10 Best Littlest Pet Shop Toys for Kids Reviewed in 2019

The Littlest Pet Shop got its start in 1990, with a toy series launched by Kenner. In the years since, it has seen a massive comeback, had its own video games and interactive websites created and received its own television show (three times over, at that). Hasbro now owns and operates the Littlest Pet Shop, and currently, there are well over 3,000 different pets in circulation.

There are puppies, kittens, birds, octopi, and hundreds more. Some collections feature the pets dressed as various food items, others in glamorous intergalactic glory, some in a chic black and white design. Littlest Pet Shop has aquatic collections, birds, bugs, cats, dogs, farm animals, reptiles, wild animals, and a line called “small furry pets.” There truly is something for everyone with this line of toys! For added fun, you can purchase their luxurious play sets. Never thought you’d see a pet on a cruise? Think again! The Littlest Pet Shop Pets are already rocking the boat. For you landlubbers, there are also apartment complexes, photo booths, treat trucks, and more.

Whether your little one is crouched in front of the TV every time the show comes on, is constantly playing their interactive games, or just plain loves cute little animals, we think you’ll find just what you’re looking for right here. Here are 10 of our favorite LPS toys, all kid-friendly and parent-approved!

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Littlest Pet Shop Toys for Kids

When deciding on the perfect toys for your little one, we know how important it is to choose something that’s not only appropriate for their age but will continue to provide them with fun for years to come. The Littlest Pet Shop collections provide all the necessary creativity to spark your child’s imagination and encourage a lengthy playtime.

Giving them the gift of a pet or pretend social setting is like giving them training wheels for imaginative play. They’re inspired by the toys they have in front of them, and with so much variety amongst pet figures as well as places such as the spa or treehouse, their imaginations will begin to run wild with all the pretend scenarios they can get their toy characters into.

This is also wonderful because they can base their play off of the hit television show or even the video games, and add to their playtime with characters that already exist and they are familiar with.

Imaginative Play: Why Is It Important?

We can’t stress how important it is to encourage your child to have creative playtime. It’s in these crucial years (from toddler to pre-teen) that they’ll develop social skills as well as critical thinking, and all this starts during playtime.

Through their play, they’ll imagine different scenarios and dialogues among their toys–whether speaking out loud or in their heads–and this will slowly foster their social development as well as verbal communication. They’ll learn how to interact by having their toys interact, especially if they’re basing dialogue and situations off of what they’re seeing on television or in video games. Their language skills will benefit greatly from this, as well as their emotional skills.

It’s okay for kids to make up scenarios that are full of happiness, and it’s also okay for them to come up with sadder ones as well. Both of these will play a vital part in a child’s development as they grow up and encounter their own real-life situations. Cognitive ability starts at a young age, and toys are a child’s gateway to fostering that into something that will grow and advance as they age.

Physical Growth

While it’s hard to believe, any toy will encourage your child to get up and move. We’ve listed several here, such as the LPS shuttle, cruise ship or jet, that will ideally force them to get up and move–whether it’s across the floor, across the house, or even around the backyard.

The more imaginative they can be, the more the physical act of movement becomes an important part of communicating pretend play and advancing a scenario they’ve made up in their heads. Even a playset such as the PetUltimate Apartment requires your child to stand up and move around to find the full functionality of the toy. Something as small as picking up a Littlest Pet Shop pet figurine and walking them across the floor is still being physically active and is perfect for those rainy days or individual playtime.

Sharing and Being Social is a Good Thing

The great thing about such a widely loved brand is that your child is bound to have friends who love the Littlest Pet Shop as much as they do. These toys were made with sharing in mind, and even trading! The pets themselves come in so many varieties that it’s easy to find something your child doesn’t have, and even easier for them to share toys or even trade them.

The biggest toy structures encourage group play since there’s enough space in each for several kids to get in good pet playtime. Sharing is a valuable trait, and these are great toys to bring to a friend’s house or pull out when your child has friends over.

Where To Put Them?

Since these toys are of the smaller type and are easily lost, we’ve thought about storage as well. There is one option that made this list that is ideal for Littlest Pet Shop pets and accessories, and it is the PetUltimate Apartment. It has ample storage for toys and accessories, is stylish and will fit perfectly in a closet or small floor space.

Kids will learn the importance of putting their toys away, and we guarantee they’ll feel great when they don’t need to ask where something is. It’s a proud moment for a kid when they can pull out their properly put-away toys and show you that they’ve done a good thing and learned how to clean up after themselves. It’s a skill that they’ll carry with them throughout their life, and there’s no one to say they can’t begin doing it at a young age.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are these fakes, or made by Hasbro?

A: Each Littlest Pet Shop toy featured here is 100 percent authentic to the LPS television show and featured video games. Unless otherwise specified, each figure and playset comes with the classic LPS logo, as well as quality-made toys.

Q: How many are in the packaged box?

A: Each playset comes with at least one pet. All Littlest Pet Shop products listed here includes at least one cute pal for your child to play with.

Q: Does this come in the original packaging?

A: All Littlest Pet Shop toys come in their original packaging. The packaging includes the listed contents of each specific toy, dimensions, as well as which type of batteries are required if any. Each is a cardboard package with the LPS logo on the front, and brief info on the back.

Q: How do you know if each pet is a boy or a girl?

A: Littlest Pet Shop toys leave genders to the imagination of the child who is playing with them. Each toy is gender-neutral unless specified otherwise with a pronoun denoting such, or is taken from a character in the television show. We encourage kids to let their pets be whoever they want to play with that day, with no specific, pre-decided role.

Q: Can boys also play with these toys?

A: The great thing about Littlest Pet Shop is that anyone can play with them! The toys are gender-neutral and can be used by any child, boy or girl. Boys will love pushing the limo or shuttle around. While the girls are taking their pets to the spa, the boys can perform construction work on the PetUltimate Apartment!

Q: Can a 10-year-old play with these?

A: Yes, all the products listed here are great for play by a 10-year-old. Most toys have smaller pieces that may become a choking hazard to younger children; we don’t recommend any kids under 4 years old play with these without adult supervision. As always, you should check the individual product before giving it to your child if safety is a concern. These toys are good for ages 5+.


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