Best School Shoes for Kids Reviewed in 2018

Whether your child wears a uniform to school or not, they will look great in these school shoes that are comfortable and long-lasting. Uniforms usually require of both boys and girls, black shoes that are for formal wear. We have highlighted in this informative buying guide some of the best school shoes for kids that are offered online currently. Customers have given these models the highest ratings and the most reviews in this shoe category. The majority of consumers would repurchase these same shoes again because they are so satisfied with them. The top name brands are of course the ones who have the best shoes offered. These include Adidas, Keds, New Balance, Greer Stags, Merrell, Reebok, and Stride Rite. All of their excellent models are showcased right here for your shopping pleasure. Some of these remarkable shoes are just for girls, such as the Daphne T-Strap from Keds or the Claire Mary Jane from Stride Rite. Others are meant for boys, such as the French Toast Cole Oxford or the Stride Rite Cooper Lace. Most of them can be worn by either boys or girls, as they are not gender-specific. They are all quality-made, durable, and perfect for everyday wear by kids in the toddler, little kid, and big kid age ranges. Parents love them, and kids do too. We are excited to feature them here in this informative concise buying guide just for you. Here are the best school shoes for kids in 2018.

Best School Shoes for Kids Reviewed


1. Merrell Jungle Moc 2

The Kids’ Jungle Moc is a slip-on shoe without laces or Velcro straps. It has elastic inset panels on each side for the flexibility in dressing in the shoe. The collar is lightly padded for comfort, and the EVA footbed is removable. It includes M-Select Fresh to eliminate odors and M-Select Grip for an outsole that is grippy and durable.
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This amazing style is tough, sleek, and goes with almost any outfit and wardrobe. The Jungle Moc is a parent and kid favorite of many years and is offered in seven traditional solid colors. We highlight the black model for school uniform purposes, as it comes in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes. It features a sturdy leather sole and a soft suede upper, plus the company logo is embossed on the upper and the outsole for brand recognition.

The elastic insert panels in shoes instead of laces or Velcro straps allow children to put their shoes on and take them off themselves. They build the confidence level in getting dressed alone.

What We Like About It
Whether you are looking for school shoes or everyday shoes for your child, these Jungle Mocs are perfect for both. Kids love them, and parents appreciate their simple style.

Cost and Value
Having a cost well above the average, but not the highest, these excellent Jungle Mocs are prized for their easy closure, tough materials, and super comfortable fit.


Has elastic inset panels on each side

Collar is lightly padded for comfort

A parent and kid favorite for many years

Offered in seven traditional solid colors

Made of leather and suede materials


Some kids had problems with sizes

These may show wear easily

2. Keds Daphne T-Strap

Featuring a rubber sole and a footbed of memory foam, the Daphne T-Strap Sneaker from Keds will be supportive and comfortable all day long. Keds has been in the shoe business since 1916 making high-quality footwear you can trust and love.
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Their excellent craftsmanship is visible in fabulous creations such as this one for little girls. This grand model has twice the customer feedback online from highly satisfied customers with over 1,000 reviews. It is offered in toddler and little kid sizes and available in fourteen solid colors and mixed patterns. The most popular color for school in this style is white. The wonderful Daphne shoe includes a T-strap closure that is so easy to take off, put on, and adjust. It has flex grooves that are deep for the most flexibility in movement, and the traction is superb because of the rubber outsoles. This incredible sneaker has a delicate little flower of the same color as the shoe on the closure strap. The buckle and strap are very sturdy and long-lasting, and this ideal shoe includes a padded collar. The upper is made of a high-quality leather material for the best comfort level and all-day support.

Because these cute shoes come in so many color variations, you will want to get more than one pair for your child. They go with almost anything she will wear formally or casually.

What We Like About It
We love this simple decorative closure on these adorable shoes! The little tiny flower on the strap just set the whole shoe off, but the closure is so easy for kids to maneuver themselves.

Cost and Value
Just below the average price, these Keds for girls get their value from the cute design, top-quality rubber and leather materials, and the unique and easy T-strap Velcro closure.


Features a rubber sole and foam footbed

Comes with a T-strap closure

Has flex grooves that are deep

Includes a padded collar

Upper is made of high-quality leather


Sizes may run small and narrow

The leather upper did not clean well for some parents

3. Reebok Classic Leather

Available in fifteen various bold and bright colors, the Reebok Classic Leather Shoe includes a soft leather upper and a durable rubber sole. The black model is most useful for school and formal event purposes, and this outstanding shoe is offered in just little kid sizes.
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Reebok has been making running shoes and other types since 1895, so their brand is one that is reliable and suitable for everyday wear. This excellent shoe has terrific support, comfort, and cushioning for long-term use. The EVA midsole has a die-cut making it lightweight and comfortable, and the outsole is constructed for high abrasions and durability.

Reebok has been around a long, long time making great shoes for every age in the high-quality style that we all depend on. Their trusted reputation speaks for itself and is backed up by grand products like this one.

What We Like About It
It is a Reebok model – what is there not to love? These classic shoes for kids have a huge range of bright and even neon colors for everyday purposes and the solid black for school and formal events.

Cost and Value
This is the most average in price among these school shoes for kids. You know it is top-quality because of the Reebok name, plus the numerous choices of colors and the fabulously comfortable materials used.


Available in fifteen bold and bright colors

The black color is used for formal wear and school

Has a leather upper and a rubber sole

Features terrific support, comfort, and cushioning

EVA midsole is lightweight and comfortable


A few people said the sizes were a bit off – had to reorder

The shoe tongue was long for some kids

4. Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane

Stride Rite has more than 85 years of experience in making top-quality shoes, such as these Claire Mary Jane shoes that are perfect for little girls to use for school. Made just for girls in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes, they are made of soft comfortable leather and durable tough rubber. This outstanding model is long-lasting, versatile, and offered in three solid dark colors of black, navy, and brown.
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The collar is padded for comfort, and the outsole is made of rubber, flexible, lightweight, and non-marking. Such an outsole provides great traction and support. These superb Mary Jane shoes can be put on and taken off easily by the child or the adult because of the easy closure. They have a simple Velcro strap for quick adjustments, and the insoles are made of cushiony memory foam. These are easy to keep clean, as most soil just brushes or wipes off with a damp cloth.

The simple closure of this shoe model will be much appreciated by parents and children alike. Kids will love that they can put them on themselves without problems, and parents will like their kids having some independence.

What We Like About It
Products are only as good as the materials they are made of and the craftsmanship that made them. These ideal shoes are top-notch in both of these categories according to customers.

Cost and Value
On the higher end of the price range, these adorable shoes for girls come in a wide range of sizes, have an easy durable closure, and is made of top-quality materials for comfort and stability.

Made of comfortable leather and sturdy rubber

Outsole provides traction, flexibility, and support

Company has more than 85 years of experience

Has a simple Velcro strap

Insole is made of cushiony memory foam


Colors may fade quickly

The overall quality disappointed some parents

5. New Balance KX624 Uniform

These splendid uniform sneakers from New Balance include a cushioned sockliner and textile lining. They also have an all-rubber durable sole and an upper of comfortable leather.
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The shaft is about two inches from the arch, and they are perforated to provide great ventilation in the shoe. The stitching is long-lasting and strong, plus the tongue and collar are padded for longer wear. They come in solid black and solid white for school purposes and are offered in little kid and big kid sizes.

While some customers had very active kids who seemed to wear the stitching right off of these shoes, the craftsmanship of these is quite durable and reliable. They are built tough for school purposes.

What We Like About It
Shoes with padding in the tongue and collar are needed for kids to wear all day long at school. They will be so comfortable with these because of the extra care from the manufacturer.

Cost and Value
These fabulous shoes from New Balance are a bit above the average price, but they are worth it because of the strong stitching, padded tongue and collar, and the cushioned sockliner.


Includes a cushioned sockliner

Is perforated to provide great ventilation

Stitching is long-lasting and strong

Has a padded tongue and collar

Offered in little kid and big kid sizes


Some parents said the stitching does not last long

A few complained of the sizes being larger than normal

6. adidas Performance Stan Smith J

The Stan Smith Tennis Shoe from Adidas has been a popular court shoe since the early 1970s. It is a dependable model that is perfect for everyday use with a shaft that is low-top from the arch. It features an inside lining of terry and breathable mesh in addition to the antimicrobial OrthoLite sock liner that will absorb moistures to limit odors.
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This incredible footwear provides fantastic traction because of the rubber cupsole and comes in big kid sizes. Eleven different colors are offered including solid white and solid black for school use. It is perforated on the sides for wonderful ventilation inside and has a thick all-rubber sole for cushion and flexibility. The wonderful Stan Smith model includes the adidas logo on the tongue and outsole and has strong laces and eyelets that are long-lasting. This reliable adidas product is made of sturdy rubber and full-grain leather materials.

The company of adidas has been crafting this amazing model of shoe for almost fifty years straight. That longevity tells you of its top-quality, need, and loyalty from adidas buyers.

What We Like About It
Kids must wear their school shoes more than any other type of shoes when classes are in session. Because of this, they must be comfortable to wear such as this model with the perforations for great breathability.

Cost and Value
Because of the adidas name and the high-quality of the model, these are the most expensive shoes on our list. They are valued also for the excellent features of the cupsole, sockliner, and full-grain leather.


Inside lining is terry and breathable mesh

Has an OrthoLite sockliner to fight odors

Has been created and popular since the 1970s

Is a dependable model perfect for everyday

Is perforated on the sides for ventilation


Sizing can be a problem

Some said the logo faded in their shoes

7. Stride Rite Cooper Lace

Offered in solid black or solid white for casual or formal wear, the Stride Rite Cooper Lace Sneaker is a perfect shoe for school. Made of leather for the upper and rubber for the sole, it includes the well-known logo on the tongue.
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This is the classic style of a lace-up sneaker with strong laces and a mesh lining that is breathable. It features a pull-up loop to make dressing easy with a good grip, and the footbed is padded for extra comfort. Available in sizes for toddlers, little kids, and big kids, this wonderful shoe made just for boys has an outsole that gives great traction.

Comfort is built right into these wonderful shoes. They have a cool mesh lining, perforated sides, and a padded footbed that will allow kids to wear them for hours and hours.

What We Like About It
For those kids that prefer a lace-up shoe, this is one of the best on the market today. It has durable laces that are strong and reliable for those that have mastered the ability to tie them up.

Cost and Value
Below the average price, the Cooper Lace from Stride Rite is worth the cost because of the breathable mesh lining, padded footbed, and strong build from the manufacturer.

Comes in solid black or solid white

Is the classic style of lace-up sneaker

Has a mesh lining that is breathable

Features a pull-up loop for easy dressing

Footbed is padded for extra comfort


Did not last long for some children

Some parents claim that the wide sizes were narrow

8. French Toast Cole Oxford

These French Toast Cole Oxfords include an outsole with excellent grip and a heel that is almost an inch thick. This is an Oxford shoe model with a wide Velcro strap on top and strong tonal stitching all around.
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The helpful Velcro strap makes putting on shoes simple and easy. These include a rubber sole and a leather upper and a pull-tab to make pulling them on easy. Perfect for school or any formal occasion, they are offered in little kid and big kid sizes.

Oxfords with a Velcro strap have got to be one of the best models possible for boys. They not only look fabulous, but they are extremely easy to fasten and adjust as you need.

What We Like About It
Outstanding in style and appearance, these Oxfords will match your child’s school uniform or formal wear well. They have a professional quality about them that is simply stunning.

Cost and Value
These Oxford shoes are one of the more economical shoes on our list. They are valued for their professional appearance, easy Velcro strap, and durable tonal stitching.

Includes an outsole with excellent grip

Includes a rubber sole and a leather upper

Has a pull-tab to make pulling on easy

Perfect for school or any formal occasion

Offered in little kid and big kid sizes


These did not last long for a few kids

The sizes may run a bit large

9. Dream Pairs 160479-K

These Dream Pairs School Loafers for boys are available in nine color variations, but we feature the solid black for school purposes. The design is comfortable, lightweight, supportive, and soft, plus has added support from the cushioned insole.
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The upper is made of DP premium textile material, and the closure is a simple Velcro strap across the top of the foot. This wonderful boys’ school shoe includes a durable rubber non-skid outsole and a padded collar for high comfort. The rounded edges will help prevent falls and stumbles, especially for younger kids.

It may not seem like something that would be very important for shoes, but the rounded edges on these will keep kids from having so many falls and spills that normally happen with more squared-edge shoes.

What We Like About It
For smaller kids, Velcro closures are the best. They can wait to learn how to tie shoes when they get a bit older, as those take some delicate fine motor skills to manipulate.

Cost and Value
These are the lowest in price on this list of school shoes. The terrific value comes from the rounded edges, easy Velcro strap, and the highly comfortable feel when they are worn.


The design is comfortable and lightweight

Has added support from the cushioned insole

Includes a durable rubber non-skid outsole

Closure is a simple Velcro strap across the foot

Includes a padded collar for comfort


Velcro was too short for a few kids

Some smaller kids found these to be heavy

10. Deer Stags Stadium Bottom

Offered in three standard colors, the Deer Stags Stadium Sneaker includes a one-inch heel and is available in sizes for little and big kids. Deer Stags is a well-known company for shoes since 1929, plus it is family owned and operated for three generations.
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The PU outsole of this great shoe is durable and flexible much like a sneaker, and it does not have laces or Velcro straps for the closure. This terrific stadium sneaker has twin gores for a flexible secure fit and a sole that is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. It provides extra comfort with the padded collar that decreases irritation and rubbing on the heels and can be used for both casual and formal wear. The toe stitching is run-off and stylish, and this amazing shoe features a seam that is butted and a leather upper.

The good reputation of a company means a lot when you are trying to find a new brand. Deer Stags has a very long standing in the shoe business because they started out almost ninety years ago.

What We Like About It
Kids will not have to fuss with laces or Velcro straps with these shoes. They have terrific elastic gores on each side that will stretch to let the foot in and out of the shoe when dressing.

Cost and Value
Costing below the average for these shoes, these Deer Stags are valued for the gore closures instead of laces, leather upper, and the wonderful reputation of the maker.


Available sizes are for little and big kids

Family owned and operated for three generations

The PU outsole is durable and flexible

Has twin gores for a flexible secure fit

Can be used for both casual and formal wear


The soles looked like a plastic material to some people

A few were disappointed with the overall quality

Criteria Used in Evaluating the Best School Shoes for Kids

Top-rated and most-purchased items

This buying guide highlights the best school shoes for kids that manufacturers currently are offering online. We choose only the top items in a category to put in our informative guides for your shopping pleasure. We only want the best for our families, just as you do for yours. Our helpful lists will show you all of the best choices in one terrific place. The school shoe that has the most reviews is the Keds Daphne T-Strap shoe, and the shoe with the highest rating from customers is the Reebok Classic Leather shoe. Consumers are overwhelmingly pleased with these two selections and the other eight shoe models on this list.


Although some customers claimed that their kids went through some of these models rather quickly, they are the best shoes that manufacturers have on the market right now. Like we said before, children can be quite hard on shoes because they run and jump in sometime unfavorable places, such as mud puddles, rough sidewalks, or gravelly areas that can tear shoes apart. The stitching on these kids’ shoes is top-quality and sturdy meant for extended wear on kids. The other materials of the leather and rubber are long-lasting as well. Any of these fantastic shoe models should last kids at least five or six months of everyday wear, depending on the care from the user.


Made of only the best materials, each one of these models is constructed with superior craftsmanship. Only the highest level of rubber, leather, and mesh materials were used to create these highly durable shoes. Everyday shoes must be trustworthy because they need to be worn every day for school, church, or other formal functions. Kids can be quite harsh on shoes because the feet are not always in the most ideal situations. The high-quality of these great shoes is a reflection on the great producers who created them.


Kids today want to wear the shoe brands and styles that are the most popular and the ones that are currently trending. All of these great shoes for school come from the top name brands of today. We feature products from Adidas, Merrell, Keds, Reebok, Stride Rite, New Balance, and Deer stags to name a few. These are long-time manufacturers who have decades of experience in making shoes that are popular, fashionable, and stylish. Your child will be glad to wear any of these terrific models to school and any other formal setting.

Cost and Value Section

Stride Rite, Adidas, and Merrell have the most expensive shoes here with the vast majority of the others being priced under the average. Because of the huge variance in prices, it is wise to consider the brand names when looking at each item. The more popular brands will, of course, be the most expensive. These higher-priced shoes throw off the average range quite a bit. We list the value base for every item here in its own Cost and Value section for your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can both girls and boys wear the shoes that do not state one gender or the other?

A: Yes, for the models that did not specify gender, it would be good for both sexes to wear them. Boys will not want to wear the styles for girls, such as the Mary Jane model or the Daphne T-Strap, but girls could wear some of the boys’ shoe models quite comfortably. Girls and women often wear boys’ and men’s shoes because they have a more comfortable fit. Male shoes are often wider, so they fit women and girls who have wide feet very well. If your little girl has wide feet, then it would be advisable to get a model that was intended for boys for the best fit.

Q: Do these come in other colors than just the black for school uniforms?

A: Yes, almost all of the models were offered in other colors that could be used for normal everyday wear. Some even had bright neon colors that would match regular casual clothes. If the shoes are comfortable enough for wearing all the time at school, then it would be a great idea to buy another pair for the child to wear with his or her regular wardrobe in a favorite color.

Q: What is the most common complaint of these shoes online?

A: When it comes to clothing, shoes, or anything that must fit the body, sizing is always the biggest problem. Especially when ordering items online, trying them on first is not an option. The sizing issue is not a reflection on the manufacturer because customers for the same model complained of the same shoe is too big and too small. The only way this is possible is that the sizes do not match the size that the child normally wears, or the parents ordered a size up or down. It is best to order the size that the child wears to avoid returning the shoes. If they then do not fit, you will know which way to go on the sizing chart – up or down. Buying a size up or down only creates a bigger problem if you are wrong. For then, you do not know which size will fit and may have to return the various sizes several times.

Q: Which shoe did customers like the best and which one has the most reviews online?

A: The Keds Daphne T-Strap is the most reviewed shoe with over 1,000 reviews, and the Reebok Classic Leather shoe has the highest rating of all models from consumers. These are the best of the best that customers would overwhelmingly purchase again for their children.

Q: What is the best way to clean these shoes for school?

A: You would have to follow the manufacturers suggestions for cleaning the particular brand and model that you purchase, but in general, most of them should just wipe clean with a damp cloth. Most of them have leather uppers, which cleans fairly easy of mud and dirt. It is possible that they can be machine-washed and then air-dried, but it is best to follow the instructions that come with the shoes.

Q: Are these shoes more durable and long-lasting than regular shoes, or will they perform just as normal shoes would?

A: This really depends on the types of shoe you compare them to. With the grand manufacturers we feature here, it will be hard to impossible to find shoes with better endurance or quality because these are the best. Customers have rated them according to how they performed for their kids. These top producers put their all into making these ideal shoes that are perfect for formal wear, such as school uniforms.


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