10 Best Kids’ Under Armour Shoes for Boys & Girls Rated in 2019

Boys and girls need shoes that offer great support for their growing feet and parents need a shoe that is durable and will last until they grow out of them. Kids run around all the time, they have sporting events that they need to get to, and they are always growing. So, when looking for new shoes, the most important thing is to make sure that they are comfortable for them and they also match the personality of your kid. Shoes these days are designed for children. They offer stability, durability, and comfort along with also absorbing some of that impact that they are putting into those feet every day.

When boys and girls are playing, at a sporting event, or just walking into school the one thing that we as parents want to make sure is that their shoes are comfortable, they keep their feet safe, and their feet are happy. You want to make sure that those things are also the same throughout the day. So making sure that your children have a good pair of shoes is important. There are so many different designs, colors, and choices when it comes to shoes for your boy or girl. It is so difficult to select just one. Parents often search and research for hours on what type of shoes is the best for their kids. We have done that research and have created a list of the Best Under Armour shoes on the market for your boys and girls. The trusted brand is created with quality materials and their shoes have a long durable life. Review the list and select one of the best brand of shoes that your kids will just love.


Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best Kids’ Under Armour Shoes for Boys & Girls

They are comfortable

Shoes for anyone must be first and foremost comfortable. If they are not comfortable, then the wearer will not want to wear them no matter how great they look. All of these shoes by Under Armour were made for comfort, with most having added cushioning and stitching to aid with long usage. Kids will want to wear these shoes for everything they do from running and playing to competing in sports and during school. Whether they are built for running, specific sports, or just a regular sneaker, these shoes will be very comfortable for your child to wear.

Shoes come in sizes perfect for kids’ feet

Each item comes in an assortment of sizes that will fit most kids. The manufacturer states specifically that these shoes are for kids and they will support kids’ feet where they need it the most. They will provide support for jumping and landing when kids run for pleasure or for sport, and they will give long-lasting coziness when worn for long periods.

Stylish colors and patterns are available that appeal to kids

All of the shoes for boys and girls come in a variety of colors that should please any child. They can pick their favorite colors or the ones that are the most popular among their friends. Some offer multi-colored patterns and color schemes that would please even the choosiest kid. It will be hard to pick just one pair from the large number of colors available.

Well-made, quality products that are the best-rated and most-purchased items

Every item we feature on this page meets our standards for quality because they are the best-rated and most frequently purchased shoes online. Many parents and buyers have already overwhelmingly voted these items the best among the offerings on the market. With these positive reviews, you will be pleased with your purchase of an excellent product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the insoles come out of the shoes so they can be aired out or changed?

A: Yes, most of the shoes have insoles that are removable for hygiene purposes. We note it if the manufacturer specifically states that the insoles are removable in the product description.

Q: Are the shoes true to size?

A: Yes, these shoes are true to size, so if you wear a 6, you would do well to buy a 6 or a 6½ for the best fit.

Q: Are the soles non-marking for any of these shoes?

A: Yes, most of the shoes have completely rubber soles that will not mark up floors. Some that mention it specifically in the description of the shoes are the Boys’ Grade School Micro G, Women’s Charged Bandit 3, Grade School Pace and the Girls’ Preschool Assert 6.

Q: Would they fit boys or girls even though they are specifically for one or the other?

A: For boys, the girls’ shoes would probably not fit because they tend to have wider and bigger feet than girls of the same age. Girls, however, would be comfortable in the boys’ shoes, if the next smaller size is purchased. Some female reviewers commented that they bought the male shoes and they are very satisfied with them.

Q: Do the sizes generally run big or small for this brand of shoe?

A: Most of the reviewers state to buy at least a half size larger than normal because they do typically run a bit smaller than a regular size shoe.

Q: Does Under Armour make shoes for wide feet?

A: Yes, they do. You will have to look for the special W in front of the size number to be sure that the shoe is available in widths. 

Q: What is the difference between US sizes and regular sizes for these shoes?

A: None, they mean the same size shoe. A regular size 6 would be a US size 6 too.

Q: Do any of the shoes highlighted have Velcro strips to close them or do they all have shoestrings to tie?

A: They all have shoestrings that must be laced and tied to wear. None of these have Velcro closures.