Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Kit Robot

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We like

A cute clever robot companion made of high-quality tech

Multiple components, sensors, and features make it very real like

20 cards that include mind-bending projects and educational games

10 costumes and a squishy case for creative role-playing and coding activities

Mood lamp accessory included for a sensory stimulation experience

Comes with colorful apps and works with Android, iOs and Kindle devices

Customizable with the many stickers included as well as building blocks

We don’t like

Not compatible with older mobile software devices

How it works

We are living in a world driven by technology so it is no wonder that robots are slowly incorporating as a part of our society. Whether we fear for the future of humanity or believe that AI could ultimately save the planet, we still secretly hope that we will get a chance to meet one in our lifetime. It comes as no surprise that children would be excited to have their own robotic companion as well. While there are many electronic toys on the market, many of them are for the pure purpose of entertainment and often parents are hesitant whether they should make an investment in what might turn out to be a short-lived experience. However, there are some, so well-put together that actually bring quality educational content to the table and provide a meaningful encounter with the STEM world. Meet the Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Kit Robot! A robotic friend that will mesmerize the children with its futuristic features and please the parents with its many learning components.



At first glance, this cute little electronic toy resembles that memorable character from Monsters Inc, Mike Wazowski. It is shaped like, well you guessed it, a dot or a ball to be more specific, however, looks like a wide-open eyeball. It is ultimately its personality and the many components that come in the box that give it childlike characteristics and make Dot so charming and lovable. The robot comes in a lime green color and has an orange circle around the lights that mimic an eye. There are 3 orange buttons on top which are meant to be used for different settings and a large white button in the middle that operates the controls. It comes with a stand that it’s attachable to the robot, 2 building connectors as well as plastic to cardboard connecting components.

Dot does not move around like some other Wonder Workshop models, however, he can still change colors and has a lovely personality. By using the specially designed app, you will be able to dim the lights and change the color. There is a constructible lamp included in the kit that transforms Dot into a lovely sensory stimulation experience. Dot loves makeovers so much it comes with 10 costumes and more than a 100 stickers. It even has a purple squishy case that’s so cute and fuzzy, it’s safe to say, will end up being your child’s favorite accessory. However, don’t be fooled by Dot’s awesome looks, since he is not an average interactive electronic toy companion. In fact, this little robot model is so intelligent and advanced, it will ultimately teach your child how to code and understand the hidden world of AI.

Dot can be regulated with different mobile devices since manufacturers wanted to adapt it to every customer. It works with iOS, Android and even Kindle. Since its appearance on the market, Dot won many design awards and he’s been to 6 of the 7 continents. In 2018 Dot even went to the stratosphere. A few team members from Wonder Workshop hanged the little guy on a balloon while they were in a desert in California and sent it to outer space. Its greatness is officially of cosmic proportions! Not bad for a robot that doesn’t move.


While this little robot is designed to look as an adorable companion, it has a much larger purpose than being your tiny sidekick. In fact, the whole concept behind Wonder Workshop was to help children learn how to code in a fun and entertaining way so they can be prepared for the futuristic world that lies ahead of them. The founder of the company, Vikas Gupta, was inspired to provide an educational tool for the little tech enthusiasts once his own daughter was born. He was working at Google, therefore has enough professional background to fulfill his quest for a more meaningful purpose. By introducing children to friendly robots and giving them a chance to learn how to code through projects cards, educational activities and mind-bending games, they will grow fond of the STEM fields and feel the need to further explore the vast tech universe.


It’s no wonder this product is called a creativity kit since it truly creates a safe space for children to unleash their full imagination and embark on a magical journey filled with knowledge, fun, and companionship. Your little one will enjoy decorating Dot with multiple colorful stickers or making a custom party with the many dress-up accessories included. This leaves a lot of room for play-pretend scenarios since Dot can be turned into a penguin, a pirate, a cowboy, and many fun characters. Each time they play with Dot, they can have a new adventure and practice their imaginative skills. Once they’ve transformed their robot, they are given the chance to program their own story-line and work on their coding skills as well. These type of role-playing scenarios are a vessel for creativity and give the little programmers a glimpse of the actual purpose of science, which is to come up with creative solutions to certain problems.
Logic Skills

Logic Skills

There are age-appropriate apps specifically designed so children can learn how to code by using their logic skills. It is quite fascinating that the narrative of the first step, named as “Go”, is to teach Dot how to play. It is almost as if children are convinced that they are the mentor and their robot is the student, so they push extra hard and practice their problem-solving skills. How does an inexperienced child become a professor to a game character? By using logic while following simple amusing steps.

Children will be given the chance to name their robot, choose another color for the eye or make it blink. In the next step, called “Wonder”, they will be able to learn photo-based-language that would ultimately lead to coding lessons disguised as game adventures. In the “Blockly” program, kids will encounter many puzzles and projects that will advance their critical skills and further develop their coding knowledge. By manipulating Dot’s lights, sounds, and sensors, they will be provided with both learning content and an exquisite sensory play-time. By the end of the journey, your child will end up with a new best friend and your household with a prospective genius.


While robots still don’t have emotions they sure can be programmed to express and mimic childlike feelings in order to create a safe space for children that want to have a new robotic toy friend. When you accidentally push Dot on the floor, facing the ground, it will ask the owner: Where am I? It is intelligently designed to know its positioning. If you don’t pick it right away it will start crying, similarly to a helpless toddler. It is quite remarkable to witness children responding to their interactive toys and providing them help and assistance, especially with educational toys that were created in order to assist your children. By doing this, children learn to be compassionate towards others and develop a sense of responsibility for their items.

Don’t you wish every toy your child has actually instructed your child to pick it up in order to have a tidier home? Since we know children don’t always listen to their parents unless they are threatened with not being allowed Netflix or candy, it is good to have robotic buddies that want nurturing so your child can practice these fundamental values. When an electronic companion is this interactive, a special bond is most likely to be created and a sense of emotional attachment as well. Children will feel comforted and safe around the Dot since it is programmed to sound and act friendly and loving. It will joyfully say: I love It when you hold me! – once you pick it up from the ground. It has multiple sensors that can be used as an alarm in case someone comes in the room while your child is sleeping. You can program it to scream, play sounds or even record your own voice to it!
Sensory Stimulation

Sensory Stimulation

The versatility of this invention is quite astonishing. With so many accessories included, your children can enjoy the many sensory benefits from their adorable robotic buddy. The light show option will transform Dot into a whimsical night lamp that will soothe your little ones while they are writing their homework or adapting to sleep in a separate bedroom. The constructible mood lamp has a galaxy themed base and a star-decorated shade that complements the overall design. It has been scientifically proven that lighting strongly affects the mood of your child. It could either calm or stimulate the brain.

By manipulating light levels and colors, children develop an ability to be in charge of the visual stimuli that occupy the space they are in. By being allowed to create their own sensory experience with the help of their little Dot companion, they will learn to develop their own sensory system as well. This technique is especially beneficial to children who face autism and ADHD it helps them focus and concentrate while still remaining in a relaxed state of mind. It is almost impossible to stay indifferent around the lamp since it would truly make a lovely ornament to any room and a loyal lighting asset during trips, summer camps or birthday celebrations. It seems as Dot is equipped to not only educate and entertain your child but bright up your life as well.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

The Dot Creativity Kit is anything but boring. In fact, it comes with so much entertainment options, there should be a photo of this robot right next to the word “fun” in the dictionary. With so many app opportunities and more than 20 project cards included, you are in for a marvelous treat! Children can play the robot versions of their old time favorite games such as Duck Duck Goose, hot Dotato and many more interactive challenges. They are given the opportunity to interact with Dot and experience the comfort zone of a non-judgmental friend that is always there for you.

They would certainly be pleased to invite their human friends along since Dot is quite presentable and would make a lovely “Show and Tell” item. The possibilities are endless since this tiny robot allows the owners to truly unleash their creativity and explore many versatile play-scenarios. The Wonder Workshop even comes with exercise modes so children can stay active throughout the whole bonding experience. By placing a Dot on a belt around their waist they will not only get work-out instructions but a gym partner as well. The creativity kit is compatible with building blocks as well so the little engineer can build an even bigger robot on top of the actual robot.


As busy working adults, you probably don’t want to return home to another electronic toy that sings with an annoyingly high-pitched voice while your child plays the same tune over and over again. However, coming home from a long day at work to find your child practicing IT skills is a completely different scenario. Kids can spend their free time developing new learning abilities and practicing their logic skills while their parents enjoy their well-deserved rest.

The Dot robot comes with so many features, lessons, and accessories, that finding an excuse not to buy it as a birthday gift is truly impossible. We are quite certain that coding classes, toy accessories and even a designer mood lamb can cost more than the actual Dot itself. If you consider all the remarkable adventure that this genuine kit has to offer, you can rest assure that you will be investing in a high-quality tech companion. And being as adorable as this little guy sure helps in making the ultimate decision to welcome a robot into your family.
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