10 Best Kites for Kids Reviewed in 2019

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height!

The kite is claimed as the invention of a 5th century BC Chinese philosopher. Its exact origin is unknown, but China tends to be the most popular speculation, based on the ample availability of necessary materials in the nation. A kite is defined as a heavier-than-air craft, tethered, and possessing winged surfaces that react to the wind. A kite usually consists of three components: wings, tethers, and anchors. The most basic kites tend to be simple primary shapes, such as a triangle or diamond. Often kites possess tails of additional fabric as well.

Kites are a relatively simply toy to learn to use, and a great excuse to get kids up and out there exercising. Easily transportable and generally lightweight, they can travel almost anywhere with the family. With kites designed specifically to interest and challenge various levels of skill, kids can never truly “outgrow” this activity. And with things like stunt kites available on the market, parents also often find kite flying to be a great source of entertainment.

Kites are a fun bonding tool, and a happy opportunity to start interesting your children in the basic principles of physics. Little ones will have all too much fun getting their aircrafts to take off and keeping them aloft, or watching the beautiful colors or silly animal designs flap in the breeze. Below, you’ll find 10 of the most positively reviewed and highest-rated kites available. Make sure those tethers are fastened tight and prepare for liftoff!

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By Amanda Milewski:

We recently updated this buying guide to include a couple of new kites that are highly rated and well-reviewed. In addition, we researched all existing product information, such as construction, materials, cost and availability, to ensure that all is accurate and up to date.

Our Top 3 Picks

Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids
  • Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy To Fly
  • Price: See Here
Hengda Kite for Kids
  • Hengda Kite for Kids
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 31 Inches Wide
  • Price: See Here
Hengda Kite Long Tail
  • Hengda Kite Long Tail
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Flies Steadily
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kites for Kids

Kites can be gifted to anyone for almost any occasion, and depending on the locale, can be used any time of the year! One aspect we had to consider was the variety of kite-flying experiences! What kite fits the personality of your kid or kid-at-heart?! The beauty of this is it can range from the traditional diamond shape with cross-frame, to the frameless beach parafoil kites! When we think of the classic diamond design, we may think of something in plain white with one or two white streamers and a simple old spool of string. Nothing wrong with it, and there’s probably still something like it on the market! But now, there is the same design, but with rainbow colors and rainbow streamers! Or it can have a fiberglass frame and treated ripstop nylon so it can keep it for years and years! It doesn’t stop there! There are animal-themed kites to reflect the landscape! Beach-goers love dolphins and squids and jellyfish!

With 3D technology and engineering, it’s easier than ever to get a high-quality flight-worthy kite! There is both a massive variety of prices and experiences! We made the best choice so that you could make the best choice! And, this is only a beginning! As time goes on, you as the customer, can always find more, improve on the choices and help us to improve on what we can offer!

Basic Research

We all know that we live in a smartphone, Ipad, Android, laptop and desktop society! The idea of being social now has almost become inseparable from the word “media.” Everyone is susceptible to this, but the ones to be the most influenced by it are children. With our world become ever-increasingly convenient and our lifestyles becoming easy and sedentary, getting physical activity and staying sharp mentally are more challenging and effortful. Our natural tendency is to be social–and everyone is going along with the trend even though now it is more likely to be online! Exercise and physical activity have to be scheduled like everything else within the day!

With rates of obesity and depression increasing due to these lifestyle choices, health is becoming a major concern. These are some of the issues that spurred on our research into kite-flying as a simple activity that can possibly counter the negative effects of our fast-paced Internet screen-time culture. In fact, the CDC has reported a direct correlation between extended periods of screen time and depression.

There is almost nothing more simple than flying a kite! It’s something that’s easily shared and can bring focus and purpose to a child’s life! This can be through family bonding–buying a kit and building a kite together, reading the instructions, following directions. It can give the feel of nature by understanding the play of wind and other natural forces. More importantly, it gives direction and focuses to a young mind in an increasingly information-rich and scattered world!

What Determined the Amazing Children’s Kites on Our List

One of the most important aspects of choosing a kite kids will appreciate and love is its ease of flying. It is very important that the flying toys that we include on our list are easy to get airborne, control to stay up in the air, and easy to retrieve. In short, it should be very easy to fly and store.

Next, since airplanes crash no matter how sophisticated they may be, it is expected that kites will experience some errors or failures in flight as well. It is imperative that the kite on our list should be sturdy. We looked for signs of sturdiness and integrity of the structure and overall build of the kite so that should it crash you will not need to buy a replacement.

Speaking of where to buy kites, it is also crucial that obtaining one is easy whether you’re in New York or in some remote village in another part of the world. The point is that these children’s kites must be made available to you and your children anytime you want to order them and from anywhere you may be in the country or, perhaps, even in the world. So, we had to look at ease in ordering, too.

A company’s reputation can speak a lot about the quality of the products that they put out in the market. This is especially true for companies that have been in the business for a very long time. If an organization is not doing it correctly, it won’t last long in today’s highly competitive world. As such, we also looked at the overall credibility of kite manufacturers and then compared it with the general sentiment of readers and users about the product. Plenty of negative feedback doesn’t reflect well on the reputation of a company.

While kites are not really the first pick for toys especially this Christmas, we are nonetheless hoping that our top 10 kite kids will bring some form of guidance for those who would like to buy. Now, the only thing you have to ask is where to buy kites, especially the ones we have listed in here.

Benefits of Flying Kites Among Children

We are all familiar with the annual international competition among kite flyers where everyone gets to showcase their skills both in the design and actual flying of these toys. But what if you are not entering a competition? Is there any benefit especially among children? Here are some of the benefits of flying kites among kids.

  • Encourages physical activity – This is perhaps the most important benefit among kids. At least, they will have to run against the wind to help launch the kite into the air. They will also have to make sure that they have excellent motor coordination and a sense of balance to make sure they won’t trip or fall while launching their kites.
  • Improves social interaction skills – It is entirely possible to fly a kite alone but kite-flying has always been known to be a social activity. By encouraging children to participate in such activities, they get to interact with other children their age as well as adults who are fond of kites, too. These can greatly improve their social relationship skills.
  • Enhances creativity – If your kid will be creating or building his or her very own kite, it will be a worthwhile endeavor. This can help enhance his or her creativity while also extending the limits of your child’s imagination.
  • Fosters mindfulness – When we say mindfulness, it is being aware of one’s immediate surroundings at all times. Kite-flying can help introduce this concept to children as they attempt to fly their kite, be aware of changes in the wind’s speed and direction, and the presence of obstacles everywhere such as trees, potholes, tree stumps, rocks, and a whole lot more. This enhances situational awareness or mindfulness.
The Bottom Line

Kite-flying bonds families. With our top 10 kites for kids, we’re pretty confident you have chosen one to help glue the ties of your own family.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old should my child be to fly kites?

A: There is some variance in difficulty between different kites. Parafoil and dual-line kites are a bit more advanced and typically you might not want to let a child under 13 fly them alone. But the most basic designs of kites can be easily piloted by toddlers under supervision.

Q: Do these kites come with line and spools?

A: Yes, all of these kites include a string and spool.

Q: Do these kites come in other colors?

A: Check each product individually, but almost all of the kites we’ve selected come with several color options.

Q: Where should I go to fly the kites?

A: Any wide open space outdoors and away from power lines will typically do, but public parks are a popular option for those who live in the suburbs or city. The beach offers the best conditions for flying, but not everyone lives near a beach!

Q: Can I fly these kites?

A: You can almost certainly fly any of these kites, but it might more entertaining for yourself if you choose one of the more-advanced versions. You can then let your child upgrade to this more advanced kite when they get old enough and skilled enough to pilot it.

Q: What difference does a fiberglass-constructed frame make to other materials?

A: We want you to profit the most out of your investment in a kite. When you buy a car you want it to be safe and somewhat indestructible. Same when you buy a house or a boat. So why not other things that you put your money into? We all know that crashes are inevitable. With things like cars, boat and houses, when there’s an accident, we have insurance to cover it.

With an item like your kite, there may be a warranty, or you could get a refund within the 30-day allotment. But before we even get to that, why not have the guarantee for security and strength up front. The difference is in durability when it comes to those inevitable crashes. Fiberglass has been used in the aerospace and automotive industries for decades now, and we want to ensure that you receive the same kind of quality guarantee.

Q: What would be the best beginner’s kite for a child?

A: It would probably be the Delta Easy Fly model. All of them are light enough for a child to launch on his or her own without too much adult supervision. Also, the assembly for the diamond designed kites is fairly easy so it can be a team effort between parent and child. The Soft Octopus high flyer has no frame whatsoever, so it just may only require a few steps back on a windy day to set sail. With an easy roll-up function, children even as young as 6 can master and maneuver it with ease.

Q: Are all these kites child-sized or do the dimensions also allow adult usage?

A: All of these kites can be pretty much be used by adults. In fact, it is the opposite that tends to be the case. Many of the dimensions of these kites are long and wide for a child to able to handle and launch all by themselves.

While all of the kites can be considered cross-generational, some may be a little more driven to children, others to adults, and vice versa.


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