Best Menstrual Cups Reviewed & Rated in 2018

With so many people resorting to eco-friendly products and incorporating little ways to remain environmentally-conscious into their everyday lives, it’s no surprise that the idea of menstrual cups has gained so much popularity. These tiny cups might seem like such a foreign concept to those who are so used to using traditional items such as pads and tampons, but they’re not as crazy as they initially seem. The idea behind a menstrual cup is to catch your flow without the need for cotton or plastic, which is harmful to both the environment and occasionally, your body. While most people use these items without a problem, menstrual cups are healthier, safer, and much more hygienic as long as you use them properly. They can be washed and are easily reused, comfortable to wear, and will last for years as long as you take care of them. With all of these positive points speaking to the nature of menstrual cups, it becomes incredibly easy to see why so many people have made the switch.

If you’re curious about this environmentally-friendly invention, or even if you’ve already made up your mind to switch over to menstrual cups, this is one list you should definitely be checking out. We’ve done all the research on our end to find cups that hold up the best, fit comfortably, and work the most efficiently out of all the styles out there. These cups range from size and color to fit and design, and we’re sure there’s at least one on here that will keep you on the path to a greener world (and a much happier uterus!).

10 Best Menstrual Cups Reviewed


1. LENA Small Pink

For a solid beginner choice, LENA offers greatness as far as successful insertion and removal rates. It's safe, easy to use, and has a band of followers to back it up.
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It’s appropriate to begin with a menstrual cup that has been rated as excellent for beginners to this life change. The LENA cup comes in two sizes; small, which is recommended for normal flow as well as beginners, and large, which is recommended for a heavier flow and for experienced menstrual cup users. The process is simple and once inserted, just like any other cup, somewhat of a vacuum seal is formed to catch any and all blood flow. LENA was voted the number one cup for beginners as certified by Cosmopolitan magazine, which means you won’t need to stress about which brand you should go with for your first cup. LENA’s unique design makes it easy to handle and insert with soft edges as well as rings that are designed to grip instantly to lock your cup into place. If you’re worried about the materials used, don’t be -- This cup is made from 100% medical-grade silicone as well as dyes. It’s FDA-approved and designed for use up to 12 hours, which is an entire eight hours longer than your average pad or tampon is meant to be used.

The LENA is great for women of all ages, from teens all the way up to adult women. It’s simple to use and certified pain-free, which will calm the nerves of many a first-time user.

What We Like About It
The fact that this cup comes in two different sizes really offers a lot in the way of usage and flexibility. Each cup is designed for a specific flow which makes decision-making easy, and also provides you with exactly what you need every month.

100% medical-grade materials

Pain-free insertion

The sides are designed to grip easily

Can be worn up to 12 hours

Two different sizes for various flow amounts


The shape of the cup might make removal difficult depending on the shape of your cervix

2. Blossom Large Blue

Blossom has a great reputation when it comes to being comfortable. It's made with thinner sides to reduce that feeling of having something "down there", while also making removal a breeze.
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Blossom has a strong reputation as well when it comes to menstrual cups and beginners. Their design makes the cup easy to use as well as easy to remove, which is a concern many people have. The other great thing about the Blossom cup is its price; compared to others, it’s incredibly affordable -- This makes it a wonderful option for newcomers who are still wary of menstrual cups, but want to give them a go without spending a fortune. This cup comes in two different sizes, a small and a large, both to be used depending on your age, size, and degree of flow. The stem of this cup is slightly longer than most, making removal a bit easier and helping to put your mind at ease once it’s been inserted. The material used to create it is silicone and velvety to the touch, making it much more user-friendly as well. Another unique feature of this cup are its air holes -- These make breaking the seal of your cup much easier and, with a longer removal stem, pulling it out should be a mess-free breeze. It’s truly magic as far as first-time users are concerned.

When it comes to measuring your period flow, many people have mixed opinion. Some don’t want to know, while others are comforted in knowing exactly how much they’re shedding during each cycle. The Blossom has an easy-to-read measurement system embossed on the side so that in the event you do want to know, it’s all right in front of you.

What We Like About It
We really love that this cup features some minor attributes that seem like nothing, but really make a big difference in the way of feeling comfortable using this for the first time. Small things such as a slightly longer stem, air holes for easy seal-breaking, and a measurement system really help to calm the minds of women who are totally new to this.

Features a slightly longer stem

Air holes make for an easier removal

The silicone is soft to the touch


Flow can be measured throughout each cycle


The cup might be a little too soft and cause overflow on heavy days

3. Diva Cup Model 1

You've probably heard of Diva before since it's one of the leading brands of menstrual cups out there, but what you don't know is why. This brand prides itself on being eco-friendly as well as being one of the top cups for an active lifestyle.
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Even if you’ve never used a menstrual cup before, chances are, you’ve probably heard of the Diva Cup. This was one of the originals as far as new methods of flow control go, and it’s been around that long for a reason -- This cup works, and it works well. Everyone will have their own preference but if you’re ready and willing to commit to a solid cup, this is one great way to go. Diva has been producing these cups for 15 years, and for a steady 15 years, their feedback has been overwhelming good. The cup is designed to last up to 12 hours and is a stellar choice for women who lead highly active lifestyles. The cup remains in place through hours of physical activity which is something that’s of concern to many women who play sports or work out often. It also holds up very well overnight which is where some menstrual cups will often fall short (quite literally). Since this cup is designed to last for so long without being changed, it remains one of the top choices in the entire world (out of 21 countries) for women who are considering making the switch. The first model, which is the one we have on our list, is designed for women who are under 30-years-old and have a smaller cervix, therefore requiring the cup to be slightly smaller in order to be comfortable upon insertion. Model two is for women over 30-years-old.

Diva cup prides themselves on excellent customer service and their highly regarded reputation amongst women who are faithful menstrual cup users. Their design is simple, hassle-free, and won’t leave you feeling like you’re wearing something that just shouldn’t be there.

What We Like About It
Leading an active lifestyle can sometimes be uncomfortable when you’re faced with the choice of either a pad or a tampon, neither of which are always 100%. The Diva Cup will always come in clutch when it comes to catching your flow and you’ll always be comforted by that first initial seal upon insertion.

Leading brand worldwide

Very easy removal

Great for active lifestyles

The company takes pride in their eco-friendly impact

Two different sizes depending on your age range


The cup might be a little too big for some women

4. Lunette Model 1

The Lunette is small but don't underestimate it; this cup has a lot to offer in the way of getting you through your roughest days. It's designed for beginners so you won't have to fight to get it in or out.
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Lunette is a cute little brand with a sense of humor when it comes to periods. Their mottos are, “love life, love Lunette” and commit to giving you “nice periods, no strings attached!”. It’s the little things such as this that make a company so easy to trust but if you don’t take our word for it, consider their feedback. This Finland-based company has plenty in the way of a good reputation and for good reason. Lunette comes in five different colors which isn’t really important unless you’re not comfortable with seeing how much you bleed every cycle -- In which case, this minor feature can really make you much more comfortable when using a cup for the first time. In addition, this cup can be worn before you even have your period in anticipation of a light, normal, or even heavy, flow. You’ll also be able to measure the rate of your flow should you choose to with a built-in measuring system on the side, and the cup comes in two different sizes, making it simple to decide what’s right for you. The upper ring of the cup (the part that grips) is completely smooth and just adds to the level of comfort you’ll feel when wearing the Lunette; comfort is something they take very seriously and have designed this cup with the user in mind.

Lunette is a brand that genuinely cares about its customers and their level of comfort while using their product. Not only is this cup well-trusted, but it’s a great option for a beginner who might not yet be comfortable with a cup and need something simple to start.

What We Like About It
The various color options that come with this cup really surprised us initially. A menstrual cup isn’t something you’d think should be pretty or stylish until you realize what goes in it, and then suddenly you’re very thankful to see bright fuschia upon removing it rather than the contents of your uterus.

Several fun colors to choose from

Built-in measuring system

Friendly and helpful customer service

Two different sizes for various flow rate

Super soft and easy to wear


It can cause cramping due to the larger size of the opening

5. Dutchess Set of 2

If an amazing deal is your thing, Dutchess might be the cup of your dreams. It's easy to use and is incredibly affordable -- You'll even get a backup for those "just in case" days.
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This is a great deal for women who have used menstrual cups and fallen in love or are looking for the best bang for their buck. For under twenty bucks, you can get two Dutchess cups with a free bag (sanitary and discrete!) which is an amazing deal. These cups are offered in two different sizes, with the smaller size (size B) being perfect for younger women and those who have not given birth or have had a c-section. These cups are completely safe and non-toxic, and free of phthalates, latex, dioxin, and BPA, making them an excellent choice for women who might be a bit more sensitive. They’re comfortable to insert as long as you’ve selected the right size and removal is fairly simple as well. The great thing about having two is that you’ll never be without one -- One can be left at home, while the other can be packed away in your purse or bag with the complimentary travel bag. Out of sight, out of mind, but you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll never be without it. Plus, it’s a lot quieter than unwrapping a tampon in a public bathroom!

Having two menstrual cups for less than the price of one higher-end brand is a great option, especially for those who often forget to bring one along if they’re expecting their period. This allows you to have options and if something happens to one, you’ll always have a backup.

What We Like About It
We love that the Dutchess cups are very similar to the Lunette in size and shape, therefore they become a great bargain deal if you’ve already decided that works for you. They also come in two different colors, making your flow a bit more discrete and not as in your face as other clear cups.

Set of two

Easy to sanitize and clean

Simple insertion

Two different sizes depending on your age

Colors conceal the contents


You might notice more of an odor with these as opposed to other cups

6. Athena Size 1

Three magic words: Form-Fitting Rim. This advanced design allows you to insert the Athena quickly and easily, and remove it with no mess.
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This cup is a bit strange-looking compared to some of the others out there. The cup itself comes in three different colors, with the traditional cup being the black. It’s completely safe and includes an interesting feature; it’s only dyed with vegetable-based dyes, making it 100% safe for you and women of any age and sensitivity level. It’s free of all harmful and potentially toxic chemicals which will leave you worry-free every time you reach for it. Additionally, this cup is designed with a form-fit rim, meaning it’s much easier to insert as well as to remove once it has sealed itself. The addition of holes on either side will quell any fear of this cup sticking or remaining suction-cupped, making the process of dumping and cleaning much simpler and quicker.

The Athena Cup was designed to work efficiently so that you’re saving more money every year that you don’t go back to tampons or pads. Since it’s easy to insert, remove, and can be worn up to 12 hours, it’s the more sensible option when it comes to your period.

What We Like About It
As strange as it sounds, the design of this cup is very mature and discrete. It’s a great cup for those who don’t want anything flashy or clear and just want the basics to get them through their cycle.

Very affordable

Comes in several different colors

Easier to remove

Completely safe and non-toxic

Soft and pliable


The silicone is prone to picking up lint and dust if not stored properly

7. Pixie Small

This cup is all about extra features. If keeping your cup clean on-the-go is your biggest concern, Pixie offers specialized wipes that are designed to take on any type of mess.
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The Pixie Cup is practically any woman’s dream starter kit for her first menstrual cup. It comes with so many extras that we knew absolutely had to add it to our list, not to mention, you get more sizing options with this cup than you do with any other. It comes in small, large, and extra large, which are all varied based on the rate of flow of your period. This might be a good option for women who experience especially heavy flows because you won’t have to worry about leakage. Each cup also varies in size from 1.9 to 2.4 inches, making it highly versatile depending on how high or low your cervix it and whether or not you’ve had children. While this cup has solid reviews, what we’re most interested in is everything that it comes with. In this kit, you’ll receive a pretty pink bag that’s extra flash to store away your cup and keep it free of any dust, as well as -- we love this -- Menstrual cup wipes! That means that you can easily clean your menstrual cup on the go and easily in the comfort of your own home as well. You’ll even have them on hand just in case things get a bit messy down there (which they might if you’re a first-time user). This is an awesome addition and a nice thought on Pixie’s part, and for even more added comfort, you’ll get a full brochure with step-by-step directions that detail exactly how to insert, remove, and clean your menstrual cup.

Pixie has truly thought of everything when it comes to making sure you’re comfortable using their menstrual cup. Between the carrying bag, wipes, and instructional pamphlet, you’ll be a pro at this in no time.

What We Like About It
Having wipes along for the ride is one of the greatest comforts when it comes to having your period. Everyone is familiar with that “gross” feeling that comes with your monthly friend, so having something to combat that is truly wonderful.

Comes with a detailed instruction booklet

Extra long stem for easy removal

Includes a carrying bag

Includes wipes for easy cleanup

100% satisfaction guarantee with full refund


This cup takes some practice to insert correctly

8. Luna Set of 2

Silk storage bags don't seem like a big deal until you've found your menstrual cup covered with lint because you didn't have one. Luna eliminates that problem and throws in an extra cup just in case.
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The Luna Cup is another brand that many women have probably heard of and its reputation is right up there with the Diva cup. They offer a set of two with randomly assorted colored silk bags for easy storage and safekeeping, which is always a nice touch for something you definitely want to keep sanitary. The cup itself comes in two different sizes, small and large, that you can use depending on what you’re comfortable with and how heavy (or not) your flow is. You can wear this cup up to 12 hours and Luna prides themselves on having a top-rated, no-leak cup -- Meaning you’re free to do any type of sports you want as well as sleep with this cup in and have no problems. They also value a cup that’s of a medium stiffness; not being too soft or too hard and instead of falling somewhere in the middle. This is great for first-time users and women who don’t favor cups that fall to either extreme. It’s simple to use, easy to keep in, and a good basic menstrual cup.

This cup shouldn’t give you any issues upon insertion due to its structure and material. It’s 100% medical-grade silicone just like every other menstrual cup, but it’s designed to be flexible and strong at the same time.

What We Like About It
The silk carrying bags are truly a nice addition to this two-piece set. Silk will prevent any dust or fluff from sticking to your cups which leaves you with a sanitary cup, ready for us at any time.

Soft but sturdy

Comes with two silk bags

Set of two cups

Easy insertion process

Won’t feel stiff or rigid


It works better for lighter periods

9. Bodybay Super Guarantee

Don't be caught without an instructional manual; menstrual cups are relatively new and should all come with a how-to guide. Luckily, Bodybay cups do!
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Similar to the Luna Cup, the Bodybay Menstrual Cup also comes with a silk carrying bag to keep it sanitary. It also comes with a user pamphlet that explains, in detail, how to properly insert and remove it, as well as an additional backup cup. This set is extremely affordable and would be great to have as an extra or for beginning users since it’s not very highly priced and is easy to use. For such a great value, you’re getting a second cup at half the price with no increase for a larger size. Speaking of which, these cups are offered in both small and large sizes, so you have some variety as far as your personal needs and what’s comfortable.

The price is definitely one of the greatest things about these menstrual cups; you’re getting an excellent value and much more for the price of what one cup would normally run you. They’re also great quality, including several extras, and will last for years.

What We Like About It
Something many cups are lacking is a proper guide on how to use them. While the process may seem simple, in reality, it’s nerve-wracking and can be a bit daunting when faced with it for the first time. The instructional booklet that’s included with Bodybay is both helpful and comforting.

Two cups for the price of one

Comes with a sanitary bag

Includes an instructional page

Extremely affordable

Easy to insert


The edges might be too firm or rough for some women

10. Saalt Flexible

A sense of humor can make all the difference when it comes to new period practices. Saalt keeps things light and humorous while bringing you revolutionary designs to make your cycle much easier to deal with.
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This cup is designed to save you over 3,000 tampons over the course of an entire lifetime. When you think about it, that’s a lot of cotton waste as well as plenty of rough inserting and removing on your nether regions. One thing we absolutely love about Saalt is their sense of humor, such as with their tagline, “Designed for the doers. It comfortably stays in place while you yoga, bike, run, climb, swim, meditate, cheese grate, or chase your baby.” We’re not sure how aggressively you grate your cheese (unless it’s pasta in which case we totally understand), but it’s comforting to know that Saalt has you covered, no matter which physical activities take the most movement. Additionally, this cup comes with a cute, discreet bag to keep your cup in so that no one ever needs to know that you have it with you at all times.

The design of this cup is what really makes it stand out quite a bit. It features three different sealing locations down its bell shape to ensure that you have a proper seal, every single time.

What We Like About It
Saalt claims that they have an “obsession over detail” which is an excellent quality to have when it comes to designing a menstrual cup that works and feels like it’s not even there. In order to do this, a design was implemented to create a soft stem -- Making it feel like you have nothing in at all.

A trusted brand that cares about its customers

Revolutionary design

Three points of sealing

Softer stem for increased flex and comfort

It comes with a discreet carrying bag


It might be a bit too soft for some users

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Menstrual Cups

There are many factors to consider when you’ve decided to make the switch from using pads or tampons to a menstrual cup. You probably have questions too, many of which we hope to answer when detailing the research we’ve done to provide you with only the best. This method of flow control for your period has taken not only social media by storm but is considered trending because of the fact that it’s completely, 100% eco-friendly. Not only are you helping to maintain the natural homeostasis in your body by not putting something foreign in it, but you’re also helping to reduce the amount of those foreign products that go into landfills. When it comes down to it, the risks associated with tampons far outweigh the risks of a reusable cup, which makes it a smart and healthy option. Let’s go more in-depth into what you’re actually doing when you make the switch.

How Is It Used?

Not to get too graphic, the menstrual cup is inserted through the vaginal canal and sits just below the cervix. It’s designed to sit low enough so that you can use the stem to lightly tug for removal, similar to a tampon. The cup must be folded properly (there are plenty of diagrams and videos online showing this process) in order to be inserted correctly. If it’s not inserted correctly, don’t panic! Simply take it out and try again. It’s a process of trial and error and may take a few tries before you eventually get the process down pat. A helpful tip is to get into a “runner’s stance”, or lunge, relax your hip and ab muscles, and carefully insert it. Once the cup is inserted, its job is to essentially bloom and form a seal around your cervix so that nothing can make its way out — Exactly how a tampon works. This cup can be left in for up to 12 hours depending on how heavy your flow is. At the end of your desired time frame, in order to remove the cup, simply resume the stance that allows you the greatest range of motion, most relaxation, and comfort. Gently squeeze the sides of the cup to release pressure and break the seal, then use the stem to gently pull down on the cup to remove it as carefully and mess-free as possible.

How Is This Helping Your Body?

Think about it. When you use a tampon, you’re not only decreasing the natural lubrication that occurs during your cycle but by doing that, you’re also upsetting your body’s natural PH levels. This can cause things such as vaginal dryness, rashes, and irritation… All things that no woman wants to deal with on top of having her period. Tampons can also expose you to chemicals that aren’t exactly great for your body, thus making you feel even worse. A menstrual cup is completely medical-grade material, absorption-free, and won’t leave you feeling irritated, dry, or uncomfortable with a dry tampon in. This allows you to continue on through your normal cycle without upsetting your PH levels which is much healthier for you. Menstrual cups are also great at preventing potential leaks due to their airtight seal, can hold much more than your average pad or tampon can, and can be reused, which is saving you mass amounts of money by the end of each cycle.

Figuring Out the Right Fit and Size

This can be a bit tricky, but never fear! You can always consult with your doctor to help you with this. Finding the right menstrual cup size and shape for your body is relatively easy; it’s as simple as feeling around and determining how much room is actually there to allow for a cup. Most women are fine with the smallest size available, however, if your flow is significantly heavier, you might want to consider a larger size. It can be a bit of trial and error but once you find the right one, you’re good to go for years. The determining factors that will help your decision are the length and size of your cervix, the rate of flow, whether or not you’ve given birth and the strength of the muscles in your pelvic floor. As far as the cup goes, you might want to consider things such as the flexibility, stiffness, and capacity.


Q: Are these uncomfortable to wear?

A: That all depends on the size of your cervix as well as the size of the cup. More often than not, a small size will be fine unless you’ve had children and have a heavy flow. It might take some getting used to, but many users find these cups to become much more natural than tampons over time.

Q: How do I clean them?

A: A couple of these cups come with additional wipes or cleanser, but cleaning is super easy! Simply just clean with a gentle, silicone-safe, mild soap, or boil in hot water to instantly sanitize them.

Q: Does it need to be left in for a full 12 hours?

A: Absolutely not. You can remove and empty these cups as often as you need to, up to five times a day if necessary.

Q: Can I use them if I have an IUD in?

A: Yes. Since an IUD sits up in your cervix, strings should sit comfortably in your menstrual cup if anything, rather than coming down past the cup (which could be a more significant issue). To ensure that cups don’t interfere with your contraception, make sure that you break the seal during removal by bending it into a C-shape rather than just tugging on the stem at the base.

Q: What if it gets stuck?

A: This is a common concern and fear since many women have heard horror stories about menstrual cups (don’t base your personal decision off of these!). While the cup can form a solid seal and feel like it’s “stuck”, chances are that what’s actually happening is your cup is being sealed too high up in your cervix. In this instance, simply relax to lower your cervix, and push on the cup’s sides in order to efficiently break the seal. If this happens often, you might want to consider using the next size up (large, in most cases) so that the suction remains lower.

Q: How do I know which cup is right for me?

A: We’re hopeful that our detailed guide with help you gravitate toward the cup that’s right for you but when it comes down to it, if you’re a first-time user, go with something that specifies “beginner”. It’s always good to look at the pros/cons as well because everything will have its upsides as well as its pitfalls.


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