Best Boys Perfumes Reviewed in 2018

Finding perfume or cologne for a little boy might seem like something that seems a bit mature and at times, impractical. To encourage this notion, however, is to say that not allowing a boy access to a product that smells incredible won’t do anything in the way of aiding in his confidence, overall first impression, and feelings of growing up. We all know that the last thing on many a boys’ minds is the thought of spraying themselves with something that smells good at the same time, many boys simply haven’t been introduced to the concept of a good-smelling cologne or body spray. There are plenty of products out there which are made specifically for children in mind and they’re created for a variety of reasons. Right off the bat, you know your child will be heading into puberty soon enough. With this life-change comes several body changes that your child might not be comfortable with. Along with deodorant, children’s body spray can help kids to feel more comfortable and confident with the changes they’re going through; if it helps them get through the school day or a special event, it’s worth it!

Additionally, your child might start becoming much more aware of their appearance which brings us to first impressions. They look up to their parents and older siblings and watching one of them get ready for a night out or for the day can make a big impression. What’s one thing that everyone does before they leave the house? You spritz yourself with your favorite perfume or cologne, of course. This action and the heavenly scent as you walk by can leave an impression on a child and make them want to be just like the adults they admire. They form a scent memory and not only will they have access to their own cologne bring them comfort, but they’ll also feel a bit like they’re a grown-up, too! We’ve gone ahead and found some of the top, best-smelling (as well as best-selling, did you see what we did there?) body sprays and perfumes for boys that are out there today so that you don’t need to play trial-and-error with your own nose.

10 Best Boys Perfumes Reviewed


1. Marmol & Son Batman

Holy cologne, Batman! Oh yeah, we went there -- And your son will too once he gets a whiff of this awesome scent. It's a common misconception that every perfume or cologne needs to come in a fancy packaging with some kind of expensive price tag attached to it. When it comes to kids, they should have something that's affordable, well-priced, and still offers all the quality of any other body spray product on the market.
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It's impossible, you say? We thought so too until we discovered Marmol & Son perfumes for kids. This one is designed for boys but many reviewers also claim that it's absolutely unisex and can be used on just about anyone. Let's get to the important part: How does it smell? The exact ingredients used in this perfume are all-natural scents that you'd find in nature, which makes us fall in love with it even more. There's nothing in here that would give off a fake or unpleasant scent as with many higher-end sprays that can be overwhelming and a bit too much for a child. In this formula, you'll find lavender, bergamot, cardamom, geranium, black pepper, and patchouli. All of these scents are described as "top notes" which are what you'll smell upon your first initial spray. The bottom or underlying notes are musks and vanilla bean. This heavenly combination results in a cologne that's light but comforting, with notes of subtle spice and sweetness. Lavender is a calming agent while scents like bergamot and cardamom are what remind you of the holidays; vanilla is subtly sweet and patchouli brings everything together to create a unique blend of musk and woodsy notes.

We've started off with a bang, as parents can do nothing but rave about how incredible this perfume smells. It's designed to be reminiscent of the scent you'd think of when you thought of the popular crime-fighting superhero Batman, and we wholeheartedly agree.

What We Like About It
The bottle design is kid-friendly, yet still presents itself as something that's not a toy or made exclusively for a child. The Batman logo on the front is a solid reminder of who this cologne is meant to represent while the bottle itself feels mature and minimal.

It's not an overwhelming scent

Contains found-in-nature ingredients

Can be unisex

The bottle is nice without being too flashy

The Batman logo is perfect for fans of the superhero


The bottle is glass so it is breakable

2. Love Chic Baby

Perfumes aren't just for adults and although it's hard to believe that babies could possibly smell any better, they can. Thanks to Love Chic Baby, it's a done deal with a fresh, clean scent.
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It's crazy to believe that there are fragrances designed specifically for toddlers, but it's true! Chic Baby has created a line of body sprays that is absolutely perfect for your little one and their mission is to bring both you and your baby closer with the use of it. While it's common knowledge that babies smell amazing, to begin with, the scent contained in this bottle is pure magic. It's intended to be used to pamper your baby and make them feel special with scents that smell fresh, clean, and uplifting. Since scent memory is so strong, this helps to positively bring about memories that your baby will have of you for their entire lives, because they'll remember that wonderful scent that surrounded them while they've spent quality time with you. It's dermatologist-tested and safe for babies which will put your mind at ease before you even spray it. The smell is purely clean, as described by some parents, and has been shown to improve the overall mood and temperament of babies. It's something they look forward to and similar to how a dryer sheet works after you've cleaned your clothing, this scent can be sprayed on fabric and will provide your child with a delightful and comforting aroma.

The custom of spritzing your child with a bit of baby spray is one that has been used in Europe for some time now. It provides both comfort and joy to them when they can smell something that's distracting in a good way, and it will always be a reminder of your time spent with them.

What We Like About It
We love that this spray has no particular "scent". It just smells fresh and isn't overwhelming in the slightest, making it perfect for babies, toddlers, and even tweens. The smell dissipates after some time so it's safe and won't cloud up the room with a strong scent.

Fresh and clean scent

Can be sprayed on fabrics

Great for babies, toddlers, and tweens

The bottle design is cute and fun



It does contain alcohol

3. Baby By Tous

Not only is the bottle that this baby spray comes in adorable, but it smells just as perfect. This is a keepsake as well as a great way to make memories with your child.
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First of all, let's talk about this perfume bottle! Tous has created the most adorable baby perfume bottle that we think we've ever seen; it's not often that your child can have a keepsake such as this from a baby perfume. The reason we love it so much is that when your child gets older, this bottle is something that you can keep and show them when the time is right. Not only will they have a cute little bear to remind them of their childhood, but they'll be able to smell the bottle as well and be reminded of all their fond baby memories. The bear was affectionately named "Baby Tous" by one parent, and we think it's just so perfect and fitting. So for starters, this product is well worth it as far as sentimentality goes. As for the smell, that doesn't disappoint either -- It's a bit sharper than other baby perfumes and is comparable to Burberry Baby with its powdery notes. With that being said, the scent is still as fresh as can be and really gives an aroma of cleanliness, as a baby should smell.

This perfume is so much more than just a scent, it's also a memory-maker. In addition to the cute bottle, your child will also get a mini bedtime story booklet that's fully illustrated and perfect for bonding time.

What We Like About It
The connection between family and child when it comes to this perfume is truly admirable. We tip our hats to Tous; not only for designing a bottle that can be kept long after it's been emptied but for including a bedtime story that will only strengthen the bond between parent and child and affirm that memory with a wonderful aroma.

The bottle is a keepsake

Includes a tiny bedtime story

The smell is powdery and fresh

Can be used by boys or girls

It can be sprayed on clothing


The scent doesn't last very long

4. Marvel Ultimate Spider Man

Our Spidey scents are tingling! Did you see what we did there? This body spray definitely gives us the feeling that something seriously cool is happening. Everybody needs a bit of crime-fighting power every now and then, right? That's why Spider-Man is coming to the rescue with this awesome body spray that's perfect for preteens and teens alike.
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Not only is the bottle itself pretty rad, but the scent is great, too! This spicy little aroma is concocted with lavender, sandalwood, amber, mandarin orange, bergamot, petit grain, galbanum, and lemon. It might sound like it packs a wallop of a smell but all of these individual ingredients truly temper each other out to provide your child with a scent that's fresh, spicy, and strongly citrus-smelling. It's perfect for kids because it's not overwhelming but it still has that slight hint of an older man's cologne -- One reviewer even said it ran the risk of being stolen by a parent! We'd consider that a win for any type of boy's cologne and with it, we give one piece of advice: Make sure to buy two, because you never know who else will fall in love with this lovely perfume.

This is the perfect body spray for a boy who has been wanting their own cologne, whether it's to be a bit more like their parents or just simply because they want to smell good all the time. It's not too overwhelming and provides just the right amount of aroma so that they feel confident and good about themselves.

What We Like About It
Spider-Man is a super cool Marvel character and one who is a great role model for many fans. This perfume sports the right look and scent that will make your child feel like they could literally save the world, just like their favorite superhero.

Citrus scent with a bit of spice

Not too overwhelming

Perfect for growing boys

Comparable to the quality of an adult spray

The bottle is awesome


Some cologne bottles have arrived broken or leaking

5. Disney Donald Duck

This slightly spicy cologne is a great nod to Donald Duck's attitude in just about every scene he's in. If it's perfect for him, it'll inevitably just as delightful to you little one! He was a gentleman, after all.
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Disney is known for producing some of the most memorable movie moments in history for kids. They're also known for creating some incredible animated character whom kids can't help but fall in love with, and Donald Duck is one of them. The introduction of perfumes and colognes into their merchandise line is something to be applauded because not only will your child be able to indulge in a product representing their favorite character, but it's by a brand you can also trust. This Donald Duck cologne is intended for tweens and teens since it is somewhat of a stronger smell than many others. It's more traditional and comes across as spicy and strong initially, but dissipates quickly to reveal a pleasant, adult scent that growing boys will absolutely love. The bottle itself features the quirky duck himself and it's the type of thing your child can hold onto for years. The box has even been designed to be a collector's item and would make a great Disney addition to any shelf.

While this scent is definitely spicy and comes off as a tad strong, it's one that little boys will love because they'll truly feel much more grown-up. The scent might dissipate, but the feeling of confidence and adulthood will remain!

What We Like About It
The collectible look of this cologne is something that we appreciate, especially when it's intended for use by a young boy. This is one thing he can hold onto for years to come and look back on his first step in being just like a grown-up.

Strong spicy smell that boys enjoy

Collectible packaging

Represents a loveable Disney character

Officially licensed by Disney

The scent is longer-lasting than many others


Kids love it while parents seem to dislike the scent

6. Arrurru Naturals

Here's another one that will only add to the lovely smell of your baby. This body spray is designed to be calming as well as pleasant-smelling.
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Making moves to purchase your baby's first cologne or perfume is a little like word of mouth. Once you smell it on another parent's child, you suddenly become hooked and need to know why their child smells so good. Well, we do, anyway! That's how one parent stumbling upon Arrurru and from the sounds of it, it is truly life-changing as far as aromas go. The one thing this cologne boasts that really puts it over the top is the fact that it can be sprayed directly on your baby's skin and is actually good for them. It has the same profile as many other baby sprays in the notion that it carries a light, powdery fresh scent, with the added benefit of hydration. This is due in part to it combination formula of glycerin and wheat protein, which will make your baby's skin soft as ever.

This cologne is completely hypoallergenic which means that your baby is safe to be spritzed. It can only help their skin while leaving behind a scent that's subtle, pleasant, and calming.

What We Like About It
The scope of colognes is so small that we often forget that they've been altered to be functional for every age, including babies and toddlers. This cologne has the extra-added benefits of improving your baby's skin as well as making them smell amazing, which is really a great innovation.

Good for baby's skin


Subtle but pleasant scent

Can be used directly on skin or fabrics

Disappates slowly


You don't get much product in one purchase

7. Marmol & Son Star Wars

We can guarantee that your child will smell much better than a wookie with this cologne. In fact, he might even have people fooled that he's the real Han Solo.
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Similar to the Batman fragrance by Marmol & Sons, this Star Wars cologne is not much different in scent but differs in its iconic hero. The Star Wars franchise has simply exploded since the addition of the newer movies and now kids of all ages have fallen in love with it. This cologne is perfect for boys are huge fans of the movies and the fancy, detailed bottle it comes in is perfectly fitting for even the biggest of fans. The scent consists of bergamot, lemon, lavender, melon, patchouli, and tonic, for a slightly muskier and deeper aroma than the first one. This would be perfect for older tweens who are looking for the very first grown-up body spray.

This cologne isn't too overwhelming which means it's a great starter for kids who don't yet have much experience with it. Children's body sprays can often be too powerful but this one falls in a comfortable middle-ground.

What We Like About It
The awesome bottle this cologne comes in might be glass but that shouldn't be an issue for older kids. It could even work for teens since Star Wars is age-friendly and functions as a fun collectible item as well.

The aroma isn't overwhelming

The bottle art is epic

Great for fans of Star Wars

Similar smell to other Marmol & Sons colognes

Perfect for tweens and teens


Can be strong if too much is sprayed at once

8. Disney Pixar Cars

For lovers of the movie Cars by Pixar, this body spray is a must-have. Not only will it have them feeling like they can win any race in the world, but it looks great as a collector's item, too.
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Another Disney product for the shelves! This Cars body spray has a floral, citrus-like scent that's perfectly light and somewhat feminine, but playful as a cologne. It's not overwhelmingly strong as long as your child goes easy on his spritzes and it's something that would be fun for a special occasion or day out. It's not reminiscent of an older man's cologne as many think it will be but the aroma fits perfectly with the idea of Disney itself -- Lighthearted, fun, and fresh. Most kids really enjoy this body spray because it gives them the feeling of being an adult without using colognes that are incredibly strong and can be overused easily. With this, your child will have the freedom to spray at will and build confidence when he walks around smelling like a thousand bucks. Well, not literally... You know what we mean.

Pixar Cars is depicted perfectly on the front of this bottle, making it appealing to the eye as well as the nose. Kids will love being able to keep this in their room or on their shelf in the bathroom and will always have a reminder of their favorite Pixar movie.

What We Like About It
We love that this body spray is fairly kid-proof as far as spraying goes. While it can become very strong, it doesn't feature a musky odor like many colognes do.

Easy to wear

The bottle is neat

Citrus scented

It looks good on a shelf

Great for tweens


Some parents say it smells like "90s grandma perfume"

9. Marmol & Son Justice League

We wouldn't blame your child if he felt like he could go out and fight crime after just one spritz of this. Just like the Justice League, this cologne will provide some serious confidence.
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Marmol & Sons strikes again with this functional cologne based on the Justice League comics. It's a must-have for any fans of the DC comics that Justice League is based off and it's also a must-have for boys who can't help wanting to smell like their parents. It's a great starter cologne for boys just as all the Marmol & Sons products are, however, this bottle features full artwork on the front, which makes it a neat collector's item as well. Parents can't stop raving about the scent of this perfume and claim that it smells just like an adult's with a much milder, subtle aroma. This is perfect for tweens and even teenagers who still don't know what scents work well for them since it's not overly expensive and you do get quite a bit of product with your purchase. If nothing else, this cologne is able to be layered and made stronger with just a few extra sprays.

Who says you can't have functional comic book merchandise? This cologne is the perfect example of having something that's both practical yet collectible and kids will love it.

What We Like About It
The fancy artwork on the front is what really caught our attention initially and finding out that it smelled just as good was an added bonus. This is the perfect stepping stone for grown-up cologne.

Similar to a men's fragrance

Not too strong

Wears all day

Features cool Justice League artwork

Comparable to AXE spray


Some parents enjoy the other Marmol & Sons scents more than this one

10. Prep U Body Spray

It's inevitable: Puberty is going to happen and with it, some unusual smells. With a fantastic blend of all-natural essential oils, Prep U is ready to help your child combat them all.
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Remember that pesky transitioning phase called puberty that we mentioned earlier? This body spray might be just the very thing to combat all of those weird smells that boys are now encountering on their journey to adulthood. This body spray is all-natural and filled with essential oils to ensure that your child isn't exposed to anything toxic or unhealthy. The scent is a light citrus with just a hint of mint, making it subtle yet clean. It can be used all over the body and is dermatologist-tested to be safe for use in a variety of ages and also before and after exercise. It's designed to combat tough smells and cancel out and offensive odors that might add to a boy's lack of confidence after sporting events or a long day. This spray can also be applied to clothing and equipment so not only is it completely safe for your body, but it's safe for use just about everywhere else, too.

No animals were used when testing this product which is something that we truly applaud. While it's completely safe and thoroughly tested throughout each trial before completion, you can be assured that it came from a trusted source.

What We Like About It
Essential oils can be powerful in combatting smells but also in helping focus and memory. The combination of citrus and mint helps to calm the mind while adding a comforting aroma that your child will smell throughout the day.

Made from pure essential oils

Has a light citrus and mint scent

Can be used all over the body

Great for puberty

Can be sprayed on clothing and other items


The scent only lasts roughly two to four hours

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Boys Perfumes

We all just want our kids to smell good, right? Obviously, that isn’t the first thing on the minds of parents everywhere, but it is undeniably something that will help to boost their overall confidence and make them feel like they’re a bit more mature. Boys start asking their parents for their very own cologne as young as age seven which means it’s something that could be on every boy’s birthday list by the time they’re eight-years-old. We’ve provided this list so that you have a solid direction in which to go when choosing body sprays for your child. The last thing you want to do is purchase something that smells awful and is either too strong or not nearly strong enough, both of which could result in an unpleasant first experience.

The Issue Of Puberty

For preteens specifically, puberty is something that comes on quick and provides kids with little mercy as far as how their body changes. It’s completely out of their control and can cause a relatively significant amount of anxiety which is why arming them with tools they can use to combat it are so important. Body sprays and colognes can help to subdue any unsavory odors and when coupled with deodorant, your child will be unstoppable in the good-smell department. Some of these sprays even contain essential oils that help to calm the nerves and boost moods, meaning your child can stroll out of the house every day feeling happy and sure of himself. Not to mention, he’ll make a good and lasting impression and have an edge of maturity to his composure wherever he goes. It’s subtle details like this that can really make a difference in a child’s life and allow him to be a kid while still giving him a sense of adulthood. Similar to buying your child his first suit, a boy’s first cologne truly sets the tone for the process of growing up and gives him a feeling of empowerment. We’re not saying he’ll have a line of ladies after him, but we’re not saying that couldn’t happen, either!

Helping to Build Confidence

Every little boy needs a little boost in the confidence department, especially right before puberty sets in. Many kids look to their parents and older siblings as their role models which means they might pick up many of the same habits. When all they want is to feel included and feel like they have common ground, a little bit of body spray is a no-brainer. Even as babies, sprays can help to cement that bond between child and parent with the help of scent memory as well as the experience of their airways being filled with a pleasant, calming scent. It’s something that many parents have noticed makes a difference in the life a child which was part of our reason for creating this list. For preteens and teens, smelling great can have long-lasting effects both on their confidence as well as how they carry themselves. When you’re not afraid to walk into a room after sports practice or hang out with your friends immediately after a long, hot day, that makes a difference. Body sprays and colognes can help to drastically change your child’s life for the better and even make them more approachable.

Avoiding “Grandma” Scents

This one was super important on our list. There is nothing worse than getting so excited about your very first perfume or cologne, opening it up, and having it smell like your grandmother’s linen closet from the late 1980s. This is a task that can prove to be especially challenging when you’re shopping around online for the perfect cologne for your child, but not if you’re us! We’ve done our due diligence to avoid anything that could cause your child to have awkward flashbacks of their grandparents’ bedroom and, even more so, their perfumes and colognes. The good news is that body sprays aren’t made like they once were and many of these even contain all-natural essential oils, which completely eliminates the risk of smelling like a musty mothball. If we do say so ourselves, it’s a wonderful world we live in where colognes and perfumes can now be made with scents that are natural to the nature around us… And not specific to the Avon catalog.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often can these perfumes be used?

A: Your child can use them as often or as little as they want. They’ve all been certified safe, thoroughly tested, and are practical for everyday wear. While some are stronger than others, they’re all fairly subtle and shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Q: Could girls use these, too?

A: Yes! There are several Marmol & Sons scents on here that could definitely be used as a unisex perfume. Since many of the scents are crafted with essential oils, there’s nothing to say that they’re strictly for use with little boys.

Q: Are the baby fragrances safe to spray on my baby’s skin?

A: Yes. While two of them do contain alcohol, they’re still safe for use with your baby. We do recommend spraying on your baby’s clothing first to see how they react with that and even if that proves to be okay, we would still avoid spraying anything directly on your baby if he or she is under the age of two. Aside from potential irritation, it could make them uncomfortable overall. These sprays are meant to deliver a pleasant scent around them, not necessarily on them.

Q: How travel-friendly are these bottles?

A: Most of them are glass which requires a little extra care in order to be traveling with. Alternately, we do have a body spray that comes in a plastic bottle and can be slipped into a backpack for easy portability.

Q: Would you recommend these for use on a four-year-old?

A: All sprays should be used in moderation and under parental supervision, at least for children under the age of ten. Kids won’t immediately know how to use these sprays which might result in spraying too much or not enough, plus, they’ll be happy to learn from someone with experience!

Q: Can adults use these as well?

A: Funny enough, we have heard of some parents using these sprays for themselves, yes. There’s no specific age limit on them unless otherwise specified (i.e. for babies), so spritz away!