Best Spongebob Toys for Kids in 2018

Who doesn’t love SpongeBob? He’s a nice guy and always tries to be happy. And he is enormously popular with kids and adults alike. This Nickelodeon show is nearly 20 years old and has received and been nominated for many awards from children’s groups to TV awards. The creators of this show have won 14 Children’s Choice awards. This show became a Wow for kids, probably because the yellow sponge character is so engaging and sings phrases that are rhythmical and humorous. The scenes in the shows are very colorful and inviting. SpongeBob has appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade any number of times and is always a hit. They even made a Broadway SpongeBob show that was promoted in the parade. And it was very good. The show is aimed at kids 6-11 years, but teens and adults seem to like it too. The show may not be appropriate for kids 5 and under.

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The show SpongeBob Squarepants is relatable, engaging and it teaches kids many valuable life lessons. They will learn how to take care of others, love the little things in life, and take responsibility for your actions. That is why, with our newest update, we bring you the best Spongebob toys for kids available right now.

Our Top 3 Picks

Sponge Out Of Water Movie
  • Sponge Out Of Water Movie
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • SpongeBob's New Adventure
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SpongeBob Multi-Bin Toy Organizer
  • SpongeBob Multi-Bin Toy Organizer
  • 4.5 out of 5
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Ty Beanie Babies Patrick
  • Ty Beanie Babies Patrick
  • 4.3 out of 5
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  • Handmade & Cuddly
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SpongeBob Squarepants is a sponge who lives in an underwater city that he loves. And he loves his family and friends. He has a pet snail that he has to feed every day. This is a responsibility that he takes very seriously. This is a good teachable moment for kids and parents: taking care of another life like a snail or a cat or a dog. We can find these moments in SpongeBob’s adventures that occur in games and movies and TV shows. And sometimes the adventures are those of SpongeBob’s friends, such as Patrick, who is sometimes known as PatrickStar, an oaf of a Superhero. He’s quite funny, too.

Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best SpongeBob Toys for Kids in 2018

Choosing the products we share with you is a long process that includes looking for safety issues, the ratings and reviews by the buyers, the manufacturers, and do we think kids will have fun with the toys. We also take into consideration appropriate age ranges and durability of the product. And we also look at the toys to see how they help kids develop into teens and adults.

On this list we have nightlights that can help your child not be afraid at night. Being afraid at night can hinder a child’s development, keeping her from moving on to the next developmental stage. There are toys that help the imagination by allowing your child to build scenes from the SpongeBob show. They may include characters from the show, and this will help with telling stories, increasing use of the visualization process while imitating the show or making the stories up on their own.

Some toys on the SpongeBob Squarepants list are play sets or games that can help a child develop physically by using small muscles in hands and arms. They help strengthen those fine motor skills that every kid needs. They can sit on the floor and get a small amount of exercise, but those hand and arm muscles can become strengthened just by moving the parts of the playsets around, sliding pieces into slots, or loading a slingshot. Some characters have parts that move, like the limbs, and those help with dexterity also.

Eye hand coordination is so important for kids to learn early and it plays right into fine motor control. Kids need to develop eyes and hands that work together so they can play ball, work at a job that includes manual labor such as working in a factory, and become coordinated to do any of the countless tasks that make up life. So we try to get as many of these items on the list as possible.

As manufactures go, we have big names like Mattel, Fisher-Price, MegaBlocks, and many others. They have to get a Nickelodeon license to sell these products, and it looks like Nick did a great job of getting companies that have been around for a long time and have great reputations. We look for companies who treat their customers well, too. Good customer service is a must.

There seems to be a controversy in the SpongeBob community. There is a research study out that tested 4 year old kids, and they concluded that watching a fast-paced cartoon like SpongeBob may impair the attention span of the kids in the immediate aftermath of watching the show. Some people took this to mean it impairs all kids’ attention spans, and they made the assumption this was for the long term. There is no evidence that SpongeBob is bad for kids. Watching such a fast paced show can take up lots of energy, so an hour before a test is not when you want to watch such a show. And, the show is aimed at older kids, ages 6-11, so four year olds should not be watching the show. The toys are fine for them, though.

How SpongeBob Helps Kids

The show SpongeBob Squarepants is one that teaches kids many valuable lessons. Because SpongeBob is relatable and engaging, kids watch him and hear the lessons. Plus, in the shows, they can see SpongeBob engaging in and acting out those lessons. Love the little things in life, take responsibility for your actions, even if it’s embarrassing. Be positive and help your friends. Take good care of your pets. Always be ready for an adventure and make friends along the way.

SpongeBob is an upbeat and happy guy who thinks outside the box and looks for new ideas. He encourages kids to use their imaginations and tell new stories. This is also related to increased creativity and making it easier to tell those stories. In children, imagination is king in brain development. It enables them to come up with multiple answers to solve problems. Kids play and they find problems to solve all the time. Mostly simple problems, but they still need to find a way to find the answers. So they can think about it, try different physical solutions and cast out the answers that don’t work, or ask a friend, parent, or teacher. This all helps the child become a thinker and figure out solutions logically.

SpongeBob is a cartoon based in the imagination. We have to remember that this is not reality and is for older children, over 6 years old. Let the young kids play with the toys and watch the TV and films later when they know the difference between the real and imaginary worlds. SpongeBob is optimistic and funny, but doesn’t always make the best decisions. He’s like a kid himself. When children see characters making poor decisions, it’s a learning moment for parents to teach kids why that decision is a bad one.


Q: At what age should I allow my kids to play with SpongeBob toys?

A: The TV show and movies are aimed at about age 6 and up. Adults who grew up with SpongeBob seem to like to go back and watch again. Other toys should be marked by the manufacturer. Toys like the plush dolls should be good for younger children.

Q: Is there any negative news about SpongeBob for kids?

A: Not very much. There is one study that says it’s a fast paced cartoon that can cause 4 year olds to exhibit signs of ADHD and lack of concentration in the short term. There are SpongeBob toys that are age appropriate for younger kids. Just make them wait to watch the shows. There are many other cartoons that are fast paced that do the same thing. The SpongeBob cartoons are probably not any better or worse than other cartoons.

Q: When is a good time for my child to begin using a nightlight?

A: Your child can benefit from a night light right after birth to about 4 months old. Some doctors believe it helps your child’s visual development. Also around 2 years to 4 years, children can become scared of the dark. You can help them through this process by providing a nightlight. It will provide a dim light. It might even help if it’s fun, so they feel like it’s fun to go to bed.

Q: Why do people say these playsets are so great for kids?

A: The playsets are like construction toys. For most of them, kids have to put at least some of the parts of the set together in order to play with them. Sometimes they are just play sets that are premade. That’s ok. Kids can still make up story adventures that support creativity and problem solving skills.

The sets with the building blocks, though, support lots of strength building in muscles, imaginary play, problem solving, and social development. Those are all areas where kids need supported development, and the playsets and constructions sets are ideal for that.

Q: Where did SpongeBob’s name come from?

A: The SpongeBob idea was originally thought of by a marinebiologist named Stephen Hillenburg. His original name was SpongeBoy, but that name is copyrighted, so he came up with SpongeBob, keeping the word sponge in the name so kids would know he was a sponge and not a piece of cheese.

Q: Are there any big name celebrities in the TV shows or movies?

A: Yes, there are quite a few. Some of them were chosen to actually attract adult viewers to get more of the market share. A few of them are: Tim Conway(Mermaid Man), Ernest Borgnine(Barnacle Boy), and Marion Ross (Grandmother). After the show’s creator left the team, there were many others including, Pink and Johnny Depp.