10 Best Musical Instruments for Kids in 2019

Our interest in music and musical instruments usually starts at an early age. In order to develop the talents that we may have in music, practice with instruments is necessary. Music and playing instruments are very beneficial for kids. Music can strengthen human memory abilities. Music is important most of all because it makes us happy. Playing musical instruments, such as the ones we list here, can provide a child with increased fine- and gross-motor skills, concentration, cognitive abilities, finger dexterity, determination, and listening and verbal skills. Whether your child is just starting band practice or truly desires to try a favored instrument, manufacturers have created some wonderful products that can spark a child’s imagination and musical abilities. Some of these are smaller versions of the originals that adults would use, but they are perfect in their design and functionality for great sounds. Below you will find the 10 top rated and reviewed kids’ instruments of 2019.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Musical Instruments for Kids

Gives practice with a real musical instrument

Each featured instrument will give a child real practice with a genuine quality item. These are all made with kids in mind, so they may have fewer strings, keys, or be smaller than the original, professional instruments. However, they do play just as well and have the same great sounds and tones as the adult versions. Many of these musical instruments come with instruction books to help children with the notes, and in the case of the steel drum, the notes are on the drum for easy access.

Many reviewers commented on the unbelievable high-quality of the sounds and music that can be played on these kids’ instruments. A few of them look like childish-type toys, such as the maracas, accordion, xylophone, and the floor drum, but they are not toys. These are real instruments with real musical abilities for kids to practice and appreciate.

Are top-rated, most-bought musical instruments online

All products on this list have received the most positive reviews from parents and purchasers who were very satisfied with their item. They have also gotten the best ratings among all of the products in this category online. We bring you the best by narrowing down the huge number of instruments available. In this way, you see the best items quickly and easily without wasting your time searching for that perfect instrument for your child.

Made of quality materials and professionally crafted

Only the best materials and work went into these products. The manufacturers stand behind their items with their long-time reputations and high-quality craftsmanship. These are all made just like the adult versions, but with some being a bit smaller. The same durable, long-lasting materials were used in these children’s versions, so they will provide years of musical enjoyment. The makers understand that kids will be rough with these instruments, so they were built with this in mind. These are durable, sturdy, and robust, so children can enjoy them for years of play.

Can be played by a child easily

Kids will be able to play any of these musical instruments very easily and quickly. Most of them come with instruction booklets on how to read the musical notes and how to play the item. The floor drum, tambourine, and maracas can be played so easily by even a 3 year old and without any guidance. They can just move and play these as the feeling moves them. They are great to use when listening to a song playing, as the child can just play along to the beat. The steel drum comes with not only a booklet to teach the notes, but those notes are also printed on the top of the drum. The indicated places are where the kid would tap the drum to play the melody. The electronic keyboard goes to great lengths to make playing it easy for a child with the LCD screen and the many songs and sounds that can be practiced with the aid of the helpful app.

There are many benefits to playing a musical instrument, but we have found 12 that target children specifically. They are not in any order of significance but are equally important. Playing musical instruments:

1. Increases memory abilities
2. Builds coordination
3. Improves mathematical skills
4. Increases reading and comprehension talents
5. Enhances responsibility
6. Sharpens concentration
7. Relieves stress and nurtures self-expression
8. Generates a feeling of achievement
9. Develops social talents
10. Improves listening skills
11. Educates in discipline
12. Stimulates happiness in you and those near you


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: For the two stringed instruments you review, can the strings be replaced? Do they come with picks to play the instrument and do they need tuning when they are received?

A: For both the ukulele and the banjo, yes, these are regular strings, so they can be replaced when they break. You should be able to purchase them at any music store or possibly online with Amazon. No, neither one of these instruments come with picks to play them. Yes, they both will need tuning when you receive them.

Q: What is the difference between soprano and concert, especially for the ukulele?

A: The difference between the two types is size. Concert ukuleles are larger. They are good for beginners because of the larger size. One reviewer found that it was much easier to learn how to play the instrument with the soprano.

Q: Do the drums come with the mallets? What else comes with the drums?

A: Yes, all three drum instruments featured come with the mallets and so does the xylophone. The drum set comes with the whole set of the various drums and the symbols. The steel drum instrument includes a wonderful storage case that can be used to store it away or for travel and carry purposes, as it has a durable handle.

Q: Do any of these musical instruments come with a case or something to put them in for carrying and storage?

A: Yes, the xylophone, recorder, steel drum, and the accordion come with a case or storage bag for travel purposes or storage.

Q: Are these instruments considered toys, or are they the real thing that a child could practice playing music seriously?

A: These are all real instruments that a child can begin playing seriously. The xylophone is colorful and made of wood, so it could be deemed as a toy, but the sound is just like a real instrument.

Q: Are the drum sets for a child only or can an adult play them too?

A: The Floor Tom Drum can be playing by anyone, but the Junior Drum Set is too small for an adult. The Steel Drum is playable by anyone, as the stand is adjustable for various heights.

Q: Do all of these instruments come ready to use, or do they have to be put together? Do any require batteries or a plug-in source?

A: The Junior Drum Set must be assembled, but that is the only instrument that must be put together. None of them require batteries, but the keyboard must be plugged into an electric source to use it.

Q: Does being left-handed pose a problem for a child wanting to play any of these instruments? Are there any that a girl should not play, meaning are any of them gender-specific or odd for a girl to play?

A: None of these instruments are specific for left- or right-handed kids. They are equally suitable for boys and girls too. Children of most ages, even as young as 3 years old can play these too.


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