Qubits STEM Construction Toy Kit Review

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We like

Educational STEM that improves brain activity

Encourages dexterity and imagination

42 colorful, durable, high-quality pieces

Frustration-free, eco-friendly packaging

Compatible with LEGO and Hot Wheels

Components can be easily connected

The plastic pieces are dishwasher safe

We don’t like

Not challenging enough for some children

How it works

Construction kits and building sets are quite popular among children since they provide limitless opportunities for a fun and creative playtime activity. They are almost like puzzles that can be manipulated to any desired form and shape and allow kids to explore their imaginative capabilities while practicing their logic and dexterity.

It’s no wonder that many toy companies have tried to come up with their own versions of different pieces in order to appeal to the young builders and help them stay inspired in constructing their own designs. While LEGO is a timeless brand for building blocks, children sometimes want to experience something different that will excite them to further explore their passion for connecting colorful components and creating whole new worlds.

The Qubits Educational Building Set is actually compatible with LEGO, however quite unique and genuine when it comes to toys of this kind. It is a STEM toy which includes 42 colorful pieces and provides an open-ended play, so your little one can truly awake the visionary architect hiding inside the curious little brain.



This genuine invention gained popularity after being presented on Shark Tank as a STEM-related toy that can be used to bring children closer to the basics of design and engineering. The creators of the toy, Mark, and Lisa, were inspired to come up with their own version of a construction kit after witnessing many design classes being canceled from the curriculum of elementary schools.

Mark is a registered architect and Lisa having a background as a designer, both shared a passion for inventing a scientifically designed toy. The triangulated shape of the overall system is closely linked to natural structures and simplified geometry in order to show children that these disciplines can be creative, artistic and fun. The 3D printed prototypes were actually tested and further developed with the help of their own children.

Their original product started on Indiegogo and since then more than a million pieces branded and patented as Qubits have been produced and sold across the world. The company takes pride that its product is made in the USA by a veteran who served in the United States Air Force. It was the discipline, dedication, and training received from the service that made it possible for a small business to develop to a world-wide known brand that received multiple awards for the achievements in the educational toy market.


Society often encourages younger generations to seek a career in the STEM field, often repeating that these are the prospective professions of the future. Well, the future seems rather bright if people truly focus on education as well as saving the environment. The Qubits brand seems to be consciously aware of these issues as they’ve designed a product that comes in a recyclable eco-friendly plastic bag.

This also makes the kit very portable, as many parents enjoy taking it on summer trips in the package it arrived and are very pleased with the frustration free “unboxing” experience. The whole set comes in different colors that would equally appeal to boys and girls since the creators intended this product to be used regardless of the gender because education and equality are important values for the brand.

The pieces come as qubits pieces and the bridges that connect them. They are made of the highest quality rated plastic which is safe for children, as well as for a regular dishwasher cycle. They can easily be cleaned whether it’s by hand or in the dishwashing machine, and no drying is necessary, only regular towel swipe. The size of each piece is 6 x 2 inches and combined together they can create a tower as tall as 3 inches.

The kit comes with an instruction manual that shares guidelines and some ideas for the little innovators, however, once they get their hands on the pieces, they will immediately start experimenting with their own creations. The beauty of this toy is that it offers so many possibilities for truly genuine forms that your child will hardly get bored of them easily. The targeted age range are children from 4 to 16 years old, as the smaller pieces might represent a choking hazard for toddlers and kids who are younger might not understand the purpose of creating these types of constructions.


The importance of children practicing their logic skills cannot be stressed enough by educators and doctors since it has many positive benefits for the early development of the brain. Activities that allow kids to practice their problem-solving capacities, spatial reasoning and critical thinking greatly impact our little ones as they grow into more intelligent and organized individuals.

Math, geometry, science, and engineering are all words that sound intimidating even to adults who struggled in these areas, however maybe if you were properly introduced to them through a 60-degree geometrical system created by a colorful pattern of captivating pieces, you’d grow fond of the STEM fields. Instead of just reading textbooks, children get the opportunity to hold geometry in their palms and understand the meaning of cause and effect as they play along.

In fact, unlike other building blocks that appear cubic, the shape of the Qubits pieces is quite distinctive from the regular construction kits. It is more similar to forms that you’ll see in nature, such as snowflakes, crystals or honeycomb structures. These forms can be found in Math shapes as well as architecture, making Qubits an excellent starting point for many scientists, architectural designers, mechanical engineers and future experts in the field of robotics.


Building kits are truly vessels for creativity, and while anything STEM related might sound too serious, these disciplines are built upon ideas that were sparked by inventiveness. By purchasing construction components for your children, you allow them to envision a whole new world that they can create in your own living room. Whether they create forms of vehicles, towers or animals, or they make shelters for their dolls and action figures, kids can express themselves and think outside the box.

We tend to get the idea that STEM fields require following strict rules and rigorous memorization skills, however, the most meaningful inventions that drove the evolution of mankind was done by pioneers who found a solution to a problem by thinking outside the box. There are groups on social media where children share their creations and get inspired for new ones. These pieces are compatible with LEGO and Hot Wheels, so your children can easily combine their favorite toys and develop an interlinked community of never-ending fun.

Construction kits are excellent for embarking on play-pretend activities as well. Children can build their own cities and use their action figures or My Little Pony collectibles as loyal citizen. Even the whole process of imagining to be an architect or a designer while working on your own project gives boost both to the creative thought and self-confidence. Children quickly shift from one role to another and feel a sense of achievement after they witness how their dedication paid off, resulting in the form of a glorious design.


As parents, we are often concerned whether our children are spending their after-school hours in a productive manner that would be beneficial to their mental and physical well-being. By living in a technology-driven world, children are spending countless hours playing video games and watching cartoon shows on TV, so providing them with fun learning content is truly a great way to distract your little ones from the screens once in a while. This can be a challenging quest for parents unless you introduce them to a colorful educational tool disguised as a STEM toy.

With Qubits, children are able to gain knowledge of modular design and geometry in the most amusing way possible, without feeling like they stuck doing homework instead of playing with their toys. By learning how to define a certain problem, collect further information on the subject, brainstorm and analyze new ideas, they are able to develop their own solution in order to build a prototype. By receiving feedback from their friends and loved ones, children are inspired to continue to improve their designs and learn even more with each obstacle.

This type of Design Process is, in fact, a methodology used by teachers so their students can get the abilities to handle different materials in order to come up with their own problem-solving concepts. Therefore, it is even encouraged that this kit is implemented into many STEM and art classes in order for children to feel motivated to approach learning from a new angle that would spark their imagination and curiosity. Since there are no hazardous magnets involved and the connectors are easily linked with the shapes, the whole educational experience is not only exciting but completely safe for the little learners.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

To children, the whole beauty of STEM toys is that they are in fact, toys! Many children are not aware of the educational value, or physical benefits such as practicing dexterity. They are just amused by all the intriguing shapes and want to create an even more entertaining scenario with their tiny little fingers. What’s even more fun, is showing the creations to their friends or involving them in the process. The Qubits construction toy is an excellent bonding time between classmates, siblings, friends, and relatives.

With so many pieces included, children can share their ideas and experiment together while making meaningful connections with their loved ones. The components are durable enough to withhold many whimsical adventures such as rolling the shapes down the stairs, tossing them across the floor, placing tiny action figures and vehicles on top. The play-pretend scenarios are endless. Some children like to create pets, crowns, bridges from one room to another. It is hard to stay indifferent to all the joy kids experience from the sense of self-achievement once their design comes to life.

This would also be a very entertaining toy for children who have ADHD, autism or ADD. Even if your child just experiences anxiety, educational toys of this kind, that keep them puzzled and amused for hours can be very therapeutic for kids. They will practice their focus and concentration skills while being able to stimulate their senses with all the wonderful colors and shapes. Even adults find them entertaining and elderly people who struggle with their dexterity and want to practice their grip. Getting this set for a family reunion would truly benefit every member of the family and create lovely bonding memories.


If you can have a toy that increases the constructing ability of your kids, then this 42 pcs Home Qubits STEM Construction Toy Kit is definitely a must-have. Available now at a much cheaper price with a colorful instruction sheet, your kids can now enjoy this creative toy in front of them, plus the idea of developing their skills of constructing unique shapes and structures.

Parents are advised to have some monitoring in case there is a younger toddler around the house, since some of its pieces have that choking hazard, but other than that, this colorful construction toy kit can bring in fun and recreation during school breaks, family gathering, and even an inventive recreation to friends and loved ones. The bag that comes with the product is very helpful and could even inspire your child to keep its toys off the ground.

It's truly no wonder the Qubits have won so many awards and fans around the world. Once they purchase the starter kit, customers almost always decide to upgrade to more pieces and develop even greater ideas with their little ones. Children love new adventures and challenges so providing them with an educational one would greatly benefit their development. Order one now and let that creative juices from kids manifest out of the creative shapes they can construct out of this one-of-a-kind construction toy kit.
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