Best Construction Toys & Trucks for Kids Reviewed in 2019

Construction toys (and even construction sites!) have long held the fascination of boys–and even girls–and a construction toy of some sort could be found in almost every child’s home. Nowadays, electronics are taking over, and children aren’t using their imaginations during playtime like they used to. Whether your child enjoys dressing up in a hard hat and safety vest, “fixing” things around the house with their tools, or just loading up a dump truck and dumping it out, there is a type of construction toy out there for every child.

Several types of construction toys have been classified as having STEM qualities. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. So that means not only is your child using their imagination and having fun, but they are also learning while they play! With so many different construction toys on the market, how do you know which ones are the best? Here at BornCute, we take all the hard work out of figuring out which construction toys are best by doing all the research for you! Below you will find the 10 best construction toys that made the cut to be featured on our list.

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Construction toys are just as popular now as they have always been. In this update, our researchers have spent a lot of time finding out which construction toys are most popular with today's generation of children. We hope you enjoy reading this article, and that your child loves the construction toy you choose for them!

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Construction Toys and Trucks for Kids

Construction toys have several benefits, which oftentimes ranges from pretending to be a construction worker, to finding out the tools they use. This, of course, means being able to construct something yourself. When finding construction toys to feature on our list, we wanted to emphasize the points that we feel truly illustrate the best construction toys for kids. So, that these toys will become fundamental stepping stones in a child’s overall development.


Stimulating creativity is a benefit that will please a parent and a child alike. Kids love to be creative and freely express themselves. Construction toys give them this chance. Whether it is taking the time to actually assemble something using instructions or allowing their own creativity to flow while making their own unique creations. Whichever it may be, creativity is one of the main benefits of construction toys because creative ideas can flow forth.


Using their minds to come up with answers and solve problems is something a child needs to start learning early in life. Construction toys can start to put them on the path of sharpening their cognitive skills. Whether it just putting together a simple puzzle, assembling a simple model or putting together a more complex structure, all requires sharpening the mind.

Motor Skills

With various types of construction toys, kids will use their hands quite a bit. Whether it is using the tools or putting together puzzles, or even creating their own models, kids will engage their hands in various ways in order to go about the construction process. Even while playing with the various types of construction toy vehicles, a child will grab hold of these and push them along. Therefore hand coordination is exercised, and a child develops more dexterity in using their hands overall.


Playing with construction toys will give a kid a chance to put their imagination to use. While playing with the various types of play tools or construction-type vehicles, a kid pretends to be a construction worker. Pretend play helps a child to hone in on the imaginary skills, something that with today’s high-tech gadgetry could become obsolete. So, construction toys can help a child begin to imagine yet again. This could lead to them maybe one day wanting to be a construction worker, an engineer, or an architect.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Exactly what do the initials STEM stand for?

A: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, concepts that can be found in many construction toys on the market. Some are actually advertised as being STEM-related, which is a shout out to parents that the toy has been actually certified to cover these bases.

Q: Are construction toys ideal for girls to play with as well as boys?

A: Sure, why not. Little girls can be just as interested in construction toys as boys are. The best thing to do is not to discourage this interest but encourage it. The days of there being toys designed only for boys and ones designated for girls don’t apply any longer. Kids shouldn’t have to have stereotypes placed on them by society. If girls want to work with tools or want to experience the fun of playing with construction toys then they should have that opportunity.

Q: When did LEGOs first hit the market?

A: The LEGO company was founded in 1932, although the colorful interlocking plastic brick that has become so synonymous with the brand came out in 1958. Since this time the brand has created several interactive kits such as the one, we featured above.

Q: Is the Original Tonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck still available on the market?

A: Yes, the Tonka dump truck that was first put out on the market decades ago, which was built from steel with tough rubber tires is available to purchase online. Two things to keep in mind though, unlike the one we featured here, the classic one will cost quite a bit more since it is metal and also a classic toy. The classic steel version really isn’t designed to be toddler or younger kid-friendly. As stated above, it is very heavy because of the steel construction and so could be dangerous if it were to be thrown or dropped. But for those who are classic toy collectors or older kids who are die-hard construction toy collectors, this could be a sound investment.

Q: Do these toys require adult supervision?

A: It goes without saying that the construction toys aimed at toddler age do require supervision by an adult. But regardless of the child’s age, interaction by parents could be essential to their growth. Not only will this lead to quality time and bonding but also will give a child a sense of validation. If a parent takes an interest in what the child is making with their model kit or even takes the time when the child is old enough to teach them how to actually fix things around the house, it works toward bringing the lesson even further. In life, a child’s best teacher can be their own parents who encourage their child in their own talents and pass on talents that they have that the child has shown interest in.

Q: Are all these toys really safe and nontoxic?

A: As we stated above, the ones we placed on this list are nontoxic. As far as safety goes, nothing is ever completely safe in this life. As with any toy, it is always a good idea to follow the directions set forth by the company. If there is an age restriction, make sure that this is abided by. If there are safety tips and instructions that come with the toys, read these carefully.


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