10 Best Baby Cribs for Your Infant In 2018

All parents need a sweet, safe space to sing or read their babies to sleep. As much of a staple as cribs seem in our culture, it actually wasn’t until the 19th century that the bassinet graduated into what we look at as modern baby beds today. Due to a misconception that toxic fumes existed below knee-level and the air near the ceiling being highly flammable, families began trying to find a way to place their child in the safe, clean air between. This meant elevating baby’s bed –and with that came a problem. Because as cute and seemingly innocent as infants are, they are also very, very good at finding trouble. And with a raised bed, families faced the danger of babies rolling or crawling out of their cozy little corner, and hurting themselves on the fall to the floor. Even if that distance was small enough that they managed that unscathed, all sorts of sharp objects and obstacles such as stairs presented a safety hazard.

Thus the crib was born. The high, slatted design is meant to keep children from being able to crawl, roll, or otherwise magically find their way into mischief. Cribs today have a whole host of modern features and design elements. Some come with built-in drawer sets. Others are convertible into toddler beds and daybeds. Accessories and attachments are popular add-ons that help encourage baby’s developing brain and senses, according to ongoing research.

We’ve compiled the highest-rated cribs on the market for your perusal. Whether you’re looking for something simple and functional, or stylish (but still safe!), we’re confident you’ll find just what you need amongst the treasure trove of baby beds below.

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A baby crib is a major purchase but one that your baby will outgrow sooner rather than later. That is why cribs that convert to toddler beds or daybeds are growing in popularity. Our panel of parents and experts reviewed this list and we updated it with the best cribs available. Additionally, crib information including specifications, construction, dimensions, cost and availability all were researched and made current.

Our Top 3 Picks

DaVinci Kalani
  • DaVinci Kalani
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Grows with your Kid
  • Price: See Here
Dream On Me Classic
  • Dream On Me Classic
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 3 in 1 Convertible Crib
  • Price: See Here
Union 3-in-1
  • Union 3-in-1
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable Mattress Height
  • Price: See Here

So, let us help you shop for the best crib for your baby this 2018.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Best Baby Cribs

New studies have found that it is important for babies to sleep in their own rooms starting after 4 months of age. According to the article, “Babies Sleep Better In Their Own Room After 4 Months, Study Finds” written by Tara Haelle, Ian Paul, the lead authors of a study in the journal Pediatrics, found that babies sleep for longer periods of time when they sleep in their own room after 4 months of age.

If you are starting the little ones out at 4 months old, why not make it a lasting purchase? That is why a lot of cribs we research are convertible. We try to help you find not only the best crib, but the best bed they will have throughout all growth stages of their lives.

This is why DaVinci Kalani 4 in 1 convertible was top on our list. It passes certified safety standards and is built solid for long-term use. It is a great feeling when purchasing this item knowing it is safe and it is the last bed you will have to buy for them. We look for quality products that are safe for your baby, as well as what is the best purchase for your money and long-term use.

Basic Research

When researching the 10 Best Cribs in 2018, we thought of safety first. Having a new baby can be stressful enough, so we did the research for you to ensure you are getting safe as well as quality-made products for long-term use. All of the cribs listed are nontoxic and have passed all required safety-certified testing. All of the cribs featured are convertible in nature and have top-rated reviews by consumers.

Let Us Help You Shop for the Most Popular

Buying a baby crib and mattress can be overwhelming and time-consuming because there are simply so many to choose from. We know how parents feel, especially first-time parents, and, as such, we have come up with our review of the 10 best baby cribs this 2018.

Our list of the best, well-loved, and highly popular cribs is the product of extensive research based on a review of all the customer feedback as well as first-hand experiences of parents on the different baby cribs they have purchased. We also had to look at the reputation of the crib manufacturer as well as the overall design of the baby crib. Of particular importance is the quality workmanship of the crib as well as the different safety features either built into the crib itself or the choice of materials used in the design and production of the crib.

Babies and Their Little World

We all know that babies are at the most vulnerable stage in their lives. Their physiological integrity is not yet that fully developed. As such, they are more susceptible to a lot of external influences that may undermine their optimum growth and development. And while we all agree that they need developmentally appropriate toys for them to learn and optimize their brain and motor development, it is crucial to provide them with a more secure and safer environment to rest and play.

The baby crib is more than just an oversized bed for babies. For them, it is their home. It serves as their own little world. They feel more secure in it than outside it until such time that they are already able to explore the world outside their crib. For them, the crib is a place where they get warm hugs from their parents and other caregivers. It is the place where they eventually get fed most of the time. It is also the place where they see moving, colorful, and lighted objects. It is in the crib where they had their first encounter of music and sights other than those produced by mom and dad. It is in the crib where they learn to pull themselves up to, first, a sitting position, and then eventually, a standing position by holding onto the rails of the crib. It is in their beautiful crib that they have mastered their gross-motor skills particularly their leg and arm muscles.

It is within the walls or sides of the crib that infants below 18 months of age feel safe and secure. They know nothing can harm them as long as they are inside their crib. This can aid in the development of a healthier emotional well-being later in life. The different features or attachments to the crib can also help enhance their emotional skills by providing babies something to play with.

Baby cribs are very important pieces of baby furniture. With our list of the 10 best-selling cribs, you can be sure it will be the last piece of baby furniture you will ever buy as many of these are designed and built for your growing kid. Even when they are already grownups, they can still use their precious crib.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do the cribs come with the extension kits?

A: No, but you can order them online through the manufacturer or other websites.

Q: Are all the cribs listed GREENGUARD Gold certified?

A: No but all of the cribs are nontoxic and have been safety-certified.

Q: What material are most cribs made from?

A: Most cribs are made from pinewood, cherrywood, and wood composites.

Q: Do any of the cribs come with a mattress?

A: Very few cribs come with the mattress, and if they do, it is generally thin in nature.

Q: Is it important to check dimensions when purchasing a mattress for my crib?

A: Yes. While most cribs will fit standard-size crib mattresses, not all will be the same dimension. Check and make sure your dimensions of the crib and mattress are the same before you make a final purchase.

Q: How long does it take to assemble most cribs?

A: It takes anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to assemble most cribs.

Q: How long before my baby outgrows their crib?

A: Great question! It seems a little silly to make big investments in items you can’t use for very long, doesn’t it? The good news is that there really is no mandated time at which you must move your child from a crib to a toddler bed, but the median age is somewhere between 18 months and 3 years. You’ll start to notice when your child is big and agile enough to climb the railing (some cribs pinpoint this stage at happening when a child reaches about 35 inches tall). At this time, it’s best to move your precious little one to a toddler bed to avoid any accidents. The even better news is that many cribs on the market have already cornered and solved this problem for you by constructing convertible cribs that can be changed into toddler beds, and sometimes even daybeds, so you aren’t buying a piece of furniture you’ll have to replace within two years.