Best Maternity and Pregnancy Pillows Rated & Reviewed in 2019

One of the biggest struggles for pregnant women is being able to get comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. Studies show that 79 percent of women claim that their sleep patterns changed during pregnancy. Women’s sleep can be disturbed for many reasons during this time, such as back pain, heartburn, fetal movement, shortness of breath, and the constant necessity to urinate. You also have to take into account other factors such as anxiety, stress, and having to care for other children. Lucky for these women, many different types of pillows have been developed to help pregnant women get some good sleep that they so desperately need.

Most pregnancy and maternity pillows are full-body pillows that provide support for the majority of the problem areas of the body. They support and comfort the head, neck, hips, back, and knees, whether the person is lying on their back or on their side. They are intended to prevent the pregnant woman from relaxing on her stomach, which would be harmful to the baby. These pillows can be contorted into many ways to give support while sitting up, lying down, or just in a relaxed position. Here are our top choices for the best pregnancy and maternity pillows rated and reviewed in 2019.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Maternity and Pregnancy Pillows 

The best-rated and most-purchased pillows

Each item we feature is the absolute best-rated and most-purchased items online for this category. We search and study reviews and ratings of verified purchasers of these products to choose the absolute best one for our list. This saves you time when looking for a pillow of this nature and gives you more time for other things. These pillows all have the most positive feedback from buyers who were completely satisfied with their purchases.

Beneficial for pregnancy and maternity

All of these pregnancy pillows help relieve stress, tension, aches, and pains from overworked and tired muscles and weight gain. The full body pillows support all areas of the body, and the wedges and side sleeper models can be positioned where needed. The softness of the materials and the cushiness of the pillow stuffing give the maximum support and comfort needed during pregnancy. As noted in many of the summary sections of each item, these pillows can be used for others who are not pregnant to help health issues and body aches. Even men can enjoy these pillows and wedges as they are not gender-specific.

Comfortable and gives body support well

Only the softest materials are used for the covers and filling of these wedges and pillows, such as velvet, memory foam, and virgin fiber. The pillows are not overstuffed but have a medium fullness to allow the body to relax into the pillow for the best support. The full body pillows support all at once the head, neck, back, hips, and knees. These can be positioned into many contortions to give support while relaxing, napping, sleeping, and sitting up. Many regular-sized pillows would have to be used to get the same comfort from one full-sized body pillow. These are easier to handle and keep up with.

Durable, long-lasting, and easy to use

These pillows and wedges must be made of the best materials to give comfort for at least the full term of your pregnancy. They do that and much more. These pillows will last a long time, as some reviewers gave theirs to friends or relatives after they gave birth to their child. They were so pleased with the comfort level of these items that they wanted to share it with others. The covers are removable, easy to take off and put back on, and machine-washable. This helps protect the pillow and ensures its long life. Each one of these products is easy to use and depending on which you buy, it can be used in many different ways. The wedges, for instance, can be used for any part of the body and for anyone that needs added support when sitting, relaxing, or lying down.

Extra Pregnancy and Maternity Pillow Benefits:

Pregnancy pillows can benefit pregnant women in many ways besides just giving support for the target areas of the back, neck, head, knees, and tummy. We would like to give you a list of all of the ways these terrific pillows can help not only pregnant women but also others that must deal with aches, pains, discomforts, and health issues where a body pillow or wedge-type pillow would give some relief. These are some ways that pregnancy pillows can help you:

1. May be utilized even after the birth of the baby
2. Raises your feet for good circulation
3. Decreases the risk of snoring
4. Gives body support
5. Helps to maintain a calm demeanor
6. Decreases water retention levels and heartburn
7. Gives the baby support
8. Decreases heart rate
9. Can relieve anyone, even men, from back pain
10. Allows side sleeping
11. Stimulates blood circulation
12. Relaxes the muscles
13. Is portable for travel and away from home
14. Eliminates body aches and pains
15. Promotes deep sleep
16. Keeps you from being in the wrong sleeping position


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much room do the full-body pillows take up in the bed? What size bed do you need for these?

A: At least a queen-sized bed is needed for the full-size pillows because of their large size. Even with this size of a bed, some reviewers claimed that with the person in it, more than half of the bed was taken up. Their sleeping partners did not seem to mind. One person asked if these pillows would fit a twin-sized bed and the answer was no that the bed would not be big enough for the full-body pillows.

Q: Are these pillows or covers machine-washable?

A: The only pillow that is machine-washable is the Meiz U-Shaped Full Body Pillow. Both it and its cover can be machine-washed. Although all of the other pillows cannot be machine-washed, their removable covers can.

Q: Are these pillows firm or soft?

A: The wedges and the side-sleeper pillow are all firm, but the full body pillows are in-between firm and soft. They are stuffed enough to give support to the body but are not overstuffed to prevent the body from sinking into them comfortably. Many reviewers commented about the firmness of the pillows saying that they were stuffed just enough to provide the maximum comfort and support and they were elated with their purchases.

Q: Do the pillows come with covers? Are they removable?

A: Yes, all of the pillows come with one cover that is removable and machine-washable.

Q: Are the wedges and support pillows made of memory foam or regular stuffing like a normal pillow?

A: The hiccapop pillow is made of memory foam on one side and the other is a softer foam material. This way you can choose the firmness you want as your pregnancy advances. The Boppy Wedge and the Boppy Side Sleeper are made of regular pillow filling and are not the memory foam.

Q: I see in all of the pictures of the full-body pillows that the woman has an arm under the pillow to side sleeping. Does that arm go to sleep under the pillow?

A: This question was asked several times of those who purchased the pillows, and the majority of them said that their arms did not go to sleep or become cramped under the pillow when positioned on the side.

Q: Are the full-body pillows challenging when getting up to go to the bathroom at night or shifting positions?

A: Some reviewers did say that it was hard for them to get up in the night and then to get back into a comfortable position again. The ones that were more problematic were the C-shaped body pillows when turning over was desired. The opening must be in the front of the body, so it has to be flipped over each time you want to change sides. The pillows that were the easiest for repositioning are the wedge pillows.

Q: Are extra covers available for sale for these pillows from the manufacturer or on Amazon?

A: Some reviewers did find extra covers on Amazon and others contacted the manufacturers for one. The separate covers are not readily available, and you will have to contact the company or check Amazon for one.


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