Best Rain Boots for Toddlers Reviewed in 2018

Rain boots: Those rubber, clunky things your parents used to make you wear whenever the weather was poor, which you ultimately hated because they were so uncomfortable. That’s the first thing you think of, right? We don’t blame you, rain boots didn’t always have a good reputation when it comes to being kid-friendly and some kids still don’t like wearing them. The good news, however, is that things have completely changed. Now rain boots are designed to be comfortable, easy to put on and pull off and, most importantly, stylish! They’re definitely not the same boots that you remember wearing to school and having to slosh around in all day and many companies have made some vast improvements that will quickly have your children actually wanting to wear their boots, even when it’s not raining out.

15 Best Rain Boots for Toddlers Reviewed 

1. Bogs Classic High Waterproof

Well, it might be a mouthful but we assure you, these boots are pretty legit as far as hopping around in the rain goes.
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Your child will be totally happy with the fact that they’ve got everything you look for in a pair of boots: They’re insulated and lined with super soft material, made of rubber neoprene that’s completely waterproof, and they’ve got excellent tread on the bottom to prevent slipping. Not to mention, they come in a super fun design that any kid will love… Because who doesn’t love polar bears?

These boots feature built-in handles on the sides that enable the boots to be pulled on easily. They're streamlined and not clunky in the least, providing your child with a ton of comfort as well.

What We Like About It
They really are cute, but it’s all the different materials used that we really love. The outside is half rubber neoprene which increases traction and keeps the boots waterproof, while the top half and the interior is all insulation to provide warmth and comfort.

Cute design

Fully insulated

Neoprene rubber keeps the boots waterproof

Excellent tread design

Easy to put on


It can hug the calves a bit tightly making it challenging to pull off

2. Crocs Kids' Handle It

You had to know that Crocs would make the list at some point and ever since they took the world by storm with their all-purpose clogs, their boots have been held to the same high standard.
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These come in nine various colors to suit every child’s favorite and while there’s nothing to make them stylish per say, the colors are vibrant enough to do the job on their own. The side handles make them easy to pull on as well as tug off, and they feature the same great and comfortable fit as the original Crocs, the “Croslite footbed”.

Crocs usually think of everything when it comes to making a satisfying pair of shoes, and they’ve included some cool features with these boots. One of which is the reflective logo on the back that ensures people will see your child in the rain, even if it’s getting dark out.

What We Like About It
These boots are simple but they’re highly effective in the rain and really, any type of weather. They’re fully waterproof and textured to increase traction.


They come from a reputable brand

The price isn’t bad for Crocs

Nine different colors

Easy to get on and off


They’re somewhat of a boring-looking boot design

3. Western Chief Girls Waterproof

This is a more traditional version of rain boots and one that any girl would love. The handles on the sides are a little more pronounced and traditional, but that makes them super easy to pull on.
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The tread on these boots is incredible and will do wonders to prevent slipping and sliding, which makes them great from Spring all the way through the Fall. They also come in 24 different designs, which is nearly unheard of for rain boots… Talk about options!

The insole is removable in these boots which allows your child to customize their own level of comfort. This also allows them to become more of an all-weather boot.

What We Like About It
The easy-on, easy-off handles eliminates the stress that can often accompany rain boots. While minor, you never want your child to struggle when it comes to something as simple as putting their shoes on or taking them off!

Efficient side handles

Twenty-four different styles

Excellent tread on the bottom

Removable insole


The traditional design might take a bit to break in

4. Kamik Stomp Camo

Whoa, 11 different styles for this rain boot! If there’s one thing we know about, it’s how un-cool it can be for a boy to wear rain boots. Kamik knows that too, which is why they’ve designed these unisex boots in a simple but mature way.
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There’s no frills and no fuss, just an option for various colors and an amazing tread design that’s perfect for different terrains as well. These are the kind of boots you’ll want if your child loves walking about in the words or running around on the field after a rainstorm.

These boots are pretty hardcore when it comes to outdoor activities as is obvious by the heavy, deliberate tread that runs along the bottom. However, these boots also feature a moisture-wicking lined interior that will keep your child’s feet warm and dry as well.

What We Like About It
If your family is big on camping or even hiking, look no further. Kamik boots are built durable and made to last through all kinds of trekking.

Heavy-duty tread

Lined interior

Perfect for outdoor activities

Built to last



The sizing isn’t as exact as some other brands

5. LONECONE Rubber Fun Patterns

Here’s another pair of rain boots that are designed in a traditional style but are super stylish. These are great for parents who are looking for a basic pair of rain boots but are looking for boots that their kids will actually want to wear.
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They feature easy pull-on handles but also come in ten different unique and fun designs that kids will absolutely adore. They’re perfect for walks in the rain or even splashing in puddles - They’re so waterproof, no one will even know!

These boots are made BPA-free which is a huge bonus when it comes to kids products. Since they’ll be wearing these boots often, it’s great to know that LONECONE has put safety first.

What We Like About It
The designs used on these boots is so much more than just a basic theme. It’s been carefully chosen by LONECONE and comes from independent artists in Idaho, so you’ll be supporting the local art scene as well.

Supports local artwork


Fun for kids to wear

Decent tread on the bottom



They’re a bit heavier than some other boots

6. Kamik Raindrops

Kamik is also known for their basic rain boots which are much more kid-friendly if your child isn’t really into splashing around in mud puddles. These boots are more simplified by having a somewhat elegant touch, which makes them perfect for older kids.
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They come in five different colors and are great for kids from ages four to 12. The buckle on the side adds a flair of style while the slightly raised heel makes them a bit more wearable with any type of outfit without looking too much like rain boots.

You’ll get the same promise of an incredible tread with these boots as you would with other Kamik boots, without the harsh appearance of an “outdoorsy” boot design. They’re cute, fun, and great for wearing to school or events.

What We Like About It
The sizing of these boots is super specific which is really reassuring to parents. We always recommend sizing up at least a half size, though, just in case.

Five different colors to choose from

Elegant design

Great tread on the bottom

Snug fit

Great for older kids


The fit can be a bit narrow

7. Oakiwear Easy-On Handles

Toddlers can have the perfect pair of rain boots, too, you know! These would make a great starter pair because they’re comfortable, come in 13 different styles, are comfortable to wear without being too heavy and provide pull-on handles.
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They’ll give toddlers a sense of independence while they pull on their first pair of big-kid rain boots and, of course, they’ll look great doing it! Oakiwear has designed a great pair of traditional rain boots here that any toddler will surely fall in love with.

There’s not much to fuss about when it comes to these boots since they’re simple and uncomplicated. That makes them perfect for toddlers who are just getting used to wearing boots for the rain, snow, etc.

What We Like About It
These are the type of boots that kids can have fun in. The outside is full rubber which means they can splash away with no fear of water seeping through or into their shoes.

Easy sizing

Plenty of colors to choose from

Super easy to pull on and take off

Good tread on the bottom

Very easy to wash if they get dirty


They’re fairly stiff and don’t provide much flexibility which some kids might dislike

8. Ska Doo Assorted Colors

We’ve thrown the word “traditional” around quite a bit, but these Ska Do Kids Toddler rain boots really embody it perfectly. The shiny nature of the rubber used on these boots gives that vintage feel which is super cute on toddlers.
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These boots are made very well, fully waterproof, and will allow your kids the freedom to run around in the rain without worrying about getting soaked… From the knees down, that is!

Unlike other rubber rain boots, these have some flexibility to them and aren’t super stiff. That comes as a relief to kids who hate the restrictive feeling of rain boots because of stiff material and can allow for longer wear time.

What We Like About It
These boots are just so simple and we love it. There’s no need to overcomplicate rain boots, and these would go with just about any outfit and be loved by any kid who has a favorite color.

Flexible fit

Good sizing options

Easy to clean

There’s a decent amount of room inside


They can have a strong rubber smell initially

9. LONECONE Easy-On Handles

Unlike LONECONE’s other rain boots, these are comparably much more simplified and are good for older kids. They’re still very comfortable and come with easy-on handles for quick use, they’re just not as busy in the design.
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The treading is still the same and provides superior traction to prevent any potential slipping and will easily fit over any type of pants. They’re a great option for older kids who might not be keen on rain boots for fear of them being uncomfortable.

The cotton lining in these boots does wonders in the way of keeping your child’s feet warm and dry. They’re great for every season and will last a significantly long time.

What We Like About It
These boots will go with just about any outfit which is one of the features that make them perfect for older kids. They’re stylish but functional as well!

Several colors to choose from

Not super flashy

Great traction

The sizing is accurate

They have an excellent cotton lining inside


They can rip easily due to excess wear and tear

10. Stephen Joseph Girls

How adorable are these rain boots? We could totally picture any little girl loving these as her first pair of official rain boots, and that’s exactly what they’re designed for.
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These boots provide a comfortable fit and come in so many different designs that your little one won’t be able to make up her mind. They provide good traction for being a start pair of rain boots and gives kids the freedom to splash around while preventing water from seeping in and ruining the day.

If you have a hard time convincing your little girl how great rain boots can be, give these Stephen Joseph’s a try. We’re sure that she’ll fall in love with at least one of these fun patterns and will eventually fall in love with her boots, too!

What We Like About It
These boots have highly detailed themes that will captivate any child and be the main motivator for wearing them. They’re fun, waterproof, and everything you’re looking for in a basic rain boot.

Many different designs and themes

Comfortable fit

Proper sizing

Bright and vibrant


They don’t have any type of easy-on handles

11. Hatley Girls' Printed

Hatley is a well-known brand that has a solid reputation for providing kids with great outerwear. These boots are a great addition to any child’s collection because they’re made incredibly well and feature a whopping 22 different designs to choose from.
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In addition, you can also purchase the full raincoat set as well, which will correspond to the specific boot style you choose. This is the perfect way to encourage your little girl to wear proper rain gear to keep her warm, dry, and healthy through the rainy months.

These boots feature slip-resistant soles which is something not often seen in boots made for kids. It’s reassuring for both them and you as a parent knowing that their chance of slipping is drastically decreased due to the design of these boots.

What We Like About It
We totally dig the fact that you can pick out an entire matching raincoat, boot, and umbrella set. Hatley really found a brilliant way to encourage kids to wear their rain gear and we’re totally behind it.

Matching outfit to correspond with boots

Solid and comfortable fit

Reputable children’s brand

Slip-resistant bottom

Cotton lining


They don’t have side handles for easy pull-on

12. NORTY Solid & Printed

We feature plenty of unisex rain boots on this list but the NORTY boots are definitely something special. They come in a ton of different styles which makes the super versatile for any child’s tastes, but what really allows them to stand apart is the tread.
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The bottom of these boots features a design that’s similar to a high-traction sneaker, which makes them comfortable as well as efficient. They’ll be able to wear these when it’s not raining as well and will be perfectly comfortable all day long.

If for some reason you or your child are not happy with their new NORTY rain boots, the company offers a 30-day, no questions asked return policy. As long as you return them unworn, there’s no issue and you’ll be free to find another pair that you like better.

What We Like About It
The interesting concept design of these rain boots is what really caught our attention. They’re just one of those pairs of boots that simply looks comfortable and, according to all the feedback, they really are.

Completely waterproof with a cotton lining

Sneaker-like tread for added comfort

They feature a lug sole for increased traction

Many different designs to choose from



The colors might look slightly different in real life

13. Chillipop Pull Handles

With a name like Chillipop, we’re sure we’ve captured your interest already. These boots truly have it all - They’re stylish, fun, and definitely, something kids won’t mind wearing in the least.
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They’re actually designed for active play and all-day wear, which is something that many other rain boots won’t offer. They provide a flexible fit that’s comfortable for your child and won’t constantly be a reminder that they’re wearing a pair of stiff rain boots. The trick is in the design of these boots; they’re a little bit more snug around the ankles to provide proper support similar to high-top sneakers rather than the wide openings that most rain boots leave.

Your child will be free to play around all day in these without a care in the world because they’ll be such a comfortable fit. They also come in some pretty rad designs which will make your child feel super cool while they’re wearing them too.

What We Like About It
The care that Chillipop puts into designing their boots is quite obvious which is what we look for when we find the best products. These boots have been designed to be activewear and keep up with kids who have endless energy.

Anti-slip soles

Built for play

Completely waterproof

Surprisingly comfortable all day long

They come in various fun designs


The handles can be ripped off if they’re pulled on too hard

14. Crocs Bump It

Crocs are obviously no stranger to our list here and if you haven’t heard by now, they’re excellent in the way of comfort and providing a secure fit.
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These boots, in particular, are great as far as all-day wear goes because they’re designed slightly different from most Croc shoes. They’re tailored to fit toddlers extremely well which is why they have such a kid-friendly look to them. They’re incredibly easy to walk around in and provide a bit of structure that some rain boots often lack.

If you’re looking for a pair of rain boots that are crazy easy for your child to put on by him or herself, look no further. These boots have built-in handles that make it easy to pull them on and even take them off.

What We Like About It
The vintage look of these rain boots makes them appealing but not too flashy. They’re cute for toddlers and are really easy to wear which will make them feel comfortable going out and having fun in the rain.

Easy to pull on

Full rubber design

Vintage look

Great for toddlers as a starter rain boot

They come in several different colors


The handles can rip if they’re pulled too hard

15. Kidorable Dora the Explorer

These boots by Nickelodeon seriously could not be any cuter. Any parent who’s familiar with the popular television show “Dora the Explorer” knows how adventurous Dora and her partner, Boots (no pun intended) was.
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These boots are the perfect nod to that and a great way to encourage any child to do their own exploring, even if it’s raining. They have a special feature as well that just adds to the authenticity and it’s in the form of a unique pull-on tab. In the back, kids will find a special little butterfly that will help them pull their new boots on, no help needed!

These are the only boots on the list to give a big nod to a very popular television show and Nickelodeon has designed these with great quality in mind. To take it a step further, they also offer the additional purchase option of a matching raincoat and umbrella.

What We Like About It
When you hear Nickelodeon, you don’t often think of buying merchandise that can function as a pair of every day rain boots for your child. These have been designed to be adorable and fun, but also highly functional and good quality which is exactly why we had to include them.

Well textured treads

Fun theme

They come with the option for additional rain gear

Cute butterfly pull-on tab is helpful

Waterproof and high-quality


You might have to go a size up for proper sizing with socks on, tights, etc.

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Rain Boots for Toddlers

There are plenty of things to consider when purchasing a pair of boots, or any shoes really, for your child. Things such as proper fit, comfortability, price, reputation, durability, and long-lasting materials are only some of the things you think about when faced with a purchase such as this. These are the exact same things that were in our mind when we decided to begin our research for this list, and we didn’t stop until every single thing on it was answered. Whether it’s boots, toys, or maternity products, we’re determined to find the very best of each category and ensure that it’s right for you and your family. Therefore, we’ve included brands that have solid reputations as well as some that you may not have heard of but should familiarize yourself with. This list contains options for everyone in every way, from various styles to fits. We made sure to include boots that would please more than one taste because we know how challenging it can be to encourage your child to wear them on a regular basis.

Additional Factors to Consider: Comfort

It’s hard to imagine that a pair of boots solely made out of rubber can be comfortable at all, but you’d be surprised! All of these boots have been certified effective in providing your child with both padding and support so they’ll be able to walk easily in their new boots. Rain boots, in particular, can often be stiff and frustrating to break in. We know that kids don’t have this kind of patience but also don’t want to be stuck wearing boots that will hurt or irritate their feet. That’s why we’ve made sure to carefully go through each option and figure out which will make your child forget they’re even wearing them. As far as support goes, it’s especially important to find boots that provide plenty of this because they are being used in wet weather. Rain boots should be designed to both grip and protect feet and lower legs from becoming soaked, and this criterion was extremely high on our list. When it comes to high boots, the more support you have around your ankles, the better!

Grip and Traction

Comfort is important but so is traction. Similar to snow boots, rain boots must have the necessary grip in order to help kids avoid slipping and sliding while walking. This is something to consider if they’re wearing their boots to school, since they’ll be going directly from a wet environment to a dry one, often with hard, slippery floors. Rain boots can drastically reduce their risk of slipping while changing terrain and give them much-needed grip that will prevent sudden sliding which can lead to a fall.

Warmth and Protection

You wouldn’t normally associate rain boots with “warmth” either, because that’s more of a winter boot idea. Luckily, rain boots nowadays feature some sort of insulation – Granted, it’s not as hefty as winter boots, but it still offers some solace on a chilly day. This is a great feature to have simply because, in order to keep your child’s feet dry, a boot must be well-insulated, to begin with. Therefore, if a pair of rain boots is insulated, you can draw the conclusion that they’ll also offer some sense of warmth as well. In addition, a child’s feet should always be protected from moisture because feet are vulnerable. The benefit of having good foot protection is that you’ll never need to worry about your child facing things such as a fungus, irritation, or rash from excess moisture seeping in. Proper insulation and protection is an absolute must.


We all ask ourselves the same question: How much is too much to spend on a pair of rain boots? They’re not a necessary item, but they’re also not something useless that should be purchased cheaply. In order to answer this question, we had to compare many brands to see what you were getting for your money and how much those features were averaging. We narrowed it down to every pair of boots that we thought were well worth the money, with varying options depending on style and what your child is comfortable in. Rain boots should always be a good investment but definitely shouldn’t break the bank, which is the median we tried to stay within to provide you with the best options possible.

Style and Appearance

In case you haven’t heard yet, rain boots are in! It’s been a constant ebb and flow with boots such as these and now they’re worn simply for fashion purposes as well as during bad weather. Kids rain boots are designed to be stylish and cute for girls, and tough and rugged for boys. You also have unisex boots that are made with all different types of styles, making it easy for an indecisive child to decide on a pair. In addition to colors and designs, you’ll notice that you have plenty of options as far as how to pull them on as well. Some of these boots feature small handles on the side while others can just easily be pulled on without. Some of these boots even have various tread designs running along the sides to add to the style factor – There’s definitely something for everyone here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I go with rain boots rather than just buying all-weather or winter boots?

A: While that’s a solid option, rain boots are specifically designed to have flexible wear. They’re comfortable and lightweight enough to be worn throughout the year and even when it’s not raining as opposed to winter boots, which can feel clunky, get very hot, and often just be uncomfortable when it’s not snowing.

Q: Does it matter whether you get handles on the sides to help pull them on?

A: That depends on how easily your child wears boots! If they tend to have trouble and struggle with their shoes, then it can’t hurt to have that extra option for them.

Q: What should I look for as far as treading on the bottom?

A: All of the boots listed here have great grip, however, some are better than others. We’d recommend paying attention to the tread first and foremost, but also consider the style and level of comfort that your child needs in addition.

Q: Could these be worn in all types of weather?

A: In the case of a child’s safety, specific boots should be worn for specific weather. For example, winter boots should be worn in winter, fleece or faux fur-lined boots for the fall, etc. While rain boots can absolutely be worn when it’s not raining, we wouldn’t recommend using them to replace heavy-duty weather boots.

Q: What’s the difference between girl’s, boy’s, and unisex boots?

A: Girl’s boots often run in smaller sizes compared to boy’s, and unisex boots have more of a “one size fits all” fit to them.

Q: How long will they last before getting worn-out?

A: That’s all dependent on wear, however, boots (and shoes in general) should try to be replaced every 1-2 years. The reasoning for this is because of wear and tear, but also because your child’s feet will continue to grow yearly.


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