10 Best Lego Star Wars Sets For Kids in 2019

People have been making a rave over the hit series Star Wars for many years. With the release of some of the new movies, it is making even bigger waves at the box office than ever before. It is a pop culture insignia that will surely stand the test of time. So, the only fitting thing to do is to bring the iconic figures and ships to life through Lego sets.

Lego was founded long before Star Wars, but bringing the two together is magical. There are countless amounts of Lego Star Wars sets on the market. So we have narrowed it down to the best. Below are the Best Lego Star Wars Sets.

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There is nothing more classic than a LEGO building set and combined with the enduring popularity of the Star Wars movie series, these 15 top sets are sure to be one of your child's favorites. A number of new sets have been added to this list and all of the product details, specifications, age ranges, sizes, cost and availability of been reviewed and verified.

Our Top 3 Picks

Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport
  • Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra Ammunition
  • Price: See Here
Star Wars Millennium Falcon
  • Star Wars Millennium Falcon
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 1329 Pieces
  • Price: See Here
LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader
  • LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • +Red Light Saber
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used for Evaluation of The Top Lego Star Wars Set

Star Wars is a story that seems to have no end!  Very much in touch with eternal truths! That’s why it was not easy to come up with the selection that we did!  There’s always the Death Star, the classic X-Wing Fighters, and the Ice Walkers!  Those are all good, but we’re also attempting to appeal to a new generation that isn’t familiar with the old trilogy from the ’70s and ’80s. Or, even the most recent prequel of the late ’90s and 2000s.  Star Wars is still a growing organism that has morphed into toys, action figures, apps, video games, cartoons and every other form of paraphenalia you can think of!  We’ve even coined a hairstyle known as “Princess Leia Braids.”  The “Force” is even on the lips of people who have never even seen one episode! The task could be seen as monumental, but it was also like the back of our hand!  While the selection may not be wide, it is quite varied and guaranteed to have something for a fan of every stripe!


In 2019 Lego sets and Star Wars are no longer just for kids!  An entire cultural phenomenon has built around these two mainstays from kids that grew up in the ’70s and ’80s to the adults that still love these forms of play as a hobby and now their kids, and eventually grandkids!  There is the natural cognitive development of kids and their motor skills, then there’s the addition to the current cultural dialogue and meme.  The research consists in that, considering that while many of these sets are good for imaginative play, they are way beyond the mechanical abilities of many children!  Some older children will definitely get it!  Then, there is the consideration of the aptitudes of kids of each generation as they evolve–know more and acquire deeper understanding and ability!

For the hobbyist, we know that this is a passion that can be all-consuming in both time and resources.  We’ve considered and understood that the afficionado will pay any price and take any amount of time to build these sets, no matter how big or small!  They will order online from obscure sites.  They may even travel across the country to fulfill their desire for whatever suits them in this realm.

We brought to bear the passion, creativity and ability all attendant upon a desire to engage a Lego set and approach the theme of Star Wars.  Often times, all three can simply be a continuation of the other.

What Determined the Top Lego Star Wars Play Sets in Our List

Coming up with the top Lego Star Wars play sets is never easy and we are pretty sure you know why. As such, we had to look for other ways to determine the best. Unfortunately, if it’s from Lego there’s no question about the quality as well as the developmental appropriateness of the building and construction sets. There is also no question about the safety of the products. What we are left with is the feedback and reviews from parents and other customers who have already bought the product. We had to carefully look at what others are saying and whether they would recommend such model to a friend. Choosing was never easy but we did it anyway.

Building Toys and Your Child’s Development

One of the most developmentally beneficial playthings kids can ever have are building and construction toys. And when it comes to such toys, Lego is always on people’s minds. Although it is not the only toy manufacturer that provides such types of game materials, it is nonetheless become the benchmark for all other companies that design and manufacture such toys.

But just how valuable are these playthings anyway?

For starters, building and construction playsets are important in the development of children’s physical skills particularly their fine-motor skills, visual-motor coordination, and balance. They are able to exercise the fine muscles of their hands and fingers which can lay the foundation for the development and mastery of their handwriting, drawing, and painting skills as well as other activities that are dependent on manual dexterity.

Construction playsets are also important in the development of children’s cognitive abilities. Given a variety of shapes and colors, young children are able to discern and gain mastery of these different attributes of building bricks and blocks. The textured nature of the bricks can also provide additional sensory information for the brain to process. For example, a 1×4 brick will feel a bit more different from a 4×8 block simply because of the greater number of protrusions or block heads. When touched by children, they feel the difference and this helps them develop their discerning abilities.

Moreover, playing with building sets can also help children develop and harness their problem-solving skills, primarily their divergent thinking. When given several blocks, they use a lot of their cognitive processes to determine what other models can be built. Some may refer to this as the child’s creativity and imagination but it’s all about problem-solving. It’s all about finding out how to piece the different blocks in different configurations to create something new. They try to find out which building block or brick will best fit into a particular arrangement to get the desired outcome.

For child developmental psychologists, this shows the child’s ability to perform trial and error problem solving. It shows that the child already has a grasp or understanding of how cause and effect relationships work. He or she can then make accurate predictions of what will happen if he or she uses a particular block and not another. They can then start thinking on the what-if principle which lays the foundation for both divergent thinking and counterfactual reasoning, both very important elements to critical thinking. We are not saying that your kid will be a genius if he or she plays with these kinds of play things. Of course, that will still depend on how well we are able to nurture the gifts and talents of our kids.

Another aspect of your child’s cognitive development that will benefit immensely from Lego toys is his or her language development. Just imagine a child adding lightsaber, Jedi, knights, empire, dark, good, evil, and first order in his or her vocabulary. With a widened vocabulary, children can better communicate what they have in mind. They can converse well even with adults. And this can help boost their self-confidence and, consequently, their self-esteem. This helps build their social skills even more. So, these toys actually help develop kids’ emotional and social competence.

And speaking of self-esteem, the ability to complete a Lego Star Wars project without any aid from mom or dad can really boost the child’s confidence. It gives children a sense of accomplishment. They know that even though they are still kids, they now have the ability to create and build something just using their hands and their imagination. Now how you would feel if you were this kid? Wouldn’t you feel proud and great of yourself as well?

Get Your Lego Star Wars Set Now

It is without a doubt that construction and building sets for kids are important in their growth and development. Add the prestige of owning a piece of Star Wars history, and your kid will be enjoying it for the rest of his or her life. So, start choosing from our top 15 sets from Lego’s Star Wars series. We know you love all of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How detailed are the instructions on these sets?

A: Of course Lego strives to give the most detailed instructions possible!  The whole point is that you have a positive experience, that these sets remain within the possibility of achievement and completion, and are doable!  One can also get help from the picture on the box, as well, to get a sense of the finished product.  There are certain limiting factors that are indicated by age range.  Most importantly, most Lego projects are exercises in patience!  The emotional maturity of a young child could easily get overwhelmed by an 1,000+ piece set!  In most cases, for any other additional instruction that might be missing from the manual, can easily be found online.

Q: How true are some of these replica sets to the originals in the movie?

A: They are about as accurate as they can be!  I would say that most are about 99.99% authentic!  Now, they are not clones of what is on the film, since this is stone-cold reality and that was mostly CGI!  There have been quite a few upgrades and liberties taken in some designs, but that’s just all part of the evolution of styles, designs, and changing tastes with each generation.  In some cases the coloring of a product might be a little bit different or a little bit off, too.  In the case of the last Star Wars installment, many products and paraphernalia had been produced before the release of the film, so accuracy was almost a non-issue

Q: Will any of these have future value?

A: For sure!  It has already been shown that the products from Star Wars for the last 40 years have been fetching a fairly pretty penny as collector’s editions!  Not only this, but the entire hobby of creating Lego buildings and vehicles has become all-consuming within itself and in some cases a career!  There are Lego building competitions all across the country, specifically for the purpose of displaying creations like the products we have for sale.  With the new culture of Comic-Con to add to all of this, the value tends to go up every year now, if not every month.

Q: How much does this contribute to imaginative play?

A: Star Wars is one of those archetypal stories that lingers in the subconscious of all humans.  It’s the hero’s journey!  The sense of imaginative play that comes out of this is enhanced by the strong visual references that we have from the movies. Not just the movies, but a generational sense of passing this down now from parent to child.  As the technology for movie making becomes more sophisticated, the realms definitely get blurred and the imagination deepens in a way that once the child comes to our products, the die has already been cast for a deep, enjoyable and engaging experience!

Q: Can I buy additional Lego Minifigures without buying an entire set?

A: In the past, this would’ve been impossible!  And, in fact, many people do still buy entire sets for the extra figures!  Now, you can easily go to the Lego store and find what you’re looking for!  Pretty much anywhere on the web you will be able to get some extra figures!  Or, simply contact the seller through your order or contact Lego directly concerning the product in question to ask about an extra figure and inquire if there’s a serial number that can be used in reference for it in the future!

Q: Is there a warranty on any of these sets?

A: There doesn’t seem to be a warranty to speak of!  Lego tends to stand by it’s reputation of solidity!  Their website and customer service are more than accommodating for any kind of issue you may have.  It offers replacement parts, extra figures, extra accessories.  There are even online instructions on how to add to already-existing sets!  The number of options out there and superb customer service more than compensate for there being any sort of lack of warranty on the part of Lego.