Best Kids Dirtbike & Motocross Gear for Youth Safety Rated in 2019

Have you ever met a kid who isn’t at least a little bit thrilled by the prospect of going faster? Children love to race around, be it by foot, in their ride-along cars, or by bike. If you have a child who’s getting serious about speedy adventures, you’re probably on the prowl for the proper equipment to make their motocross experience fun and safe. We know it can be hard sorting out what all you’ll need. To begin with, we suggest rounding out your resources with a helmet, gloves, goggles, knees/elbow guards, and a vest. Proper boots and a neck brace might be a good idea down the line, but while they’re getting started and deciding how seriously they take their dirt biking, these products are guaranteed to give them the most comfortable and secure ride a kid (or parent!) can ask for!

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We have reviewed each of the items on this page and created a list with the best gear for kids that are riding motocross and dirt bikes from the current marketplace. Each product has an updated status and the criteria sections have also been upgraded.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids Dirtbike and Motocross Gear


Whenever you pass a construction site, you might be more surprised to see a worker without a helmet on than you would be if you saw a worker without a shirt on. Head protection in the workplace is mandatory as well as obvious in its necessity. A serious blow to your head will not only render you unconscious, but it can also make you nauseous and dizzy for an extended period of time and cause short-term memory loss. And then there are the even more serious long-term effects like the tendency towards depression and memory issues. Head protection isn’t an option in the workplace, and it shouldn’t be an option in recreational activities for your children. As obvious as it seems, putting on helmets and other protective gear can be easily forgotten or brushed off in the excitement of getting to ride, and the repercussions of not wearing a helmet are far greater than any parent wants to deal with.


Helmets not only protect your child from falls, but they also deflect rocks and debris that get tossed up when riding off-road. Giving them the added benefit of the shin and spinal protectors, gloves, goggles, and boots will put you more at ease with the rougher aspects of ATV recreation, while also giving your kid a chance at personal expression with all the bright and vibrant colors available for protective gear these days. There is no sure thing when it comes to off-road riding and racing, but provide yourself with professional grade protective gear and you’ll provide yourself with some sense of comfort as you hit the dirt with your kids.


As your child develops physically and mentally, they begin to develop an important personal identity for themselves: an image of what they wish to surface from their interests and tastes. While protection is clearly the most important aspect of these pieces of equipment, it is also important to give your growing child the chance to choose their own look. The development of their own self-definition will help to build their self-esteem and confidence up for the world waiting for them beyond your protection. This relationship between your child and their own image of themselves is very important, if not often discussed. The items in this list are designed to help garner your young adventurer’s sense of self as well as protecting their limbs and organs!


There is only so much control that we can achieve over the world around us: risk is always present and always a competitor with your sense of preparation. It’s the same when it comes to introducing your own child to the world, and the explosion of imagination and energy that your child will produce will keep them pressing at the threshold of what is safe. With equipment like the products presented here, give yourself the satisfaction of defeating risk wherever possible while still allowing your young adventurer the freedom they need to learn how to defeat risk and danger themselves.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I size these items out?

A: Most of these items come with sizing charts or instructions, while other items are designed to be one-size-fits-all. We’ve also included a sizing guide with instructions in our sources.

Q: Can my child wear their glasses under these goggles?

A: Yes, the goggles are designed with enough space for glasses underneath. Some reviewers suggest putting the glasses into the goggles and then putting them onto your child’s face together.

Q: Can I use this gear?

A: If it fits! Some of these products are actually adult products that come with small enough sizes to fit your child, so they are professional grade at any size.

Q: Are these goggles fog-proof?

A: It varies to some degree, but most of these goggles are designed to be somewhat resistant to fogging or clouding.

Q: How long can my child use these products?

A: Some products, like gloves and goggles, are somewhat adjustable because they employ elastic or velcro straps, but are not as size specific to your child. This makes them a bit tougher to fit, but they will work for your child for an extended period of time. Other products, like the helmets themselves, need to fit as snug as is possible and will probably need to be replaced every year or so until your child’s growth levels off.

Q: Are the helmets on the list DOT approved?

A: Yes. All the helmets on the list are safe and DOT approved.


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