10 Best Animal Planet Toys for Kids & Toddlers in 2019

Animal Planet was established in 1996 and has continued to serve as one of the most fascinating and easily accessible resources for families worldwide when it comes to the other species that surround us on this earth. Kids love learning about animals and Animal Planet has plenty of shows and programming aimed at young viewers. If seeing animals on a living room screen isn’t enough for your family, maybe it’s time to put some fun, educational animal toys in your child’s collection! The following ten Animal Planet toys and accessories are among our favorites. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do!

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Jessica Mentzer
By Jessica Mentzer:

Playing with animal character toys is always so much fun for kids, especially with the details that the Animal Planet adds to their brand. This is a composed list of the best that this brand offers on today’s market. Each of the products has been reviewed and each of their criteria sections has been updated.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Animal Planet Toys for Kids & Toddlers

The 10 Best Animal Planet toys were selected based on developmental qualities that the toy sets offers and consumer reviews. Each of the set of toys offers an excellent opportunity for kids and toddlers to explore through a learning experience while also promoting many developmental skills.

The developmental skills most commonly found for each of these playsets are fine-motor-skill development and also the fostering of creative pretend time play. These are very important in a child’s development and will offer a lifetime of opportunities for them.

While it is important for us to suggest toys that offer developmental benefits, we also want to make sure those toys are of the best quality and have been reviewed by many consumers, ensuring that they are not only great toys but that kids love them too.

Each of the Animal Planet playsets suggested on this list, offer a superstar rating with outstanding quality. The hard part has been done. Now you get to choose something great for the little animal lover in your life.

Providing kids and toddlers with toys that spark their interest

When you provide kids and toddlers with toys that speak their interest, it not only encourages them to play with the toys, but it also makes the experience with learning and engaging in pretend play that much more beneficial for them. You want the toys to provide an open way for them to explore their imaginations while sparking their interest in a subject.

Sparking an interest in a subject, especially animals, allows children to take part in learning about them while also engaging in a pretend play experience. The experience of learning through play is awesome for both parents and children. This not only sparks their interest but provides them with a lifetime of developmental skills that they can build on.

Benefits of pretend play

The benefit of pretend play comes through the building of many essential developmental skills. When a child engages in pretend play, they are actually experimenting with social roles and emotions that they see in their day-to-day life. Through this type of play, they are engaging and playing out different scenarios that they will be faced with throughout their lifetime.

This benefits children in many ways. It prepares them through cooperative playtime opportunities while teaching them to problem-solve, learn how to take turns, and to be creative. This will prepare them for school-age activities that they will engage in and also how to understand social relationships between themselves and others.

Why do they need to have the Animal Planet brand?

There are tons of animal-themed toys out there, so why would you go out of your way just to get Animal Planet-specific ones for your child? The answer is simple: These are toys you can trust. Not only do they represent what might be one of your child’s favorite television channels, but you can be assured that they’re also scientifically accurate representations of some of your child’s favorite animals as well. Not only that, but they’re branded with the Animal Planet name, which means a lot–especially to kids who love to collect stuffed animals or figurines. It’s a matter of having official merchandise that goes toward helping a show that’s done a lot in the way of helping not only the world but helping people to learn about it as well. Various foundations are also dependent on Animal Planet, and your dollar might be going to help them as well. This is a great thing to teach your child, and knowing that their toys have helped to bridge a gap and help an animal kingdom is well worth it.

Your child will gain educational value from these toys

It’s relatively easy to see that each of these Animal Planet toys that have been carefully chosen represent real-world animals. Having the Animal Planet stamp of approval means that they’ve been carefully designed and created in the exact likeness of their real-life inspiration. This means that every dinosaur, lion, and shark has been made with care to be as realistic as possible and give your child a little bit of the wild world right in their very own home. When your child watches Animal Planet, they’ll be able to watch and play with their Animal Planet toys at the same time, knowing that they have a nearly exact replica of their favorite animal. It definitely helps in the way of visualization to be able to have a model of an animal in front of them so that they can easily see how an animal’s body and individual features work to help them survive in the wild. As far as the educational games go, these provide value in the way of knowledge. The more kids watch on Animal Planet, the more inspired they’ll be to play with their Animal Planet-based toys, and the more they’ll end up learning in the end!

Why Animal Planet toys and toy play sets

We selected and decided to feature Animal Planet toys and toy playsets to give children a learning opportunity to explore pretend play through the life of animals. We want to teach children to love animals and pets in a way that encourages respect for them. Teaching toddlers and kids about animals is a great way to also teach love and respect for others. These are a few tips that will help kids to respect animals.

  • Lead by example: Kids learn by watching others, so always make sure to be a good role model to kids by respecting animals and their habitats.
  • Always show kindness: Make sure to always show kindness toward animals especially pets.
  • Visit zoos and farms: Exposing children to animals at local farms or zoos is a good way to teach them about animals while they also have the opportunity to watch and sometimes even engage with them.
  • Help the animals living around you: Feeding the birds and even the squirrels in your backyard is a great way to help teach children about animals without even having to interact with them. It also gives you a great opportunity to teach them facts and makes it a great learning experience.
  • Do not litter: Teaching children not to litter is a great way to help preserve the wildlife around them. This teaches them to respect the earth and what it provides us with while also helping them make great choices on how to respect the environment around them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the Animal Planet toy sets safe for my 3-year-old?

A: The Animal Planet toy sets above all have different age groups that they are appropriate for. Please review each toy set for the manufacturer’s suggested age group to determine if they will be safe for a 3-year-old.

Q: Why is it important to provide children with toys to play pretend with?

A: It is important to provide children with toys that will inspire their imaginations and spark their interests. When a child engages in pretend play, they are developing their skills. This is very important for other upcoming developmental skills. Plus they allow children to explore the environment around them and engage in a positive learning experience.

Q: What kind of animal play sets are best for my little girl who is 5 years old?

A: Animal sets that are best for a 5-year-old girl are different from girl to girl. We would suggest that you review her interests and buy a play set that corresponds with those. If she likes cats, then a set of big cats would be something that would be interesting. If she enjoys fish, then a set of larger fish like sharks and sea life animals may spark her interest.

Q: How do I get my child interested in playing with toys that will inspire their imagination rather than always wanting to play with their tablets?

A: The best way to get children to play with toys that will inspire their imaginations is to limit the time that they are exposed to screens and present them with toys that they can play with. Presenting them with toys and making the time that they are away from all other stimulants makes it easier for their minds to focus on the task and enjoy playing with their toys.

Q: Are there Animal Planet TV shows to go with the playsets?

A: The shows on Animal Planet do not directly correspond with the toy play sets. They were created as inspiration for imaginative play. The animals in the playsets are often featured on shows, giving great details about their lives and where you can find them on the planet.

Q: Where can I buy the Animal Planet toys from the list?

A: You can buy the Animal Planet toys from Amazon. Below each picture of the product is a link to Amazon that will take you directly to the product. You can purchase it and have it shipped to a location of your choice.

Q: Would these toys still be good for my child if they don’t watch Animal Planet at all?

A: Of course! Every child can benefit from having an educational or imaginative play-based toy. Even though the designs are based on a show or an animal that’s been seen on the channel, your child can still have fun with these toys even if they aren’t fans, or don’t watch Animal Planet.


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