10 Best Toddler Travel Beds & Portable Air Mattresses for Kids in 2019

When traveling the last thing a parent wants to worry about is finding a bed that suitable for their tiny toddler. When having your own travel bed with you, parents won’t have to worry about their toddler falling out of a bigger bed instead of a toddler bed meant for them. We came up with a top ten list of the best toddler travel mattresses that we know parents will love. We are sure you will find one that will match your families style and your little one will peacefully sleep during those traveling nights.

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By Jessica Mentzer:

Traveling toddlers beds make it easier to travel with kids and also provides them with everything that they find familiar. Taking a travel bed along with you on any adventure with a toddler is a great idea. We have created a list of the best toddler traveling beds. The list provides great beds with detailed criteria of each. All of the sections have been updated and reviewed.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Toddler Travel Beds & Portable Air Mattresses

When coming up with our top ten list we needed to make sure we found nothing but the best of these mattresses for our list. We looked at everything from style, how easy these were to store, how easy these mattresses are to clean. We also looked at reviews and looked at all customer feedback including what was positive and what was negative. We carefully considered the materials that each mattress was made of making sure that there were no materials that could be harmful to toddlers.
We wanted to make sure that toddlers could also easily get in and out of these mattresses but without the fear of them rolling off in the middle of the night. Some of the mattresses on our list don’t even make noise because of the material that they were made which are perfect for those children who have some sensory issues come night time. We are sure whatever mattress you are looking for you will find one with our top ten list.

Suitable for Toddlers

Bedding options that are suitable for toddlers must be the proper size, able to fit well with sheets and blankets of crib- or twin-size and be safe and secure. These requirements must be met for a good night’s sleep for the child and the parents. Each of these items that we feature is perfect for young kids because they were created specifically for them. Most fit crib-sized sheets and blankets and can support the usual weight of a child in the toddler-age range. Some of the mattresses come with a raised edge or guard rail to prevent the kid from unexpectedly falling off of the mattress and hitting the floor. This edge also provides a security zone for the child so they feel safe. They can simply reach out to feel this raised section to know that they are still safely tucked into their bed.

Transportable (Deflate or Fold)

One of the most-desired features of portable sleep equipment is that it be very easy to transport and handle. All of these items meet that condition very well. They are lightweight, flexible, and can be compacted into easy-to-carry parcels. The air mattresses can deflate and inflate quickly, especially the ones with electric pumps. These can fold into small packages for storage and travel. The foldable options, such as the foam-sectioned mattresses, compress into neat bundles for convenience. Most come with storage or carrying bags to make them care-free travel items. Because they do not weigh very much, these mattresses make great sleep options that can be carried onboard airplanes, buses, and trains to be used at the destination point. Even kids can tote most of the bed options we list here.

Comfort Level/Easy to Use/Durable

Durability is a necessity of a portable mattress because it will probably be used quite often and by children that may not be the most kind to it. Toddlers have plenty of energy and they love to jump on inflatable or spongy things, so these mattresses must be able to withstand some amount of abuse. A few of them come with patches or repair kits for that occasional blow-out when it is least expected. All mattresses here are very easy to use, set up and take down. As far as comfort for transportable beds, these bed options are the best that purchasers liked and wanted to tell others about. Kids should be quite restful and snug on any of these mattresses because they have been created for children at their unique comfort-level, size, and body shape.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Concerning the portable folding cot, could a 4-year-old flip out of the bed? Does it have a bar or something in the middle for support? Is this support uncomfortable?

A: Yes, a toddler could flip out of this cot. It is best to wedge it between beds or against a wall to provide some boundaries. There is a support bar in the middle of the cot. There were a few complaints from purchasers concerning this, but overall toddlers were comfortable with the support bar.

Q: For the LUCID Folding Mattress, does it keep its shape after many uses? Is it latex-free?

A: Yes, reviewers say it does hold its shape and firmness after many uses. Yes, it is a latex-free product.

Q: Can the pillow be removed from the Intex Built-In Pillow Air Mattress? Does it come with a carrying case?

A: No, the pillow cannot be moved or adjusted on this mattress. It is made into the product. Yes, it does come with a duffel bag to transport it. The mattress folds up rather compactly and fits in the duffel bag that has a shoulder strap.

Q: Is the AeroBed Air Mattress for kids good for a 6-year-old?

A: Yes, this is the perfect size for a child that age. One reviewer said that even an 11-year-old slept on it comfortably. It can hold up to 150 pounds and it has raised edges to keep the child in place on the mattress.

Q: Are the pillows included with the Kids Floor Pillow or is it just the cover? If the pillows have to be purchased separately, which size should be bought and how many?

A: As the description states, the pillows for the cushion part of this mattress/lounger are not included. This is just the cover that you put the pillows in. Each section has a zippered area to put one pillow of your choice. It takes five pillows to make the entire mattress. These can be any size, but reviewers say that the firm, queen-sized pillows are best. These can be bought cheaply at dollar stores.

Q: Can the Trifold Folding Mattress be used as an extra cushion for a cot?

A: Yes, it would be ideal for an extra layer of support on a folding cot. These don’t usually come with much support for the back, so this would be a great solution.

Q: What size sheets would the Trifold Mattress take and does it make any squeaking noises when you use it?

A: The sheets that fit this mattress best are twin-sized sheets. No, it does not make any noises when you sleep on it or roll over on it. It is mostly air mattresses that make these noises which can be quite bothersome at night when you are trying to sleep.