Primary Science Lab Set For Toddlers

The Primary Science Lab Set is wonderful 12-piece set that aims to foster the curiosity of young children aged 4 years old and above by providing them with the right tools to conduct easy and fun science experiments. Today’s educational curriculum calls for a strong foundation in the sciences including technology, engineering, and mathematics. Because of the rapidly-changing teaching-learning landscape in modern schools, toy makers have to respond to these changing needs. Learning Resources is responding to such calls by designing, developing, and manufacturing the Primary Science Lab Set.

The set comes with some of the basic science laboratory tools, equipment, and instruments that are necessary to conduct scientific experiments; albeit at a level that is very elementary. It includes a beaker for holding liquid substances as well as mixing various substances to form solutions and mixtures. There is also a funnel for directing fluids and fine grained solids from one container to another, preventing spills and unnecessary wastes. There is also a flask which is almost similar There is also a flask which is almost similar to a beaker but with a narrower neck and lid and a wider bottom. This is designed primarily for holding and storing liquids for longer periods of time. The kit also includes 3 test tubes, one of which measures 6 inches tall and all of which come with their respective lids and test tube stands. These are perfect for transferring, mixing, and managing smaller amounts of solutions and substances that may be too small for the beaker. Completing the set are a magnifying glass, a pair of tweezers, an eyedropper, and 10 activity cards to help direct the learning of children.

The different science laboratory tools are designed to be stubbier than the actual gadgets that they represent in real life as these are primarily targeted for older toddlers and preschoolers, at the very least. The various tools come in vibrant colors to help enhance children’s color perception abilities. The learning activity cards provide young scientists very easy to follow instructions on how to perform a certain science laboratory experiment including the different tools that will be needed and the various steps that need to be taken in a chronological order.

Since the kit comes with a variety of science-related objects and processes, the Primary Science Lab Set provides kids with the opportunity to expand their vocabulary by getting acquainted with the different words or terms. For example, in the science experiment called “color mixing”, children learn of the words that make up different colors. They also learn about the concept of primary and secondary colors. They will also learn the words “test tube”, “beaker”, and “eyedropper” and use these to formulate other sentences.

Not only is the Primary Science Lab Set helpful in enhancing the cognitive development of young children, it is also invaluable in refining the various motor skills of kids. Performing the different science activities requires children to hold the different tools which, in turn, require excellent control of fine motor skills. Pouring a liquid substance from a large test tube to a smaller test tube will require excellent coordination between what the eyes see, how the space within the immediate area of the target activity is interpreted, and how the muscles of the hand will move. This activity alone already integrates visual motor coordination, precision movement, and spatial reasoning.

The Primary Science Lab Set is an exceptional resource for fostering curiosity, discovery, and simple scientific experimentation among young children. The tools included in the set are not only great for kiddie scientific discoveries but also for encouraging the use of imagination and creativity among children. If you like products like this, check out our list of awesome science gifts for kids.