Best Nursery Curtains Reviewed in 2018

Lovely curtains add such elegance and warmth to a baby nursery. They are the final touch in decorating a room for the baby and can make all the difference in a room looking just-so-so or it appearing to be fabulous. Nursery curtains are not just for great looks though, as most of them are blackout curtains to block the sunlight and harmful UV rays from disturbing the baby as he or she sleeps and naps. These blackout curtains also help maintain the temperature in the room from extreme heat and cold outside as well as noise. Their insulating properties will make a huge difference in front of an exposed window. The featured curtains here all have varying percentages of light blockage, so make sure you get the set that best fits your light blocking needs. The colors are not gender-specific, so these can all be used for boys’ and girls’ rooms equally. Each of these products comes with metal grommets on the top to make hanging them on a regular-sized curtain rod very simple and easy. These are all the best-rated and most-rated nursery curtains online by customers just like you. They were overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchase and would buy these same items again. We bring you only the top products for your shopping experience. Here are the best nursery curtains in 2018.

1. NICETOWN Nursery Essential

Impeding up to 85%-99% of UV rays and light, these thermal insulated curtains come in over fifteen wonderful colors. Made of 100% polyester material and available in a few different sizes, these curtains consist of two great blackout panels with six grommets on the top of each panel.
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They have a soft and heavy feel because of the high-quality fabric that does not need a liner. These great curtains will improve TV viewing because of the triple-weave manufacturing and can protect artwork, floors, and furniture from the sun in a room. The temperature in a room can be balanced with these curtains because they insulate against winter cold and summer heat. They are wrinkle-free and thread-trimmed and fit on a regular curtain rod well. These long-lasting and durable curtains for the nursery can be machine washed and dried

These curtains are insulated and thermal, so they will keep the room warm from the winter cold and cool from the summer sun. Those in extreme weather areas will really appreciate these curtains.

What We Like About It
The weave in this polyester material is so tight that these curtains for the nursery do not need a liner. They will keep the light out of the room when you want to keep it dark inside.

Made of 100% polyester material

Are wrinkle-free and thread-trimmed

Fits on a regular curtain rod

Can be machine washed and dried

Insulated and thermal


Material is shiny

Curtains are different lengths if you purchase more than one set

2. Turquoize Blackout Drapes

These nursery blackout drapes will block out 99% of sunlight and will deter 100% of UV rays. You get two panels with eight matching grommets each that use a basic curtain rod. These are offered in over fifteen great colors and several sizes and are silky, smooth, and soft to the touch.
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They will protect your privacy, reduce noise, increase energy efficiency, darken the room, and provide thermal insulation. The room temperature will be balanced with these wonderful curtains that are vinyl-free, eco-friendly, airy, and breathable. These lovely curtains will add a graceful and fresh style to your home and protect the floor and furniture from the harmful sun rays. They are not lined so they are the same color on the back as they are on the front, plus these great curtains can be machine washed and dried easily.

With over fifteen terrific colors available to choose from you will definitely find the perfect color to match your baby’s nursery. The colors range from dark shades to light shades to blend well with almost any décor.

What We Like About It
These curtains not only block out the sunlight and harmful rays, but they also help you save money on your energy bills because they insulate the windows year-round.

Includes two panels with eight matching grommet each

Uses a basic curtain rod

Vinyl-free, eco-friendly, airy and breathable

Balances the room temperature

Adds a graceful and fresh style to your home


Some buyers said these do not block light well

Problem with colors ordered for a few people

3. Gee Di Moda White Ruffle

Made of 100% crushed sheer polyester material with crushed layered voile ruffles, these White Ruffled Gypsy Lace Curtains will be perfect for your baby’s nursery. These are available in a few great sizes and can be machine washed and dried.
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There is a top pocket so hanging these lovely curtains on a regular curtain rod is simple and easy. These terrific curtains let in the perfect amount of light in the day while giving some privacy also. The amazing look of the layers upon layers of cascading ruffles of crinkled voile will make your child’s room stunning. Any décor and room color will benefit greatly because of the great style and color of these curtains for the nursery.

The top rod pocket makes hanging these curtains very simple and trouble-free. Just slip them over the downed rod and you are done. It is elegance in an instant.

What We Like About It
These curtains are so full of ruffles, they will look lovely in any nursery. They are only offered in white, so they will match any décor you have. The gorgeous ruffles are amazing!

Made of crushed sheer polyester

Available in a few great sizes

Can be machine washed

Has a top rod pocket

Lets in the perfect amount of light


Some were misled by the description of one panel

The lengths were not the same for those who bought two panels

4. Flamingo P Full Blackout

Made of 100% polyester material, these wonderful curtains for the nursery adds extra privacy with the black liner on the back. This set includes two panels which are offered in several choices for size and color.
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Use them to diffuse the daylight, insulate against the cold and heat, and block outside noises. They will deter up to 95% of sunlight from entering the room due to the black fabric on the back that is made of faux silk polyester. These great nursery curtains include a header at the top with eight grommets in each panel. They hang on a regular curtain rod and can be machine washed and dried or dry cleaned for easy care. Add style and elegance instantly to the room with these fabulous curtains. They include a textured triple-weave technology and a design of double-layered material.

Although most people purchase blackout curtains to primarily block out the sun, these curtains will also insulate the room against cold, heat, and outside noises too.

What We Like About It
Curtains with liners will block out a greater amount of sunlight and harmful UV rays than one without liners. It increases the blockage percentage by over almost ten points.

Adds extra privacy

Insulates against cold, heat, and noise

Hangs easily on a regular curtain rod

Adds style and elegance to the room

Includes a textured triple-weave technology


The material may be shiny

The black liner was not the same length as the curtain material for a few people

5. NICETOWN Star Cutout Blackout

These Star Cutout Blackout Curtains come in a choice of one panel or two and are made of polyester material. They have star cutouts in the panels that will let in light in the star shapes. Available in three sizes and six great colors, these lovely curtains include silver grommets in the top for easy hanging.
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They are easy to put up and slide because the material is super heavy and soft. These wonderful curtains are energy efficient, fade-resistant, soundproof, and thermal insulated. They will block out 85%-99% of light, plus both sides of the curtains are the same color. The curtains are eco-friendly because they do not contain foil printing or chemical coating from the manufacturing process. The stars are cut out using laser technology, and these can be machine or hand washed and dried. Three sizes and six great colors are available.

Because both sides of the curtains are the same color you will not have to worry about a lining showing from the outside of the house. They will look great because the color you choose can be seen from inside and outside.

What We Like About It
The little star cutouts in the curtains are so adorable and so fitting in a nursery! You will love the look in the room day or night that these cutouts make when the curtains are closed.

Easy to put up and slide

Will block out 85%-99% of light

Stars are cut out using laser technology

Curtains are eco-friendly

Both sides are the same color


Panels may not be the same length

Might be smaller than expected

6. Miuco Blackout

These blackout curtains with grommets are perfect for napping children in the nursery. They have a feel and look of luxurious textured fabric and will blend in well with any décor or color scheme.
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Three sizes are available as well as seventeen different colors. The set includes two stylish panels with eight grommets each in a construction of triple-weave innovation that will block approximately 90% of the sunlight. These are energy efficient because they keep the room warm in winter and cool in the summer, plus they will reduce outside noises from entering the room. The hems are weighted to make the curtains hang straight and stately. These lovely curtains can be machine washed and dried easily.

There are plenty of colors to choose from with these curtains, so you should be able to purchase the perfect colors for your baby’s nursery. The darker colors block out the most light, so keep that in mind when selecting your color.

What We Like About It
The weighted hems on these curtains will make them hang very straight and not hold wrinkles. It is even fine to hang them up straight from the dryer after washing with wrinkles, as they will fall out in a day or two because of the weights in the hems.

Seventeen colors are offered

Construction is triple-weave innovation

Perfect for napping children in the nursery

Will reduce outside noises

Hems are weighted for straight hanging


Some buyers claim these are not blackout curtains

The colors were not true for a few people

7. HLC.ME Chevron Print Thermal

Made of durable thick material to block the sunlight and harmful UV rays, these insulated room-darkening blackout panels are energy efficient. They will keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter by providing insulation for the window.
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Available in terrific four colors and four various sizes, these great curtains will block out outside noises also. The set includes two panels of blackout curtains with six grommets each. They have a unique chevron pattern to add charm to any décor or room color. These wonderful nursery curtains can be machine washed and dried for trouble-free care. The innovation of triple-weave technology makes the fabric tight and dense to block out the light.

The triple-weave technology that creates these lovely curtains produces a fabric that is tight and dense, so the light cannot get through. Blocking of the sunlight is important in helping the baby sleep well.

What We Like About It
The chevron pattern is really stunning and will look fabulous in a nursery! Just put these up to add sparkle and pizzazz in the room while you block out the majority of the light that floods in.

Has a unique chevron pattern

Has innovation of triple-weave technology

Are energy efficient as they help control room temperature

Will block out outside noises also

Can be machine washed and dried


Some said the chevron pattern was crooked

A few complaints of not blocking a lot of light

8. Deconovo Solid Thermal

These Blackout Curtains with Silver Star Pattern are contemporary, stylish, soft, and silky. Included are two panels in the package with eight top grommets each. They will block out outside noises and most of the daytime sunlight and help you will your energy bills because they are thermal insulated.
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These will not attract dust mites or dust and can be machine washed and dried. Offered in three great sizes and eight wonderful colors, these terrific curtains for the nursery are made of high-quality polyester with a star-print pattern. They are durable and long-lasting, plus the star pattern is only on the front of the curtains, while the back is just the solid color. They can be machine washed and dried for the best care.

The manufacturer says these curtains will not attract mites or dust. This is great, especially for a nursery, because of the baby that must be in the room for most of its infant life.

What We Like About It
These have a star pattern like some other curtains we feature here, but these are not cutouts. They are silver stars sewn onto the fabric that reflect the light from the room.

Will block outside noises and daytime sunlight

Made of high-quality polyester

Are contemporary, stylish, soft, and silky

Are thermal insulated

Does not attract mites or dust


Some said they are not blackout curtains

Stars are reflective

9. NICETOWN 100% Blackout 84 Inches

From Nicetown, we feature these 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels for the Nursery that are easy to put up and slide. They come in three terrific sizes and seven fabulous color choices and are the best curtains on the market for blocking the sunlight and UV rays, says the manufacturer.
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The package includes two panels with silvery grommets which will add a touch of elegance to the room. A black liner is included on the back side for extra insulation and light blockage. These great curtains reduce the noise from outside making the room almost sound-proof. They are long-lasting and durable for years of great use because they are manufactured with two layers of blackout triple-weave fabric. These curtains are eco-friendly because they contain no formaldehyde or chemical coating. This product equalizes the room temperature by insulating against the winter cold and the summer heat, and these are machine-washable and dryable.

Using these curtains will eliminate the need to coat the windows with a sun blocking insulation. They will insulate the room against the winter and summer extreme temperatures, so it stays just the temperature you want.

What We Like About It
These curtains have a black liner on the back to make sure they block out the most sunlight and UV rays possible for curtains. Combined with the tight weave of the curtain material in the color of your choice, these curtains are blackout perfect.

Best curtains for blocking the sunlight and UV rays

Reduces the noise from outside

Equalizes the room temperature

Contain no formaldehyde or chemical coating

Long-lasting and durable for years of great use


Not very thick

Some people received the wrong size

10. Yakamok Blackout 52x84 Inch

Made of triple-weave high-shade material these great nursery curtains are silky, soft, and elegant. They come in three fabulous sizes and sixteen wonderful colors. The color is the same on both sides and the pack includes two panels with eight metal grommets each.
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These have a dark shading percentage of 95%-99% and a light shading amount of 85%-90%, so they will help maintain the optimal temperature all year. They block up to 70% of UV rays and heat in summer and in winter 60%. These terrific curtains aid with sleep because of the room darkening features and decrease audible outdoor sounds. They are eco-friendly because they do not have a toxic odor, chemical coating, or formaldehyde treatment and can be machine washed and dried for simple care.

Because these nursery curtains block light and cover the windows so well, they will help maintain the optimal temperature all year in the room they are in. the nursery is a wonderful place to have these temperature controlling curtains.

What We Like About It
The color choice is absolutely wonderful for these lovely light blocking curtains! Almost any room color or décor can be matched with ease because of the terrific color selection.

Made of triple-weave high-shading material

Silky, soft, and elegant

Helps to maintain the optimal temperature all year

Decreases audible outdoor sounds

Eco-friendly and durable


Fabric weave may separate

Some said the sewing is not great

11. HLC.ME Arrow Printed Blackout

These Arrow Printed Blackout Room Darkening Thermal Curtains are made of a thick sturdy material to block the incoming light. They will aid in reducing outdoor noises from infiltrating indoors and help save on energy bills by regulating the room temperature.
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For the best care, they can be machine washed and dried, and they have the triple-weave technology for a dense tight fabric that will last for years and years. Both panels have eight chrome grommets each for hanging on regular curtain rods. Included is a nice tone-on-tone design of a vertical arrow pattern for a luxurious look and feel. These terrific curtains come in four different sizes and nine various colors, so you can find the perfect match for your child’s nursery.

The triple-weave technology is used in several of the curtains we feature here because it makes a dense tight fabric that blocks the light and UV rays well. These curtains have that technology too and will provide great blockage to unwanted outside issues.

What We Like About It
The wheat pattern on these curtains is very unique, as most nursery curtains are just plain without any design on them. This is a wonderful design that will look great in both boys’ and girls’ nursery rooms.

Made of thick sturdy material

Includes a nice vertical arrow pattern

Has the triple-weave technology

Aids in reducing outdoor noises

Helps save on energy bills


Some disappointed with eh amount of darkness these provide

May be thinner than expected

12. Miuco Sheer Embroidered

Available in ten terrific colors and several sizes, these nursery curtains are made of 100% polyester material. Included are two sturdy panels that have six grommets each. They are sheer embroidered curtains that provide privacy but still allow in natural sunlight to the room.
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The trellis pattern on them will add an air of elegance and style to the nursery and give the windows a natural soft look. They can be machine washed and dried for the best easy care. You can hang these alone or combine them with other darker curtains for more light and temperature control. The delicate pattern will look perfect in both boys’ and girls’ nursery rooms.

These great curtains can be combined with blackout curtains for added temperature and light control or used all by themselves for a lovely look. They are quite versatile and can be used in the most suitable way for your nursery needs.

What We Like About It
The beautiful trellis pattern on these nursery curtains will add just the right touch to any décor and room color. They look so delicate, yet they are so durable and long-lasting.

Made of 100% polyester material

Available in ten terrific colors

Provides privacy but allows in natural sunlight

Gives a natural soft look

Hang by themselves or combined with blackout curtains


Some people received damaged curtains

Might be a bit darker than expected

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Nursery Curtains

Top-rated and most-purchased items

We highlight only the best products on our pages to make your shopping experience easy, care-free, and enjoyable. You want the best for you and your family and do not have time to sift through all of the available products in a category. We do that work for you and feature the best nursery curtains on this page. These have received the best ratings and the most reviews online. The positive feedback was overwhelming in declaring these the best products offered by manufacturers. After analyzing the details, manufacturer’s descriptions, and feedback from customers, we provide you with quick to-the-point summaries to help you make the best product selections.

Available in suitable colors for a nursery

All of these curtains are perfect for either boys or girls and come in plenty of colors to match your nursery décor and color. Most of the curtains are blackout items to block the sun, UV rays, cold, heat, and noise, so they do come in darker than normal shades for this purpose. The darker the shade, the more light will be blocked and the more the temperature can be controlled. The lighter shades will block light, heat, and cold too, but not as much as the darker shades. It is always possible to combine the color of nursery curtains you want with a second set of nursery curtains that block the light. The versatility of control would greatly improve this way, and you would get the color of your choice.

Specifically for a baby nursery

All of these curtains were designed with nursery and baby rooms in mind because of the light-blocking feature. We do highlight a few selections that are not light-blocking just in case it is not your goal to block the sunlight from the room. The colors and designs are all suitable for the delicate colors and décor that you would have in a nursery, so they will match what you already have. The light-blocking feature will aid in the baby not being disturbed during the many times during the day that they must sleep and nap. The normal sunlight and rays from the sun would bother them and keep them awake. Outdoor noises would also bother them and make them upset. It is best to avoid these issues with blackout curtains.

Durable, long-lasting, and strong products

Most of these nursery curtains are made of durable polyester material and are reinforced with strong stitching. They will last a long time because of the high-quality fabric and manufacturing techniques with which they were made. A triple-weave technology that created a majority of the fabrics used in these nursery curtains makes the material dense and sturdy. This special construction is needed in making the curtains able to block the sun’s rays, noise, heat, and cold from the window panes. The curtain panels will surely outlast the need for the curtains, but they can be used in children’s rooms too to block light and provide a wonderful final touch to their room also.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the ties come with these curtains to hold them back when you want the windows open?

A: Yes, all of the curtains come with the ties to hold them back for open curtains.

Q: Are these easy to care for and clean?

A: Yes, these curtains are very easy to clean and care for. Vacuuming them every so often will help keep down the number of times they need to be washed. They can be machine-washed and dried unless otherwise stated.

Q: How often should curtain be cleaned?

A: To keep down dust in the nursery, it is best to vacuum the curtains at least once a month. They can be taken down and washed once or twice a year depending on how often you vacuum them.

Q: Are any of these products just for boys’ or girls’ rooms?

A: No, all of the curtains are gender-neutral because they are offered in a variety of colors to match your nursery style and color.

Q: Are the grommets made mostly of metal or plastic material?

A: All of the grommets on these curtains are made of some sort of metal. None of them are plastic.

Q: What material are most of these curtains made of?

A: The majority of these curtains are made of polyester material because it is durable, long-lasting and strong.

Q: Can these curtains be used in other places after the baby grows out of the nursery, such as kids’ rooms or playrooms?

A: Yes, these curtains will certainly outlast your nursery needs and along with everything else in the nursery, they can find another place to hang. Use them in the toddler or little kids’ room, as they will still want the light blocked at certain times during the day. They can also be placed in the playroom or other room if the color or décor changes for the child’s room. The light-blocking properties will be a welcome anywhere in the house, especially in winter in the colder regions and in summer for the warmer areas.


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