Step2 Canopy Wagon Review: A Durable & Convenient Ride-on Toy

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We like

Designed in water drainage

Smooth ride, very comfortable

Seat Belts for safety

Will carry two children

Lots of extra storage space

Removable canopy

Easy to assemble

We don’t like

The wagon will need a parent to assemble it before it can be used, not a big negative but be aware.

How it works

Take the children out in a wagon for a trip during which they can be safely seated, have refreshments in cup holders close at hand. See everything around them as the wagon moves along being pulled by Dad or Mom. This offers children a very safe entertaining way to go out and explore while having fun and having their own personal space within the wagon.

Step 2 offers a secure and safe environment in which two children can enjoy entertaining trips, the wagon has plenty of storage capacity for drinks, toys and other items that need to be brought along for the adventure.

A very stylish and solid overhead canopy not only gives protection from changing weather but it also has three roof-top storage compartments, if the weather is comfortable, the canopy can be taken off.

Children will really appreciate this wagon for the full adventure and high entertainment value while parents will feel comfortable in knowing their children are safe and having a lot of entertainment and fun. Parental control is very good via the self-adjusting pull-handle, tall or short this is an easy wagon to control, the wagon is under total control and the children are enjoying a great sightseeing trip.

Due to a highly innovative swivel wheel system, the wagon is quick to safely respond to direction changes while the kids are secure and Mom/Dad is in full control. None obtrusive seat belts ensure safety and the wagon is fitted with drainage so in the event of unexpected heavy rain, your children are safe under the canopy, any rain that might get into the wagon is immediately drained out.

Take your children for a fun wagon ride, and expect to hear them say “When can we do this again?”

Safe, comfortable, a protective child-friendly design, this highly functional wagon will be appreciated by both children and parents.



The design offers features which are very functional, two toddlers sized comfortable and durable seats which allow a child to move and retain stability. The seat design offers nice depth and space for children to move their legs without feeling restricted. The leg well includes efficient designed in drainage so that in the unlucky event that water has fallen or got into the seating area, it will drain away so that children do not end up with wet feet. A well-designed storage compartment is built-in beneath the rear seat, the seat lifts via hinges to reveal a lot of storage space for drink cartons, toys, packs of wipes and other essentials.

The overhead canopy is made from strong child-friendly molded plastic measuring 31” x 17”, perfect protection against direct hot sunlight or rain so children are very well protected while also gaining a sense of personal space. Two round and one square storage compartments designed into the top exterior of the canopy and offering very good carrying capacity for a good range of extras. For those medium days when the weather is nicely balanced the overhead canopy can easily be removed.

Two sturdy seat-belts are built in to ensure safety for children and within convenient reach from the seats are two cup holders where children can safely stow a drink carton. The construction is very sturdy and stylishly designed and built to carry up to 75 ILB’s in weight. This appealing wagon is great for trips outdoors, good carrying capacity for toys and other extras and the swivel wheels ensure that is easy to maneuver.

Stowing the wagon for storage or putting into the car is very easy, folds up very easily, then just detach the carry handle and put it in the trunk of the car. Assembling is super quick, the wagon fits and clicks together securely and when your children are safely in their seats, the pull handle will naturally adjust to a comfortable height so you will be fully in control, the handle grip area is contoured to ensure a good firm handhold.


As with all products for children, safety is number one, all materials used in the construction of the wagon are none toxic.

The safety designs in this wagon include a contoured seat to accommodate children comfortably, seat belts to ensure children ride safely. This model incorporates a protective overhead canopy to block harmful rays from the sun on hot days and keep the rain at bay during rainy moments.

Parents have full control over the wagon to ensure safety for children and control speed and direction through an adjustable toolbar, the multi-directional swivel wheels comfortably allow a quick change of direction to avoid bumpy surfaces. The structure ensures that even if the wagon rolled over, the children are seated safely within it and held safely in place by seat belt systems.

Safety has been given high consideration so that all surfaces and angles on this model are beveled and not sharp to avoid accidental cuts to children. Safety is evident throughout the design of this wagon and children can enjoy themselves without any chances of injury.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

The wagon allows all-around vision so that the children can see the world while they are pulled along in the wagon. Extra storage compartments mean that favorite toys can be brought along and played with. The wagon is designed structurally to ensure that children are placed within a protective environment while they play or take in the views.

If it starts to rain, this is an adventure for young children and they are protected from the rain via the overhead canopy, sitting facing each other the children can safely play and interact. It is cheerfully entertaining for the children to be able to see mom or Dad pulling the wagon along for them and the swivel wheel system allows quick effortless changes of direction while the parents stay in full control of the wagon.

Children love play space which gives them ownership, and while seated in the wagon this is their personal entertainment space, it belongs to them while at the same time they can clearly see everything around the wagon, it is a constant reassurance that the parent is always in-sight. Designed in a bright color, giving lots of seating and play space, any child will feel really happy and entertained while they travel, take in the sights and plain in their own personal wagon. All children will like the fact that the wagon allows storage room to bring along toys and refreshments. A trip out in the wagon offers high entertainment value for young children.


Socialization within families is a building block for the concept of family life, it should be at the very core of all families. In this modern high technological era parents try to balance the use of high technology with standard developmental needs for young children.

The Step 2 wagon gives so much to a family unit, brings the family together for a prolonged and positive social interaction. The family organizes a trip, perhaps an afternoon in a nice local park, the children are happy and excited, they are going out with Mom, Dad or perhaps both. They see the wagon being prepared and this is exciting, they see their treats being prepared for the trip and then they are dressed for fun out in the wagon. The whole family is working in unison towards a social purpose. When the family is out, the wagon is the centerpiece of the families social involvement, the children are moving safely through a stimulating environment, they are under the control of their parents while not feeling controlled. The wagon is a safe comfortable environment from which they can see everything around them and interact with their parents.

The concept is simple yet important, the wagon is in fact a toy which transports children and the use of the toy bring together the whole family, the family is working together and having fun through positive interaction.

These moments are very special in the lives of young children, they are happy, they are having entertainment and fun, they are in a learning mode which is tinged with happiness, these are positive family moments which create happy memories. All this is achieved through a four-wheeled child's wagon, there are not many toys or things which can bring the family together socially outside of the family home but this wagon certainly qualifies for a positive social experience for children.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

For ease of use let’s consider the parents and the children. For the parents the wagon is easy to prepare larger than life toy, it is packed with positive easy to use functionality. The wagon easily folds up for trips where the car is needed to get to a nice location. Fitted with compartments, it gives very good carrying capacity so that refreshments and other essential items can be brought and the parents do not need to carry these, they are hands-free and can focus on the children.

Ease of Use is tops in that a parent can easily pull and control the wagon, it is light enough to move around yet heavy enough to give good safe stability. There is no need to worry about the weather because protection comes with this product in the form of a canopy which gives very good shelter. Only a heavy-duty rainfall could cause problems, hot sunny days or moderate rain and the children are protectively sheltered.

Ease of use for safety is perfect, the children are within a protective environment, safe comfortable seating further supported by seat belts, they are safe and easy to protect. The wagon offers a system which means wherever the parents go, whatever direction, the children automatically come with them and it gets better, the children are having fun socially with Mom and Dad.

Ease of use for the children is that they simply seat themselves within a toy which they like, refreshments are close at hand in the cup holders, extra toys are available in the stowaway compartments. The parents are close at hand, the children are able to look around and enjoy wherever the parents take them and they can play and socialize together with each other, the seating arrangements are smart, the children sit facing each other, they can interact.

The design of the wagon initially seems simple, a frame, two seats, four wheels and a pull bar for the parents to move the wagon. Yet, it is much more, so much creative design has been thoughtfully applied to make the wagon very easy to use for the whole family.
Logic Use

Logic Use

A go-anywhere wagon so long as the terrain is reasonable, the functions are to provide entertainment and fun within a protective toy, children can be safely transported while taking in the sights and can even bring toys along to play with. Ideal for day out trips in parks in which excited children can explore safely, or trips around the streets where children can safely observe everything.

This wagon functions logically for carrying two children safely, provide storage space for toys, drinks, snacks, and other items. The design is functional in the way that the wagon gives a sense of freedom, comfort, and exploration and yet the parents remain in full control of the wagon, it only goes where Dad/Mom want it to go and only at a speed controlled by them, good logic use. A great logic is that children can go out in different types of weather and are protected while also being comfortable and having fun.


This wagon has a lot of creative, comfort and protection thought put into the design to make it very versatile. The wheels system is controlled via a set of durable and robust swivel wheels which react quickly to any direction in which the wagon is pulled. Further versatility comes through the wagon being usable in different weathers, even in light rain, though do avoid driving rain coming down at an angle. In the event waters get into the wells of the wagon it will be quickly drained out via two efficient drain holes.

The seats are molded to a design which is secure while allowing ample movement for children if parents want to take the wagon out in a car to a park, the wagon can fold up, the pull handle will slot into the base and the wagon can easily be transported. Because of the durable materials used in the construction and the high level of controlled maneuverability, this wagon is very versatile, while children remain comfortably and safely strapped in their seat.

This wagon is one of a kind in ensuring your little one’s comfort, unlike most wagons in the market; this comes with footwells making this among the best wagon for toddlers. Comfortably molded seats with belts and durable materials make this wagon a must-have. Versatility is evident in the easy to use adjustable pull handle and the secure hand grip which works for ensuring a solid comfortable grip at all times.


This sturdy and attractive wagon is made from a compilation of plastics, for the parts of the wagon which are the frame and carry a higher stress load the structure is thick durable molded plastic with beveled edges to ensure young fingers meet a smooth surface rather than a sharp edge.

For the seats, we see a strong durable nicely shaped plastic seat which will resist the transmission of vibrations to ensure comfort for children. The seats are constructed from a plastic which will not split, bend or splinter so this is a good safety feature for children Synthetic materials which are very durable are used for the seat belts to ensure protective reliability and lightweight plastics for compartment covers. The tires are a dense durable rubberized material which gives good traction on different types of surface and reduces the transmission of vibrations.


The wagon is constructed from very durable plastics, the plastics are molded as units and this means they do not fall apart or break easily. The wagon wheels are also made from very durable materials so they can deal with a lot of wear and tear.

This type of product is a long term investment, not weeks, not months but many years. Reviews about this type of product show parents commenting that many years later the wagon is still fine. Still functional and still liked by their children even though those children have grown beyond being toddlers. It is the memory of the family fun gained on many occasions, and just like the actual durability of the product, these positive memories are also durable and very long term.


With comfort, safety, and enjoyment being the key factors offered from this toy, children will gain hours of pleasure exploring from the safety of a wagon which is very child-friendly. The wagon is brightly colored for child appeal and clear visibility to others. Comfort is incorporated into the seating, the deep wells for tons of leg space, the protective canopy for different weathers and the ability for parents to be in full control while the children feel they have their own special space from where they can take in the sights passing by them.

This type of product has exceptional durable longevity and will give many years of entertainment and pleasure for our young children. Not many large toys have the ability to bring the family together for enjoyment and pleasure and this wagon delivers in every positive way.

Price Range

The price for this high performing and child-friendly product sits around mid-range and is a very good investment in children for enjoyment and pleasure.
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