Cool Father-Son Activities

Featured here are some cool father-son activities you can try.

Dads you don’t have to wait until your son turns 8 to start enjoying some bonding time with your son. You can start doing father-son activities when you are comfortable taking them out with you in public. Some fathers start when their sons are very young, even though they still might be in diapers. There are many things you can do with your son no matter how old they are. Just make sure the activity you choose is safe and it’s something you enjoy doing and want your son to realize that dad can do as much as a mom can do for them.


Fathers can do many activities with toddlers. They can go for a bike ride and put them in a stroller bike that is designed for parents who like to ride their bicycle. Toddlers enjoy the fresh air and the motion of the stroller as they glide along the smoothly paved streets. Make sure your son is safely put into the bicycle stroller before you take off riding. Fathers can also take toddlers to the beach for the day. Toddlers that are boys love sand and the texture of the sand. Just spend a few bucks and get them some sand toys and they will be happy for hours. You can try putting their feet in the water and purchase a toddler life jacket or water wings if they love the water. Swimmer pants are also made for toddlers that aren’t potty trained yet so dad’s aren’t stuck with a soggy diaper. Remember to bring sunscreen and pack a good lunch and never leave a toddler alone in the water. You can always take your son on errands with you to the grocery store and other places you may have to go. Your son loves cars rides and most likely will snooze for a bit but this can be an enjoyable day. Take your son to the park for a few hours and let them play in a sandbox or put them on a swing. If your toddler is older, let him go down the slide. Make sure you take along some bug spray and sunscreen if the weather is warmer and pack a lunch as well, Your son will also be able to socialize at the park as well with kids his age. This is a great way to tire your child out, get his circulation going and enjoy each other’s company.

Grade School Aged Boys

Dad’s can have fun with their sons when they begin to understand them and they can have a conversation with their fathers. You can help coach their T-ball games and watch them play the other team. If they are older, you can take them to their soccer games and root for them to win. You can have a father and son camping trip and go for hikes, pitch a tent and go fishing. This is a great way to bond with your sons. There is plenty to do when you go camping and you can teach them how to prepare fish and cook the dinner that you caught. Hopefully, your son isn’t allergic to fish. Teach your son how to ride a two-wheeler bike and show him the importance of wearing a helmet. Get him some knee pads in case he falls and make sure he has a good balance before you start this feat because you don’t want to see any broken bones. Dad’s can also volunteer to be their Cub Scout and later on Boy scout leaders if your son is interested in scouting. Boys that are scouts become good at survival techniques in the outdoors and can take this knowledge with them for the rest of their lives and you can both share happy memories together. Remember to always take as many pictures as you can.

Middle School Years

These are the years when your son is reaching puberty and start looking towards their fathers for guidance. They don’t understand where all these changes are coming from and it’s always great to have a dad around to explain why their voices are changing and why their patience is thinner. In addition, the girls are probably starting to chase the boys around so maybe it’s time for that father and son talk when the time is appropriate. Meanwhile, you still can teach your son some new skills. Clean the garage with your son and teach him how to paint the fence with you. This is a good time for you to bond and afterward, take him out to lunch or to the movies for a reward. You can also teach him some good carpentry skills so he will start learning how to work with his hands and build things. Build something cool together like a new table for mom and the rest of the family. This will not only be a new skill but something your son can be proud of and gain some more confidence in himself. Teach him how to cut the grass and work on the lawn together, because these are the years where they should start being able to learn these things so they can earn a bigger allowance until they are old enough to get a job.

High School Years

You can always teach your son how to drive after he passes his temporary permit test. Just make sure you have the patience so you don’t wound their self-esteem. Boys are going to make mistakes just like you did as they learn to drive. When your son passes his road test, this is something you both can be proud of because you did this one together. Pick a day and shoot some hoops with your teenager. It’s great to blow off steam and get some exercise and have a man to man talk after the game. Your son is close to becoming a man now so make sure he is thinking straight and let him know if he is puzzled or concerned about anything, the door is always open for him to come and talk to you. No matter how old your son is, make sure that they understand that your love is not based on material things but is about unconditional love. These are the years when your son is going to want to go to homecoming and prom so offer to chaperone their dances if the opportunity comes up because your son will be happy to have you around if you have always shown an interest in his life. You can take your son on a business trip if you happen to have a territory and you are a district manager. Most companies don’t mind as long as you get the job done especially if you are working out of your home and your headquarters are based in a different state.

Your son might not be able to come to all of the meetings but he will enjoy the countryside and the different sites you both see together. This is a good time to bond and talk more about what they are going to do with their lives after high-school. If you drive a truck and are an owner-operator, take your son along to help you with your loads. The road can be a long and boring ride alone, especially if you have traveled all 50 states for years. This is a good way for your son to earn some money and see what you do for a living. He also will understand how hard it is to do this job and the work you put into it for the family to have a nice life.

There are many ideas for father and son activities for all ages that are fun and memorable. Life goes by quickly and that tiny bundle you held when he was first born is now an 18-year-old young man. Try not to miss out on the special moments you can create with your son and take as many pictures as possible. This is the man you raised along with your significant other and this young man is worth being proud of. It doesn’t matter how old he is, there will always be a time when he is in college or has his own family that both of you can plan some time together even if it’s just to sit and talk about the past events you experienced together. Remember that activities that mother and son shares, are also as important as father and son activities.