13 Best Sleds for Kids & Toddlers in 2018

Winter can bring a different kind of fun for kids. They can make angel snows, snowmen, and a lot of other snow-related sculptures. As for fun sporting activities, they can go skiing or even skating. And for those who have not yet established the necessary balance and coordination to elegantly and effortlessly glide over the powder, then the next best thing is to ride a sled being pulled by mom or dad or even one’s friends. It’s like riding a wagon in summer but, because it’s snowing, you’d have to think of a different way of moving over snow.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Slippery Racer Downhill Ski Scooter
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Paricon 826T
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Our collection of the 13 best sleds for kids in 2018 is the result of our commitment to give you the safest, most fun, and truly high quality ride-on toy for your kids to enjoy during the winter season.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Sleds for Kids

When shopping for the perfect snow sled for your children and family there are certain things one must look for before making the final purchase. One of the major issues of concern is the price, in which all of these sleds are to be under the $100 price range. Here are some more things to look for and think about before making that final purchasing decision.


What are the ages of the children in which will be using the sleds the most? Are they under 3 years old, under 5 years old, or tween or teenage? These are all things that must be taken into consideration, because there are age limits on most sleds and you don’t want to purchase a sled that your 15-year-old won’t be able to use because it is meant for a child under 5.


What are the safety features of the sled you are planning to purchase? Did the manufacturer make safety a priority? If you are purchasing a sled for a toddler, want to make sure there are sufficient safety features like seat belt and shoulder straps, because you don’t want an unfortunate accident to ruin your child’s fun in the snow. If the sled is made of wood, metal, or plastic you want to ensure that all safety measures have been addressed so that no parts will come detached and cause injury. In the case of a blow-up sled, ensure that the sled is made with durable material that won’t puncture easily or loose air.

What Determined the Best Kiddie Sleds in Our List

Like all ride-on toys, safety of the ride was a major consideration in our selection of the top ten sleds for children. It was imperative that the toddler sled is of sound quality construction affording it superb stability especially when tugged or pulled at relatively high speeds. So, the design integrity of the product was carefully examined to help make sure that it won’t break easily into tiny bits and pieces after just a quick run. Also, it should be able to accommodate the weight of children, based on their recommended weight limits.

Part of the evaluation process was the slickness of the design. Because sleds operate on a different physical principle compared to wheeled vehicles or ride-on toys, we deemed it very important to make sure that the bottom of the sled, or the surface that is in constant contact with the soft powdery surface of snow, is slick or smooth enough to allow for more efficient gliding over snow. Features built into the overall design of the product were also evaluated especially in terms of their effects on the efficiency of sled motion.

The portability and ease of maintenance were also carefully noted. As these products are to be brought from the home and up to the snowy slopes of a mountain winter resort or even in the park or anywhere else outside the home, it was crucial that these were made of lightweight materials so kids can easily carry them. Likewise, the cleaning and upkeep of these gadgets must also be made super easy so children will be more responsible in managing the overall integrity of the device.

Lastly, it was imperative that the voice of the masses was equally represented in our selection process. Hence, products that were able to obtain a minimum customer satisfaction rating of 4.0 stars were automatically included in the final list. We are cognizant of the fact that many potential buyers will also want to consider what other consumers are saying about the item before making any commitment to purchase.

Tips to Ensuring Kids’ Safety while Sledding

Winter time can bring an entirely different kind of joy to kids in almost the same way that summertime can bring up images of fun in the sand, surf, and sun. Sledding is one of the more popular winter activities especially for kids. However, like all ride-on toys, safety is a major consideration in kids’ sleds. While today’s sleds are built with safety in mind, there are still some things we need to observe to make sure that our kids are kept safe while they are enjoying a great day on the snow. Here are some tips to ensure kids’ safety while sledding.

  • Always wear the correct apparel and gear when sledding. Helmets are a must as you will never know if the sled will tip over or not. Wearing the appropriate clothes is also very important as exposure to cold temperatures can have devastating effects on the body. Make sure your child wears the correct protective gear for the hands and feet.
  • Don’t ever think that your kid will not need sun protection. The sun’s rays can be reflected by the snow. Make sure your kid is adequately covered. You may also have to consider getting him or her a pair of sunglasses to protect his or her eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Scout the area where you intend to go sledding. Make sure there are no obstacles or hazards along the path that may contribute to serious physical injuries.
  • Always pick a gently sloping area rather than a steep one. Be sure that there’s a wide open flat area at the bottom of the run and that it is away from potential hazards.
  • Follow the recommended rider number for the type of sled that you have. A single rider sled means only one person should ride it at any given time.
The Bottom Line

Sledding is fun. But, it can also be quite risky especially if you don’t observe basic safety precautions. Regardless, our 10 best sleds for kids in 2018 should give you peace of mind every time you head to your favorite sledding spot.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can you also pull a child on the beach in wet or hard packed sand?

A: Yes. As long as it is hard packed sand; however, if it doesn’t work you can always use it on snow!

Q: We have 1-year-old twins. Can both children sit on this sled; one behind the other? They are l size for 1-year-olds.

A: No. This isn’t recommended. It probably isn’t a good idea to strap two babies in a strap that is meant to secure one baby.

Q: Can a 4-year-old use this EMSCO sled?

A: The answer is probably No. A 4-year-old is likely to be too tall for this type of sled. This sled is meant for 2 and under.

Q: Would these sleds be good for pulling with an ATV at around 15-25 MPH?

A: No, It would not be beneficial nor safe for the rider of the sled to do so.

Q: Can a sled be towed by a pick-up truck or any other 4-Wheelers?

A: No, not a recommended activity for this sled.

Q: Can these sleds be doubled up as water toys?

A: The answer would depend on the material the sled is made of, the blow up/plastic sleds could possibly be used as a water toy.


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