Why You Should Take your Child to the Theater Once a Month

Children can learn a lot from going to the theater. Here are the reasons why you should take your child to the theater once a month.

Children were exposed to the theater more years ago before the world of electronics took over. Parents probably worry that a night at the theater could be boring or the child won’t like it. Parents shouldn’t worry about wasting their time or their money, whether it’s the movie theater or a theater with a play, there are always good things and bad things that could go wrong but most kids love a good play if it’s geared to stories they have heard like Christmas stories. Christmas plays are always fun for kids and so are movies that kids aren’t going to be afraid of. If the movie is about their favorite character, then by all means, when your child can sit still long enough to watch a movie at home, try a movie theater. Here are some reasons why you should take your child to a theater once a month.

Theater teaches life lessons

It could be a life lesson or a history lesson, but your child is going to learn something from what they see in the show. If they enjoy the music, get the soundtrack and see if your child can learn the music from playing the soundtrack for them when they ask again.

Actors portray real-life people

There are many shows that can help your child relate to things they still don’t understand. If your child is a teen, they might learn something about their sexuality. No matter what age your child is, theater can help them find out more about themselves and possibly what they want to do with their future. If your child is having trouble relating to the show, it still can be fun because it’s a new experience. If your child can relate to what they are watching, this could be a life changing moment for them.

Kids might get interested in acting

There are children that decide to become actors after watching the shows for years. This could be a hard life to choose and your child might be considered different because they aren’t following the family norm. If your child is happy, then it’s all worth it. People don’t realize that the world of theater is a large world, and there are plenty of jobs that you haven’t even thought of.

An escape from everyday worries

How many times have you went to a good movie and escaped for those few hours without worrying about anything? If you have teens you know that their lives are full of drama and stress. Going to the theater can be a great reality escape and so can being a performer in the show. Today the seats recline and let one relax and they are beautifully cushioned. This alone should turn off their minds for a while so they can enjoy a different world.

Art appreciation

It’s important for young children to learn about the arts because it teaches them empathy and compassion. They also gain a new willingness to try things that are new and a bit different in life, and also are facing their fears. When a child tries something new, they are facing their fears of failing. You can then take them and move up towards ballet, operas, art galleries, and book signings. This makes them feel more grown up as they proceed up the ladder of art appreciation.

Developing imagination

Taking your child to the theater at least once a month can help them with developing their imagination. Could you picture a life without using your imagination? How boring that must be for a child who isn’t exposed to using their minds to create something. “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, says a great scientist by the name of Albert Einstein. If Einstein could use his imagination and develop the theory of relativity by looking through a mirror, just think what the possibilities are for your child. When your child actually decides to become a participant in theater, they will learn discipline, memorization skills, co-operational skills, gain more confidence and learn how to speak to the public. These are all skills that can be used later in life for college and work opportunities, even if they did learn this from their work in the theater.

A break from devices

How exciting it would be to have a child pouring over “Variety” instead of blasting away at a video game. Most parents are probably giving this a second thought and thinking yes it would be refreshing to see their child off of their devices and interested in the next theater outing. Make some rules if you do attend a performance on a monthly basis and one is no phone during the show. There is nothing more important at the moment except watching the show that can’t be dealt with later. In case of emergency, mom or dad can have their phone set on vibrate in case something goes awry while they are out at the theater taking their child for a cultural event.

Everyone enjoys the theater

Kids of all ages enjoy going to the theater and that includes adults. If there is a good play coming to town or a school play that is selling tickets that sounds fun, take the family. The kids will probably enjoy it because they can say hi to their friends and you can acknowledge the other parents and if your child in a performer, this will even be more fun for the family.

Performing is great

When your child is an actor or actress they can play anyone they want to play during the course of their career if they try out and get the part. Your child might start out being a rabbit or a tree and eventually have the lead role in a play in high school. All kids who like to perform enjoy performing because they learn how to get lost in their character, learn that person can be going through some of the same things they are and in general love the clothing they get to wear. In addition, this is a great boost for their confidence and they learn how to work with other performers.

If you are on a low-income budget and there are plays in your community, many times they need ushers and the perks are your child or other family members can go for free and watch plays. Thespians are extremely humble people and also very talented. These are the best kind of people to introduce your child to so they become as humble, amazing and talented as the Thespian community. The more you expose your children to the good people in life, the more they pick up on the key personality traits they adore about others and discard the traits they dislike about the negative people they have met. Kids have the minds of a sponge and that sponge is constantly absorbing everything just like the minds of a child should. There is not too much that gets past children so that’s why they are full of questions and in the world of theater, they will be asking you loads of questions so be prepared to answer.