10 Best Infant Car Seats Reviewed in 2018

Infant car seats are devices used to transport newborn babies safely. They keep babies secure while they are traveling with their family in a car or truck. There are many different types of infant car seats in the market. Our list includes chairs that consumers like yourself gave them high approval ratings. These infant car seats are modern day styles that feature updates that parents could only dream of back in the day. Many strollers can carry a car seat that snaps on in seconds. But enough jibber jabber, check out our list and see what car seats modern days families are purchasing for their babies.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Infant Car Seats

There are thousands of infant car seats to choose from. Some are built well, and others are terrible. There are many options to choose from; it’s hard to find the right one for your growing family. But sit back and relax, because our list includes the best car seats for babies that will keep them safe and comfortable.

The seats on our list all have a few things in common. We choose chairs that are built tough and are designed for newborns. Some of the infant seats on our list are gender-focused, and others are gender neutral.

Some of the seats that baby girls can use are pink and black with practical little girl designs like flowers and fun patterns. The bright colors and pretty flowers let people know that a particular newborn princess is resisting in her chair. The other types of seats on our list are targeted for baby boys. They are the darker colored seats and have bold, robust designs.

But this is 2018, and parents can put their kid in whichever pattern they want. All of our infant car seats are well-made, strong, durable and have high ratings of approval. Anyone you pick is a winner.

Don’t like shopping? Pick a combo pack. They always match and the modern day designs help to raise a baby a little bit easier. And as they grow, the need to replace their seating arrangements will be fewer with combo packs.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why are car seats important?

A: Car seats are essential for several reasons. One significant purpose is to keep your babies safe. Infant car seats are made so that in case of a car accident, it gives them a higher chance of survival. Car seats never looked like a cool luxury item. But it’s not about looks, and it’s about safety and what is best for little newborns.

Q: Are car seats only for infants?

A: Infant car seats are only for infants. As they grow, they are required to sit in chairs designed for their body size and age. When infants develop out of their seat, they still have a couple more years of sitting in a special seat. They do this until they are old enough to sit in a car like an adult.

Q: What are some of the challenges associated with infant car seats?

A: When car seats don’t sit right in the car is an issue. If the seat is not fastened securely, then parents can’t drive off until they have their kid’s seat figured out. Luckily, many car seats have helpline numbers on them for assistance. The new age seats are supposed to be easy to set up and require minimal support. However, many hospitals are more than happy to help first-time parents put a car seat together.

Q: What are some mistakes parents make when dealing with infant car seats?

A: Not putting the car seat in the vehicle properly is a common mistake. There is plenty of online support to help parents figure out how to put their car seat incorrectly. Parents may try to keep their kid in a chair that doesn’t fit them right, and that will cause issues down the road. Play it safe and put kids in a car seat that suits them best.

It’s not recommended that babies sit in car seats for long periods of time. They can develop a bruise on their lower back if they’re in there for longer than a few hours. It’s best to take babies out of their car seat to let them stretch and relax. At least after every 2 hours when traveling long distances if possible.

Q: What are the things to look for when shopping for an infant car seat?

A: The best quality car seats are the way to go. Check out our list to find the best infant car seats for your precious cargo.

Q: What is the difference between convertible car seats and infant car seats?

A: Infant car seats don’t transform or change into convertible car seats. Convertible car seats can change as kids grow, so parents don’t have to buy another seat too often. Convertible car seats are safe, but they don’t provide the same layer of protection as solid infant car seats. Because they don’t transform, many infant car seats feel more solid and sturdy.

Q: Which is best: infant car seats or convertible car seats?

A: It depends on how each family feels. For some families, convertible car seats are better because it saves a buck. Other families might feel that money is no object and they might opt for the more substantial infant car seat packages.

Q: Why are car seats a requirement in all U.S. States?

A: The US cares for their kids and wants them to be safe. So no matter what, each U.S. has no tolerance policies when it comes to the safety and care of their children. When it comes to kids, all fines tend to double when rules related to them are broken.


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