Best Kids’ Rugs Reviewed and Rated in 2018

No child’s room is complete without a nice rug for them to walk on, rest on, watch TV on, play on, or fall asleep on. Although rugs for kids’ rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms come in many shapes, styles, colors, and designs, we feature the best-rated and highest-rated rugs for kids here for your shopping pleasure. A rug can add warmth and style to a room, as well as entertainment and educational value depending on the design. Some of the rugs we list have bright colorful designs with roadmaps and layouts of city streets and highways, while others include numbers, the alphabet, shapes, many colors, and pictured items for kids to discover and learn. The educational rugs can be used in the home, libraries, schools, day care centers, and kindergarten. They not only light up a room and give it great charm but can also be a focal point where children can sit and learn in a fun interactive way. Most of the rugs are big enough for several children to play at once and the roadmap types can accommodate many toy vehicles at one time from various ages of children. There is also a rug with the solar system of the many colorful planets in orbit and one made like a huge bright hopscotch game. We do feature some plain, solid color rugs that are very plush and soft. These are great for napping and watching TV or reading a book. Kids love doing many things on the floor, so it is best that they have a comfortable, soft rug to protect them from the floor surface. Here are the best kids’ rugs in 2018.

1. Unique Loom Solo Solid

The Unique Loom Solo Shag Rug is offered in over twenty bright colors and is created in Turkey. Several sizes and shapes are available such as runners, standard, square, and round. It will not shed, is easy to clean, and is stain-resistant.
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This one-inch thick rug is manufactured of polypropylene and has a cotton backing for added softness and durability. This wonderful rug is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so it is very safe for kids to play on and rest on. It is perfect for high-traffic areas as well. For your child’s room, just choose the right color to match the décor and then select the size that will best fit the open floor area for your child to play on.

Being antimicrobial and hypoallergenic makes this shag rug terrific for kids. Children play on rugs and touching it with their hands and body, so it is best to have one that is not harmful in any way.

What We Like About It
This rug comes in an assortment of shapes to fit the style and size of any room. Kids will be excited to have a soft, plush rug that will fit in their rooms perfectly.

Several sizes and shapes are available

Is one-inch thick shag rug

Has cotton backing

Is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

Great for high-traffic spots


Comments about the overall quality

Not as thick as some people expected

2. Ottomanson Cozy Color Solid Shag

From Ottomanson, we feature their shag rug that is available in over ten great colors and six rectangle sizes. It has a modern design and is made in Turkey. This terrific rug has a backing of jute, is antibacterial, and will last a long time.
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It is soft and plush and made of 100% polypropylene with high-power loom construction. The colors are trendy, and the design will add style to any room. A free swatch can be ordered before you purchase the rug of your choice to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the company’s product. This rug cannot be dry-cleaned but is easy to care for by vacuuming and spot cleaning when dirty. It is wear- and fade-resistant and very durable. This stylish rug will give maximum coziness and comfort to your feet and your child’s play area.

Rugs that are not easy to clean, especially for a child’s room are not welcome for parents. This wonderful rug is very easy to clean with spot cleaning and vacuuming.

What We Like About It
The company offers to send you a free swatch of the rug before you purchase one. This shows their confidence in your liking the product and the high-quality of their unique rugs.

Available in over ten great colors

Has a modern design

Made in Turkey

Is wear and fade-resistant and durable

Easy to care for and anti-bacterial


Some buyers received the wrong color rug

A few complained of the crinkle noise it makes when it is walked on

3. Angels Playmat

Use this item as a rug and a playmat for a child’s room because it is in the design of a city map. It is educational and fun, plus it will accommodate small and large toy vehicles well. The rug is a wonderful size for small and large kids to play on at one time.
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The detailed images are very clear, and the rug is not too plush for toy cars and vehicles to use. it will keep kids busy for hours with toy trucks and cars to use on the road. This rug is colorful with terrific graphics and folds up easily for storage and transport. It is high-quality and extra thick plush that has an airport, school, hospital, and many houses. The latex backing makes it skid-proof and safe for kids to walk on without slipping on a moving rug.

Children can use this lovely little rug to play on with their toy cars and trucks for hours on end. It is a large city with plenty of road for kids to drive up and down and all around the fun buildings and landscape.

What We Like About It
Many times, when kids play on rugs they move around on the floor and never stay in the place where you put them, especially on wood floors. This rug has a latex backing that makes it skid-proof.

Is educational and fun

The design is in the format of a city map

Folds up easily for storage and transport

Is colorful with great graphics

Will work with small and large toy vehicles


May fray quickly

The buildings in the design are repeated

4. Mybecca Alphabet Animals

It will be very hard to choose just one of the designs for this fabulous rug for kids. The Mybecca playroom and nursery rug will add a sense of education and learning to any room. It can be used in kids’ rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or playrooms.
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This item can also be placed in speech therapy areas and classrooms. There is a skid-proof gel backing to make it safe for all types of floors, and it is easy to clean and soil and stain resistant. You can clean it by machine washing and vacuuming, plus it is easy to transport and lightweight. This great rug will add much color and pizazz to any room and is made of soft 100% nylon high-quality loop pile. Besides the ABC Fun design, this rug also comes in the designs of ABC Transportation, Addition Chart, Alphabet Food and Fruits, Animals, Balloons, Basketball, Body Parts, City Map, Farm, Harbor, World Map, and four different Princesses. It is perfect for both boys and girls in any of the lovely patterns.

The special technique used to create this rug takes sixteen different colors and weaves them together to make stunning vibrant colorful works of art. Kids will love the feel, colors, and patterns of each type.

What We Like About It
The many designs of this rug that are possible for kids to have are incredible! They can learn about many things from the ABCs to body parts and fruits and food items with this lovely colorful rug.

Adds a sense of learning to any room

Manufacturing combines sixteen different colors

Is easy to clean and resistant to soil and stains

Can be machine-washed and vacuumed

Is easy to transport and lightweight


Design not clear for some purchasers

The U and X letters were puzzling as to what they represented

5. Milliard Car Road Play Mat

The Car Rug Road Play Mat is a giant rug made of memory foam and a fuzzy top that can be used for hours of active play. It is very comfortable to rest, sit, and walk on too, plus it has many details on it to interest children.
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There are plenty of places in the pattern to go and things to look at. The graphic places include a home, park, bakery, schoolhouse, farmers market, post office, fire station, hospital, mechanic, gas station, and construction site. Kids can drive over the bridge, bring a car to the mechanic shop, cross a road, park their car, attend the school, fill the cars with gas, or mail some letters. There are plenty of vivid bright colors, and kids can learn about numbers, colors, traffic rules, and community and city life from this simple rug. It is great for children aged two and older and folds up well for storage and transport.

The non-slip backing will keep this rug in place on hard floor surfaces well. Rugs can be dangerous for small kids if they move about causing a skidding problem that could harm children. This rug does not have that issue at all.

What We Like About It
This is an exciting rug that kids will want to play on and with for many hours of enjoyment. There are plenty of buildings on the rug that children will recognize and learn about plus many other qualities.

Can be used for hours of active play

Includes plenty of vivid colors

Great for ages two-years-old and older

Folds up well for storage and transport

Has many details to interest children


Mat was folded instead of rolled for shipment

Folded spots of the design are damaged because of the folding

6. KC CUBS Kev & Cooper Playtime

This Playtime Collection Rug is constructed in Turkey and is made of polypropylene. It is wear- and fade-resistant which is marvelous considering the many details it contains for kids to enjoy.
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This colorful rug is great for memorization games and learning the alphabet, beginning numbers, loads of colors, various pictured items, and many shapes. It is perfect for home, town library, day care center, school, preschool, or kindergarten. It has a backing of latex rubber and low pile to keep it from sliding on hard surface floors. This rug makes a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions, as well as an everyday gift for fun.

There are plenty of things children can learn from this colorful, vibrant rug. As they sit on it or stand near it kids can gain knowledge of many things from shapes to colors to numbers.

What We Like About It
This rug can be used in so many places that children go for educational purposes and home. It can be used in any school setting for young kids, as well as libraries and day care centers.

Includes a backing of latex rubber and low pile

Is wear- and fade-resistant

Perfect for many kid-friendly areas

Educational and fun

Great for memorization games and learning


Is easy to wrinkle and kick up

May be smaller than expected

7. Melissa & Doug Hop and Count Hopscotch

From Melissa & Doug, we have this lovely rug for toddlers and little kids that features the favorite game of hopscotch in a bright colorful design. It is offered in a standardized or personalized version, so you can choose the best for your child.
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This cute rug will introduce or give the practice of numbers, colors, shapes, flowers, birds, clouds, and the sun to children as they enjoy the feel of the rug. It is a durable weave for counting and jumping and has a backing that is skid-proof. This item comes with two little bean bags to play the game, and it will provide many years of enjoyment for your kids because of its high-quality construction. The terrific rug can be machine washed, plus it contains a reinforce border to keep the rug from fraying. Children will exercise their gross motor skills, balancing abilities, and coordination talents with this nifty rug as they jump around on the large numbered hopscotch blocks.

From this beautiful rug, children can practice their skills of balancing, coordination, and motor abilities. The numbers, colors, shapes, and objects will also promote their cognitive talents in a fun interactive way.

What We Like About It
This colorful rug will allow kids to play a favorite game indoors that is mostly enjoyed outdoors. Just put this rug down in any room to play the timeless game of hopscotch.

Features the fun game of hopscotch

Introduces numbers, colors, shapes, and objects

Comes with two little bean bags

Contains a reinforced border

Exercise gross motor skills, balance, and coordination


Is small for kids older than five

Fabric is lightweight and thin

8. Well Woven Modern Squares

Available in many sizes, the Multi Geometric Accent Area Rug is magnificently colorful and eye-catching. It has a short pile and is made of 100% polypropylene material. this item was created by a power loom in Turkey and is fade- and stain-resistant.
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The lovely rug gives practice to small children with counting and colors, plus it will add pizzazz and life to any room or area. The backing is made of jute material to make it safe and non-skid for solid surface floors. This is a long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean item that cannot be machine washed but can be vacuumed. Spot cleaning is actually the best way to clean this terrific rug. It will not shed and has bound edges to increase the durability.

The short pile on this rug makes it a great place to rest and relax and maybe even take a nap. Kids will love to play on this rug, as well as watch TV and read because it is so comfortable.

What We Like About It
The mixture of colors on this rug is just amazing! The bold colors look like a checkerboard of dazzling hues that are bright and cheery to make any room exciting.
It is a sure winner in kids’ rooms of any age.

Gives practice with counting and colors

Is fade- and stain-resistant

Long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean item

Will add pizazz and life to any room or area

Does not shed and has bound edges


May be hard to clean

Might be smaller than expected

9. OJIA Deluxe Soft Modern Faux

Made of faux sheepskin, this shaggy area rug is offered in three sizes and four great colors. The topside of the rug is made of artificial plush fur of faux sheepskin, and the bottom consists of soft white genuine suede backing.
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It is a soothing soft luxurious rug for any room and will spruce up rooms as a colorful bright accent. This fabulous plush rug is moisture-proof because it can absorb the humidity in the air, plus it gives off a warm feeling in colder weather. The rug will not rot, mildew, mold, fade or crush, and it is made with dyes that are environmentally friendly. Kids love to play on this super plush rug, so it will be perfectly placed in any bedroom, play area, or child’s room. It must be hand-washed, and some shedding of the fur is normal and natural.

The manufacturer states that this wonderful rug will not cause problems that rugs usually have such as rotting, crushing, or fading. It will last a long time and not be a high-maintenance household item.

What We Like About It
If you are looking for a super-plush rug for the kids to play on or nap on, then this one is terrific for that purpose. The fibers are extra-long to give that cushiony soft feeling when used.

Offered in three sizes and four great colors

Topside is faux sheepskin

The bottom side is genuine suede backing

Is a soothing, soft, and luxurious

Made with dyes that are environmentally friendly


May be thinner than expected

Some buyers said it was too small

10. PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room

Giving a super soft feeling under your feet, this Soft Girls Room Rug comes in four wonderful colors. Although it is titled that it is for girls, this rug can be used in many places in the home. There is nothing specific about it to make it just a girl’s rug because it comes it suitable colors for boys also.
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It has a soft velvet surface and a rubber bottom that makes it skid-proof. This fantastic rug will provide a comfortable soft place for your child to play on the floor. It will also make a child’s room, nursery, bedroom, or playroom welcoming, warm, and bright. The item comes with a thirty-day warranty and cannot be machine-washed or dried. It must be hand-washed or wiped clean and air-dried. The manufacturer states that this rug has a sponge interlining that is compressed for shipping because of the vacuum-packaging. The rug will thicken after a few days of use once the package is opened. They also say that the crease in the rug will go away too after it is put on the floor and used.

Because rugs often skid or slide on smooth surface floors, they can be problematic, especially for small kids. This one has a rubber backing making it quite safe and non-slip.

What We Like About It
This multi-purpose rug has a velvet surface because of its heavy plush fibers. Kids will be thrilled to play on this rug or just take a nap, as it is so comfortable to rest on.

Comes in four wonderful colors

Very soft velvet surface

Has a rubber bottom

Will make any room welcoming, warm, and bright

Comes with a thirty-day warranty


May be thinner than expected

Some said the fibers are shiny

11. Furnish my Place 755 Abc

Perfect for playrooms, children’s bedrooms, nurseries, day care centers, kindergarten, and school classrooms, this highly educational rug is superb. It is available in shapes of rectangles, ovals, and round in several sizes.
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This wonderful rug will make a terrific gift for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and baby showers, and it comes with a one-year warranty. The pattern on the rug provides children with practice in numbers, the alphabet, colors, shapes, and various object recognition. It rolls up simply and easily and is constructed of premium high-quality nylon by machine. Included are reinforced locked edges for durability and a non-slip safe rubber backing. This exciting rug for kids is made of a soft comfortable nylon pile texture and is great for homes with pets and children as it is bacteria-resistant. It is stain-resistant and easy to care for, plus it is best to spot clean this rug with water and a mild soap.

Children can learn and practice many skills with this fabulous rug. It is so colorful, bright, and full of images of letters numbers, shapes, and colors that kids will love to play and have fun with it.

What We Like About It
Being this is the only rug we feature that has a choice of oval, round, or rectangle shapes, this is a unique multipurpose rug. It can be placed in irregular areas where normal rugs may not fit well.

Available in rectangles, ovals, and round

Is bacteria- and stain-resistant

Has a non-slip safe rubber backing

Includes reinforced locked edges for durability

Comes with a one-year warranty


May be smaller than expected

Some experienced fraying after a few weeks

12. Mohawk Home Aurora Planets

Designed as our mysterious solar system of the nine planets and the sun in orbit against a black background, this super rug is perfect for high-volume traffic areas. It has a fluffy pile that is very comfortable and soft and includes a latex backing that will prevent slipping and skidding.
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This wonderful rug is made of nylon fiber that is wear-dated so the rug will not crush or mat from everyday wear. The colors of the planets and the sun in this design are bright and bold, and each planet is labeled in colorful lettering. Kids can learn about the solar system in a fun interactive way with this terrific rug. The durable nylon that it is made of is stain-resistant and must be spot cleaned or professionally cleaned for the best care. This terrific rug is available in many other decorative themes such as a flamingo, elephant, alligator, dinosaur, robot, dinosaur, octopus, ladybug, whale, unicorn, truck, hopscotch, or gymnastics. It makes a fantastic gift for any special occasion, holiday, or birthday for your child or relative.

The fiber of this fabulous rug is made of is wear-dated nylon. This material makes the rug more durable because it is crush- and mat-resistant.

What We Like About It
The solar system rug is our favorite in this design scheme, but so many other designs are offered on this wonderful plush rug. It will be hard for kids to decide on just one for their room to play and relax on.

Perfect for high-volume traffic areas

Features all nine planets and the sun of the solar system

Planets are well labeled in colorful lettering

Has a fluffy pile and latex backing

Is available in many other themes


Some buyers received rugs with ink spots

May be thinner than expected

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids’ Rugs

Top-rated and most-purchased items

All of the featured rugs on this page have the most reviews from customers and have received the highest ratings from satisfied buyers. These are the best of the best in all rugs offered online. We list these for you after we have researched the manufacturer’s details and feedback from customers. Here we provide the concise specifics for each item, so you can see quickly and easily how they measure up and if they are right for you and your child. We enhance your shopping experience by taking away all of the work in sorting through the products that people were not satisfied with and would not purchase again.

Will not skid because of special backing by the manufacturer

Each rug highlighted has some type of backing to make them skid-proof and safe for kids to walk on confidently. On hard floors and surface areas, rugs tend to slide sometimes making them unsafe for children. These have backing materials such as rubber or latex to provide the traction needed to stay in place on the floor.

Comfortable, soft, and plush

Many types of plush are offered here from a long plush to a short pile, so it will be up to you to decide which is best for your child’s bedroom or playroom. Generally, the longer the pile, the plusher and softer the rug will be. Children will love sitting, playing, and napping on any of these wonderful rugs on the floor. They provide a safe, comfortable place for kids to enjoy their floor space.

Has either decoration or education purposes

The solid colored rugs give a room warmth, style, and decoration, while the ones with designs can be used for play and educational purposes. Many of these have graphics of city streets and buildings, the planets, and the sun, hopscotch, the alphabet, numbers, letters, and animals to make learning fun for kids. Because children spend plenty of time on the floor in their bedroom or playroom, it is beneficial to get them a rug that will encourage them to exercise these many abilities and skills that are offered on these colorful multi-purpose rugs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are any of these rugs just for girls or boys? Are most of them unisex?

A: The PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room Rug is the only rug that is gender specific., but it is offered in colors that would be suitable for a boy’s room also. The rest are unisex rugs that can be used for any age and either gender.

Q: What age group is best for these rugs considering the materials used to make them?

A: Most of the rugs are made of a polypropylene material which is considered safe for kids of all ages. Babies should be watched closely if placed on the rugs with the thicker plush because they may try to eat the fibers and choke on them. Toddlers and little kids should be safe on any of the rugs by themselves. Most of the rugs come with backing to keep them from slipping on hard surfaces, so there should be no concern about falls.

Q: Are these for kids’ rooms, nurseries, or play areas?

A: Each of these rugs is perfect in many places including anywhere you find them suitable or wanted. Kids rooms, nurseries, and playrooms are all perfect places to put these rugs. They can also be placed in schools, day care centers, and kindergarten classes to encourage children to learn the fundamentals of ABCs and 123s.

Q: What is the best way to clean these rugs in general?

A: None of the rugs recommend dry-cleaning, so it is best to just spot clean the stains and vacuum the rugs for dry loose dirt occasionally. The Mybecca Alphabet Animals Rug can be machine washed according to the manufacturer.

Q: To store the rugs should they be folded or rolled up?

A: It is always best to roll up a rug to keep it from creasing. A rolled rug is easier to flat out also rather than one that has been folded. The folds tend to stay in the rug making it undesirable when on the floor surface. The rugs here that have the designs such as the City Life Rug and the Road Maps Rug would be slightly damaged if they are folded. The design would be creased and look as good as it did when it was new and rolled.

Q: Do any of the rugs have a short pile on them or are they all shag and plush types?

A: The rugs with the pictures and designs have mostly short plush, so kids can play on them with trucks, cars, and other toys. The solid-colored rugs have longer fibers making them plusher and more luxurious to the touch.

Q: What are the shapes and sizes of these rugs?

A: All of these rugs are rectangle or square that we highlight, except the Furnish My Place Educational Rug. It comes in oval, round, and rectangles shapes of several sizes. There are choices for some of them that you can choose other sizes and shapes, such as the solid colored rugs. The Unique Loom, Soft Girls Room Rug, and the Ottomanson have a choice of colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your room the best.

Q: Are there any color choices in the rugs with the pictures and designs?

A: No, the only rugs that have color choices are the solid color ones. Some of the design rugs have more than one choice of pattern though, so there is some versatility in the patterns, but not color the choice.


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