10 Best Jogging & Running Strollers for Parents in 2019

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle once you have children can sometimes feel impossible, but when you can take them along for the ride, it makes it all seem possible again.  Jogging strollers make it all possible. It allows runners to be able to get out there and run while still being with your baby. The question then is, “how do I select the best jogging stroller?” We have you covered. We have created a list of the best jogging and running strollers that features the top safety features and best quality ride. Running is a way of life and many don’t want to leave that behind after having children. Below is a list of the best models for you and the kids. So you won’t get left behind.

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By Jessica Mentzer:

Jogging strollers come in so many different designs with so many different features these days. We have created this list of the top jogging strollers with the best features. Each product has been researched and reviewed along with the criteria sections receiving updated information.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Jogging and Running Strollers

To rank all of these jogging strollers from best to worst, we used special criteria. When buying a jogging stroller, you want a durable and lightweight frame so you can continue jogging for years to come. You also want a stroller that stores compactly and easily with no hassle, along with the right tires for all terrain. Using these parameters and other factors, following are the criteria we used to rank the best jogging strollers.

Weight Limit

If you want to buy a jogging stroller, then you probably don’t want your child outgrowing it in a year. That is why we chose the heaviest weight limit as the top strollers rather than the lightest weight limits.

Total Weight

Nobody wants to jog with a heavy hunk of a stroller, that’s why we decided the lighter the weight of the stroller, the better.


Overall fancy features and gadgets are added accessories and, in our opinion, makes a stroller even better. Did you see the one with built-in speakers?


When it comes to children, they do not like cold weather. That is why we ranked weather-resistant strollers at a higher level than those that weren’t.


After you use a stroller you need to store it, right? The strollers with the easiest folding/storage methods and flattest size were the winners in this section.


The fact that a stroller can grow with your child is a must, and if you can’t get a stroller like that, it isn’t worth it. Strollers that will serve your purposes for a number of years were held high on these criteria.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age can a child start to ride in a jogging stroller?

A: This depends on the stroller itself and your child’s development thus far. If your child just learned to hold their head up, maybe a few more months of waiting won’t hurt, but if your child is walking strongly, they are probably ready to go for a ride. If you are unsure, consult your child’s doctor and ask for their opinion.

Q: Are jogging strollers safe for my newborn?

A: As long as your newborn is strapped in and the stroller is the correct compatible model with the car seat, then yes your newborn is very safe. Always make sure your child is strapped in securely and their car seat isn’t loose or falling off and that they are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Q: Do you have to jog with these?

A: Not at all! You do not have to jog when using these strollers, and a lot of people only buy them as a regular stroller just because of the increased luxury and smoothness in the ride. You can use these just for walking in the park, for example, and they will probably last you even longer.

Q: Do they tip over easy?

A: The only time strollers like these tip is when a turn is taken too sharply, too fast. The same thing will happen in a regular stroller, so just watch your speed and turning radius.

Q: Is maintenance expensive?

A: Most issues that will arise from one of these jogging strollers would be as easy as changing a tire. But if it’s a serious problem it will cost as much as an average bike repair.

Q: How long should one last?

A: One of these strollers should last a minimum of two years, but depending on the durability and the condition it is kept in, they could honestly last a lifetime!