longer. Due to this fact, your kid will get more rest if they sleep within the glow of a red light.

Q: When is it a good idea to use a night light?

A: There are many good reasons to use a night light. Depending on the needs of your little one the reasons will vary.

For comfort: If your toddler is just learning how to sleep alone as opposed to sleeping with you then a night like may help them to be able to sleep alone as it may provide comfort.

Diaper changes and nursing: Newborns have to be changed several times a night, in addition to frequent nursing. Turning on a bright light to change diapers or nurse may keep your kid awake all night. The subtle glow of night light will help to ease your baby back to sleep.

Potty training: Potty training is usually a tough time for toddlers. A night light, especially a portable one will encourage them to get up to take trips to the bathroom during the night.

Q: When should I take the night light out of my kid’s room?

A: There can be a variety of reasons to remove a night light from a kid’s bedroom. Many parents don’t like the idea of their little one sleeping in a dark room. However, you may want to consider removing your kid’s night light if:

It disrupts their sleep: Scientific studies show that a dark environment tells our brain to release melatonin.

Melatonin is a sleep hormone that makes us sleepy. A night light that is too bright will disrupt sleep, causing your kid to have a restless night.
They want to play: Many kids associate light with staying awake, and for this reason they may want to play. If your kid’s toys are visible they may sneak out of bed and want to play simply because they have a night light in their room that makes them visible.

Q: What are the benefits of dusk to dawn light sensors?

A: Dusk to dawn night light sensors provide a variety of benefits are becoming more and more popular. Firstly, dusk to dawn light sensors operate properly whether someone is around to make sure or not.

These innovative lights will cut costs on your power bill for the fact that it only comes on when needed, at dusk, and it turns off on its own when it is not longer needed, at dawn. With a night light that has a dusk to dawn sensor, you will never have to worry about wasting energy or if your kid’s night light it on, as long as the light is plugged into a working electrical outlet.

Q: Is image rotation on the Projectables Tropical Fish LED Plug-In Night Light manual or automatic?

A: The image rotation feature on the Projectables Tropical Fish LED Plug-In Night Light is manual. This is great for the fact that it allows your kid to choose the specific image that they would like to sleep under.
To change the image, all you or your kid has to do is turn the knurled wheel. Kids will enjoy being able to pick and choose from six different images each night, on this projectable night light.

Q: Can I leave the VAVA Baby Night Light plugged in so that I will not have to charge it.

A: Yes, you can leave the VAVA Baby Night Light plugged in, and it will still work so that you will not have to charge it night after night. However, we don’t recommend doing this for a few reasons:

  • Keeping it plugged in will hinder your kid from being able to carry it to the bathroom with them which may cause them to wet the bed.
  • Keeping it plugged in all the time will damage and eventually drain the battery.
  • Keeping it plugged in will consume more power, which will not save you in energy costs.