Best Baby Beach Tents Reviewed in 2018

A beach vacation sounds so relaxing. Fun in the sun, sand and salt water is a dream come true. Add a baby or toddler into the mix and it can become a nightmare. Babies should be protected from direct sunlight until they are at least six months old. No parent wants to deal with a sunburned toddler. Slathering on sunscreen every hour can be difficult. Young babies do not have sweat glands so they can overheat easily. Providing them with cool shade on a hot day can help prevent heat-related health issues. These top ten beach tents are here to save your beach day.

Sunburns are no fun, especially for babies and toddlers.  Each beach shelter on our list has material that is rated at least 30+ UPF. With a baby beach tent, you will get a shady respite from the hot summer sun and a great place for baby to take a nap. The tents on this list will grow with baby into toddlerhood and some of them far beyond. Your family will thank you for making sure they are well shaded during your beach vacation. These tents are perfect for a day trip or a week-long trip to the beach. They will also work if you live near the beach and need a daily use shade structure. Each tent we have listed will be easy to carry down to the seaside with your chairs, towels, and sand tools.

Take a look ahead to find the best tent to meet your family’s beach day needs. Some of these tents are great for only a baby or a toddler while others work well for a growing family or a mom who needs a cool private place to feed the new addition. You can even find a shade tent that will provide some extra protection from the elements if you get caught in a rain shower during your beach day. These tents can be used as shade structures in your yard, at the park, at a local festival, or during a camping trip. Be a hero today, and find the best sun shade for your family!

10 Best Baby Beach Tents

1. Pacific Bay Lil Nursery

The Pacific Bay Tents Lil Nursery Tent gets our top spot. This tent is easy to transport and set up for a day at the beach. It pops up quickly and can be easily put back in a convenient carrying bag.
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It will protect your little one from the elements and allow you to keep a close eye on them. This is the ideal place for a nap or a respite from the hot summer sun. This fun children’s tent will allow you to stay out on the beach all day long with your family.

Pacific Bay has packed this little shade spot with features to make a day on the beach fun and relaxing. It is rated at UPF 30+ for super sun protection and has mesh windows for ventilation and bug protection on a hot day. This little dynamo is sized at 3x3x3 feet, so it is the perfect size for a toddler or two. The floor is waterproof for quick diaper changes and easy clean up from wet little ones. You will have a great beach day with this pick.

What We Like About It
This structure is easy to put up and take down with the two included tent poles. The mesh windows on the sides are at ground level so you can see your little one playing or napping from the front and two sides. The mesh screen on the front velcros in place for easy comings and goings, and it has tabs that hold it in place when not in use. It comes with a carrying case for easy storage. This shade spot will make your beach day a success!

Cost and Value
This Pacific Play sunshade is the most economically priced on our list. It is the only tent that has ground level mesh windows allowing you to see baby from three sides. This feature alone is worth the price.

Easy to transport

Easy to set up and take down

Big enough for more than one toddler

Bug guard mesh screen included

Easy to see your baby inside the tent through the mesh windows and door


The mesh windows do not have additional covers

Not intended to be used by older family members

2. Schylling UV Play Shade

Our number two pick is the Schylling UV Play Shade, it is perfect for a day trip to the beach or an afternoon at a sunny park. It is easy to transport and set up. This is the best shade tent if you want compact privacy.
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You will be able to take the kids down to the beach and stay for the entire day. You can have a picnic and the kids can take their afternoon naps in the comfort of this shade tent.

Schylling created a winner with the Play Shade. It is an instant pop up tent with waterproof flooring. This lovely tent is rated at SPF 50+ for superior sun protection. It is equipped with a large mesh back window for ventilation. These are just a few of the benefits of this great play shade. Your family will be happy with this shade structure.

What We Like About It
This tent can provide complete privacy for feeding or a calming nap environment. The front flaps fold down and the back window has a roll-up cover. This product includes tent stakes and strategically placed sand pockets to anchor it down on windy days. It is the perfect place for your little one to hang out at the beach.

Cost and Value
Schylling has priced their Play Shade competitively. It falls within the midrange of prices on our list. The privacy features and ease of use make this tent a great value. Buy one for your beach day today.

Ability to anchor tent on windy days

Complete privacy when the flaps are shut

Pops up and tears down in seconds

Big enough for mom and baby during nap or feeding time SPF 50+


No bug screen on the front; No side ventilation

3. Lightspeed Clip-Up Privacy Feature

Are you looking for a larger space that you can share with your baby? The Lightspeed Outdoors Sun Shelter is a perfect choice. It is easy to use, taking less than five minutes to set up and take down. This structure offers privacy when your kiddos need a nap.
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It is also perfect for mom and baby to use during feeding time. This shade structure comes equipped with cross ventilation windows for extra hot days. You will be able to enjoy the beach with your growing family for years in this sun shelter.

The Lightspeed Outdoors Sun Shelter will easily exceed your expectations for a sunshade. This tent is extremely durable with fiberglass poles and a poly oxford floor that is kid and dog-friendly. The flooring is puncture resistant so Fido can run around inside and little Johnny can bring sticks back to play with. This is the largest tent on our list coming in at 4 feet deep, 4 feet high and 7 feet wide. It also comes equipped with guy lines and includes stakes for windy days. You will be blown away by all of the features and your family will be able to stay comfortable for the entire day.

What We Like About It
This shelter comes with three mesh ventilation windows with retractable covers for comfort and privacy. This tent also includes an extend porch so baby can be in the sun, but avoid the scorching hot sand. The porch can also be clipped up to create a fourth wall for privacy. This sunshade will be your best buddy on the beach for years to come.

Cost and Value
This shelter is at the top of our price range for this list. Its value can be found in its size and durability. The fold up porch adds tremendous value because it allows for privacy and safety on a hot sandy beach. Several reviews state that it has been used for years of fun in the sun. Lightspeed has created a fantastic family friendly shelter.

Super durable exterior and flooring materials

Three ventilation windows for adjustable comfort

Bonus fold up porch

Included stakes and guy lines for safety

Patented side-pull hub system for easy setup and take down


It may be too big for some

It is bulkier than other choices when stored

4. Picnic Time ONIVA Manta

The ONIVA Manta Portable Pop-up Sun/Wind Shelter takes our number four spot. This tent is super easy to use for a family with their hands full. The ONIVA tent is compact enough to carry and super quick to set up.
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It provides low profile shade and wind protection to keep you and your baby comfortable. This shade structure is a colorful way to mark your beach spot because it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You will have the most fashionable and shady spot on the beach!

Your beach spot will be ready in seconds with this quick pop up design. Just open carrying bag that the tent comes in and it will ready to pop open. It will only take minutes to put it back down at the end of your fun day. The ONIVA Manta has a super sturdy fiberglass frame and polyester shell for durability and shade protection. It comes with a built to last lifetime guarantee, proving that you will have years of use with this shelter.

What We Like About It
This is the perfect place to lounge with your baby. It has a built-in ground barrier to keep you off of the hot sand. The ventilation window in the back zips open to provide a cool breeze on hot days. If you are looking for a simple set up and take down this shelter is your friend.

Cost and Value
The Built to Last guarantee makes this sun and wind shelter a perfect value for your family. It is near the top of our price range for this list. The benefits of a waterproof floor and an easy to set up design more than makeup for the higher price point.

Includes a built to last lifetime guarantee

Super quick pop up design

Waterproof floor

Ventilation window

Big enough for the whole family


Folding it down takes some extra time to learn

No front flaps for privacy

5. Monobeach Pop up Portable

We have selected the Monobeach Baby Beach Tent for our number five spot. This Monobeach design is fantastic for keeping baby cool and comfortable. This shelter is very versatile and offers great protection from the sun’s damaging rays.
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It will also protect you from the summer sea breeze. Monobeach has outdone themselves with this beach shelter. You will be pleased with the features this tent offers your little bundle of joy.

This tent is equipped with a pool feature that will keep baby cool on a hot day. You will simply need to dig a small hole and fill the pool feature with about one and one half gallons of water. You and your baby will have a splashing fun time at the beach. There is a rear ventilation window to keep the breeze flowing and ensure that the water stays temperate. This is the perfect choice to keep your baby entertained and cool in the shade. No need to try and brave the seaside with your baby they can have their own little oceanside party with this tent.

What We Like About It
If you don’t have time to dig a hole and fill a pool, simply remove the pool and baby has a shaded sandpit! You can simply bring along a bucket to assist with digging the pool hole and filling up the pool feature. The versatility this shelter provides will make any beach day with you little one a success. You will want to keep this fun tent around for your next baby or pass it on to your friends.

Cost and Value
The removable pool feature this tent offers make it a great value. The Monobeach tent comes in at a middle price point and couldn’t be a better value for the features it provides. It is a great value for a cool and comfortable baby shelter.

Baby can splash the day away in the pool

50+ UV protection

Quick setup

Includes tent stakes

Use the provided carry case for easy transport


Use only for 0-3 year-olds

Using the pool feature requires extra set up time

6. Zomake Automatic & Instant Setup

Our number six choice is the ZOMAKE Pop-up Tent. It is big enough for the entire family. Mom, Dad, toddler, and baby can hang out in this tent to have a break from the sun or a quicksand free meal at the beach.
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It is super easy to set up and stays cool on a hot day. This ZOMAKE shelter will have you relaxing on the beach in no time!

This shelter offers a 360-degree view when the windows are open! Caretakers will be able to see the little ones playing the day away in the shade. This tent has two doors, a mesh skylight, and two windows to offer ample ventilation on hot days. Your family will be able to stay cool and relaxed in this structure. The doors and windows have mesh bug screens that fold away when not in use. Bug bites are no longer an issue! ZOMAKE thought of everything with this family friendly creation.

What We Like About It
The exterior and flooring are water resistant to keep you and baby dry during summer showers. It is super easy to set up and includes durable fiberglass poles and sturdy Hogan Hook tent stakes for years of use. You can close all of the windows and doors for complete privacy if you need to change a quick diaper or nurse the baby discreetly. This shelter will stick around as a beach day staple for many years.

Cost and Value
The price point is on the higher end of our list. The features included make this tent a great value. You can protect baby from the sun and bugs while still having a full view of their playtime. Peace of mind has no price. This shelter provides great bang for your buck.

Ample ventilation

Mesh bug guards for window and doors

360-degree viewing, you can see baby from all sides when the windows are open

Waterproof exterior for protection from summer showers

Super easy setup


Can be difficult to sweep out sand because of door zippers

Takes extra time to learn how to fold it correctly

7. FBSport UV Protection Pop Up

FB Sport Beach Tent comes in at number seven. This tent is super portable so you can take it anywhere. It is also very easy to care for.
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It can keep you cool in the shade on a hot summer day. This structure also provides ample sun protection. The FBSport tent is a great beach day option for your family.

This tent can offer you 100% privacy with its zip front door flaps. It is rated at 50+ UPF for superior sun protection all day long. The rear ventilation mesh window is at ground level so you can easily peek in at baby during nap time or playtime. This sun shelter meets the beach time needs of a growing family.

What We Like About It
The FBSport shelter will fit 2-3 adults. It will fit your baby as they grow into a toddler and allow you to join them in the shade. Your entire growing family will have a place of respite from the sun. It comes equipped with a front porch to keep baby safe from the hot sand when they are having fun in the sun.

Cost and Value
This model is priced at the lower end of our list. The porch, privacy, and ventilation features make this a great value for your beach vacation. You should buy one today.

Quick pop up design

Interior storage pockets

Front porch

Door and window flaps for privacy

Handy carry bag included


Folding the tent can be difficult at first

No bug screens

8. Babymoov Anti-UV UPF 50+

Our number eight pick is the Babymoov Anti-UV Tent. It is a great design for your infant as they grow into a toddler.
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This small shelter is a perfect hang out on a sunny day. It offers a safe play space in the hot sand. Your little one will be so excited to have a place all their own!

This shelter protects your little one from 99% of harmful UVA/UVB rays with a 50+ rated anti-UV coating. This little shelter pops up in seconds and is easy to fold back down into its carrying case.. It is also super easy to transport with the included carrying case. It weighs in at only 1.5 pounds so it will not be difficult to bring down to the seaside. It also includes a bottom cushion for comfort that makes this structure the ideal space for nap time. This is a great shelter for a baby that needs some personal space to nap and hang out on a sunny day.

What We Like About It
This play tent comes equipped with mesh flaps to protect from bugs and provide ventilation to keep you cool. It is the perfect size to put a baby bouncer in to keep your little one entertained in the cool shade. This product is also backed by a lifetime warranty so you will have years of use. This shelter will make your day at the beach a success.

Cost and Value
The price point for this fantastic shelter comes in at the middle of our list. It is a great value for its size and features. Baby is sure to have a fun day at the beach in this tent.

Easy pop-up design

The cushioned bottom is easy to clean

Mesh covers for openings to keep bugs out

Powerful sun protection

Comes with tent stakes for windy days


Can be difficult to fold at first

Not big enough to share with older children or adults

9. Genji Instant Up Pop Up

The Genji Instant Pop-Up Park and Beach Sun Shelter is a great choice for your beach day fun. It provides ample shaded space for your family to relax for the entire day.
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The ventilation features will keep you cool on a hot sunny day. It is easy to set up and take down at the end of the day. This shelter will make your beach day a success!

This shelter will instantly pop up when opened, making set up a breeze! It comes equipped with two mesh windows and a center zippered back flap for superior ventilation. You and baby will be cool and shaded in this shelter. It is the perfect choice for a growing family.

What We Like About It
Genji created this shelter with durability in mind. It is equipped with strong wire to keep the tent steady in strong winds. The wire frame is coverd in a durable nylon material. It comes with a carrying bag and large plastic tent stakes to keep it steady on a windy day. This is a great place for a young family to hang out on a beach day.

Cost and Value
The mid range pricing will keep your wallet happy. This shelter’s pop up design and durability offer a great value for the cost. You won’t be disappointed with this value.

Pop up design

Made from durable materials

Lots of ventilation for hot days

Room for a growing family

Tent stakes and carrying case included


Need to practice putting it away

No front closure

10. WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up

Our number ten pick is the WolfWise Easy Pop-up Beach Tent. It is quick to assemble, so you can start your fun day more quickly. This structure offers great ventilation to keep everyone who wants shade cool.
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The visibility features will make you feel comfortable leaving the baby inside to play or for a nap while you sit just outside in the sunshine. It is equipped with features to keep it from blowing away int eh wind. This ten will also protect your growing family from rainy weather. This tent is a great choice for a day at the beach or the park.

The WolfWise sunshade will make your beach day a breeze. This product has both front and back doors in addition to side windows for ventilation. It is easy to set up with a pop-up design. WolfWise made sure to make this product stable for windy days. It comes equipped with sand pockets, tent stakes, and guy lines. This is the perfect shelter for a sunny day.

What We Like About It
The ease of use is fantastic with the WolfWise sun shade. This design includes two poles that are not connected along the bottom making the tent easy to sweep out as needed. The multiple windows and doors allow for visibility so you can keep an eye on your little one. You and your prescious baby will stay cool in this shady oasis.

Cost and Value
This product hits the midpoint of our list’s price range. The structure offers many great features such as stability and exceptional ventilation to make it a fantastic value. The WolfWise shade structure will be money well spent.

Superior sun protection

Includes sand pockets, tent stakes, and tie ropes for stability on windy days

Closes up for complete privacy

Has a front porch design for safe play in the sun

Ventilation on all sides for hot days


Take down can be a bit difficult

No mesh covering for doorways to keep bugs out


Keeping baby safe is a number one priority for new parents visiting the beach. Our ten best baby beach tents do just that. They all offer superior sun protection and a cool shady oasis for your baby to hang out in for the day. These tents are a great value and they will keep your wallet happy.

Sun protection is key for young babies and toddlers. Sunburns on small babies and children are very dangerous. The more you are sunburned in childhood the more likely your child is to get skin cancer as an adult. Young children also need a place to get out of the sun and cool down. With a baby beach tent, you won’t have to leave the beach to give your little ones a much-needed sun break. You can bring some snacks with you to the beach and spend the entire day playing in the sand and ocean.

Our list offers you insight into the best sun shelters around. The key features to look for in a sunshade are the sun protection factor, the ease of use and proper ventilation. These key features will keep baby safe on your family’s beach day. We hope this guide helps you find the best baby beach tent for your growing family.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Baby Beach Tents

Sun Protection

We made sure that each tent on this list offers a minimum of 30 UPF protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The majority of the tents also offer 98 or 99% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. You can rest assured the baby won’t receive a sunburn in these shade shelters, as long as they are positioned out of direct sunlight. You will still need to put sunscreen on your little one so they do not burn when they’re out of the shelter or if sunlight creeps into the shelter.


We made sure all of these tents were made using durable materials. The majority are made out of nylon ripstop material for years of use. The tent poles are also very durable with the majority of the tents using very strong fiberglass material to prevent breakage. You don’t have to worry about your tent poles snapping or the material fraying when you take proper care of your beach sun shade tent.


No one likes a tent that blows away in the wind or one that will not properly stand up. We made sure that every tent on this list contains features to help it stay put on windy days and to stay up throughout your beach day. These features include tent stakes, guy lines, and or sand pockets for helping to weigh the tent down. The tents with multi-part poles all have locking mechanisms so the pole will not collapse during your fun day. These stability features

Easy Up and Down

Setting up your space for the day it’s no easy task with babies and toddlers in tow.  we made sure that each tent on this list has easy setup features like automatic pop-up and easy fold down.


Proper ventilation is key when you have something that will have people inside and it is hot outside. If your tent is correctly ventilated you should be able to catch a nice sea breeze and allow any accumulated heat to escape. It is extremely dangerous for an infant or toddler to overheat. Each one of the tents on our list has ample ventilation to ensure that your baby can relax play and sleep in comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these tents be used in other places than on the beach?

A: Yes, each one of these tents is extremely versatile! They can be used as a backyard sun shelter, as long as they are taken down when not in use. You can use them inside the house for fun indoor adventures.  

Q: Can these tents double as a rain shelter?

A: The intended use of these tents is as a shade structure. Some of them do have minor rain resistance, but they are not intended for camping.

Q: What’s the best way to keep my tent from blowing away?

A: The best way to keep your tent from blowing away is to follow the directions included with your tent. Each tent comes equipped with guy lines, sand pockets, and or tent stakes to help keep it stable.  if you get caught in an extra windy day you could also put your picnic basket, your baby’s bouncy seat, or another heavy item inside the tent to help with stability.

Q: Is ventilation really important?

A: Yes you need to keep proper airflow in order to keep baby safe and allow them to have fresh air. Ventilation also assists in keeping the tent cool.

Q: Do I have to put sunscreen on the baby when using these tents?

A: Yes, when you are outside in the sun for extended periods of time you should always use sunscreen to protect from burns. All of these tents are sun shelters, and they all have windows and doors that the sun can come in through.

Q: Will these tents last more than one summer?

A: Yes, even the smallest tent on our list is intended for use by babies and toddlers. These tents are durable enough to last a few years and maybe even through a few babies in your growing family.