Evenflo Pivot Modular Review: A Versatile Travel System

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We like

Easily folded and stowed

Protective canopy

Multiple adjustments for safety and comfortable

Use in the car

Use as a stroller

Durable Cruiser tires

Carry basket

Detachable belly bar

Detachable tray

We don’t like

Some parents felt the frame is wider than similar models

How it works

When it comes to a stroller which is convenient, multi-functional, well designed,  and very comfortable while being affordable, the Evenflo passes with top grades. Parents really appreciate this stroller because it has been designed to fulfill the many different daily functions which are needed. Offered in five appealing color choices, Sandstone, Manchester Tan, Aspen Skies, Rockland Casual Grey, a color for every preference.

Designed to fulfill the requirements for a really adaptable stroller, this model is convertible, it also comes with a car seat and the base of the car seat can stay in the car for future use. There are four-angled different positions to which the car seat can be positioned so you are certain to find a setting for your baby while she/he is in the car.

The base has a carry handle which means it is very easy to install in the car or take out if you need more space. The seat will accommodate a baby/child from a weight ranging from 4 pounds right up to 35 pounds. The top carry capability is 50 pounds.

Outside of the car, this stroller offers convenient performance, thoughtfully designed in comfort and protection blended with nicely designed convenience for use. There are six modes in which the stroller can be used via the multi-positional frame settings. You can even place the baby facing forwards or reverse so that he/she can see you while you are strolling. The canopy is adjustable for nice warm days or to give full protection from the weather.

Fitted with a large secure basket, this means shopping can be stowed away and leave the parents hands free to take care of the babies needs while out and about. This model even has a cup holder which is conveniently designed into the stroller for easy access.

A lot of planning has been applied in the design and functionality of this stroller in anticipation of all situations, maximum comfort, protection, and needs. Something which will appeal to all parents is a highly functional stroller offered at a nice friendly price.



Everyone has those moments where they are sitting or lying down and they just don’t feel comfortable and babies experience the same levels of discomfort.

This is why this model offers a nice range of positions which not only factor in different comfort options but also retain protection. When a baby needs to sleep, the reclining system can go all the way to bassinet base at home, outside or in the car, if the baby is active and attentive she/he may want to be sat upright so he can see the world around. Between the setting, there are more positions which can easily be adjusted to see which position and level of comfort will work for a baby.

The protective hood/canopy ensures that the baby can be protected from strong direct sunlight, chilly wind, light rain and other weather conditions. If the wind or rain is coming from the direction you are heading into, simply and quickly switch the platform around to face you and your child is protected from the elements of the weather.

The design of the frame allows for comfort as it is featured to deny shock waves traveling through the frame and causing discomfort for a baby, the stroller design means that it is a buffer against discomfort, the weather conditions are kept at bay and the overall design of the stroller is designed to deal with accidental knocks without overly jolting the child inside.

The wheels, two large at the rear and smaller at the front for smooth energy-efficient passage, give very good consistent traction and are able to travel over reasonable types of surfaces without sending a stream of bothersome uncomfortable vibrations up through the frame.

The grip area for which the parents uses while pushing the stroller is ergonomic and does not allow for a hand slipping and losing hold on the stroller.

Comfort for the baby is evident in the overall design and features as is a comfort for use by the parents.


For safety the seat has been fitted with a belly bar which acts as a safety barrier, allows your child to hold onto it when needed, a removable tray can be attached easily to the bumper bar, perfect for small toys and a baby sipping cup. With just two button clicks the tray and belly bar can be quickly removed. The detachable tray is a very useful feature and allows baby to have toys safely within reach. A nice safety feature is a window designed into the top of the adjustable canopy, so when the stroller is set to face forward, parents can see the baby through the window.

While using the stroller as a car seat the baby is held comfortably and securely via a secure harness which will hold the baby in the seat in the unlucky event of a car crash. The babies car seat has an adjustable full-size protective canopy, An extra head and back support cushion is provided for very young babies and this can be removed when the baby no longer needs it.

Fitted for safety with double-action brakes which can be activated for each individual wheel and these can be easily applied or disconnected through pressing a foot on the activation/deactivation pressure lever.


Very easy to assemble and settings for this stroller are logically designed to that it can be easily adjusted in terms of portability, for comfort for the baby and use by the parents. Very baby and parent-friendly, a lightweight stroller with a maximum weight of fifty pounds, lightweight and extremely maneuverable.

The stroller offers adjustable hood positions which can be set to match the level of protection needed or not needed from the weather. You even get adjustable heights so that you can adjust this model to suit your height and arm reach. Fitted with cruiser style tires from EvenFlo, the stroller can be used on various types of surfaces with jolts and vibrations traveling up through the frame of the stroller, a nice smooth comfortable ride.

The stroller base can be set for baby facing forwards or facing back so that Mum or Dad are visible for the baby.

The stroller has a spacious basket so that a visit to the store means you can stow away your items securely out of the way. For babies bottle or parents drink, the stroller is fitted with a secure and stable cup holder which is easy to access. For use in the car, this models has an easy to fit car seat base which you can leave in the car or easily and quickly remove after each journey. To ensure babies comfort the car seat system comes with settings for different angles ranging from a sleeping position all the way up to sitting. For long or short car trips baby is going to be very comfortable and well protected.

The designers have put in a lot of features and planning all of which focus on making this stroller not only very protective and comfortable for the baby but also very user-friendly out and about and in the car.
Ease of Use and Functions

Ease of Use and Functions

The functions are impressive and so user-friendly, impressively the toddler’s car seat will convert into a bassinet with a simple quick and easy adjustment, and this allows the stroller to be used in a carriage-mode during those long walks around the local park. The fully reclining seat system produces a carriage by simply tugging on the strap at the rear of the seat, a little push through the different clicks which signal the different seat positions and the stroller becomes a comfortable bassinet. You can easily do this with the seat out of the stroller frame or even in the frame.

For protection, newborn and very young babies who do not yet have full neck strength and control the bassinet setting is perfect while the canopy can be set to offer near full cover, the functionality of the adjustable stroller means the bigger and older the baby there is functionality and ease of use for adjusting the stroller for protection, security, and comfort.

When not in use the stroller can be folded in on itself and easily stowed away at home without taking up much space.
The six different seating functions means that the baby has options for comfort and if you have a baby who likes to see where he/she is going the face forward mode is perfect, if baby feels more secure seeing Mom while about in the stroller the functions in this stroller allow the seat or bassinet to face towards the parent.

The in-car functions are clever, for very young babies, the infant car seat from SafeMax can be fitted quickly in ‘Safe Zone mode” to face the rear of the car, this means safety is paramount, the built-in the anti-rebound system will prevent forward movement if the driver has a fender bender collision. All forward motion is prevented and the baby stays safely protected, this is an outstanding feature for safety.

The infant seat for car use from Sarema is tested and approved for being very protective in crashes which have a side impact and/or when a car might rollover due to an accident. A highly secure belt locking system ensures the seat base and the child are protectively held in place.

The functions built into this stroller offer seriously good protection while maintaining easy use and nice comfort for a baby.


When it comes to versatility, this stroller is leading the race for versatile functionality. It is very difficult to pin down a given function which falls short of user-friendly functions.

Offering in car protection blended with comfort and high performance, safety features for protection in the event a car accident occurs this stroller leans towards positive versatility combined with in-car and out car use.

The protection features, rear or front-facing adjustable seat platform designed for use in the car is a versatile feature which offers comfort combined with safety which is exactly what parents want for young babies.

Protection from the weather is superb and controlled through an easy to adjust hood, versatility is there in a choice of positions extending from a bassinet base right up to a fully upright position.

The dual role stroller for in the car or out and about offers a level of versatility which even extends into the home, if parents are at home and do not want their child in a fixed base cot, they can adjust the stroller into a comfortable setting from laying down up to sitting, the stroller becomes a movable unit within a home environment.

Your baby will like the built-in movable child tray on which you can place little toys for her/him to play with.

Needing to walk to the shops and bring the baby becomes very easy, the stroller has a built-in out of the way basket for carrying shopping and/or extra baby care items.

Versatility for this stroller is all about giving reliable multiple functionalities which are parent-friendly to set up and adjust according to the needs of the baby in different settings such as a car trip or walking outside with a baby while the baby remains very comfortable and safely protected. The overall weight of the stroller is twenty pounds and takes only five seconds to fold up for stowing away. The versatility for use in this stroller is highly innovative, a win-win for babies, toddlers, and parents.


Materials require maintenance and in the case of a baby stroller this means keeping it hygienic, safe, functional and clean. Here are the do and don't s for the stroller with regards to keeping to clean. Do not immerse those working parts in water. A light wipe with a damp clean cloth is sufficient. Metal and plastic parts can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water and dried with a soft absorbent cloth.

Avoid using abrasive cloths, solvents or other cleaning methods, the harness system can be allowed to naturally air-dry, the seat pad can be put through a washing machine using cold water and set to a delicate wash cycle and put through the dry for ten minutes.

Regularly check the systems crotch buckle because this is where dirt, remnants of food or liquid and other types of debris can accumulate and hinder the buckles latching system, keep these areas checked and cleaned regularly. To clean the buckle, place it in a small bowl of warm water and agitate the system to ensure it is working properly, do not yet soaps or detergents in the warm water. While cleaning the buckle in water, avoid getting the harness strap wet.


The materials used in the construction of the stroller are the fingerprints for establishing the durability of the stroller. The materials are highly durable plastics which hold shape and form and are sealed together into a secure unit. Metals are used in the frame where they are needed for strength. All metals and heavy-duty plastics can be washed with a wet cloth and gentle soap. The wheel tires are a strong durable rubber which can reduce vibration and resist abrasion, wear and tear.


Though a high-performance stroller this is not for overly challenging terrains, the four wheels are multi-directional and this can be difficult if the stroller is taken onto challenges. This is great for parks, sidewalks, gravel paths, and asphalt.

The stroller is lightweight, a durable construction, not bulky when being maneuvered, sturdy, protective, comfortable, and versatile and incorporates a nice range of functional features. Through one model you get two functions, a bassinet plus a choice of sitting angles, a seat and the options as using as a stroller or safe car seat.

Price Range

Not in the low price range but not far too costly, the price is balanced when we consider the functions along with extra features and performance. This multiple-use stroller has been put together to ensure comfort, lots of protection, sturdy construction and investment with long functional longevity.

When we invest in a stroller for our baby we want a safe comfortable model which can offer extra useful features and a broad functionality and this stroller delivers on quality along with performance, a good investment for babies.
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