Snap Circuits® STEM Fully Reviewed
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We like
  • The materials are nice to work with and kids understand it quickly
  • It's quite easy to identify where the pieces should go to successfully build the game
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Stimulates a kids brain activity and enhances their ability to build
We don’t like
  • Not recommended for ages 3 years old and younger
How it works

If your kids are into gadgets, tools, or devices. And they tend to be an avid assembler and dissembler alike with all of their favorite toys then Snap Circuits will suit their every need as an intelligent young person.

Snap Circuits is no ordinary toy it is dynamic and intelligent all in one. Your kids can now enjoy playing with electronic gadgets without actually experiencing any unnecessary ‘short circuits’. They can now build and maneuver through different electronic circuits atop a base grid with the same elements that are usually found in an electronic product. This is electronic free which makes it that much better!

Your kids will like its animated mechanisms and colorful gears. Technically called SNAP [email protected] STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It is an interactive toy-gadget that aims to enhance the 4 educational ideas presented. It is always done in a ultimately creative way by the kids leaving a lasting impression on their minds.

Because this high quality toy contains a cord and a magnet; parents are advised to play along to supervise the game. This unique connector game is a great start for developing creativity and the little inventor in your kid.

Imagination is strengthened through the system the game is built upon. Always reminding families the very way Einstein put it; “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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