10 Best Kids Laptops Reviewed & Rated in 2019

If you have a child who’s very into gaming or loves creating, getting your child their own laptop is only essential especially if they’re entering that pre-teen age where they want a little bit more of independence. Now we know that there are many, many computers in today’s market but we are here to help. Gifting your child their own laptop is wonderful to get them excited about technology and getting ahead with the future. A computer can help your child practice their motor skills with typing which will be beneficial to them in the future.

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By Lyndsey Fosher:

For this update we paid closer attention on our criteria section and why gifting your child a laptop can be extremely beneficial to them. We also made sure to check our list making sure that each product on our list were still the highest rated in today’s market. Please check out our FAQ and make sure that if you have any questions, you’ll find your answers there.

Our Top 3 Picks

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop
  • LeapFrog My Own Leaptop
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4 Learning Modes
  • Price: See Here
VTech Tote and Go Laptop
  • VTech Tote and Go Laptop
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 20 Learning Activities
  • Price: See Here
Kano Computer Kit Complete
  • Kano Computer Kit Complete
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Learn to Code
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids Laptops

Trying to choose what the best laptop is for your child can be a difficult task. Even searching for the best laptop can be a tedious and overwhelming one for parents. Keeping children in mind, we had to be very particular and pay close attention to the needs of children and parents as far as laptops were concerned. One thing we took careful into consideration of was: would a child actually need a laptop?

With so many screens around in today’s world, we know that for parents that the last thing they might want to get their child is a laptop. However, this is simply because many adults also didn’t get their own computer until they were after high school or ever really need a computer until they became a full young adult. Everyone now has their own computer or version of a computer to watch the latest videos, streams or play their favorite games on.

Your children will start mirroring your behavior – which of course we all know from the toddler stage – that that’s perfectly normal! We wanted to make sure that for our top ten list we looked at a computer for every age group to make sure parents could find a computer that’s age appropriate for their child. We looked at the basics: for toddlers, we wanted computers that would light up, have computer-like sounds, symbols, pictures of animals and objects. We wanted to make sure that we also found options that would be appropriate for pre-teens and teens as well. By doing this we made sure that each laptop on our list there was something for everyone. Whatever you’re looking for, for your child, we are sure you will find one.

What kids need in a laptop

We know that mainly the reason why you’ve stumbled about here and doing your research is that your child has already shown an interest in wanting their own computer. We wanted to make sure that parents knew how getting their child their own computer could be beneficial to them. Getting your child, a computer can make it so that your child starts gaining an interest in STEM-related fields. For older children, the specs related to having the right amount of GBS and CPU so that their laptop can support whatever streaming functions they need and porting capabilities.

For the younger crowd, laptops are a wonderful way for your child to practice their typing skills. When practicing their typing skills, they’re learning memory, motor and other skills as well along the way. Parents should also know that for toddlers: there are apps that can help their child learn sounds, pictures, songs, rhymes any other kind of visual aid that could possibly be educational and help your child later on.

What kids want in a laptop

We know that what kids mostly want is a connection and the ability to communicate with others in the blink of an eye. We wanted to make sure we had every need for every stage that a child goes through on our top ten list. We made sure that we each laptop on our list matched whatever wants your child has in their laptop whether their a young toddler or a pre-teen our list have it all.

We know that getting your child a computer isn’t something that should be taken likely. We wanted to make sure that each laptop on our list was long-lasting, made of nothing but good quality had high reviews and matched a sophistication level for each age range. We’re sure you will find the perfect laptop on our list above.

Basic Research 

Our research unearthed the double-edged sword quandary of recent technology and your child! We all know that the recent advancements in digital and wireless technology are amazing! They’ve given us quantum leaps in the area of communication in a very short period of time! And, kids are picking it up and adapting just as quickly. For better or for worse, it is now the current Zeitgeist, part of the socialization process–and, I might even dare say a preschool rite of passage! Kids will mirror what they encounter in their environments.

What we found is that the basic toy laptops will help in strengthening causal relationships, the socialization process, imaginative role play, and developing hand-eye coordination. The drawbacks that can occur are isolation and a sedentary lifestyle, eye strain from too much screen time, and a tendency to lack focus and become easily distracted. (Think of the average Millennial attention span).


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can a computer like the Kano kit be considered a STEM toy?

A: It can, though maybe not in the purest sense of that term! The Kano will definitely spark interest in computer science and mechanics. The set-up is incredibly basic and luckily comes with easy-to-follow instructions. We would say that this toy is for older children that might already be mechanically inclined, but want to take it to the next level. The building of the machine itself is a breeze. It’s the coding process that will be the biggest draw and that tends to be more geared to towards the creative and is not too challenging.

Q: I have a fear for my child’s eyesight through prolonged exposure to LED, is there any risk?

A: Yes, eye strain is one of the inherent risks of using screen technology! What we recommend is that each parent supervises their child’s time in front of the screen. These products are meant to supplement your child’s playtime–not monopolize it! Break up screen time with story time! Get your kids outside as much as possible and schedule play dates with other kids and parents that don’t involve technology. The more natural light your child receives, the more healthy their vision will be. As for our products, there are many child options that only have an LCD screen which has less glare and is more forgiving.

Q: Could I get better performance on some of these laptops if my internet was high-speed?

A: Not sure! Many of these laptops are meant for travel and to be used with a roaming WIFI signal or a hotspot. If the computer has the capability, it might be improved through a modem with an ethernet cable. Most of the computers for kids don’t have the ordinary Mac and Windows OS, therefore it’s dodgy as to what can be done with it. Look at the amount of GHBs and GHZs it offers, which is a telltale sign of its performance and the output of CPUs that can give better resolution and buffering speeds for something like streaming.

Q: How interactive are most of these laptops?

A: There’s a range depending on the needs of the age! For the older more proficient kids, the interaction comes from being plugged into the net–the ability to stream, surf the web, text friends, etc. Other models have included games that help a child learn letters, numbers and correlate sounds with instruments and animals in the natural world or the immediate environment. Either way, it’s guaranteed that your child will always remain engaged and learning with smart stage modes of learning by means of the correct keyboard configuration or simply streaming a documentary on their latest Android-operated laptop!


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