Best Maternity Leggings Reviewed in 2018

Comfort is key during pregnancy and leggings are a staple in any modern wardrobe. Soft, stretchy, and durable pants are important when you are dealing with a growing belly and swelling legs. You need a go-to pair of leggings that are as versatile as they are comfortable. We have created a list of the top ten pairs of pregnancy leggings. These ten pairs of leggings will make you feel comfortable and fashionable. Being pregnant is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you look or how your clothes feel. These leggings will keep you comfortable and stylish for your entire pregnancy; pick out your favorite pair today.

Everyone from the fashionista to the comfort seeker will find something on our list. We have found the best leggings to meet all of your needs. Our list has leggings that are meant for exercise and have moisture wicking properties to keep you comfortable as you sweat. We have found leggings perfect for a fashionable date night. Lounging is an important part of pregnancy because growing a child is very tiring. We have found the perfect leggings for you to wear when lounging around the house. Walk into any public place and you are bound to find someone in a pair of leggings. They are so popular because they are easy to put on and they offer unparalleled comfort. They are easy to wear and easy to pair with a top, tunic, or dress for a fashionable outing.

Maternity leggings come in all styles. On our list, you will find the perfect legging for exercising, lounging, or going out in style. All of the best leggings are easy to put on, they pull on quickly and easily and stay in place all day.  The best pregnancy leggings must be incredibly comfortable. They must also be versatile so you can wear them anywhere and feel fantastic. We have carefully curated the best leggings so that you can avoid all of the hours of shopping for the perfect pair of leggings for your maternity wardrobe. Check out our list of the softest and most comfortable leggings to keep you comfortable. You will finally find the perfect pair of leggings to fit your growing belly and your style!

1. Franato New Lady Seamless

The Franato New Lady Seamless is our top choice for leggings during pregnancy. These leggings provide a buttery soft alternative to pants.
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They will have you feeling comfortable and looking nice during your pregnancy. Franato leggings are great for under a tunic or dress and they are super comfortable. You will want to wear these super comfortable leggings every single day!

The seamless leggings won't leave odd lines on your already sensitive legs. This design includes built-in soft belly bands and knit in panel. These features will offer you superior support and pressure relief as your belly grows and body swells. Franato is keeping your comfort in mind with these stylish leggings!

What We Like About It
They are warm enough to wear in winter and look fantastic under dresses, tunics, and longer shirts. The high-density knit of these leggings creates the perfect amount of coverage and comfort. Franato offers three color options to fit any pregnancy wardrobe.

Cost and Value
The cost comes in at the bottom of our price range for this list. The value of this item can be found in its ability to provide both support and comfort. These leggings are a great bang for your buck!



Full coverage for your belly

Stay in place without tugging


Be careful with sizing so they are not see through

Tight like stitching in the crotch and across the buttocks

2. Mother's Essentials

Our number two legging is made by Mother's Essentials. This company has created a very versatile legging. You can wear them to your prenatal yoga class or lounge around the house in complete comfort.
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They offer enough support for exercise and enough comfort for lounging. These high-quality leggings are a win-win for active pregnant mamas. These leggings will become a staple in your maternity wardrobe.

The moisture wicking fabric will keep you comfortable in warm temperatures, such as a hot summer day or a warm exercise class. Because the fabric will wick away moisture you can avoid getting a dreaded heat rash. These leggings, also offer compression to help keep varicose vein pain manageable and swelling will be reduced. They are stretchy and comfortable enough to wear throughout your pregnancy.

What We Like About It
The long length will keep your ankles covered on cold days. high-waist will keep your belly covered so you don't have to wear an undershirt on hot days. These leggings are great for any weather!

Cost and Value
These leggings are an exceptional value with their compression feature and overall versatility. The price point is near the bottom of our list. Go get yourself a pair of these lovely leggings today!

Full coverage belly panel

Long enough to keep even a tall girl’s ankles covered

Moisture wicking material is great for exercise

They will fit you during and after your pregnancy

They are opaque when sized correctly


Some people may not appreciate the extra length

Many moms to be planted the fabric is more like a pair of tights

3. Beachcoco Knee Cropped

Beachcoco Knee Cropped Active Lounge Pants come in at our number three spot. These pants are super soft and versatile. These Capri style pants will have you staying cool in the summer heat.
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They should last you your entire pregnancy, and you can even wear them postpartum.

The role that waistband makes he's perfect for every stage of pregnancy. Beachcoco made sure to keep your comfort in mind with the silky smooth fabric. The cut is not skin tight, so you won't feel like you are being squeezed when you wear these leggings. These pants are great for exercising or casual day wear.

What We Like About It
The wider knee opening will be super helpful during the later stages of pregnancy if you have swelling legs or ankles. The Capri length will keep you cool in hot weather or a prenatal exercise class.

Cost and Value
The mid-level price point on these leggings provides a great value. You'll be hard-pressed to find such a comfortable versatile legging in a capri length at this cost. These leggings are well worth the cost.

Silky soft material

Versatile fold-over waistband

Wider at the legs for comfort

Not see through

Available in charcoal or black


Fits like a Bermuda short on taller ladies

This sizing runs a little small

4. Yummy Rachel

Our number four pick is the Yummie brand Rachel, and these leggings are just that, yummy! They are a versatile and fashionable pregnancy wardrobe staple.
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They are not marketed as maternity pants but have all of the qualities you need in a legging as your belly grows and your body changes shape. They will offer you the advantages of a regular legging and a maternity legging in one pair of pants, you can even wear them after your pregnancy.

They offer all of the qualities of shapewear in a thick and soft fabric. Why do I want shapewear during pregnancy? It offers much-needed compression to assist with swelling reduction. Shapewear not only assists with the reduction of welling, it can also help to manage varicose vein pain.

What We Like About It
The high waistband folds over for below the belly comfort in later pregnancy. They are made of a super soft cotton and retain their shape wear after wear. These will be a great set of leggings to wear throughout your pregnancy and even postpartum.

Cost and Value
The price point hits the middle of our list. These pants are a great value because they can still be worn after your baby is born. This is a great item to put on your maternity wardrobe wish list!

Fold over waistband

Shape retention

Soft fabric

Compression qualities

You can use amazon reviews to find pros


Some users are not satisfied with the quality of the fabric

5. Ingrid and Isabel Active Capri

Ingrid and Isabel as a top name in the maternity wear game. They are known for their soft comfortable and versatile maternity wear.
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The Ingrid and Isabel Active Capri is no different. They will give you support and comfort throughout your pregnancy. For high-quality comfort that won't leave you itchy check these out.

The full front panel can fold over for your personal Comfort or preference. The material is super stretchy and retains its shape throughout your pregnancy. These pants were created for activity so wear them to your prenatal yoga class and have a ball.

What We Like About It
These parents have a very supportive crossover panel on the back that will give your growing belly the extra support it needs. When you have added support you will have added comfort and comfort equals happy mama. Get yourself a pair of these leggings today so you can be a happy mama.

Cost and Value
These leggings come in at the top end of our price range but the fact that you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and beyond make them worth the extra cost. These leggings have the perfect amount of stretch and durability so they will be able to keep their shape.

The waistband can be folded over or kept up for full coverage depending on your preference

They are true Capri length hitting at mid calf

Flat lock stitching to maximize comfort

The crossover back panel provides gentle support to a growing stomach

These pants won't slide down throughout the day


The pregnancy panel and the pants are different material which feels strange to some people

6. HDE Yoga Stretch Fold

These leggings perfectly accommodate a growing belly. They have a tapered leg but are not a skin-tight fit like others on our list. This will allow you to move around and not feel squished into your clothing.
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The material they are made of is soft and thin but not see-through when sized correctly. These leggings were made to accommodate a growing bump and be worn after the baby is born for superior comfort and lounge ability.

The fold over panel can be lifted up to cover your belly so you can avoid wearing an undershirt or folded under for comfort. These pants are very breathable so you're not going to get too hot in the summer but they are thick enough to wear to a prenatal exercise class and not worry about people seeing your bum.

What We Like About It
The fact that these pants can be worn during and after pregnancy is our favorite thing about them. Finding quality pants that can be worn during pregnancy and the postpartum period can be very difficult, these leggings have got you covered.

Cost and Value
These leggings are surprising value because they come in at the lower end of our price range. The versatility they offer more than makes up for the meager price you will pay for them. These leggings are a great deal all around.

Super soft

Can be used before during and after pregnancy

The fit is not skin tight

Breathable material

Available in multiple colors with colorful waistband options


See through if you buy the wrong size

The fold over top sometimes won't stay up on smaller baby bumps

7. Ingrid and Isabel Ponte

These Ingrid and Isabel pants are super comfortable. They offer great stomach and back support and are fantastic to wear on a night out on the town or a brunch date with girlfriends.
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The ankle is not skin tight like a traditional legging and they have usable petal pockets in the back not you have a place for your phone or your debit card when you are out and about. Who could ask for better pregnancy legging?

A built-in belly panel will support you through all stages of pregnancy. The versatile pull up or fold down belly panel will keep you comfortable for the entire day and into the night. These leggings are made of a high-quality stable double knit Ponte material. This material offers the perfect amount of stretch, durability, and comfort. You will also feel fashionable in this comfortable yet structured legging.

What We Like About It
These leggings are perfect for a night out on the town or lounging around the house. The durable material will keep you warm on a cold winter day and resist wrinkles.

Cost and Value
The cost for these lovely leggings is at the higher end of our list. But added value comes from the extra durable material and the fact that you can wear these out for a night on the town or at home putting together your baby equipment.

Supportive belly panel

Ponte knit fabric

Not skin tight around the ankles for those times that you are swelling

Perfect to wear for date night or lounging around the house

Usable back pockets


The fabric is a little heavier than your typical legging

8. BLANQI Highwaist

The BLANQI maternity legging offers superior support for your growing bump. These are compression style leggings that will offer you some relief for swelling legs and ankles. They can also help alleviate varicose vein pain.
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The buttery soft comfort will have you wearing these leggings over and over again. The durability of their material makes these leggings a favorite of pregnant mothers everywhere. They are also wonderful at retaining their shape so you can wear them even after pregnancy.

These leggings are fantastic to help you through the woes of growing a baby. The compression is a great feature that will make you have a more comfortable nine months. You will be feeling great in these leggings.

What We Like About It
These leggings can be worn before during and after pregnancy and you will not have to worry about tugging and pulling them all day long because they will retain their natural shape.

Cost and Value
The BLANQI legging is priced at the higher end of our list. Their value comes from their superior compression and support features. The fact that you can wear them before during and after pregnancy makes them worth their higher cost.

Supportive belly band

Compression leggings

Fold over top

Super stretchy for wearing throughout and after pregnancy

Stay in place


Be careful with sizing for proper support

9. Foucome Over The Belly Soft

The Foucome Over The Belly Super Soft Maternity Legging lives up to its name. This legging is super soft and stays nicely over your belly to offer superior support. They offer an innovative waste design that will keep you comfortable. They're great for layering or wearing around the house. You won't be disappointed with the comfort of these buttery soft leggings.
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The innovative waste line on these leggings is adjustable so you don't have to worry about them slouching down at any point during your pregnancy. The high waist offers support for your growing belly, and these leggings are seamless so you don't have any uncomfortable chafing going on throughout the day. You will stay comfortable for the entire day in these leggings.

What We Like About It
The no-slip waistline is key in these maternity leggings. They are built specifically with your growing belly in mind. As you change shape you can adjust the waist by pulling the tab at the top of the leggings and buttoning it to adjust the waist size.

Cost and Value
These leggings come in at the middle range of prices on our list. The innovative waste line and seamless design make these leggings a great value for your dollar. Go purchase a pair today.

No slip waistline

Seamless comfort

Soft fabric

Built-in support belt

Designed to keep its shape


The sizing can run a bit large

Some people found the adjustable waistband to be inconvenient

10. Lululemon Align 7/8 Yoga

The name Lululemon name is synonymous with comfort and durability in athletic wear. These are not your typical maternity pants, because they are not marketed as maternity pants. But they're highly rated by pregnant women all over who sing the praises of the Lululemon Align legging.
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These leggings offer fantastic compression qualities and the waistband is perfect to fold under your growing belly. They also will not slide down throughout the day. Lululemon has created a legging that is perfect for going to a prenatal exercise class or wearing as you run your errands throughout the day. These leggings will stretch with your growing and changing body and keep you covered and comfortable for your entire pregnancy.

What We Like About It
These leggings can be worn throughout multiple pregnancies and in between pregnancies. They do a fantastic job of providing support for your changing shape while remaining comfortable.

Cost and Value
The price point is at the top of our list. These leggings are well worth their cost because they can be worn during all stages of pregnancy and beyond. Purchasing these leggings will keep you comfortable and fashionable.

Superior comfort

Wearable postpartum

Very supportive


Shape retention


Not sold as a maternity legging


Comfort is key when you are growing a baby inside your body. Maternity leggings are a staple for your maternity wardrobe. They are fantastic for layering under tunics, dresses, and shirts. They are also perfect for lounging. This list includes leggings that will be great for winter wear, summer wear, wearing around the house, wearing out and wearing for exercise. These leggings are super versatile and they will keep you comfortable and supported throughout your pregnancy and beyond. You don’t want to go through pregnancy without a go-to pair of leggings in your wardrobe.

The changing shape of a pregnant body and the changing hormones of a pregnant woman need flattering clothing options so that you can feel comfortable and confident throughout your pregnancy. These leggings offer you comfortable support when and where you need it the most. You can throw one of your husbands’ big t-shirts and lounge around the house or pair them with a nice tunic, dress, or top for a night out with your girlfriends. These leggings will give you a flattering and comfortable fit wear after wear. Go and purchase your favorite pair!

Leggings are a soft, comfortable, and fashionable staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or style while you are pregnant. Several of the leggings on our list come in an array of fashionable colors including black, blue, and grey. We have worked hard to create strict criteria to help us determine the maternity leggings that will best meet the needs of pregnant women everywhere. Not every woman has the same fashion preferences so we have made sure to include a variety of styles on our top ten list. You are sure to find something that will keep you feeling like yourself while your body is busy growing a little human.   

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Maternity Leggings


Being itchy when pregnant is no fun, these leggings will not leave you scratching your legs and belly. We checked the fabric content of each pair of leggings on our list to ensure maximum comfort. All of these leggings have a soft to the touch feeling so you can rest easy that your purchase will keep you comfortable.


We made sure that the leggings on our list can be worn through the many different stages of your pregnancy. All of these leggings can be worn during the postpartum period as your body is transforming shape yet again. Several of the leggings on our list can be worn day and night, to the gym and to work. Versatility is key with leggings, especially leggins as cozy as the ones on our list.


Pregnant bodies are constantly growing and changing. The leggings on this list will be able to stretch with your transforming body and keep their shape so you don’t spend all day tugging at your pants. All of these leggings have 3 or 4-way stretch so they can fit comfortably around you and keep their shape. Most of them have some sort of nylon or spandex material that will aid in shape retention as well as stretch when moving around. You will be pleased with the stretchability of these leggings.


Noone wants to find out that their pants are sheer when they bend over, especially when you are in the thick of pregnancy hormones! These leggings avoid that issue because they are made with opaque materials. They should not ever bee see through as long as they are sized correctly.

Top Tips for Pregnancy Leggings

Pregnancy leggings are a staple maternity wardrobe item. They will keep you covered and cozy when you need it the most. Here are a few top tips from other moms who have been exactly where you are right now. These tips will help you to stay even more comfortable in your new leggings.

To ensure maximum full day comfort, slather on some of your favorite lotions before you put your leggings on in the morning (or before bed), so the skin on your belly will be well hydrated. This will help to alleviate itchiness from stretching skin, and it can also help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Doing this will help your belly feel comfortable throughout your day.

Make sure you get the proper size of leggings. Sizing is super important so you can maintain the maximum level of comfort. You need to ensure that they are sized correctly so the material will remain opaque when you are moving around. Do not be afraid to return a pair that doesn’t quite fit! You may also need to buy a larger size as your body. You can even have a few on hand at home to try as your belly grows so you do not have to wait for them to arrive or go to the store when your regular pants become uncomfortable.  Just remember your belly will only get bigger until little junior is out in the world.

Make sure you have a few pairs of maternity leggings to wear during the postpartum period. They are easy to pull on after childbirth If you have a c-section or choose to wear a belly support band after birth you can pull your leggings up over the band or wear them under the band. Your belly will be large for a few weeks after your baby is in your arms. Make sure to pack some cozy leggings in your hospital bag, so you can stay and leave in maximum comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need special maternity leggings?

A: Maternity leggings are intended to keep you comfortable while your body might be incredibly uncomfortable. The compression factor of any of these leggings can help with varicose vein pain and leg swelling. They also offer superior support to your growing belly and aching back. These are things you won’t find in a regular pair of leggings.  Also, with maternity leggings, you’re not going to have to worry about them sliding down below your bump because you will be able to pull them over your bump and stay comfortable throughout the day. Maternity leggings are worth the investment because they are made with your changing body in mind.

Q: How do I know I’m getting the right size?

A: You should always start with your pre-pregnancy waist size. Say, for instance, you were a size eight pre-pregnancy, that equates to a medium, so you would purchase either a size eight or a size medium legging. If you have had multiple pregnancies or you’re going to deliver multiples this pregnancy you may want to go a size up. Multiple pregnancies and pregnancies with multiple babies can cause your belly to grow at a more rapid rate. First-time moms having a single child will usually not show as quickly as moms with multiple children or carrying multiples.

Q: What waistband style is best for me?

A: Every style waistband is going to hit your baby bump at different places during different stages of your pregnancy.  Full panel leggings should stay over your belly for the entire pregnancy but as you grow larger, in the last month or so, may start to scoot down just a little bit. The fold-over top wateband style is very convenient because you can keep it folded down or pull it up depending on your comfort level. Either way, your pants will still stay up so you don’t have to worry about anything annoying across your precious pump.  The waistband of your leggings is purely personal preference. Some pregnant moms like the support of the full panel will others prefer to leave their belly uncovered for comfort.

Q: Should I go skin tight or a little loose, what’s more comfortable?

A: This is personal preference, the skin-tight leggings tend to help a little bit more with that varicose vein pain and swelling legs, but the loser style leggings can offer you airy comfort. You may want to get a few pairs of different style leggings so you can wear what feels best at the time. Your body will be constantly changing as your baby grows. Having a few different styles of leggings will make getting dressed each day much easier. Our best advice is to have a pair of capris, compression leggings, and something you can wear out at night. This way you are always covered with fashion wise no matter what your day brings.  

Q: Are maternity leggings durable enough to last through multiple pregnancies?

A: If properly cared for these maternity leggings should last through multiple pregnancies. Make sure you get the right size. Some moms may end up having to get multiple sizes so that the leggings fit properly throughout their pregnancy. As your body grows you may move up in size. The most important things when worrying about durability in leggings it to make sure they aren’t stretched too thin. If the material is stretch too much it can cause it to run or snag more easily and put a strain on the seams. Also, make sure you follow the washing directions to the T and you should be all set for many months of comfort.

Q: What’s the best way to wash maternity leggings?

A: Your leggings should be washed according to the directions on your care tag. If you do not have a care tag or just want to take extra special care of your leggings we recommend either using a delicate cycle or hand washing your leggings for the longest wear time. You will also want to be cautious about how you dry your leggings. To preserve the color, if you plan to hang dry do so indoors away from direct sunlight. You can also use a dryer on a low heat setting for most leggings. Follow these tips and you should have cozy leggings for our entire pregnancy.    


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