9 Best Kids & Toddlers Recliners and Chairs in 2019

Providing your kiddos with their own chair will take family movie nights and hangouts in the living room to the next level. Children love having their own space, especially when that space comes in the form of a chair that looks just like mommy’s or daddy’s. We’ve created a list of the ten best recliners for kids. The recliners on this list come in a variety of designs that will look great in several rooms of your home. They are lightweight, thus moving them from room to room won’t be a problem at all. Majority of the chairs are designed with a material that is easy to clean, so your child is free to enjoy their favorite snacks. Whether your child enjoys spending their time reading, playing video games, or watching tv we’re confident that there is a chair on this list that will allow them to comfortably enjoy their hobbies.

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For this update, we focused on replacing products that were low in stock or out of date with better rated and reviewed items. We also narrowed our list to include only the Top 9 Best Recliners for your child!

Our Top 3 Picks 

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Criteria Used in Evaluation of The Best Kids and Toddlers Recliners or Chairs

Seeing as how your child will be using their chair daily, we did diligent research to provide you with the best options. When researching each chair, we took into account the construction, attractiveness, and developmental appropriateness.


It’s no secret that children love to jump and climb on furniture. While you may enforce a strict no jumping rule in your home, we still planned for it to happen. All of the chairs on this list are built with a durable wooden or metal frame. The frame ensures your child’s safety by providing a stable foundation. The rocking chairs included on this list are built with a notch in the back that will keep your child from rocking too far back. We wanted your child to be safe and comfortable in their chair. A lot of the chairs listed are composed of a high-density padding, which will provide a luxurious amount of comfort to your child’s body.


If you’re worried a Disney-themed chair is going to ruin the look of your Victorian-styled living room, relax. We included a wide variety of chairs that will fit any style of decor. Many of the chairs listed are even offered in several different colors to better fit in your home. If your child is begging for a character-themed chair, go ahead and buy it. The chairs listed are lightweight and can be stored in their room when guests are over. The fabrics used in making the chairs on our list can all be easily wiped cleaned and vacuumed. The easy-to-clean fabric will keep the chair looking nice for years to come.

Developmentally Appropriate

Recliners work wonders on the joints of both adults and children. As your child grows their bones, joints, and muscles grow and develop as well. The recliners on this list will adequately support their body to prevent strain on their growing muscles. As your child reclines back, their blood circulation will increase. This increase will send nutrients to other areas of the body especially the brain. The oxygen and nutrients sent to your child’s brain when they recline will aid in their cognitive development. Reclining and rocking chairs will also reduce stress levels in your child as they will feel more relaxed. As your child pushes back in the chair to recline, they will be stimulating their motor skills.

What Determined The Best Recliners and Chairs for Kids in Our List

Picking a recliner or chair for children is like selecting the best piece of furniture in your home. And since our target users are children, we had to make sure that they are safe, durable, and, of course, super comfortable.

Safety is a very paramount concern for any product that is designed for kids. This is because of the fact that children are more prone to injuries as well as other health problems because of still-immature immune system functioning. As such, it was imperative for us to make sure that all of the products we included on our list have been duly tested and certified to be safe so as not to endanger the health and safety of our young members of the household.

Because kids are naturally playful, they do have the tendency to play with almost anything and everything. We know that children, especially toddlers and preschoolers, love to jump and bounce on furniture. Most of the time, they make a trampoline out of their beds and a slide out of their couches. As such, it is imperative that our selection only include those that have been guaranteed to be very durable and sturdy. Otherwise, you’d be spending quite a hefty sum to have the kiddie recliner or chair repaired or, worse, you might end up getting a brand new one. There’s a safety implication, too, in pieces of furniture that have a questionable build. If they give in to the repeated abuse by kids, your child might get hurt in the process.

A recliner or chair is, first and foremost, comfortable. It should be able to give your child the kind of comfort that he or she needs so that he or she will feel very well-rested. If the furniture has certain features, aside from its comfort seating and backrest, that can help provide an overall relaxing experience, then we considered that, too.

Other factors that we considered included current consumer product ratings and the reputation of the company that made the recliner or chair for children. We know you would also do the same thing.

Recliners for Kids

We all know what recliner can do for us adults. These pieces of furniture have all been recommended by health professionals especially in the management of chronic pain as well as musculoskeletal problems of the back and in improving overall circulation. But many adults ask, are these benefits applicable to children who use such pieces of furniture?

Child health experts agree that recliners provide the same benefits as those among adults. However, because of the differences in both body size and composition between an adult and a child, the impact of these benefits may be quite different.

For example, adults often complain of painful joints which can be relieved by the correct positioning of the reclining furniture. Children, on the other hand, don’t have issues with joint mobility just yet. However, what they do have is the continuing growth and development of the bones, joints, and muscles. These structures must be adequately supported so that unnecessary stress and strain can be avoided on these developing structures. This helps promote complete motor development among kids.

Another area that recliners can be useful is in the enhancement of blood circulation. For adults, this is needed to help prevent swelling of the legs as well as the development of varicosities. For children, this is far from happening. Instead, the improved circulation will help provide the necessary nutrients that all cells and tissues need. This is more pronounced in the brain where adequate oxygenation is needed to help ensure optimum brain development. If oxygen and nutrients are not adequately supplied to the brain, the child’s cognitive development including memory, intelligence, learning, language, speech, and a whole lot more, may progress at a much slower rate. This can have profound consequences on other aspects of the child’s development.

Recliners also have been used in the management of stress by making us feel more relaxed. This is an area where there’s no significant difference in the benefits derived by children and adults from recliners. Both will feel more relaxed as they lie down on the recliner.

The Bottom Line

While some individuals may think that kids don’t need recliners or chairs of their own because they can use the ones that adults use, the design and construction of adult-sized chairs may not really be appropriate for the smaller body frames of children. As such, it is a lot better to choose from our top 9 kids recliners and chairs in 2019.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the recliner fit a 1-year-old, or a 5, 6, or 7 year old?

A: Variations on this theme are easily the most frequently asked questions at sales sites. It is important to measure your child both in height and weight, then examine the chair dimensions, the FAQs and customer reviews on the sales site for the particular chair. Each chair is different and quite often the stated maximum has not matched the customer’s experience.

Q: How will it hold up?

A: Most children’s recliners and chairs are designed with durability in mind. Manufacturers know that their target market plops, stamps, and takes running jumps at their product. They have no desire to take back broken furniture or see lots of complaints online.

Q: What upholstery should I choose?

A: This is a personal preference. If maintenance is your primary concern, then go for leather or faux leather or flat-out vinyl. Microfiber also has good reports for clean-up, and is durable. Polyester tends to need mild soap and water, very soon after a spill occurs.

Q: What about safety?

A: All recliners have safety features built-in. Some have an upholstery cover between the footrest mechanism and little legs. Some require that the child be sitting in the chair before it reclines. None have the traditional lever on the side of the chair, but must be reclined with the strength of the back. Many require the strength of an adult to put the chair in a reclining position.

Q: How hard is clean-up?

A: Much like sturdiness, these chairs are designed with children in mind. That said, vinyl or leather will obviously offer easier cleanup, with microfiber next, and polyester requiring the closest attention. Vinyl is by far the easiest to clean up, and it should be noted that modern vinyls can be quite comfortable.

Q: How about assembly?

A: Most of the chairs reviewed come assembled. If the assembly is required, it’s generally pretty minor (per the FAQs and customer reviews). However, if you really don’t relate well to screwdrivers, check the customer comments and occasionally the product description.

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