10 Best Water Guns & Super Soakers for Kids in 2019

Some things never go out of style! Like those sultry summer days of most kids’ childhoods for each generation, whether it involved the old school fire hydrant, the garden hose, the lawn sprinkler, the kiddie pool, and the slip and slide! The best-added accessory had to be a plastic water gun, later to be outdone by the super soaker! It was always fun to blast some unsuspecting kid while you were running around the yard, whether in your bathing suit or not. Running riot like that never tends to go out of style. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most fun, most noteworthy water guns and super soakers out there for your kid to engage in some watery combat. Still one of the perfect ways to cool off during a hot day!

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Jessica Mentzer
By Jessica Mentzer:

Water guns sure are fun on a warm summer day. They are a timeless toy that everyone enjoys. We have created and updated the water guns list to reflect the current market place. Each of the sections of the criteria has also been updated.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Water Guns and Super Soakers for Kids

When a lot of us were kids, we hardly thought twice about playing war games or getting into water fights! Typically, if you were of a certain generation, it took place on the front lawn with some other kids and a narrow border between grass and broken-up concrete! You might’ve run with your buddies in a pack, played all day and not come inside until sunset unless it was a break to get some lemonade or a snack! It was all for kids and parents were hardly ever involved unless someone got hurt–and, if any kid did, it was never on purpose! Now everything tends to be a more family-oriented, adult, as well as, child-friendly. Parents and kids interact and play more in activities like this which involve playing with water guns and super soakers. The boundaries have narrowed to the point of teens, coeds, and hipsters now collect water guns and super soakers as party favors. No longer is it just a game for kids only!

Our criteria have centered around the health and emotional benefits of play across generations. In a way, our sense of playfulness and wonder never really leave us, no matter what age we are! Becoming the parent of a child or children simply helps us to re-visit this state of being more easily. The sense of well-being that is brought on from this tends to lower heart rate and blood pressure while enhancing the bonding experience gained through social interaction.

For the kids, it’s crucial to their development during the formative years. Studies have shown that water play can introduce them to textures, temperatures, and shapes. Oddly enough, it’s the perfect entry into a background in physics and mathematics, if your kid is so inclined! It can go to the fine details of developing the crucial motor skills required for holding any sort of stylus or pencil; the physical range of motion required in using a water device like a super soaker; and, the development of depth and perspective needed to take aim at a target.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are these super soakers and water guns safe? I worry about my kid getting shot in the eye by one.

A: Most of them are pretty safe! As with most products like this, we advise caution. A blast in the eye from an ordinary squirt gun probably won’t do much harm, other than being slightly annoying. But, the same blast coming from a pump-action super soaker could be dangerous! Parents should monitor their kids’ play and teach them the hazards of playing with these toys. Also, if possible have them wear protective eyewear. This might already be the case if they’re at the pool playing.

Q: I worry about teaching my kid the wrong values by buying him a weapon. Why should I buy one?

A: While this is a concern, it shouldn’t worry you too much. Studies have shown that toy guns and games of play have no connection toward later tendencies to violent behavior. It can be a healthy outlet for energy and aggressiveness which are natural to children. It stimulates their imaginations and senses of wonder. It strengthens the bonding experience and facilitates greater socialization in the process of playing with their friends and siblings.

Q: What other uses are there for these devices?

A: As mentioned above, many buyers who are adults tend to buy these super soakers and water guns for their own use. They’re not just for kids! For better or for worse, the kid inside never grows up. So, there can be an adult theme or adult pool party where the water soakers can be broken out! Our research has uncovered one use for a toy water cannon that was used as a device for pumping out water during a kayak trip. Many adults like to use it in the household for watering hanging plants or gardening; or, driving away pesky birds and squirrels. Others, use water guns keep their house pets in line.

Q: Do they design water guns and super soakers that will never leak?

A: Sure they do! Finding the right device is a matter of how much you want to spend. There are some high-quality water guns that are inexpensive, but they tend to be few and far between. Do your research and, when all else fails, go with a brand name! Also, go with a company that has a good return policy. A note of warning though, after so many years almost all plastic receptacles will tend to leach out water. Therefore, even with the tightest water seal, eventually, each device will need to tossed and replaced with a new one.

Q: What’s the best beginner water device for my child?

A: That depends on how you might assess the capabilities of your child based on age and size! Take into consideration grip and hand-eye coordination. Overall, it would probably be the best start off with an easily loadable water cannon. With that, all your kid has to do is point and push out the water. To refill it, all they have to do is dunk the barrel and pull the plunger up. The second alternative might just be a little clear water pistol with a small trigger and refill nozzle. Either way, invest in something cheap that you don’t mind getting broken right away.

Q: Are all of these products nontoxic and environmentally safe?

A: Quite a few of them are! The trend and the standard for the last decade have been toward developing more environmentally safe and sound plastic toy products for the safety and health of children. The majority of the products we’ve researched tend to be both safe and durable. But, we can’t guarantee anything! The practices of many companies that are based overseas can vary far and wide in their practices! That’s why we ask you to do your own research to cover anything we might’ve missed to find the right fit for you and your family!