10 Best Fingerlings & Animal Finger Puppets in 2019

Much like a puppet these fingerlings act like a finger puppet to your child. Not only are the interactive but each come with their own special features that makes every fingerling your child owns a little bit different. These finger animals are recommended and towards children around the age of 5 and older since some fingerlings come with smaller accessories. All of the fingerlings on our list are interactive and will be able to move, blow kisses, and make some cute little noises that your child will fall in love with. We came up with a list of 10 of the highest rated fingerlings that 2019 has to offer that we are sure your child will love.

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By Justina Fuller:

For this update we added two new products to our top ten list. We made sure that every item on our list still had the highest rating and were still available in today’s market. We also made sure that every item in our top ten list that we selected all still matched our methods of criteria. Fingerlings are wonderful interactive toys for children, and they help boost your child's creativity through their pretend play. For any other questions that you might have regarding fingerlings and their interactions, please check out our FAQ for your answers.

Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best Fingerlings Toys & Animal Finger Puppets

In a short time since hitting the market, Fingerlings have become a hot sought-after toy. Perhaps kids love these because they are a cool electronic that is compact enough to take anywhere. But parents can rest assured that in following this new toy trend there will be advantages that can be found in allowing their child to have Fingerlings. Following are some of the criteria that we have determined for the benefits of Fingerlings.


While interacting with their own little Fingerling, a kid can imagine that the little creature is actually real since the Fingerling has numerous ways in which they actually respond to a child and the world around them. A kid can also pretend that they have their own exotic and different type of pet to take care of.

Motor Skills

Interaction with Fingerlings has numerous benefits for hand coordination. A child will balance the Fingerlings on the finger, hang them upside down on their finger, etc. A child will also cradle the Fingerlings in the hands and pet the Fingerlings. All of these things lead to better control of the hands and strengthening the muscles. But all a child will see is that they are having fun.

Visual Skills

There is a reason why the Fingerlings are bright, vibrant colors. It is because it makes them visually appealing to a child. This, in turn, will help to sharpen a child’s range of visual skills and perceptions. Also, when watching the movements of the Fingerlings, a child will observe what the small little creature is doing which will sharpen their observation skills.


Fingerlings are fun little toys, but these are also close to having a real pet. As with any pet, there will be a certain amount of responsibilities that a child will need to follow to care for them. After all, these aren’t just interactive but have certain needs that a child will need to full fill. This includes showing the Fingerling love which it will actually respond to. Also, a child will need to understand how to actually care for the robotic toy. This will mean following the instructions of what not to do with the toy to keep it functioning properly. Perhaps even taking the time to read the instructions themselves.


Kids can actually learn from Fingerlings as well. These creatures, for the most part, are based on actual living creatures in nature. Fingerling monkeys are based on a species known as the pygmy marmoset. The sloth is close to the actual mammal that is common in wildlife. So, in playing with these little Fingerling versions of these toys kids will learn more about that particular animal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who came up with the idea for fingerlings and why?

A: Fingerlings were developed from an idea from one of WowWee’s brand managers Sydney Wiseman. While growing up, she loved the small little monkeys known as a pygmy marmoset. Of course, it wasn’t possible for her to actually own one as a pet but from having an interest in the tiny finger-sized animal she started to come up with a concept that maybe a toy along the same design could actually be conceived so each child could learn about the adorable little monkeys. However, creating the Fingerlings didn’t just come from memory alone, Wiseman, along with the development crew, spent time online studying videos of the marmoset monkeys, the sounds they make and their movements as well. As the product production grew to include the sloth, they spent time studying this creature as well. So a great deal of time went into making sure that the Fingerlings were as authentic as possible to make the interactive experience all the more real.

Q: How long do the batteries last in Fingerlings and is it difficult to change them?

A: It will depend on how much the Fingerling is used. The batteries will last for hours of continual use. On average, the batteries can last within the Fingerlings for up to a few weeks. In order to change the batteries, it will require unscrewing the chamber that holds the battery, so this can be somewhat of a challenge to execute at first.

Q: Is it possible to tell when the batteries are getting low in a Fingerling?

A: As with any battery-operated product, there will be signs that the batteries need to be changed in Fingerlings. For example, if the Fingerlings are unresponsive, odds are the batteries need to be changed. If the Fingerling is slow in responding, odds are that the batteries are starting to get low. The first thing to do though is to turn the Fingerling off, then turn it back on. There is always a chance that the Fingerling just needs a little reboot, kind of like a computer. But if this doesn’t work then it is time to change the batteries.

Q: What are the names of the original six Fingerlings?

A: The original six Fingerlings which were all monkeys are: Mia, Zoe, Bella, Boris, Finn, and Sophie. These six can actually be bought together in a group for those who are into collecting these little guys. Also, when all six are together, the Fingerlings will actually interact and sing a special song.

Q: What are some of the body functions of a Fingerling?

A: Fingerlings are capable of blowing kisses. They also will, for lack of better words, make sounds of passing gas such as burping or farting. The Fingerlings also will laugh, sleep and sneeze. Also, if a child interacts enough with the Fingerling it will also start to form words and phrases.

Q: Are there any Fingerlings that are more difficult to find than others?

A: Yes, because these are so popular some seem to not stay in stock for too long. It seems as if one of the most difficult Fingerlings to find is Gigi the Unicorn. She was the first of the non-monkey Fingerlings creatures to hit the market and because of this, she became highly sought-after. The other Fingerling that seems to be hard to find is Kingsley for pretty much the same reason.

Q: Are there any apps that are compatible with Fingerlings?

A: As things currently are, no there are no interactive apps that work with the Fingerlings. However, keep in mind that these clever little finger puppets just came out in 2017. Who knows what the future may hold and where this popular toy will go? Perhaps an app could one day be a feature with it as well.

Q: Are there counterfeit Fingerlings out on the market and, if so, how can we tell the difference?

A: Unfortunately, like many popular products, Fingerlings have been copied and these replicas have been sold to unknowing consumers. So, a buyer does need to beware of these knock-offs. The first thing to look for when purchasing a Fingerlings is the manufacturer’s name–WowWee. Another factor is the price–actual Fingerlings tend to cost between $15 to $20; anything higher or substantially lower is an indicator that this isn’t the genuine article. That is not to say that some online outlets may not have genuine Fingerlings for a good price, but again take the time to find out if these are the actual toys manufactured by WowWee. The best advice is to just be conscious that there are counterfeit versions out there and take the time to make sure that it is the Fingerlings brand that you are looking at.