Best Boys Ties & Bow Ties Reviewed in 2018

Whether they are needed for casual wear or formal dress, bow ties and neckties can be fun and exciting to wear because of the trendy styles and colors available. These items are mostly worn by boys, but girls can wear these ties too if they have a special need for one or want to add a cute accessory to their outfit. These ties are especially for little kids, big kids, and teens because of the smaller than adult sizes and designs. Manufacturers have taken into consideration the difficulty in tying these ties for children, so they have created simple neckties and bow ties that are pretied and can be worn easily. With crafty elastic bands or simple zippers attached, these ties can be put on and taken off even by the smallest little man quite simply. Parents will find these easy-access ties wonderful because they take the fuss out of getting little ones dressed. We do feature a few of the manual style ties for those that prefer to tie a tie themselves, and they can be used to teach kids how to properly tie a tie on their own. Some of these are offerings for a single tie, while others are for a bulk set of five ties. There are so many choices and designs that it is very hard to choose the perfect tie for your child. For a look at a stunning assortment of colorful ties with adorable sewn characters on them, check out the last item we feature from SummerTies. They have over fifty different variations of the tie we highlight in a fabulous rainbow of colors. Here are the best boys’ ties and bow ties reviewed in 2018.

Our Top 3 Picks

AUSKY 8 Packs
  • AUSKY 8 Packs
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Polyester
  • Handmade
  • Price: See Here
Spring Notion Satin
  • Spring Notion Satin
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fully lined
  • Easy To Wear
  • Price: See Here
Jacob Alexander 14
  • Jacob Alexander 14"
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Microfiber
  • Durable Feel
  • Price: See Here

1. AUSKY 8 Packs

Handmade of high-quality 100% polyester material, these colorful bow ties are perfect for any occasion and every clothing style. These are great to wear with suspenders, vests, and suit shirts and will fit neck sizes of up to eighteen inches.
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This set includes eight pre-tied bows in assorted patterns and colors for boys, teens, and men. Choose from fifteen different color schemes of these bow ties that are easy to wear, put on, and take off. They are wonderful for any formal, casual, or professional attire need. This set of dazzling bow ties will make a wonderful gift for birthdays and holidays for the boy or boys in your family.

These are pre-tied so boys do not have to worry about fussing with tying knots as they dress. This makes them easy to put on and take off and very desirable to have and wear.

What We Like About It
The assortment of colors in each pack and in the various color schemes are incredible! Just one pack of these with the eight different colors and patterns will do for several outfits and for a mix of attire.


Handmade of high-quality 100% polyester

Includes eight pre-tied bows ties

Choose from fifteen different color schemes

Will fit neck sizes of up to eighteen-inches

Easy to wear, put on, and take off


Are slide and clip-on attachments mixed together

May not fit tight against the neck

2. Spring Notion Satin

The Zipper Neck Tie by Spring Notion is available in over thirty wonderful colors and are pre-tied for easy dressing. Made of high-quality satin material on the outside, it is fully-lined with a 100% polyester backing on the inside.
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These do need to be dry cleaned only for the care. Five different sizes are also offered and even matching ties in adult sizes are available for those that want matching ties with other family members. This great tie works with a zipper to operate the mechanics of putting it on and taking it off. Simply push the knot up to tighten around the neck and pull the knot down to loosen and take it off. This item is terrific to give as a gift because it comes in a premium-quality special tie box.

Match any outfit with this huge assortment of solid colors. Boys can certainly find their favorites too because the color selection is large with various hues of each basic color.

What We Like About It
Putting on a tie does not get any easier than this. The knot is already tied, and boys just simply slip their head through and tighten it around the neck.

Available in over thirty wonderful colors

Are pretied for easy dressing

Made of high-quality satin material

Comes in five different sizes

Works with a zipper to operate


Several complained that the tie fell apart after using it

The zipper gave a few trouble

3. Jacob Alexander 14"

Jacob Alexander crafts this fourteen-inch pretied zipper tie that is offered in over thirty-five amazing solid colors. It is made of high-quality microfiber material with a medium satin finish that is both durable and silky soft.
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The finish of the material is not too matte or shiny, so it is suitable for formal and casual dress. It operates with a zipper to open and close the neck loop and has a ready-made knot, so it is pretied. To put the tie on, simply just pull down on the knot to open the loop and push up the knot to close it around the neck. This super tie is great for kids aged five- to eight-years-old because it allows for easy dressing. The knot is perfect every time you use it, and it is fourteen-inches long. It can be worn for casual or formal occasions such as school, church, parties, and weddings.

The knots on a pre-tied tie are always perfect because you never have to undo them when you want to wear them. They allow quick and easy dressing without the hassle of tying a tie.

What We Like About It
The collection of colors that this tie is offered in is excellent! Choose from over thirty-five fun solid colors to match any outfit or formal attire. Several varieties of cut are also offered.

Made of high-quality microfiber material

Operates with a zipper

Can be worn for casual or formal occasions

Allows simple and easy dressing

The knot is perfect every time


Some claim the zippers broke right away

A few said the tie fell apart when they put it on

4. Born to Love Pre-Tied

Designed in the USA of imported 100% polyester material, this charming little bow tie for kids is pre-tied and adjustable. It is four-inches long and is a one-size-fits-all item.
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This tie will fit newborns to older kids and comes in a huge variety of over thirty solid colors, patterns, and color schemes. It should be dry cleaned only and is a perfect tie for pictures and photo opportunities. This item can be worn for special occasions, but the manufacturer states that it is not for everyday use. Even though the tie is very durable, it should be saved for special occasions and school or family photos. It also makes a wonderful gift for the little boy in your family.

Pretied and adjustable, these cute bow ties are easy to put on and take off. You never have to tie it in a bow and it will fit almost any sized child by simply adjusting the sturdy strap.

What We Like About It
This adorable bow tie comes in a huge array or colors and patterns sure to please anyone. There are solids, stripes, and polka dots in many color hues suitable for any photo or special occasion.

Over thirty solid colors, patterns, and color schemes

Is pretied and adjustable

Is four-inches long

Designed in the USA of imported 100% polyester material

Should be dry cleaned only

Is one-size-fits-all from newborn to older kids

Perfect tie for pictures and photo ops

Can be worn for special occasions


May be smaller than expected

Some were disappointed with the overall fabric quality

5. Jacob Alexander 11”

Made of durable microfiber material that is not too matte or too shiny, yet silky and soft to the touch, this cute little tie is just for little ones. It best fits children aged two-to- five-years-old because of the short length.
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This eleven-inch tie is available is over thirty terrific solid colors and has a pre-tied knot. It is so easy to use that the kids can operate it themselves to get dressed. The tie is perfect every time because it operates with a zipper to loosen the neck loop. Just pull down on the sturdy knot and slip the loop over the head. Pull up on the knot to tighten it around the neck. To take it off, just reverse these steps.

Even toddlers can operate this simple tie with the perfect knot. They can dress themselves and put on this great tie alone. Just pull down and slip it on.

What We Like About It
For little boys, Jacob Alexander makes a special tie-in just their size. This eleven-inch tie will suit the smaller of tykes who need to wear a tie for formal or casual occasions.

Made for two- to five-years-old

Is silky and soft to the touch

Offered in over thirty terrific solid colors

Has a pre-tied knot

Is eleven-inches long


Head loop may be smaller than expected

Length is not adjustable

6. Bundle Monster 5pc

This exciting set of boys’ neckties comes five pretied items to a set and each tie is very different in style, pattern, and color. Choose from four various color patterns and choices that are available, these are stylish, modern, and very eye-catching to wear for formal events and occasions as well as casual dress.
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Each tie has an elastic cord that is comfortable and durable to hold the tie in place around the neck. It saves you the frustration and time of having to tie a knot in the tie. These are all eleven-and-a-half-inches long, so they should fit most young boys depending on individual height. The choices are unbelievably fashionable in stripes, small images, plaids, and chevron pattern schemes. Get some of these for a gift for the little men in your family to have on hand for those special occasions.

Some pretied neckties use a zipper to operate the knot and neck loop, but this one is easier to manage. It has an elastic cord that just slips over the head to secure it to the neck.

What We Like About It
It will be very hard to choose just one set of these neckties because of the fabulous colors and designs on them. Kids can pick from many colors and patterns of guitars, smiley faces, and cars, just to name a few.

Comes as an assorted set

Stylish, modern, and eye-catching

Has an elastic cord

Saves you frustration and time

Is eleven-and-a-half-inches long


May be smaller than expected

The elastic band gave some people trouble

7. QYdress Adjustable

Happy customer reviews claim that this adjustable bow tie for boys, teens, and men is perfect in fit, color, style, and feel of the fabric for their uses.
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Many people used them for formal occasions as well as just casual wear or photo shoots. It is a tie that can be used for many years of wear because it will fit many ages from boys to men. The wonderful bow tie is made of soft and silky satin material and is pre-tied and adjustable. Pick from twenty-five gorgeous colors in glorious solids and fun mixed prints. These bow ties will make terrific gifts for birthdays and special events too.

The good thing about a bow tie that can fit many ages and sizes is that it will last a long time and can be worn for many years. As little boys grow up, they can still use these ties because they will adjust to the neck size and are a good medium length.

What We Like About It
The solid and mixed colors this bow tie is offered in are a stunning rainbow assortment that will look well with any outfit or special occasion attire. Little boys and big boys will look very nice in these trendy, eye-catching hues.

Pick from twenty-five gorgeous colors

Made of silky satin material

Will fit many ages

Is pretied and adjustable

Can be used for years of wear


Too big for some kids

Item fell apart when a few customers wore them

8. Bundle Monster Elastic

Pretied and adjustable, this item is a five-piece pack of charming bow ties for boys. Choose from seven various sets of different patterns and colors in these handmade bow ties that are a bit over four-inches in length.
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They come in rich solid colors, fun polka dots, intricate plaids, zany stripes, and lovely picture patterns. The adjustable band for the neck will fit almost any size of boy or teen. These ties are so stylish, trendy, and fashionable that your child will want to wear them often. Use them for formal events such as weddings, parties, balls, and photo shoots or just simple, fun casual wear. The neckband has hooks on it that easily link and quickly snap to secure and fasten the bow tie.

These bow ties are so easy to put on and take off that even the little boys can do it with ease. The neckband that easily fits on the neck has hooks that attach to fasten it to the tie.

What We Like About It
When you know that just one tie will not do for the many special events and occasions in your child’s life, then this five-pack of bow ties are just the thing to get. Each one is so different from the others that almost any outfit can be matched easily.

Is a five-piece set of handmade bow ties

Pretied and adjustable

Choose from seven various sets

Ties come in many colors and patterns

Is stylish, trendy, and fashionable


These may sag a bit off the neck and not fit tight

A few people said these fall apart after a few uses

9. Retreez Woven Pre-tied

This necktie has a stripe textured pattern woven into the solid colored fabrics. The stripe is on a diagonal to give the best appearance and quality to the necktie.
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Pick from over fifteen stunning vibrant colors of this tie made of 100% polyester material. These are re-tied and adjustable with a closure in the back to secure it. This tie is offered in three different sizes suitable for infants that are six-months-old to older kids that are seven-years-old. For the best care in cleaning this tie, dry clean only. The tie will last for many years with the proper care and cleaning. This item is perfect for casual or formal wear.

With three sizes to fit males from infants to big kids, you will surely find the perfect fit for your child. Several years of use can be had with any one of these sizes as kids grow and get into bigger sizes.

What We Like About It
While solid colored ties are nice, these ties have a black textured stripe on the diagonal that runs the length of the material. This gives the tie added depth and substance which will stand out against ant formal or casual outfit.

Choose from over fifteen vibrant colors

Has a stripe textured pattern

Made of 100% polyester material

Are pretied and adjustable

Pick from three different sizes


The knot came undone for a few people

The colors may not be true to the description or picture

10. Jacob Alexander Regular

This Self Prep Necktie is perfect for ages eight- to twelve-years-old and is made of sturdy microfiber material that will last a long time. It is available in over thirty fabulous solid colors and is fully lined to make it look great and be durable.
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This tie makes a sturdy strong knot that is great to wear for casual dress or formal occasions like parties, school, church, weddings, or holidays. It is a forty-eight-inch tie that will fit a boy up to the height of five feet tall. There is a self-loop feature that will hold the skinny end of the tie in place. It is finished with a branded tipping that is elegantly embroidered. The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with their product.

A self-loop comes with this great tie to keep it looking nice and neat when it is worn. The loop will hold the skinny end in place, so it will not show behind the wider part of the tie.

What We Like About It
Kids can learn how to tie a tie properly with this item because it does not have a pretied knot like a few of the other long ties we highlight. It is a skill that takes practice but looks great when done well.

Made of sturdy microfiber material

Makes a sturdy strong knot

Is finished with a branded tipping

Great to wear for casual dress or formal occasions

Comes with a money back guarantee


Was too shiny for some kids to wear

Item may be too long for young boys

11. Bundle Monster Mixed

Pick from three color set choices in these fashionable, trendy, and eye-catching neckties for little boys. This item is a five-piece set of pre-tied ties that include a variety of patterns, colors, and designs.
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They have elastic soft bands that fit easily and securely around the child’s neck and will adjust to the neck size of the kid up to six inches. Each tie in the set is very different in color and pattern type. Use these neckties for parties, special events, picture day at school, family photos, birthdays, holidays, or simple casual everyday wear. With five in the set, boys have enough to share with other family members or friends.

These ties are eleven-and-a-half-inches long, so they are for the younger crowd of boys that need a tie for their outfits. The proper length of the tie to be worn is determined by the height of the child.

What We Like About It
When you need more than just one tie for special occasions or events and different colors and patterns for a constant choice of outfit changes, this bundle pack of neckties is perfect. They will go with just about any formal or casual attire your little boy wears.

Comes as a five-piece set of pre-tied neckties

Fashionable, trendy, and eye-catching

Includes a variety of patterns, colors, and designs

Has elastic soft bands

Neckband will adjust to the neck size


May be too short and small for some kids

Might come apart easily

12. SummerTies Silk

These silk neckties from SummerTies are excellent for the choices of size, color, and pattern. Several different sizes are offered for kids, teens, and adults from fifty-inches to sixty-two-inches long.
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Chose from over fifty-seven stunning, fun patterns such as a trout, anchor, crab, mermaid, palm tree, skunk, seahorse, alligator, octopus, whale, toucan, turtle, American flag, elephant, marlin, beaver, buoy, horseshoe crab, snowman, or pelican. All of these come in several background colors each for a wonderful selection and choice. These neckties are the ones you must tie yourself as they do not come with a pre-tied knot as some of the other ties do. Made of imported 100% silk with woven silk motifs this item must be dry-cleaned only. The woven silk is made on a diagonal weave to allow a softer feel. The necktie tipping is sewn with black silk for a look that compliments the pattern.

Not only are there incredible choices for the pattern and color of the tie, but also the size. These ties will accommodate little kids, big kids, teens, and even adults with the long lengths of gorgeous fabric.

What We Like About It
The assortment of these patterns and colors just leaves you speechless and in a bafflement of which one to choose. The list of different possible ties for this item is over fifty-seven variations that look incredible.

Choose from several different sizes

Made of imported 100% silk

Has woven silk motifs

The silk is made on a diagonal weave

Includes a fabulous choice of patterns and colors


Colors may be different than the pictures

Some received ties too small or too large

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Boys Bow Ties

All items are made especially for kids and their size

Each of these ties is the specific length and width that will fit children best. They are shorter and have thinner necks than teens and adults, so their ties must be shorter and slimmer in the fabric cut. The bold, vibrant colors, picture patterns, and designs will appeal to kids and they will enjoy wearing these ties. It is hard enough to get kids to dress up, especially formally, so if they have a fun, colorful tie to wear, then they will not mind as much. And might even look forward to it.

Fashionable, modern, trendy, and eye-catching colors and patterns

The cuts, styles, colors, and designs of these bow ties and neckties will look wonderful on kids of all ages because they are so modern and eye-catching. Whether children use them just for casual wear or at special events, they will receive plenty of compliments on how well dressed they are. A bowtie or necktie is the finishing touch to a well-dressed person, and these high-quality ties are just the thing to dress your child their best.

High-quality durable materials used

Most of the ties are made of silk, polyester, or satin material with some of them having a special diagonal weave to make them softer to the touch. Some manufacturers used imported or handmade fabrics for the creation of these ties to give you the best materials for a long-lasting product. The pre-tied bow ties and neckties have zippers or elastic bands on them to secure them to the neck. These are durable and sturdy to last for many uses and years of wear.

The best of the best in their category online

These are the best-rated ties and bow ties online according to customers who bought and loved these products. They have given overwhelmingly positive feedback to express their complete satisfaction with each of these items and would buy them again. These ties have not only the best optimistic reviews but also the most constructive views of any other products in this category. We bring you only the best for your shopping experience to save you time in searching through all of the lesser products listed online.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which of these ties come already tied? Which of them must be tied in a knot manually?

A: The bowties and neckties that must be tied manually are the Male Fashion Bow Tie, the Jacob Alexander Self Tie, and the SummerTies Necktie. All of the other items are pretied and ready to wear as is.

Q: What is the best way to clean these ties?

A: Most, if not all, of the manufacturers of these ties in both bowties and neckties, specify to dry-clean these items only. Even though the stitching is sturdy and dependable, it is best to have them dry cleaned if they become soiled or stained.

Q: Is it best to get a bow tie or a necktie for a child?

A: The choice of a bow tie or a necktie is strictly up to the parents and the wearer. They are both suitable for special events and casual wear, so it just depends on which one is preferred to wear. If tying the necktie or bowtie is a problem, then we do feature some choices for pre-tied items that are simple to put on and take off.

Q: Are these just for boys or can girls wear them too? Would anyone be able to tell if a girl wore one that it was for a boy?

A: Girls can wear these ties too, as they are not gender-specific in the labeling. The colors are more suited for boys, but the basic colors are represented and would be okay for girls to wear too. No one should be able to tell that the ties are for boys if girls wear them as well.

Q: What are most of these made of?

A: Polyester, satin, and silk material make up the bulk of the fibers used in the making of these ties. Even some of the decorative motifs are made of woven silk material.

Q: Are these ties more suitable for special occasions and events, photo shoots, or for casual wear?

A: All of these ties can be worn for almost any time or event. They are perfect for professional or home photos, holidays, special occasions, birthdays, weddings, parties, or just everyday casual outfits.

Q: What is the best way to teach a child how to manually tie a necktie or bow tie?

A: Like most skills, we have to acquire, it will take much practice to perfect the art of tying a tie. With patience show the child how to tie one on your own neck several times explaining the steps to accomplish the goal. When it seems as though they have the idea, you tie it on their neck a few times, so they can see the steps done backward to them. This is after all the way they will be tying the ties for themselves. Once this seems to have caught on, then let them try to do it themselves either on you or their own neck. It will take much patience and encouragement on the part of the teacher because although it seems simple, it can be complicated for some people.

Q: How do you know when a child has outgrown a necktie or a bow tie?

A: For the necktie, the length of the tie will be too short on them and only come to about halfway up the chest. This tie should go at least to the belly button, depending on individual body shapes and forms, of course. For the bow ties, if they do not accommodate the width of the child’s neck and it is too tight, then they have outgrown the bow tie. These sizing guidelines are highly dependent on the individual child and if the ties are manual ties or pre-tied items.


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