Best Nap Mats for Kids & Toddlers Reviewed in 2018

Because toddlers and preschoolers require from ten to fourteen hours of sleep a day, they will usually take a nap in the middle of the day in addition to sleeping long hours at night. These young kids take naps at daycare, kindergarten, preschool, home, and even in the car. To make them more comfortable, nap mats are used.

These items now come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and thicknesses to appeal to this age group. Plenty of them has well-known characters that kids love also. Most of the nap mats we feature here have soft pillows and fleece blankets attached to them to make it convenient to use and transport these products. The age range of these nap mats on this page is wide, stretching from one-year-olds to the teen years.

However, the majority of them are for toddlers and little kids that require naps during the day. Some of the personalities on these mats include Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Batman, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Superman.

They are all comfortable, easy to use, and simple to keep clean. We highlight on this page the top choices of online buyers for your review. Here are the best nap mats for kids and toddlers in 2018.

1. My First Mattress Memory Foam

Made of high-quality certified CertiPUR-US flexible polyurethane foam, this nap mat is a great size for preschoolers, toddlers, and kindergarteners. It is offered in blue or pink models and is portable and compact. The foam has a cooling gel in it, which will absorb pressure and channel heat away from the body.
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It will also prevent heat build-up that can disturb sound sleep. children as young as one-year-old can safely and comfortably use this nap mat. The hypoallergenic material deters allergens on the surface. This mat is easy to transport with the Velcro strap to secure the rolled mat and a carry handle to tote it. A blank name tag is attached to the mat, so it can be personalized with the child’s name, plus the pillow is removable. This way the cover can be washed without it.

When this mat is used mainly for away from home, the attached name tag will be of great use to your child. You can put their name on it when they are at school, nursery, or daycare and not lose it among the mats of other kids.

What We Like About It
This is the only nap mat we highlight that is made of memory foam. This material will allow your child to sleep comfortably and on a mat that is easy to transport and roll up.
  • The vibrant is perfect for girls or boys
  • Is portable and compact
  • The pillow is removable
  • A blank name tag is attached to the mat

  • Some said the stitching comes apart easily
  • The edges may fray after a few washings

2. Disney Frozen Daycare

Ideal for preschool and daycare, this terrific nap mat for toddlers includes a quilted soft mat, comfortable pillow, and warm fleece blanket. The pillow can be removed and attached back easily. This makes washing the mat and blanket easier in the machine.
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This item is made of 100% warm polyester and has Velcro closures to secure the rolled-up mat, plus a carry handle. This mat is available in five wonderful designs that toddlers will love, and it can be used for daycare, travel, and sleepovers.

The polyester material that this item is made of is the perfect fabric for such a product. Polyester is warm, lightweight, and thin enough to be manipulated by small children. Kids can open, roll, secure, and carry this nap mat on their own.

What We Like About It
This is the only nap mat of this sort that we feature where the pillow can be removed. This is important for washing purposes. Some buyers of other mats remarked about not being about to remove the pillows before washing.
  • It keeps little ones cool and warm simultaniously
  • Pillow can be removed and attached easily
  • Use for daycare, travel, and sleepovers
  • Available in five wonderful designs

  • May be thinner than expected
  • Some said it is not comfortable

3. Disney Mickey's Rolled

For toddlers, Disney has endorsed this charming nap mat with a wonderful, colorful image of Mickey Mouse as a pilot and airplanes on the blanket and pillow. This mat has an attached plush pillow and soft fleece blanket to provide children with the necessities for a fantastic nap or sleep.
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It is perfect for kids two-years-old and older, plus it does not have zippers to hinder them from getting in and out of the item. This mat is durable and long-lasting and has an easy-to-carry strap for toting. The whole product is made of 100% polyester material that can be machine washed and tumbled dry. It should not be dry-cleaned or ironed.

Because this nap mat does not have any zippers on it to close it, kids can get in and out easily. It works pretty much like a miniature sleeping bag otherwise because it is simple and convenient.

What We Like About It
Anything with Mickey Mouse on it will get kids excited in an instant. This nap mat will appeal to both boys and girls, even though it has airplanes on it. girls like airplanes too and the colors are bold and gorgeous.
  • Has an easy-to-carry strap for toting
  • Has an attached pillow and blanket
  • Made of 100% polyester material
  • Can be machine washed and tumbled dry
  • Is durable and long-lasting

  • Is thinner than some buyers expected
  • The pillow came apart on a few people

4. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nap Mat features the exciting Turtle Team with a colorful, bright image of each one on the blanket and the pillow. This soft, quilted mat is made of 100% warm polyester and comes with a plush pillow and comfy fleece blanket.
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It is perfect for school, daycare, sleepovers, travel, and home, plus it is sized just right for a toddler. Because of the easy-to-use Velcro strip to hold the rolled-up mat tight and the wonderful carry handle, children can manipulate this item themselves simply. Parents will not have to worry when they are away from home and need to take a nap or lay down.

The included Velcro strip to hold the rolled mat and the carry handle are the finishing touches on this fabulous product. It is so simple to roll this nap mat up, secure it, and then carry it that kids can do it themselves.

What We Like About It
Ninja Turtle fans will go crazy for this adorable nap mat of the popular group of heroes. They are each depicted in a wonderful portrait on the soft pillow and the warm fleece blanket.
  • Includes a pillow, blanket, and mat
  • Sized just right for a toddler
  • Colorful bright graphic images
  • Is machine-washable
  • Has a Velcro strip to secure it
  • May not be tall enough for some kids
  • Comments on it being thin and flimsy

5. KinderMat 1 Inch

The KinderMat includes four padded sections that can fold and unfold easily, plus it is reversible with a red side and a blue side. It is water-resistant, comfortable, and safe. This mat meets all US safety standards because it does not contain latex or flame retardants.
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It can be purchased with or without the gray binding that protects the edges of the mat. Use it for daycare, school, home, or travel because this item is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. Children can use this mat at home to enjoy being on the floor in a comfortable way. They can enjoy playing with their toys, watch TV, read a book, or just lounge on the floor with this versatile product.

Vinyl mats have one huge plus that fabric nap mats do not, and that is they can be just wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. Because of this feature, schools and daycares use these the most for kids to play on and take naps during the day.

What We Like About It
Buyers can purchase one of two models with this great nap mat. Choose either the one with the gray binding around the edges or the one without it. this helps protect the stitched edges from wear.
  • Use for daycare, school, home, or travel
  • Is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting
  • Includes four sections and is reversible
  • Is water-resistant, comfortable, and safe
  • Meets all US safety standards

  • Can be thinner than expected
  • A few were disappointed with the small size

6. Baby Boom Pillow & Fleece Blanket

With its attached warm fleece blanket and soft pillow, this nap mat is great for toddlers and little kids in both sexes. It is just right for travel, daycare, and sleepovers, plus this mat comes in two colorful, cute designs of sports and a pink princess.
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The mat is quilted and made of soft fleece material, in addition to being machine-washable. it has an attached handle for easy portability and simple Velcro strips to secure the mat when it is rolled up. Children can tote this mat themselves wherever they go because it is so lightweight and compact. Several purchasers commented on how much their kids loved this mat and would not even sleep at home without it on their beds.

Versatility is the best thing about these nap mats for toddlers and little kids. They can be used almost anywhere the child needs to take a nap or sleep, especially when away from home.

What We Like About It
Both boys and girls will want this nap mat because there is a colorful cute design for each sex. Boys will go crazy for the sports-themed mat with the different sports balls on it, and girls will like the pretty little princess on the pink one.
  • Available in cute sports or pink princess design
  • Comes with an attached fleece blanket and pillow
  • Just right for travel, daycare, and sleepovers
  • Has an attached handle and Velcro strips
  • Is machine-washable

  • Some thought the mat was too thin
  • May be short for older kids

7. Cozzzi Twin Folding

This folding mattress makes a fabulous nap mat for kids of all ages and sizes. It is thicker than most nap mats sold for kids and can unfold and fold with hardly any effort.
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Made of foam that is high-density, very firm, and comfortable, this mat is lightweight and super portable. Use it for traveling, camping, daycare, nursery, and at home. This mat will conform to the body shape of the user to provide a great sleep or nap. The zippered cover is machine-washable and removable from the foam cushions to care for easily.

A wonderful sleep or nap is to be had with this lovely nap mat because it is so thick and comfortable. The high-density foam cushioning will follow the contours of the body for a great feeling.

What We Like About It
This item can be made into more than just a nap mat for children. It can be folded into a floor chair or couch for a variety of activities that occur on the floor, such as gaming, TV watching, reading, and playing.
  • Zippered cover is machine washable
  • Will conform to the body shape
  • Is thicker than most nap mats for kids
  • Can unfold and fold with hardly any effort
  • Is lightweight and portable

  • May not be as firm as expected
  • Some people received this item creased

8. Paw Patrol

Kids can take a nap with their favorite Paw Patrol pals of Chase, Marshall, and Rubble with this lovely nap mat. It is available in four other patterns that will appeal to children. They can choose from Disney Cars, Frozen, Ninja Turtles, or Doc McStuffins in addition to the Paw Patrol design.
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The colors are bright and gorgeous on all of the quilted comfortable mats, and they include an attached plush pillow and warm fleece blanket. This mat can be used for daycare, sleepovers, camping, home, or travel. It is made just for toddlers with the compact size and characters they know and like. This mat rolls up quickly and easily and secures well with the attached Velcro strip. Even kids can tote the nap mat simply with the connected carry handle. This item is machine-washable and is easy to care for.

Everything is included for a dreamy comfortable nap for your little one with this soft nap mat. Kids have a wonderful blanket and pillow attached to the mat in the favorite graphic design of their choice.

What We Like About It
The available characters for this nap mat are quite popular with toddlers because they are in shows this age watches frequently. Their favorites can be with them during nap and sleep time wherever they go.
  • Colors are bright and gorgeous
  • Made of 100% warm soft polyester
  • Includes a mat, pillow, and blanket
  • Use for daycare, sleepovers, camping, home, or travel
  • Rolls up quickly and easily

  • Pillow may bunch up after washing a few times
  • Buyers said it sheds lint after washing

9. Butterfly Craze Floor Pillow

Made of super-soft, high-quality fabric that will not bother sensitive skin, this terrific nap mat is thick enough to rival an air mattress or inflatable bed. Choose queen- or king-sized in the wonderful patterns available of transportation, navy with stars, camo, and galaxy.
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This thick nap mat is great for toddlers, little kids, older kids, and even teens. It is extra comfortable and soft because it is made of your own pillows that you purchase separately. Five pillows in either corresponding size is needed to put in the five zippered pillow pockets of the soft cover. It can be folded into a lounge seat for the floor or used as a nap mat. Kids will be so comfortable on this mat watching TV, reading, and for playtime. This mat is warm and cuddly, plus fade resistant and can be machine washed and tumble dried. Try this fantastic nap mat for vacations, camping, travel, and visiting relatives.

This mat has the same wonderful qualities as an air mattress without the hassle and fuss of inflating it. The pillows make it thick and so comfortable that kids will think they are on a real mattress on the floor or cot.

What We Like About It
Parents can control the thickness and softness of this nap mat because the stuffing is king or queen-sized pillows purchased separately. Choose the firmness that suits your child the best and the size desired.
  • Is thick like an air mattress or inflatable bed
  • Great for vacation, camping, travel, or visiting relatives
  • Can be folded into a lounge seat
  • Comfortable for watching TV, reading, and playtime
  • Takes five pillows you buy separately

  • Zippers may cause some troubles
  • Some buyers did not like the sewing quality

10. Wildkin Original Olive

This nap mat is by far the hottest item of this category online for kids! It has a built-in blanket, pillowcase, and pillow insert and is comprised of microfiber and cotton materials.
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This mat set will keep children content and warm for everyday naps, slumber parties, or daycare. It is a durable, top-quality mat that is breathable, cushiony, and roomy. The mat is best for kids aged three- to seven-years-old, plus it does not have zippers. The elimination of zippers for closures allows kids more legroom and extra air circulation. Each pattern is wonderful to show off because of the individual bold patterns and colors. There are thirty-five designs in all, such as Aztec, Big Dots, Birdie, Bright Stripes, Superman, Mermaids, Pinwheel, Wild Animals, Under Construction, Blue Camo, Paisley, Watercolor Ponies, Big Fish, and Batman. It rolls up easily and has Velcro straps to hold the mat closed. There is a carrying strap, and this product is machine-washable. it will coordinate greatly with other Wildkin products to create a theme. This mat is free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.

This nap mat can be personalized either by you or at a place in your area. It is not offered by the company, but there is a perfect place on the outside of the mat for the child’s name in embroidery.

What We Like About It
It will be almost impossible for kids to choose which pattern they want with the huge selection of designs offered. The company has thirty-five wonderful designs that will make kids so excited to have one.
  • Has a built-in blanket, pillowcase, and pillow insert
  • Rolls up easily and has Velcro straps
  • Will coordinate greatly with other Wildkin products
  • Free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates
  • Thirty-five fabulous, fun designs in all

  • Outer fabric is thick and may be itchy for some kids
  • A few state it is not as thick as described

11. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Skye and Everest

The feature design for this nap mat is Skye and Everest from the Paw Patrol, but there are so many other famous personalities available that your child will recognize and want to have. Choose from such favorites as Paw Patrol Girls, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Minnie Mouse, Cars 2, Ninja Turtles Retro, Sofia the First, Princess, Finding Dory, Paw Patrol, Frozen, and Trolls.
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This mat is made of warm polyester and is best for children aged three- to twelve-years-old. It includes a sling carry bag for easy storage and toting, so it is great for sleepovers, travel, naps at home, and daycare. If your kid is a fan of one or some of these popular characters and personalities, then try one of these lovely nap mats for them.

The many exciting patterns of well-known characters on these mats will make kids want more than one. It will certainly be hard to choose just one favorite among them.

What We Like About It
The included matching, carrying bag is a fabulous incentive for buying this nap mat! It can be used to store it conveniently or to carry the mat to use on road trips or away from home.
  • Choose from over twelve colorful patterns
  • Made of polyester material
  • Wonderful for characters and personalities enthusiasts
  • Great for sleepovers, travel, naps at home, and daycare
  • Includes a sling carry bag

  • May be thinner than expected
  • Product cam apart for a few buyers

12. Urban Infant Tot Cot All-In-One

This all-in-one solution for preschoolers and those in daycare has a blanket that is sewn in and a removable pillow. It is desired by kids and simple for parents to handle, plus it has a personalization tag to put the child’s name on. There is a secret pocket for the child to tuck away a small stuffed animal or toy.
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Eleven charming patterns are offered, such as poppies, clouds, bears, air balloons, bunnies, traffic, and submarines. The mat is secured when rolled up by elastic bands that are attached and pulled over the mat. Perfect for kids aged two- to five-years-old, this stylish mat is specially made to fit on standard preschool and daycare cots. Corner bands are included to secure this nap mat to school and nursery mats and cots, plus a cubby hook helps to hang the rolled mat up. This sleeping combination is a convenient and stylish substitute for the regular blanket and pillow, plus it is easy to care for. Just simply remove the pillow and machine-wash and dry.

This superbly-made item has been recommended by Parenting Magazine and Working Mother Magazine for its ingenuity and design. It is a compact, useful nap mat that will appeal to parents everywhere.

What We Like About It
The manufacturers of this nap mat really had the child in mind when they designed it. There is a small pocket in it for a stuffed animal or toy and a blanket that is attached. Kids will not have to keep up with a loose blanket anymore at school and daycare.
  • Name tag can be personalized
  • Has a secret pocket
  • Desired by kids and simple for parents
  • Great for kids aged two- to five-years-old
  • Recommended by top Parenting magazines

  • Cushion is thinner than a few expected
  • Product may be short for some kids

13. Angeles Rest Germ

Choose your own thickness of this great nap mat with selections of one-inch or two-inch thicknesses possible. It is reversible with a blue side and a red side, plus this item is completely waterproof and specially sealed. Cleaning is very easy by just wiping the surface off with a damp cloth when it gets dirty.
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It is made of strong, long-lasting vinyl for the cover and a soft cushion for the comfortable inside part. This mat is sectioned for simple and easy storage and carry. It will resist germs and bacteria on the durable surface and in the seams, and it is certified by Green Guard as a superior product.

Germs and bacteria do not stand a chance of inhibiting this nap mat because of the special process completed to seal the seams of the vinyl. The manufacturer puts the item through a unique sealing step to ensure it will take on moisture or hide harmful contaminants in the seams.

What We Like About It
This is the easiest to set up mats for kids to sleep on or take a nap. Just unfold it and get on. It is that simple and even easier to fold up and store or carry away. Being lightweight makes the mat even more desirable.
  • Comes in a choice of thickness
  • Is reversible and easy to clean
  • Completely waterproof and sealed
  • Is sectioned for simple storage and carry
  • Is certified by Green Guard

  • May be narrow for some kids
  • Can possibly break down in the folds of the item

14. Lambs & Ivy Train

14. Lambs & Ivy Train
Made of 100% polyester fill, plus 90% warm polyester and 10% cotton for the pillow and mat, this cute nap mat is very versatile and easy to care for. It rolls up easily and has closures of Velcro to secure it closed, and even a great carry handle.
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The lovely, colorful design of train cars will be loved by children ages two- to five-years-old. This simple nap mat is a good solution for travel, daycare, preschool, or away at relative’s houses. A blanket and pillow of the same material design are attached to make coordinating pieces simple. A name tag is included with the nap mat to personalize it for your child while they are away from home.

Popular nap mats, like this one, come with the blanket and pillow attached and in the same fabric as the mat. This makes a fabulous product that children will love and parents will appreciate because of its all-inclusive design.

What We Like About It
Both boys and girls will love this adorable train design if they are train enthusiasts. The different colors and sizes of the trains in the pattern are really eye-catching and charming.
  • Versatile and easy to care for
  • Rolls up and secures easily
  • Good solution for travel, daycare, and preschool
  • Includes a name tag
  • Has a blanket and pillow attached

  • Pillow may become thin after a while
  • Mat may look worn after a few washes

15. Disney Cars Rule The Road

With a cute graphic design of the Disney Cars character of Lightning McQueen and friends, this nap mat is perfect for kids aged two-years-old and older. It has an attached carry strap for easy toting and travel purposes, plus the item can be machine washed and tumbled dry.
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Made of 100% warm polyester microfiber and quilted for comfort and softness, this product has an attached pillow and blanket in the same wonderful pattern. Two alternate designs are available for children to choose from with the Minnie Mouse and Princess Sofia pattern. This nap mat will delight children because it is lightweight enough for them to carry themselves and unroll to prepare for their nap.

Parents do not need to worry about kids losing their blanket or pillow at daycare or the nursery because with this nap mat they are already attached. This also makes washing easier because it is all one piece.

What We Like About It
Kids can choose from three super designs for this nap mat, making it suitable for both boys and girls with any of the patterns. Girls may prefer the Minnie Mouse or Princess Sofia pattern more than the Disney Cars image.
  • Has an attached carry strap
  • Has an attached pillow and blanket
  • Made of 100% polyester microfiber and quilted
  • Can be machine washed and tumbled dry
  • Other designs are Minnie Mouse and Princess Sofia

  • Pillow and mat may be thinner than expected
  • Some buyers said the fabric sheds

Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best Nap Time Mats for Kids & Toddlers

Appropriate for toddlers, little kids, and big kids

We feature nap mats that will best fit and appeal to kids aged one- to thirteen-years-old. Because of the wide stretch of ages, the products listed are hugely varied in their features. Children should love the colors, designs, and popular character on the mats, as well as the relaxed sleep they will get from these great mats

Comfortable, soft, and warm

All of the mats are comfortable, warm and soft because of the fabulous materials they are made of and the wonderful design of the products. Most of the mats are at least one-inch thick to provide children with a cushion while napping either on the floor or a cot. A huge number of them come with soft fleece blankets and plush pillows attached. These make napping so enjoyable for kids.

Durable, long-lasting, and quality-made

These nap mats are constructed of mostly polyester fleece, but some of them are made of vinyl, such as the Trifold Folding Mat and the Kindermat Rest Mat. All of these items can be used for several years and will withstand many washings and extended use. The nap mats with the attached blankets come without zippers to make them easier for kids to use.

Best rated and most-purchased

Each product on this list has been specifically chosen to feature because it has received rave reviews from buyers and parents who loved them. These are also the most-bought items in this category online. We choose only the best to highlight for your review and buying pleasure to save you time in searching for the perfect nap mat for your child.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these mat specific for boys or girls? Can either use them in public?

A: All of the mat designs have choices for boys and girls. Some of them have character selections that would be more appealing to girls, such as the butterfly, mermaid, or princess designs, but where those are offered, there are also boyish-type patterns available also.

Q: What is the best way to clean and care for these mats?

A: Most of the fabric mats can simply be washed in the machine and tumble dried. The ones made out of vinyl can be wiped clean with a moist towel and some mild detergent.

Q: Are these mats mostly for toddlers or can older kids use them too?

A: The mats that have the attached pillows and blankets are for toddlers and little kids only because of the small size. The vinyl mats and the Floor Pillow Cover item can be used by older kids and even teenagers because they are longer.

Q: Can any of these mats be used on top of a cot, in a crib, or on an existing child’s bed?

A: Yes, in all of these areas nap mats can be used to make the child more comfortable. They will want to use these mats because of their high comfort level.

Q: Do the mats come with anything to carry them in?

A: One mat comes with a carrying bag, but the majority of the others have Velcro strips to secure them in a rolled form and carry handles to tote them.

Q: For the mats that come with matching pillows, do any of them come off or out of the fabric so the mat can be washed without the pillow?

A: The pillows on two of these mats can be removed before washing. They are the Toddlers Preschool Daycare Nap Mat and My First Nap Mat made of memory foam.


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