10 Best Bike Locks & Chains for Kids Reviewed in 2019

Cycling is a great way to get around while also luxuriating in some awesome health benefits! Riding your bicycle as a mode of transport helps to build leg and glute muscles, improve your cardiovascular endurance, and also boost your mood. It’s a far more environmentally sound way to travel than a car, but much faster than walking. It’s also a low-impact activity, meaning it’s not as harsh on your body as running or athletics that require a lot of jumping. But once you get to your destination you’ll want to make sure your bike is secure. Keep your bicycle safe with these ten fantastic locks and chains!

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Our most recent update revealed that all of our top picks are still some of the best available. Our research team has taken this opportunity to update and expand upon the information available to you. We know you want the full scoop when you’re buying something as useful as a bike lock so read on below!

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Bike Locks & Chains for Kids

Although we would love to live in a world in which we can all co-exist together in harmony, that is not always the most realistic notion. This is partially due to the fact that we all have our own opinions on how the world should operate.

More importantly, however, there are people whose natural instincts lead them to feel entitled to nice things they weren’t themselves willing to work to attain. Children get wrapped up in whatever the next exciting moment may be and have a hard time keeping track of their things. This can lead to confusion and often, in turn, loss. Bikes are a pretty hot commodity and in high-crime areas, they provide a quick and easy escape route so they are highly desired. These locks are some of the most highly rated in security and durability. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your child’s bike is safe is an irreplaceable feeling that can go a long way to ensure your children and teens keep their possessions safe. When children enter middle school, their backpacks seem to, at the very least, double in size. And the size of the backpacks and strain to the back can increase when they get to high school.

We do all we can to lighten their load and these locks, while not capable of lightening the load per se, are made of lightweight materials that will not add much extra weight to their backpack or extra strain on your teens’ already-strained backs. Additionally, some locks come with a mounting bracket that will secure them into place on the bike thereby eliminating to the back, any strain at all.

We are all drawn to different aesthetics. For example, there are some people who may fully appreciate bright patterns and colors. Meanwhile, others may prefer sleek and monotone colors that are dark and bold. Some children could care less about such minor details as the color of a bike lock. However, during the early years, colors and aesthetics are an important part of helping children learn color recognition and strengthen brain development.

These locks cover a range of colors to help you find the lock that best suits your child and their bike. Not only can these locks offer a mild introduction to the color recognition, but they also allow children to develop their number and letter recognition skills. With four- and five-digit personalized lock combinations, children can be exposed to simple number combinations and basic four-letter words. You can use these locks to teach them to spell words like bike or ride, or use the number locks to teach them that 30 minus 3 is equal to 27 or that 9 plus 9 is equal to 18.

For someone who lives in a very wet and cold region, peace of mind comes from knowing, not only are these locks durable and secure they are also designed to be resistant to water damage. Some are protected by thick vinyl coverings while others are engineered with metals that are highly resistant to water and extreme weather conditions. There is always a chance for things to go wrong even if that chance is slight. Statistics teach that no matter how unlikely the outcome, from time to time there is an unavoidable negative to counteract the positive.

Some locks come with a lifetime warranty while others protect for the first year. These warranties are put in place to ensure your satisfaction and offer you an alternative should you encounter any type of malfunction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these locks resettable?

A: Yes, the locks that require a combination allow you to set your own personal code. They come equipped with instructions that should help clarify how to do so.

Q: Can these locks be cut?

A: Unfortunately, yes. All metal can be cut or damaged at the proper temperature or with the correct amount of force. The goal provided by these locks is to reduce the risk of theft and tampering.

Q: If they can be cut, why invest the money?

A: The locks on this list are all designed with reinforced security methods. These methods are meant to decrease motivation and slow the process of tampering, picking or cutting.

Q: Do they come in color options?

A: Almost all of these have a variety of color choices. To appeal to children of all ages, there are bright and fun colors as well as sleek and sophisticated bold colors.

Q: What style of a lock will provide my child with the most security?

A: There are a number of factors to consider, for example, the age of your child will determine their ability to use the lock. Some other factors to account for are the weight of the product and its convenience. In terms of security, the style is dependant upon your goal. For example, considering removable tires, you may want a chain/coil lock. These locks allow your child to lock up their whole bike. And consider each lock’s susceptibility to tampering. U locks, for example, have more vulnerability to the use of tools such as a crowbar.

Q: Are these locks difficult to program?

A: Not for most circumstances unless you experience a malfunction in the product. Most companies offer a satisfaction guarantee or a warranty to cover any mishaps you may experience. There is a simple step-by-step explanation included in each package.


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