5 Big Benefits of Remote Control Cars For Kids

Like all playthings, remote control cars can provide children with a host of benefits that may not otherwise be seen in other types of toys. From an improvement in their motor skills to the enhancement of their cognitive abilities as well as the development of the emotional and social aspects of their being, children will do well playing with RC vehicles. And in case you’re still doubtful, here are 5 big benefits of remote control cars.

Boosts mastery of visual-motor coordination. 

Driving a miniature vehicle from a distance, using a remote control device, requires excellent coordination between what the eyes see and how the muscles of the hand react, pressing or toggling on the appropriate buttons or sticks to make the correct maneuver. The thing is that this is all a function of the brain. It receives visual input from the eyes and processes these bits of information and converts them into motor nerve impulses. This way, the hand knows which muscle group needs to contract to make the RC vehicle run faster, brake, or even perform outlandish maneuvers. All of these happen in a split second. And the more kids play with these types of toys, the more efficient is the connection between the eyes, the brain, and the muscles for optimum, seamless hand-eye coordination.

Enhances spatial awareness and intelligence. 

Part and parcel of hand-eye coordination is the brain’s depth and spatial perception. When kids try to maneuver an RC car from a distance, their eyes are sending electrical signals to the brain which, in turn, makes a rough estimate of the relative position of the remote control vehicle in space and in relation to its surroundings. The brain makes very careful assessments of the distance of the vehicle to the nearest obstacle or any other object within the RC car’s immediate space. These signals are then processed by the brain and the necessary motor impulses are sent to the muscles of the hand or any other group of muscles in the body. This is what is called spatial awareness and intelligence which form the basis of a certain aspect of problem solving.

Promotes creativity and imagination. 

There are remote control cars that come as kits where kids can assemble them. There are also those that you can purchase individual parts and accessories to come up with your own unique design and style of remote control vehicle. While these types of toys are best for older children as they already have more than the basic knowledge of how such toys work, the mere fact that these kits give children the opportunity to build their own speedsters, roadsters, and all-terrain vehicles simply encourages them to use their imagination and creativity to the fullest. It should be evident by now that imaginative and creative thinking begets superb logical thinking and scientific problem solving skills. Children will have to decide whether to put a certain kind of vehicle part on their RC kits to achieve a desired outcome. This is the fundamental structure of the scientific process.

Strengthens family ties. 

It doesn’t matter where kids play with their RC cars. The point is that these are best played with the family around as young children will be proud showing off their newly-found driving skills while older kids will take pride in their creations. Whatever the case, playing with RC cars can substantially improve and strengthen family bonds. This can have a significant impact on the child’s emotional health while facilitating the development of his or her social relationship skills. If kids feel that their families appreciate or are strongly affirmative of what they’re doing, this can provide long-lasting happiness to kids.

Introduces concept of responsibility. 

Remote control cars don’t come cheap, especially those that one has to assemble from scratch. Early on, kids will learn the value of being responsible for their toys by keeping these in pristine condition, oiling the gears, removing dirt and debris, and even cleaning the different parts so everything is in order. They will learn to understand that everything we value should be well taken care of. This is our responsibility as owners of such things.

Children can benefit a lot from playing with remote control cars. The enhancement of motor skills, boosting of creativity and imagination, strengthening of family ties, and learning of the value of responsibility are just some of them. For a great line up of the hottest products at the moment, check out on guide on the top remote control cars for kids.