Best Kids Bounce Houses & Bouncy Castles in 2018

Bounce houses are such terrific fun toys that they make parents and adults jealous that they cannot join in on the fun. Because of the weight limits, only children can bounce and jump in them. Parents get the joy of setting them up and taking them down, but also have the satisfaction that they are providing one great exciting adventure for their kids. These structures allow kids to jump and bounce endlessly and some even have extra activities to do in them.

These can be slides, climbing areas, tunnels, and even water features. We highlight the Pirate Bay Water Park that includes a splash area and water cannons for kids to cool off as they enjoy bouncing and jumping. All of the others are different in shape, colors, and style, but basically, all provide huge amounts of good healthy exercise that kids love to do. The age limits range from three- to eight-years-old for the majority of these bounce houses because of the size and the safety concern of larger children in them.

They are all for home and recreational use and can be placed outdoors or indoors if space is available. All of these bounce houses have the most reviews online and the most positive ratings from consumers. We hope you love them all! We sure do! Here are the best kids’ bounce houses and bouncy castles reviewed in 2018.

1. Ultimate Combo

Made of PVC-coated terylene material that is commercial-grade quality, this Combo Bounce House features seven activities in one unit. Kids can slide, bounce, climb, throw, race, and shoot all on this one inflatable toy. It features an obstacle wall, basketball hoop, slide, tunnel, ball pit, and jumping area.
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Thirty colorful plastic balls for the ball pit are included. The safe design includes a strong mesh enclosure, high railings, and large columns for support. This makes for a steadier base for superior bouncing. The material used is fire-resistant, lead-free, and puncture-resistant, plus it has heavy-duty stitching. The strong bounce area allows more bouncing freedom for higher jumping. The climbing wall has wide handles to make the climbing easy, and the sliding surface of the slide is Velcro-attached for a smoother ride. This bounce house is perfect for indoors or outdoors and is easy to set up, inflate, deflate, and take down. Included are a repair kit, instructions, strong ground stakes, a sturdy carrying bag, and a durable UL blower. The maximum total weight for the toy is 400 pounds, and the maximum individual weight is 100 pounds. This inflatable has a maximum limit of four kids at a time in and on the toy. It is suitable for children three- to ten-years-old.

The manufacturer of this bounce house worked in some fabulous sturdy pillars in the corners to give extra support for the overall structure. This prevents tipping over and allows the inflatable to have a very steady base.

What We Like About It
Kids will never get bored with this bounce house combo of seven different activities. They will be very tired running from area to area, but the fun will never stop because it is so much more than just bouncing.
  • Comes with thirty colorful plastic balls for the ball pit
  • Material is puncture- and fire-resistant and lead-free
  • Is easy to set up, inflate, deflate, and take down
  • Includes repair kit, stakes, carrying bag, long fill tube, and blower
  • Perfect for indoors or outdoors

  • Jumping area was too small for a few kids
  • Inflatable was smaller than expected for some parents

2. PicassoTiles KC102

This large inflatable bouncer is great for kids three- to eight-years-old and is made in the beautiful colors of red, yellow, and blue. It has easy setup and installation and a total weight limit of 250 pounds. The children limit in the toy is three kids.
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This bounce house comes with four sports balls and a basketball goal attached to one of the inside walls. Children get balls for soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. There is an extended fun slide on the side of the inflatable and a Velcro-attached shade cover for the jumping area. It contains a back door and several other entrances with safety mesh netting to the bounce area. Included are a repair kit, extra stakes, a storage bag, and a netted pocket for shoes and other belongings on the side of the bounce house.

When manufacturers put extra features in their products it means they care about your satisfaction with the item. This inflatable comes with the additions of netted side pockets in the side for shoes and belongings and a plastic Velcro-attached roof to provide the jumpers some shade.

What We Like About It
There are several mesh fabric entrances including a large door in the walls of this bounce house. Kids can always have an entry and exit point which gives them added security and safety in such large toys.
  • Comes with four sports balls and a basketball goal
  • Has an extended slide on the side
  • Includes a Velcro attached shade cover
  • Contains a back door and other entrances
  • Has easy setup and installation

  • Some did not receive the repair kit
  • A few had tears in the slide section

3. Cloud 9 Mighty Inflatable

The Inflatable Princess Jump Castle comes in two gorgeous shades of neon pink in the shape of a huge storybook castle. It is great for all types of outdoor and indoor events and occasions such as birthday parties, backyard celebrations, and holidays.
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Ground stakes are included as well as mesh walls on all four sides to prevent kids from falling out while jumping and bouncing. It comes with a strong blower, covered power switch, and a grounded power electric cord for added safety. This bouncy castle inflates and deflates quickly and easily and contains all the needed accessories for setup. Included is a long fill tube to keep the blower a good distance from the toy. The material is puncture-proof heavy-duty nylon with strong multiple stitching that is fire-resistant and lead-free. The maximum number of kids safely allowed in the inflatable is three of less than 100 pounds each.

The material for this bounce house was tested in a lab to ensure its durability. It is puncture-proof and heavy-duty nylon fabric that will take much abuse from several kids jumping on it at a time.

What We Like About It
What little girl would not want a huge pink castle in their yard to play in? This looks just like the one in the fairytales but is better because you can bounce and jump in it.
  • Is fire-resistant and lead-free
  • Contains all needed accessories for setup
  • Inflates and deflates quickly and easily
  • Includes mesh walls on all four sides
  • Great for outdoors and indoors

  • Came with holes in it for a few people
  • Some buyers had air blower problems

4. Cloud 9 Mighty Mini Crayon

With huge colorful crayons at each corner, this bounce house is perfect for parties, celebrations, and all backyard gatherings where there are sure to be kids. It inflates and deflates in minutes easily and comes with a premium-quality blower, ground stakes, repair kit, and instructions.
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For safety measures, the manufacturer included an on/off switch that is covered and a grounded cord for power that is safe. The fabric of the whole inflatable is lead-free and fire-resistant. It inflates and deflates in minutes easily, plus everything for inflating and setup is included. A long fill tube for the blower comes with the toy to keep the blower a safe distance from the bounce house. This item is ensured to give long-time entertainment to children aged three- to eleven-years-old. The bounce floor is created of puncture-proof, heavy-duty nylon material with strong multiple stitching. This bounce house includes mesh windows and doors, a fun slide, and all of the bright, bold colors of the rainbow.

The manufacturer built some safety measures into this toy, such as the covered power switch and the grounded electric cord. Any precaution to keep kids safe during play is a big help in their enjoyment.

What We Like About It
The colors and the big flashy crayons on each corner of this bounce house make it such an outstanding toy! Kids will scream with excitement when they see this big rainbow-colored inflatable for the first time.
  • Includes huge crayon pillars
  • Has mesh windows, a door, and a slide
  • Has a long fill tube for the blower
  • Fabric is lead-free and fire-resistant
  • Inflates and deflates in minutes easily

  • Was smaller than some expected
  • A few people had tears in the fabric easily

5. Bounceland Royal Palace

The Royal Palace Bouncer with Slide is made like a cute castle in the vibrant colors of blue, green, red, and yellow. It can be used inside or outside and has strong pillars in the design for a solid sturdy structure. This unit sets up and deflates easily and quickly in minutes, plus it comes with strong long stakes for anchoring and a long fill tube for the blower.
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It has an attached basketball hoop in the side and a nice sunroof that is removable. This bounce house is made of a commercial-grade material for the bounce floor, and the inflatable meets international standards for safety. It has mesh walls and a slide on the side, plus a climbing wall. Included is a Velcro-secured door opening and a sturdy UL blower. The whole bounce house is made of puncture-proof heavy-duty materials that are double and quadruple stitched for durability. It comes with a set of instructions, Velcro top roof, carrying bag, stakes, and a repair kit. The weight limit per child is 100 pounds, and the maximum combined weight for the inflatable is 500 pounds. It has a maximum number of kids safely allowed inside the toy of five children.

With a removable plastic roof, kids can play in the sun or in the shade outdoors. It attaches with Velcro strips, so it can be removed repeatedly as needed or desired.

What We Like About It
This bounce house has a longer slide than most other houses because it is on the side and goes from the top of the structure to the bottom. This permits a longer ride down and much more fun.
  • Has mesh walls, a slide, sunroof, and a climbing wall
  • Made with commercial-grade material
  • Has strong pillars in the design
  • Includes a basketball hoop
  • Comes with long stakes and a long fill tube

  • A few people had tears in the slide part easily
  • Some had mesh wall issues of tearing

6. Blast Zone Pirate Bay

With an exciting pirate theme, this marvelous combination of a bounce house and waterpark will have the all of the neighborhood kids at your house to join in the fun. The recommended age for this item is three-years-old and older, and it is the most beautiful attractive colors of orange, blue, and red.
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This is a fun and thrilling combination of a slide, bouncer, crawl tunnel, climbing wall, and a huge splash area. It even has water cannons in two of the corners. The maximum number of kids to safely be in the inflatable is five, and the maximum weight of each user in 100 pounds. The maximum gross weight on the toy is 500 pounds, and it includes commercial-grade impact surfaces. Included are a blower, anchor straps, storage straps, and easy-to-follow instructions. The inflate time is a simple two minutes, and the deflated size of the unit is a sleeping bag rolled up.

Even though this is a much larger inflatable than most of the others we lift here, it still only takes a couple of minutes to set up and inflate. Kids will be enjoying this toy almost immediately after the water is put in.

What We Like About It
More than just a bounce house, this inflatable is a whole water park! Wow, the fun kids will have with this super toy will be almost endless! It will certainly make the adults wish they were children again.
  • Is a fun combination of several activities
  • Has big water cannons
  • Includes a blower, anchor and storage straps, and instructions
  • Includes commercial-grade impact surfaces
  • Has an exciting pirate theme

  • Stitching came apart for some buyers
  • Water hose created issues for a couple of people

7. Bounceland Castle W/Hoop

Great for indoor or outdoor use is the Bounceland Castle with Hoop in a huge rainbow splash of colors. It has an inflatable basketball hoop inside and a Velcro opening for easy and safe access in and out of the bouncing area. This toy is perfect for kids aged three- to eight-years-old and includes a fun slide.
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The total maximum weight limit is 250 pounds, and the maximum weight limit for each kid is 80 pounds. Three is the maximum number of children safely allowed in the inflatable at one time. This item sets up and takes down easily and quickly, plus it meets international safety standards. It comes with a long blower tube that permits the blower to be put away from the inflatable and a strong UL blower. The bouncy castle has a commercial-grade heavy-duty bouncing surface that is puncture proof and durably stitched. this item comes with instructions, a repair kit, a big carrying bag, and a pack of ground stakes.

The manufacturing of this bouncy castle was done with plenty of precautions and care. It is made of materials that are puncture-proof, heavy-duty, commercial-grade, and double and quadruple-stitched. It should last a very long time.

What We Like About It
This bouncy castle comes with an inflatable hoop to toss balls through when kids are inside the inflatable. This gives children an added activity to do when they get tired of bouncing and jumping.
  • Has a basketball hoop inside
  • Includes a strong UL blower
  • Meets international safety standards
  • Comes with a long blower tube
  • Features quick and easy setup

  • The blower gave a few people trouble
  • Some buyers had air leaks

8. Blast Zone Moonwalk

The Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk from Blast Zone is great for parties, sleepovers, and backyard fun for big groups of kids. Up to six children can jump and bounce in this inflatable at one time because it is much larger than other bounce houses.
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It inflates in just two minutes and packs away easily and quickly. Included with the inflatable is are anchor stakes, carrying straps, instructions, and a setup video. It has numerous anchor points for safety and features X-Weave exclusive mesh material for extra durability. The Moonwalk has double-stitched reinforced seams and meets all safety standards. There is safety netting on all four walls with a Velcro opening at the slide. Plus, the safe slope slide gives kids easy access to the inside of the inflatable. This toy works well indoors or outdoors and has twice the bounce and jump surface of regular bounce houses. It includes commercial-grade surfaces of impact and a strong UL blower. The whole inflatable is outstanding and eye-catching in the bright bold colors of blue and green. There is a maximum user weight of 100 pounds and a maximum gross weight inside the inflatable of 600 pounds. The recommended age is three-years-old and older.

Because of its large jumping and bouncing area, this inflatable has mesh walls on all four sides. This ensures the safety of the kids while they are inside because they cannot accidentally bounce or be pushed out.

What We Like About It
This is a huge bouncer that can accommodate six kids at one time. It is much larger than some of the other regular-sized bouncy houses that are on the market making it perfect for large groups of children.
  • Includes a strong UL blower
  • Includes commercial grade surfaces of impact
  • Has double-stitched reinforced seams
  • Great for parties, sleepovers, and backyard fun
  • Up to six kids can jump and bounce at one time

  • Blower hose stopped working for a few people
  • Some said it tears easily

9. My Bouncer Ball Pit Popper

Perfect for one or two small kids this fantastic bouncy castle comes with or without the jumbo colorful balls to put inside. Several small size options are available for different floor layouts, but they are all very colorful and bright in the shades of red, blue, yellow, green, and orange.
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It has mesh walls and a Velcro-fastened door and can be used indoors or outdoors. Included are repair materials, ground stakes, a storage bag, and a blower. This cute little inflatable castle is made of nylon, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant material that has a rubber backing to help retain the air. It is free from toxins and PVC substances, plus it is easy to transport and set up. This item inflates in just one minute and deflates and stores in two minutes. There is a maximum child limit inside the bouncy castle of two kids and a maximum weight limit of each child of 75 pounds.

Great lengths were taken to make this bouncy inflatable very sturdy and durable. It is made of tear and puncture resistant material and has a rubber backing to prevent leaks.

What We Like About It
This is a really nice bouncy castle for just one or two kids to play in because of its small size. It will not take up much room and can be placed indoors or outdoors easily.
  • Has mesh walls and a Velcro-fastened door
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Free from toxins and PVC substances
  • Is easy to transport and set up
  • Deflates and stores in two minutes

  • Some complaints that it is not very bouncy
  • Mesh may tear easily

10. Blast Zone Magic Castle

The Blast Zone Magic Castle is perfect for backyard fun, sleepovers, and parties and can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is made in the shape of a bright, exciting castle in the bold, beautiful colors of red, blue, and yellow. The walls of the castle are low, so they can clear standard-sized ceilings.
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It includes a bounce surface that is commercial grade, strong mesh walls, and double stitching for durability. This toy was created with implemented safety features that comply with the laws of manufacturing such products. Included with the adorable bouncy castle are a blower, instructions, video for a walkthrough, and storage straps. This item inflates in less than two minutes and breaks down to the size of a sleeping bag rolled up. The maximum number of kids that can be in the castle are three, and the maximum user weight is 100 pounds. The maximum weight limit inside the bouncy castle is 300 pounds.

This is a durable, long-lasting bouncy castle because it is double stitched at the seams and has a bounce surface that is commercial grade material. kids should be able to use this toy for a long time and get plenty of use out of it.

What We Like About It
This bouncy castle has walls that are low enough that the whole toy can be placed safely indoors. This is perfect for parties and rainy-day fun because outdoor conditions are not always ideal for such recreation.
  • Includes a blower, instructions and video, and storage straps
  • Inflates in less than two minutes
  • Bounce surface is commercial grade
  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors
  • Features double stitching

  • The Velcro strips on the mesh door may not stay fixed
  • Some parents said it was not very bouncy

11. Click N' Play Pack of 200

What is a bounce house or bouncy castle without the bright, colorful balls to go in it? These super exciting balls make these toys so much more fun. Use them to fill bounce houses, bouncy castles, playpens, kiddie pools, playhouses, tents, and ball pits.
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This is a huge bag of 200 balls in the fabulous bright colors of yellow, orange, green, pink, red, and blue. They are made of 100% durable plastic material that is crush-proof. These fantastic balls can withstand a weight of over ninety pounds, and they are made with non-recycled materials. The plastic balls are free from lead, PVC, BPA, and Phthalate, plus they will last a long time because of the wonderful manufacturing process used to create them. These are made with a two-stage molding process to maintain the superior quality, thickness, smooth surface, and smooth seams. The colorful balls are small and perfect to fit the hands of little kids. These come in a large reusable and strong mesh bag for storage. it has a durable zipper to make opening and closing the bag easy and simple.

Being crush-proof is a very good feature of these colorful balls because they are mostly used in bounce houses and castles. In these structures, children will be jumping on them and throwing them at each other, so it is good they can take plenty of abuse.

What We Like About It
These colorful plastic balls have so many uses to entertain kids. They can be put in any bounce house or play pit area, as well as wading pools, tents, and playpens. The possibilities are endless with these terrific small balls.
  • Comes in a large reusable zippered mesh bag
  • Made of 100% plastic material
  • Has 200 crush-proof balls in the pack
  • Free from lead, PVC, BPA, and Phthalate
  • Balls are small and perfect to fit kids’ hands

  • Balls did not fill up pit areas of some customers
  • Some balls were dented in shipping for some people

12. Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide

Kids can bounce, slide, and jump in this super bounce house that is perfect for kids aged three- to eight-years-old. It has three mesh sides with tall walls to protect kids from falling out of the bouncer and two mesh doors on the back for easy access.
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The bounce area is large where several kids can play safely, and parents can watch all of the fun. Children will not want to come out of this toy because it is so much fun. It is so eye-catching and exciting with the bright bold colors of red, yellow, and blue, plus it includes pockets to store shoes for the kids playing. You can get the bouncer with or without the ball pack, but either one comes with a repair kit and a storage bag. This bounce house inflates quickly to use right away and breaks down simply for easy storage. Sturdy stakes are included to anchor the house in place firmly and also a heavy-duty blower for continuous airflow. The material this house is made with is puncture-resistant. It has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds, and the maximum number of kids to be inside the bounce house is three.

The mesh walls and backdoors keep kids safe while they bounce and jump as well as give them easy access to the inside. Parents can still watch through these see-through panels to keep an eye on the children inside.

What We Like About It
This bounce house has the most reviews online and is one of the most popular models of bounce houses sold. It is a bright, colorful house where kids can not only bounce, but they can slide and jump too.
  • Has three mesh sides with tall walls
  • Comes with stakes and a blower
  • Materials are puncture-resistant
  • Includes pockets to store shoes
  • Comes with a repair kit and storage bag

  • Mesh may tear easily
  • Some parents had inflating problems

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids Bounce Houses and Bouncy Castles

Made just for kids to bounce and jump in

Bounce houses and bouncy castles are all for the enjoyment of kids and only kids because of the weight limits of these structures. They all have weight limits of each individual child, their age, the total weight limit of the structure can hold, and the number of kids it can accommodate at one time. These toys appeal to kids for parties, family gatherings, and just plain everyday fun. They help expend a lot of energy children normally have by allowing unlimited jumping and bouncing. Some of the toys feature extra activities such as sliding, tossing balls, water splashing, tunnels, and climbing. These activities vary with each style of bounce house, so be sure to get the one that has the activities your child loves the most.

Durable, long-lasting, and sturdy structures

All of these products are made of puncture-resistant heavy-duty nylon material that has been stitched multiple times for extra durability. The bounce surface of most of them is commercial grade to provide the best bounce experience for your child. Some customers stated that these structures can last as long as ten years with the proper care of course. You should get at least a few years of use from any one of these indoors or outdoors. Leaving these inflated in the sun for days is not a good thing because the sun breaks down the material quickly. It is best to just put them up when you are going to use them or place them indoors.

Has fun, colorful, exciting designs and shapes

Only the brightest boldest colors were used in the creation of these inflatables as most of them have the basic colors of red, blue, green, orange, and yellow. Others have just a few colors, but they are all just as bright and beautiful as the next bounce house. Some of these are houses while others are castles, a moonwalk, and even a water park. They all have an area where kids can jump and bounce, but some have added activities as stated above. Children will have many hours of exciting healthy fun in these structures.

Top-rated and most-rated items of this category

There are plenty of bounce houses on the market, but these items are the best according to customers who loved the ones they purchased. These have the most reviews and the most positive ratings of any other products in this category. We highlight the best to enhance your shopping experience and make it easy for you to pick the ideal bounce house for your child. The best and worst of each bounce house and a bouncy castle is listed for you to quickly explore. We also provide a quick summary of the best details of each straight from the manufacturer’s descriptions and explanations of their great products.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do the blowers for these inflatables have to be plugged in all the time while it is in use? What if I wanted to use it at a park?

A: Yes, the blowers on these must be running constantly to keep the toys inflated. An electric outlet is necessary for this to work properly.

Q: If these are put indoors are the blowers loud? What if it cannot be anchored down inside?

A: The blowers are about as loud as a hair dryer on high. Without anchoring, the inflatable will move around on the floor a lot and wear down the bottom surface. One suggestion from a customer is to use a rubber rug padding on the floor and then put the bouncy house on top. The movement will be minimal with this protection.

Q: Can these be left inflated outdoors? Will the material break down if left up?

A: Yes, eventually the sun will break down the plastic material and it will become weak and get holes in it. It is best to not leave these toys inflated outdoors. Indoors it would be okay to leave it inflated for days at a time.

Q: Most of the weight limits are about 100 pounds per person. What happens if an adult or larger kid gets in one?

A: Many reviewers said that older kids and adult got in theirs and nothing bad happened. They use it all the time with larger people in it. this is completely up to the user though. It is possible to get tears and punctures quicker and a possibility that the manufacturer will not honor the warranties.

Q: Do the little colorful balls come with all of these bounce houses? If so, how many do you get?

A: No, they do not all come with the colored balls. For most of them, these must be purchased separately.

Q: Are all of these just bounce houses and bouncy castles or do some of them come with water slides or water features?

A: Yes, the Pirate Bay Inflatable Water Park has a water feature and other activities with it. It includes water cannons and a splashing area.


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