Eddie Bauer SureFit Infant Car Seat, Graphite

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We like

It is rear-facing with lower weight limit up to 4 lbs

It has side impact protection

It has 5 point harness with up front adjustment

The base is with 5 positions

Infant insert that is cushioned and fits baby in the best possible way

A seat pad that is easy washable in washing machine

It is latch equipped

It is cheap

We don’t like

Plastic structure is durable up to 6 years

How it works

Alongside a stroller and a crib, a car seat is one among the first investments of soon-to-be parents. When talking about car seats, it is inevitable to mention they have their own laws and guidelines which are changing as baby grows. Therefore it is really important to think about what you are looking for and consider the legislation needs, especially at the beginning of your baby’s life.

Most of the parents would know that all of these baby products they must have cost a fortune. When buying a car seat you would surely want to consider the fact that your baby should feel comfortable and safe inside this thing, especially if you are traveling a lot, but you would surely avoid purchasing expensive infant carriers considering the fact that they will outgrow it very quickly. The Eddie Bauer Surfeit infant car seat is one of the most comfortable car seats on the market, with perfect cushioned inside that fits even preemies and it is available for a ridiculously low price.

Its features speak a lot about this product. However, many parents would say that safety is the most important and the reason why they decided to buy this car seat. Unfortunately, there are a lot of expensive infant carriers and car seats that simply don’t have the necessary safety features. So, before you purchase an expensive car seat that will not fit your baby the way you want to, consider the Eddie Bauer SureFit car seat.



The Eddie Bauer Infant Car Seat is a unique rear-facing car seat. It is designed especially for babies up to 35 lbs. The lower weight limit is 4 lbs which makes it suitable for underweight babies. It has side protection and 5-point safety harness. This kind of harness is a must for all car seats. It has a buckle that is simple to latch and unlatch. Since your newborn baby will not be able to hold up his/her head, you will certainly find the baby insert very useful. It is also suitable for medically fragile babies. If you purchase another insert it might be even dangerous if it doesn’t match with your car seat, so the insert that goes with your car seat is completely safe for the baby. Some parents are even advised by pediatricians to use neck pillows but these still cannot substitute the original insert this seat provides.

The good thing about it is that it is removable and easily washable. This car seat also has side protection with deep side walls and barriers that protect the neck, head, and spine in case of side impact accident. The material is suitable to be cleaned locally with a wipe or it can fully be removed and washed in washing machine. The material is soft and cozy. This item weight is 18.95 pounds and has a handle which makes it easy for carrying. The greatest advantage of this car seat is the price and the lower weight limit. The car seat base that goes with the car seat is suitable for any car, easy to be installed and can be set to 5 different positions. This car seat is also Latch equipped with latch storage.


The type of car seat is especially important for premature babies who may be very small or even have respiratory problems. By choosing the Eddie Bauer Car Seat you'll know that your baby is well suited and safe inside the car. It has straps that can be adjusted to the baby’s size. What physical therapists require from parents is to purchase a safe car seat and position the baby properly. Crotch straps must be adjusted to smallest positions. If your baby still doesn’t fit even at the smallest setting of the straps you should use blanket rolls as suggested by a medical nurse or doctor. Please do not use positioning aids that were bought separately because that will only put your baby in danger. The safest place for positioning your Eddie Bauer infant car seat is in the middle of the back seat. An adult must be beside the infant in a car seat to prevent any unwanted situations. You should never place your rare-facing car seat in the front seat of a vehicle to avoid serious injuries or death if the airbags activate. Babies should ride in a rear-facing car seat until they are 1.

However, there are some researches about car sit policy that claim babies should ride in a rear-facing position until age 2. It is the safest option for babies who don’t have proper motor development and are smaller than their peers. In order to protect your newborn’s airway in the Eddie Bauer car seat, you should be very careful, especially in the first weeks of his/her life. You should wait an hour after a baby meal in order to prevent regurgitation. Another important thing you must do is take your trips as short as possible, especially if your baby was born too early. What's scary is the fact that nearly 46 percent of baby seats are installed incorrectly. A poorly installed car seat leaves a baby vulnerable in a crash. So please make sure you hear the clicking sound when installing the car seat on the base.


Many parents face challenges when they have to clean their car seats. It is no wonder because with babies little accidents happen every day. Sometimes from eating in the car, sometimes from car sickness or sometimes while changing their diaper. Cleaning the car seat is an absolute must. If you leave the car seat with stains and don’t clean it immediately, or try to cover it with spray or perfumes it will just not do the magic. You will only be left with more bacteria and germs, so the least you can do is remove the gross spillage at least with baby wipes or clean wipe. If the inside is very dirty you should definitely presoak it. The Eddie Bauer Surefit Car Seat has a removable seat pad that is easily washable in a washing machine. If the damage is not so great you can just use wet wipe with the little beat of soap on it and later set the seat in the air to dry out and eliminate odors.

However, you should make sure you wiped off everything well. When using soap and water make sure the soap is not too strong because your baby touches the covering and pads all the time and soaps with strong smell might irritate their soft skin. It would be best if you use natural soap for this purpose. The 5 point harness the goes with this seat is also easy for maintaining. While cleaning with a rug make sure it is soft and make sure the water is warm because rough rug can damage the polyester surface and too hot water might shrink the material. The machine wash is well explained in the manual so the removable car seat cover will always be clean and ready to hold your baby. Even though local manual cleaning might be easier for you in term of frequent using of the seat, machine cleaning is preferable because if you don’t see any stains on the seat, germs are everywhere so you must make sure it is absolutely clean and fresh for your baby.


Spending a lot of money for a car seat does not necessarily mean that you will get the safest car seat. The Eddie Bauer Surefit car seat is a very cheap car seat model but it works better than many pricey car seats. This model is easy to be installed in any car, it has a base that goes with it so it makes it more safe and easy for use. Installation to the base and taking it out of the base is a very simple process. The cushion support is very soft and holds your baby suited and safe. Most of the car seats come without an infant insert and this one has this feature so it is a great plus for this product. If you are having a preemie this product will be the best thing you bought. It is suitable for smaller babies and you wouldn’t have to purchase any additional features to keep your baby safe and comfortable inside the car. The main outside structure is plastic.

The regular life span of each plastic product is about six years. After that, the plastic might not be as durable as in the beginning. When purchasing this car seat, make sure you see the date of manufacture and instructions. However, besides this fact you will probably use it for your first and second child and if their age difference is less than 6 years you might use it for third child. The inside is what adds to its value and matters the most. The material is polyester and it is very soft and plush. The only thing that might stop you from purchasing this car seat is that your baby will probably outgrow it very quickly, but having an infant carrier that will make you and the baby happy does make difference. You will not regret purchasing this product.
Age range

Age range

Eddie Bauer Surefit Infant Car seat can be used up to two years of age, which is pretty much for an infant carrier. The rear-facing car seats support the head, neck and the spine and are specially designed to stop the crash forces and distribute them across the plastic of the car seat, leaving baby unharmed. It has been proven that babies that ride in a rear-facing car seat are less likely to be injured in a crash. Babies under 2 are just not strong enough to withstand serious crashes without extra protection that the car seat provides. Therefore this car seat has side protection and has an insert infant adding that give smaller babies cushioning safety.

If you purchase car seat with forward facing position for a baby younger than 2 it might result in head, neck or spinal injury in case of sudden stops or car crash, therefore the Surefit car seat is definitely number one. The best feature about this car seat is that it can fit preemies who weigh only 4 pounds, only a few other car seats on the market have this feature. The minimum height allowed is 19 inches and the maximum is 34 inches. But, if your baby’s head is less then inch from the upper part of the car shell, you know it is time for an upgrade.


No matter how much you are amazed by your beautiful baby, how perfect your nursery is or how your delivery went there is nothing as stressful as your first drive home when you are released from the hospital. Having a comfortable car seat, especially if you have a preemie, is necessary and by the way, you will not be allowed to leave the hospital if you don’t possess one. Eddie Bauer Surfeit car seat is a perfect choice. There are many reasons to prove that it is worth having. However, the greatest challenge that parents face is when babies start to move more often and increase their interest in everything that moves when they are about 3 months old. Apart from the fact you would have to tighten the harness, you might use the handle to hang some plush toys to keep your baby amused. Don’t put anything like cell phone, screen or anything else that is overstimulating for younger babies. However, besides these amusements, it is preferable if one of the parents can sit next to the baby on the back seat to make sure the baby is completely safe.
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