Best Nursing Tops Reviewed for Comfort in 2018

Pregnancy is challenging enough without having to worry about what you can wear to properly breastfeed. This is something many people don’t normally think of, but having access to a nursing top, whether it be a specifically-designed nursing bra or shirt, can make all the difference when it comes to new moms and breastfeeding. Even experienced moms can benefit from postpartum maternity wear! All a nursing top is, is a shirt that allows for easy access while breastfeeding. This means that both you and your baby will be as comfortable as possible during the process, while still have a sense of privacy as well as ease. Before you say it, don’t worry — Nursing tops are nothing like wearing “granny panties” while you’re pregnant. They can in any style from tank tops, to loose and flowy, to simply just plain cotton shirts that allow for optimal comfort. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing you’re wearing a nursing top because from the outside you’ll never even know the difference… That’s why they’re so great.

It was important for us not just to find nursing tops that did the job, but made it easier, more comfortable, and still make you feel like you have a great sense of style. Fashion doesn’t have to go out the window when you have a child and while your number one desire is to be comfortable, it’s easy enough to combine the two and boost your confidence in the process. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top nursing tops that will help you embrace motherhood and be proud of it.

10 Best Nursing Tops Reviewed in 2018 

1. iLoveSIA 3PCS Cami

For the perfect-fitting nursing top that will keep you cool all summer with breathable material, iLoveSIA is a great choice. It's a camisole which means it can be slept in, worn underneath clothing, or on its own for a cool way to enjoy your pregnancy during hot months.
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Summer mamas, we’re looking at you! We understand how unbearable it can be in the summer when it’s time to feed and you’re doing nothing but sweating, which is where tank tops come in to save the day. Not only are these super comfortable, but they’re also easy to use when it comes to breastfeeding. The corners of each shirt work via a simple hook enclosure that allows you to discreetly detach them whenever your baby is hungry. These are perfect for long summer days when you have to wear something that’s practical and won’t make you too hot but also allow you to be a mom. The tank tops are also designed to be a bit longer so you won’t feel subconscious about wearing them since everything will be perfectly covered and fitting just right.

These shirts come with foam inserts for comfort and even more added discreteness. The aspect of a built-in bra means you won’t have to worry about wearing any secondary clothing underneath that can make you even more uncomfortable on a hot day.

What We Like About It
Adjustable straps can be a huge relief when it comes to finding clothes that fit you after giving birth and, luckily, these tank tops have them. Even in the event that you lose or gain weight, you’ll still be able to easily adjust these shirts so that they fit you just right.

Foam inserts

Built-in bra

Adjustable straps

Comfortable and somewhat stretchy material

Can be worn anywhere


The sizing is a bit confusing

2. Undercover Mama Black & White

For an on-the-go option, it's a great idea to consider a tank top that can be easily hooked onto an existing bra. This ensures a proper fit each time while also providing tons of versatility when it comes time to feed your little one.
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This tank top is interesting because of its unique design. It’s a strapless tank top that can be easily hooked onto any existing bra or nursing bra in order to be just as easily removed later on for breastfeeding. While it is a bit more obvious, it can be worn underneath a jacket or light button down in order to conceal the fact that it has no straps, instantly making it just an adorable camisole top. This shirt can also be worn underneath other clothing since the material is rather thin, which makes it a great year-round shirt as well. It’s made of mostly cotton with a bit of spandex to allow for a stretchy, flexible fit, which puts it in good running for being one of the most comfortable post-pregnancy shirts you’ve ever worn!

You get a bundle deal with this tank top and will receive one black and one white tank top. This means good news for your wardrobe, your clothing options, and your wallet!

What We Like About It
This is by far the easiest shirt to throw on and walk out of the door with and it definitely provides comfort where it’s needed. Not to mention, it’ll always be sitting in just the right place since it’ll be attached to a bra that already fits you well.

Easy to wear

Can be hooked and unhooked quickly

Light enough to wear underneath other clothing

Comfortable fit

Allows for a stretch fit


The sizing runs a bit small

3. Kiddo Care Infinity

Many new moms wouldn't think of a scarf as a good way to breastfeed while maintaining a decent amount of privacy, but Kiddo Care is finding a way to introduce this in a fashionable way. It's versatile and provides plenty of wearable options when it's time to breastfeed.
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If you’re just looking for something that will provide you with both privacy and modesty while breastfeeding, and infinity scarf is something to consider. The Kiddo Care Nursing Cover looks like an average infinity scarf from the outside, but it’s really quite a bit bigger and allows room for you to do what you need to do while holding your baby in it. It can be used in a variety of different ways since it is still first and foremost an infinity scarf which makes it a great fashion accessory as well. You can wrap it over one shoulder to swaddle your baby while breastfeeding or opt for a shawl-type throw so that you can hold your baby and breastfeed them at the same time. Both options provide you with the most privacy possible and more than enough room to do what you need to do without anyone even noticing. This can be helpful to your baby as well and will provide them with somewhat of a temporary environment to be fed in, free of distractions.

When it comes to motherhood, having options is a great thing. This infinity scarf serves its purpose as far as privacy goes while still giving you a great fashion accessory when you no longer need it for breastfeeding.

What We Like About It
There’s really no need for anything extra when it comes to this scarf. It provides you with a modest way to breastfeed in public or even at home without making things too obvious.

Can be used in several different ways

Also functions as a fashion accessory

Provides privacy for you and your baby

Can help to rid your baby of distractions while feeding

Comes in two different colors


Can retain heat if it's hot in the area

4. Bearsland Sleeveless

These tops are cute, fashionable, and don't resemble a maternity shirt in the least. You would hardly believe how easy it is to breastfeed while wearing one of these, though, which is exactly why they're perfect for the fashion-forward mama.
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Not only are these tank tops absolutely adorable, but they’re also great for literally any body shape and size. The ruffled design helps to flatter and accentuate all the great parts about your body while still providing enough coverage to be modest. The floral design adds a delicate, feminine touch and without seeing how it works, you’d never know this is a maternity shirt designed for breastfeeding. The top ruffle lifts up to reveal a low-cut sweetheart neckline, making it easy to simply roll down and feed your baby. Breastfeeding can be done discreetly and without any type of complications with this shirt -- It really doesn’t get much simpler! It’s a great top for going out in as well which means you don’t need to panic or stress over what to wear for a night out.

The straps on these shirts are adjustable which can be a tremendous help when you’re breastfeeding. You’ll be able to customize the size via the strap while the shirt itself allows for some extra stretch to it.

What We Like About It
Did we mention this comes in a three-pack of shirts? That’s right! Not only will you have one pretty shirt for nights out, you’ll also have two additional ones for daytime errands as well as just lounging around the house.

Adorable shirt design

Comes in a pack of three

Adjustable straps for proper fit

Fits well on any body type

Makes breastfeeding east and discrete


The shirt is somewhat shapeless which some women might not like

5. Caramel Cantina 3 Pack

This tank top is simple yet comes with a few welcome features that you'd want to see in every nursing top. A built-in bra, for starters, really puts this tank top relatively high on our list.
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You no longer need to worry about a nursing bra and shirt with this two-in-one on the scene. The Caramel Cantina Nursing Cami is the shirt that breastfeeding dreams are made of, featuring a built-in bra that provides structure and support while also including optional panel clips that can be easily unhooked when it’s time to feed. The combination design of this tank top makes it so easy to use while also being functional for your day to day life. It can be worn to bed as an easy way to breastfeed in the middle of the night or early in the morning or worn outside the house when you know you’ll need to feed your baby at some point. It’s comfortable, subtle, and looks just like a normal shirt. The fabric blend of this shirt is also a great thing to note, since it’s 8% spandex it will allow for a much more stretchy fit, giving you all the flexibility you need.

With the stretch of this shirt, you can wear it before you even have your baby. It’ll have no issue stretching over your pre-labor belly and will still be in great shape when it’s time to breastfeed after you’ve given birth.

What We Like About It
The built-in bra in this tank top is a huge benefit because it provides comfort in spades. It can be frustrating and somewhat uncomfortable trying to figure out which shirts work with which undergarments and this shirt eliminates the battle.

Comfortable and has a stretch fit

Comes in a pack of three

Various color options

It can be used quickly and easily when breastfeeding

Can be worn while you're still pregnant


the fabric is rather thick which can be uncomfortable in the summer


We have to admit, these camis are totally adorable. They're designed for sleepwear but are just cute enough to be worn outside the house as well. Not to mention, the drop-down panels are easily concealed for the utmost modesty in a shirt.
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These are the stretchy, comfortable, breathable, shaping shirts that every mom hopes for after she gives birth. SUIEK has taken a design that’s feminine and pretty and found a way to turn it into the perfect top for breastfeeding; with the simple addition of a hook enclosure at the top of each strap, you can go from elegant nightwear to breastfeeding mama in no time. While this shirt is incredibly comfortable to sleep in, it’s appropriate enough to be worn around during the day as well when you need to go out. Chances are, it’ll be so comfortable that you’ll never want to take it off! With a lace racerback design and subtle fitting around the waistline, these shirts will quickly become your new favorite thing to wear. They’re a great option for moms who aren’t looking to forgo fashion for comfort since these camis have the benefit of both.

Allow these camis to make you feel a little more human and feminine! Just because you’re breastfeeding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good about yourself, and these shirts are designed to give you a subtle reminder that you can still be confident in your own skin.

What We Like About It
Aside from the drop-down cups, these shirts look no different than any other loose camisole. They’re comfortable enough to be worn at night while still being pretty enough to wear around the house during the day.

Slightly stretchy

Beautiful lace racerback design

Pretty and feminine style overall

Drop-down cups make breastfeeding easy

Great to sleep in for early morning feedings


The sizes run a little big which means the shirts can be a bit baggy

7. Smallshow Short Sleeve

They're simple and basic, but they work. For an easy shirt to throw on and dress up, the Smallshow nursing tops make for a great t-shirt option when all you're feeling is jeans and some sneakers.
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For new moms who don’t want too much fuss as far as their clothing options go, these t-shirts are definitely right up your alley. They’re just your basic tee with varying color options and a pull-up panel that allows you access to breastfeed easily. They’re soft, comfortable, and not too heavy, making them ideal for hot summer months. Smallshow says it best, these shirts are reliable, comfortable, and “basic”. When you’re not up for doing much matching as far as your outfits go, these shirts can become a great go-to on lazy days when you want to go out and wear something simple or just lounge around the house. They make it incredibly easy to breastfeed on the go and look super cute with jeans or leggings. The sizing can be challenging to get right so it’s best to follow the accompanying size chart, but the great news is if they are too big or small, you’ll be able to return them and get a new size no problem.

For a comfortable but loose fit, these t-shirts are perfect for moms who don’t want anything overly complicated in their maternity wear. They come in various different colors which still gives you plenty of options without all the fuss.

What We Like About It
It’s simple! There’s no second-guessing when it comes to whether or not you can wear these shirts with certain shoes or pants, and they look adorable when layered underneath other clothing, too. You’ll never run out of maternity outfit options with shirts like these.

Comfortable and stretchy

They allow for easy breastfeeding

Basic style for easy matching

They come in various colors

The size chart is helpful in knowing exactly what you're getting


Breastmilk can stain the fabric

They stretch out fairly easily

8. bamboobies Yoga Seamless

Just because you're breastfeeding doesn't mean you have to stop going to the gym! There are some great sports bras out there that are specifically designed for active lifestyles, and the bamboobies Nursing Bra is one of them.
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This is one for all of the active moms out there. While you normally wouldn’t go out to run errands in a sports bra or top, this nursing bra is designed to be part activewear as well. From the outside, you would never guess that this is a nursing bra and instead simply just looks like gym wear. It comes with removable bra inserts that can be used during workouts and when it’s time to breastfeed, simply pull them out. To make things even easier, this bra also features drop-down cups that allow you to breastfeed on the go or even as soon as you get home. There’s no need for quick changing or finding something else to wear with these! The racerback style makes the nursing bra itself extremely comfortable to wear and takes some of the weight and pressure off of your shoulders, which can be really helpful to prevent headaches, back or neck aches. It’s a stretch fit that caters to most body types and it can be adjusted as needed. This is one sports bra that should be in your arsenal if you’re an active mom.

It’s rare to find a sports bra that offers the option for breastfeeding without making it obvious what the bra was designed for. This nursing top is simple yet does its job efficiently and discretely, while not taking anything away from its style.

What We Like About It
We love that you can go straight from yoga practice to breastfeeding with this nursing bra. It can also be worn comfortably under regular shirts as well, making it super versatile all-around.

Comfortable fit

Provides structure and support

Easily adjustable

Racerback style helps to alleviate pressure

Comes with optional bra pad inserts


The padding can sometimes move around or roll up

9. SUIEK Cami Summer

Fashion doesn't disappear when you're breastfeeding and the SUIEK Nursing Tank Top totally proves that fact. It's elegant, flowy, and super cute for going out when you know you'll need to breastfeed at some point.
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If it’s from SUIEK, you know it has to be good, right? This tank top is a much more simple version, with a long, flowy bodice that allows for the most comfort possible. This top would be great when worn especially during summer because the fabric is designed to simply hang loose -- Not cling to you and become sticky. This top allows for easy breastfeeding with a pull-up panel that’s hidden on the side and covered by a front panel. It’s somewhat more elegant than your average tank top while still being casual, which makes it a great option for days out as well. If you’re worried about sizing, this is also a great style to consider since it is so loose and flared out toward the bottom. It also comes in several different colors so in the event that it does become part of your daily wardrobe, you won’t need to worry about looking the same every single day. It’s a great overall nursing top for moms who want something stylish, elegant, and not too casual.

The side panel on this shirt allows the pull-down section to be completely concealed which will give you some confidence while wearing it. It looks just like a normal tunic shirt which makes it a great go-to when you want a bit of flair in your everyday outfit.

What We Like About It
There’s no need to dress up your outfit when you’re wearing a shirt as pretty as this one. It’s a great way for new moms to feel empowered in their maternity wear without feeling like they’re restricted to only wearing t-shirts and complicated nursing bras under their regular clothing.

Extremely comfortable

Discrete and hidden pull-down panel

It comes in several different colors

Fashionable and stylish

Great for first-time moms


You'll most likely need to size up

10. Hotouch Round Neck

You know what they say: Save the best for last, right? If you're all about comfort and a comfy tee, Hotouch definitely has you covered. These t-shirts make breastfeeding simple while making you feel like you're not really wearing anything maternity-style at all.
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Anyone who is a fan of t-shirts knows that jersey material is the absolute best. It’s super stretchy, durable, and insanely soft and comfortable! We were happy to find that Hotouch has taken a traditional, fitted tee and turned it into a solid maternity option for moms who plan on breastfeeding. This shirt is probably one of the most stylish options we have on here because it simply just looks like a double-layered t-shirt. It comes in 15 different color options so technically, you could have one for every day of the week for two consecutive weeks if you wanted to. It’s so comfortable and easy to use, we wouldn’t even blame you. To use it, all you do is simply lift the inner panel up to easily breastfeed, then tuck it back into the actual shirt when you’re finished. It’s fast, simple, and no one will even realize what this shirt is intended for.

This tee can be worn while you’re pregnant as well which is a testament to how much stretch it really has. It’ll easily fit over any baby bump and when you’ve given birth, you’ll be all ready to breastfeed with a shirt that’s designed to make it easy.

What We Like About It
The color options really help this shirt to sell itself. There’s literally nothing about it that would seem like anything more than a stylish t-shirt, and it would go with something as simple as a pair of jeans and sneakers or as fancy as a pretty skirt and flats.

Incredibly comfortable jersey material

Comes in 15 different colors

Makes breastfeeding simple and easy

Can be worn as a maternity shirt during pregnancy

It looks just like a regular t-shirt


It needs to be dried on the lowest setting or air-dried

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Nursing Tops

Summer mamas, we’re looking at you! We understand how unbearable it can be in the summer when it’s time to feed and you’re doing nothing but sweating, which is where tank tops come in to save the day. Not only are these super comfortable, but they’re also easy to use when it comes to breastfeeding. The corners of each shirt work via a simple hook enclosure that allows you to discreetly detach them whenever your baby is hungry. These are perfect for long summer days when you have to wear something that’s practical and won’t make you too hot but also allow you to be a mom. The tank tops are also designed to be a bit longer so you won’t feel subconscious about wearing them since everything will be perfectly covered and fitting just right.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to post-pregnancy clothing and that’s why we’re here. It’s our job to seek out the most comfortable and stylish options to make your postpartum recovery and transition into motherhood the absolute best that it can be. That’s why we’ve graded each and every one of these nursing tops based on several different factors that we feel truly make a difference when you’re breastfeeding. For starters, you’ll always want something that’s super comfortable. For new moms, breastfeeding can be a totally new experience and you might initially be sitting in a position that’s unusual for you, which is why comfort matters. Whether it’s the texture, fit, or style of the shirt, you want something that will allow room to breathe, a flexible fit, and some degree of stretch or give to it.

Additionally, you’ll also be looking for a shirt that’s somewhat inconspicuous. Nursing bras aside, nursing tops can often be somewhat outdated and obvious when it comes to their use. The shirts we’ve added to this list all appear to just be regular shirts on the outside so that you can feel totally comfortable wearing them outside of the house. You should be a proud mama, and you shouldn’t let maternity wear stop you from being the baby-birthing warrior that you are! The great thing about these shirts is that you’ll have plenty of style and color options to suit your personality.

Ease of Use

Many of these shirts either have hidden flaps or an easy way to pull them off the shoulder for ease of access while breastfeeding. This was a big factor on our list because the last thing you want to do is be out and struggling with your nursing top. When it comes to feeding time, we tried to find the best tops we could that would allow you to breastfeed as easily as possible without even having to worry about the time it takes to convert a shirt. Ease of use also accounts for how simple it is to use in public and how much privacy and modesty it allows, and we’ve made sure to take the time and ensure that every nursing top on this list provides you with versatility as well as comfort in that area. Breastfeeding isn’t as simple as many people think it is and you shouldn’t have a shirt that reflects that — You should have one that makes it as simple as possible without adding extra stress to what isn’t always an easy thing to do.

Style and Fit

You should love the clothes you wear! We went ahead and said no to boring, run of the mill shirts that looked like just something you would find on any rack, and said yes to shirts that were cute, stylish, and fun. Comfort obviously helped our decision on some, but most of them would make a great daytime outfit. It was important to us that you knew our choices stemmed from believing moms should be confident and glowing, no matter what clothes they put themselves into. If we can help you achieve that just a little bit easier, then we know we’ve done our job well. Not to mention, we’ve pretty much made it our mission to ensure that maternity wear can be fashionable and trendy… Take that, outdated clothing!


We always try to include a wide range of prices when it comes to finding the best products for you, your family, and your baby. Clothing tends to go without fluctuating and occasionally nursing tops can be a bit more pricey simply because they’re designed for a specific purpose. However, many of these tops come at a great price and even offer you room to buy them in bulk if needed which is a great bargain. Keep in mind as well, these tops are intended to last for quite some time — Meaning you can use them, again and again, should you decide to have another baby. Another thing to consider is that many of these products come in two and three packs, meaning that while you think you’re spending more money, you’re actually getting more for it. All of these shirts are durable (they’re designed to be worn around babies, after all!) and will hold up extremely well through multiple washes and wearings. And hey, they’re so comfortable and cute that you might just love wearing them, period!

Pull-Down Panels, Drop-Down Panels, and Confidence

When going through this list, you’ll notice that many of these shirts feature various options for breastfeeding, including panels that can be either pulled up or dropped down to allow breastfeeding access. Which one you choose really depends on what you’re comfortable with and the design of the shirt, but they’re both equally as effective and will do the job. This versatility allows for the success of various maternity shirt styles which we thought was very important when it comes to finding breastfeeding tops that not only work sufficiently but also make you feel a little more confident. Motherhood is a beautiful and amazing thing to enter into but many times, women may feel like they’re not able to show off their bodies or wear clothing that is feminine or elegant. Well, we did our best to prove that notion wrong! Just because you’re pregnant or having a baby doesn’t, in any way, mean that you can’t be wearing clothing that makes you feel empowered and attractive. Many of the shirts on here are designed to make breastfeeding easier but also to outline and show off your natural curves and accentuate great features. Maternity wear should be fun and fashionable not boring and shapeless, which is exactly why we chose to go with shirts and camisoles that would allow breastfeeding to become an easy activity without you having to sacrifice your personal sense of style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between this and a breastfeeding shirt?

A: There isn’t any! Both are the same, just a different name. The only thing you’ll notice that varies on this list are the types of nursing shirts — Some have panels in different places while others allow for a hooking and unhooking claps to reveal drop-down panels.

Q: How does the sizing run on these shirts?

A: There should be charts to accompany every shirt option but as always, we suggest ordering a size up if you’re unsure. Sizing often runs small online, and many of these can afford to go a size up or down and still fit perfectly fine.

Q: How comfortable are they to wear long-term, over the course of the entire day or on trips?

A: These shirts are designed for comfort as well as a good fit. Many of them have a decent amount of stretch to them, ensuring that you’ll be able to move around and do all the things you need to do without worrying about any kind of tightness.

Q: Will this be discrete or can I will I need to wear another shirt over it?

A: These shirts are discrete enough that you can wear them without it being obvious that they’re nursing tops. Each shirt has something different to offer in the way of both comfort and style.

Q: Are they high-quality?

A: Yes, each of these tops has been made with a cotton blend that provides flexibility and fit. Many have adjustable straps or room in the waist to provide for optimal comfort. They’re not prone to ripping or heavy wear and tear.

Q: How wide is the opening in the nursing bra/shirt?

A: These shirts are designed to stretch, so the opening will vary based on the size you choose. However, they will allow for a bit of extra room but if you’re worried, definitely size up.