When is the Right Age for Kids to Start with Singing Lessons

Parents, do you know when is the right age for a kid to start with singing lessons? Read all about it here on Borncute.

Parents should try everything they can to have their child experience as much as possible when they are little. They can start to expose them to sports, dance, skating, the arts, music ballet, and just about any class that is offered for your little one. What about voice lessons? Some children are interested in singing and if their parents notice they have a strong sturdy voice and can carry a tune, why not check it out. If your child is outgoing and not afraid to speak up in public, they might just be a great candidate for singing lessons.

If parents are thinking about music lessons for their kids, most times they may check out voice lessons because it may seem that their child loves to sing. Some parents think their children should start as young as three to four years old, but in all actuality, voice lessons are not suitable, successful or appropriate for kids this young.

When to Begin

The best time to start voice lessons is when the child’s voice is more grounded and that is when they are going through puberty. It’s the same way as wine becomes a wine becomes fine with age. Vocal quality and tones change with age and continue to change through each different phase of the person’s life. Once the child hits puberty, this is when they will succeed more using an instrument.


Puberty starts at different ages but closer to 11 and 12. This is when most children’s voices go through drastic changes and are influenced by hormones. Boys voices start to sound deeper and more mature. They start to sound like a man and this is the right age for a boy to begin voice lessons when they start to sound like a man. A girl’s voice also becomes lower and they begin to sound less like children and more like an adult’s. A girl’s voice is always higher than a boy’s voice. This is the right age for a girl’s to take voice lessons. During the teen years, a woman’s voice generally becomes lower. Listen to them talk and when you notice the change, this is a good time for them to sing.

Younger Kids

Younger kids might love singing, but focused lessons using different vocal techniques can be very hard on young kids because of vocal cords that are not developed. In addition, small children don’t understand what a music teacher is saying because they are not mature enough to have a strong sense of being. Younger children should start piano first so they can build a stronger foundation for a musical future. They learn this by studying notes, sight reading, music theory and working on their music skills. This will be a great help when they are ready to start voice lessons because this is what starts to build a strong foundation for them.

Some teachers believe that there is no correct age to start voice lessons but there are other ways of teaching vocal techniques and exercises. A child’s voice keeps changing so there are different techniques that are proper to teach a child at different ages to keep their voices healthy and in good shape.

After Puberty

Vocal cords are mature by the age of 18, but vocal development never stops for the duration of a singer’s life. This is why it’s important to keep practicing with a vocal coach as long as the singer is interested in singing. The most important part to focus on is the diaphragm for breathing and supporting the voice and the stance and posture of the body. This is where younger children have problems understanding a vocal teacher.

The Real Right Age to Sing

The very successful singers start training early on in life. If they are taught correctly through the developmental years in their life with their vocal cords, the result will be rewarding and beautiful. This is why there is really no correct age if you have the right vocal instructor who understands the development and maturity of structured lessons. This means at every age, different techniques must be taught in order to create a beautiful and long-lasting voice that will be remembered forever.

When a child reaches puberty they should sing lightly and never loudly. There have been many who have sung improperly and have ruined their vocal cords for life. Many of the famous musicians have had to have surgery on their vocal cords to hit the higher notes as they have aged and sang in many smokey bars and venues. Smoking has been banned in almost all places but there are still many who have had their chords ruined from excessive drinking and smoking. This is really up to the parents. If you can find an instructor who will work with your child and structure their lessons so they develop their voices as they grow, by all means, you should invest your money. Otherwise, start with piano lessons and wait until puberty and see where their voices take them and if they are still interested in voice lessons.

Pubescent Males

Males are different and for them to reach their full potential in range, a male should sing low, middle and high notes using their lower chest, mid-range using the middle chest and upper soprano uses the head register. This is the register that is forgotten quite frequently in a male with a changing voice. This is also the most important register to sing to keep the range high in the future. This is how boys make a healthy transition to mature vocal cords. The male in puberty should not sing too loudly or softly, just the right tone like the females their age. Kids at this age of both genders develop a natural vibrato and will find their voice eventually. This means the voice should be natural and not a manufactured sound by the instructor.

Parents can decide what is right for their child when it comes to voice lessons. It’s your money that you are investing and voice lessons are not cheap when it comes to choosing a well-known instructor. Your child will let you know if they are interested so for now just rest and wait until you both are ready.